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"Psst, Croy!" a voice hisses from her right and Ensign Elizabeth Croy looks up from her computer irritably.

"What is it, Thompson?" she snaps, "I'm in the middle of something important."

A bony shoulder collides with her own as Thompson slides over, jostling her roughly and increasing her irritation. "More important than some juicy gossip?" she asks, wiggling her eyebrows obnoxiously.

Croy stares at her for a long moment, and then, "You've piqued my interest."

"Did you hear about Commander Spock?" she whispers conspiratorially, leaning in close.

"What about him?"

"You remember that really long mission about a month ago? And then the Commander and Captain Kirk disappeared for a week?"


Thompson reached over and tilted her screen so that it was facing Croy. "When the Admiralty called to speak with Commander Spock, this is how he showed up."

Instead of the normally impeccably put together commander, the picture on the screen revealed him to have a few days of scruff where he was normally clean shaven and his typically neat hair was a complete mess, sticking up at odd angles, and...

"Is that a gold command shirt?" Croy yelps, a little *too* loud, prompting Thompson to shush her as she looks around furiously.

"I know, right?" Thompson giggles. "No one said anything on the bridge, but someone snapped these pictures."

"Oh my god," Croy laughs, "that's so awesome."

"I suggest the two of you curb your need to spread gossip around and return to your duties at once," an emotionless voice speaks up from behind them. They both jump, Thompson hurrying to switch the page on her computer.

"Yes, Commander Spock," they chorus, glancing guiltily at each other before looking back at their respective computers as the now-blue clad Spock turns and walks away.

"I need to have a word Lieutenant Sulu."