Ch. 6 The Beetle Has Landed

Oaen Air Space

Due to the steady pace of the astrological trip, it took a good three and a half hours for the group to reach the orbital space of the Lantern home world. The boys had exhausted all means of entertainment and/or distractions within the first hour and gradually followed Conner's lead and fell asleep. Blue Beetle had been roughly the second, or quite possibly the third, to nod off. Somewhere between his Chemistry paper and his World History report, fatigue simply got the best of him and Khaji-Da found no reason to disturb its host. Instead it quietly gained temporary control of motor functions, organized the textbooks back into the backpack and repositioned their shared body to a more comfortable position. Afterwards it went about its routine process of accessing and matching the boy's REM frequency and entering his current dream sequence. Oddly enough, Jaime had been waiting for it to make an appearance and invited the A.I. to take part in an experiment. Though what kind of experimentation would allow one to work with no protective clothing, gloves, or eye ware, it couldn't really fathom.

Still measurements have been calculated to their exact ratio. The contents have been mixed to the desire thickness. Once the mixture had been separated into proportional mounds and flattened it was a matter of exposing them to heat for a time. The temperature needed for this experiment was 400 degrees and within 15mins the mounds became circular in shape with a thickness of ¼ of an inch. As they were taken out, Khaji-Da studied the odd baked circles as they cooled, recalling all of the ingredients that went into their making and tried to analyze exactly how they could possible have any nutritional value. The 'scent' that they produce was certainly not unpleasant and Jaime Reyes seems to take great satisfaction in inhaling the invisible vapors. The A.I. watch unblinkingly as the Hispanic youth finally brought one of the baked circles to his mouth and bite into it.

"Mmm!" The teen moaned happily at the rich familiar flavor that settled on his tongue. The fact at Scarab had been watching him curiously throughout his snacking hadn't been lost on him and so he offered the tray to his friend. "Here, have one."

The sentient artificial intelligence stared at the tray before looking back up at its host. "This scarab does not require nourishment." He informed the boy after theorizing that perhaps he merely forgotten that it wasn't organic and that all of this was no more than a crude virtual reality. "Such necessities are most beneficial for the host." Still the fact that the illusion is so realistic that its host could register an olfactory reaction was remarkable. Even more so was the fact that the embodied program was able to have a second hand experience of said reaction.

Jaime, however, rolled his eyes at the technical statement. "C'mon hermano. Just a taste." During the preparations the Latino noticed that Khaji-Da had mimicked him sniffing some of the ingredients for freshness paused in a way that only someone that was smelling something for the first time would. Since they much could scratch smells off the list of possible senses the living device developed in this dream world, he figured now was as good a time as any to test another possible sense.

"Taste?" The animated armor tested the foreign word for itself while simultaneously accessing the proper definition for it to make sure it understood which form of the word they were currently using.

"It's another sensory reaction, involving the mouth." The human mental image explained while helping himself to another freshly baked dream cookie. This lucid dreaming had to have been the best even discovered since 3D movies, and best of all he could eat as much as he wanted without getting sick! "It lets you experience flavors. You know, like salty, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter" However listing the different flavors only served to earn him a blank stare and a few blinks, which naturally had the teenager sighing. "Look the point is, I've grew up with my mom's homemade cookies, so I know exactly what they taste like. And if my memory is letting me enjoy these dream cookies this much, you should be able to taste them to." His reasoning had the artificial intelligence glancing back that the mentally created chocolaty treats again, finding the logic to be plausible. "Give it a try, ese. See if you like it."

At the prompting the beetle finally took the treat, brought it up to his own mouth and mimicked the eating motions he had witnessed time and time again in the past. The moment was deliberate and ridged, enough that Jaime actually heard the bite as well as the others that followed. It was awkward and most certainly robotic, so much so that for a moment the boy wonder if something might have been wrong. After all when Scarab had to 'replace' him when the Reach had them on mode he had impersonated him perfectly right down to his twitches. Then again, Khaji-Da wasn't really mimicking anyone's eating habits this time. Maybe this is how he naturally would eat if he could? Or maybe since this is the very first time he's ever truly ate anything and it just seems weird.

In any case it was taking a bit longer than it really should have before the teenager finally had enough of the suspense. "Well?"

The personified alien program completed the recommended twenty-six chews and swallowed before answering. "Unable to determine an accurate description." It sampled the baked circle once again in order to conduct a second test. This time it chewed an even slower set of twenty-six chews so that it could gain the most accuracy as possible. "The texture is soft, yet solid enough to provide minimum resistance once pressure is added from the jaw." Another thing the sentient device was able to register was the temperature transfer from the sample into its oral opening. "There is residual heat animating from it, yet not so much to cause harm."

It was all Jaime could do to keep from laughing at his overly technical partner. "Heh, what about the flavor, ese?" Khaji-Da may have been an advanced technological marvel and probably older than the boy could dream of, but right now he really seem like a confused little kid. "Do you like it?"

The beetle studied what remained of the cookie in its hand before answering the question. "There seems to be two flavors present." It took a moment to go over the data it had on the subject and matched it to what knowledge it's host had about it. "Bitter and Sweet. Should this Scarab prefer one over the other?" Seeing as it was still learning this concept called senses it still couldn't fully comprehend they're function.

"Uuh, let me rephrase that." The Hispanic thought carefully about what words to use, so that he made himself clear to the living machine. "Do you find it pleasant?"

Understanding sank in shortly after the alteration was made and the A.I. nodded in response. "Affirmative. This scarab finds it quite pleasant." The delight that radiated from its favored host felt as warm and 'sweet' as the imaginative cookie.

"Glad to hear it, hermano!" The youth thumped his awkward friend on the back in his delight and was soon helping himself to another cookie. "Guess this proves the theory about you experiencing things through my memories."

Khaji-Da, assuming that the slightly rough contact was meant to be nonaggressive, was quite satisfied with the finding as well. "Affirmative." With every new experiment came more conformation that its parameter program was adapting and evolving. New features and abilities were developing every time and have proven to be quite valuable. "It is logical to presume that further sensory experiments will result in similar success." There was no longer any doubt that this deep connection may not be harmful to the boy. It was time to inform its host about its existence. "This new bond is proving to be-" However, the ex-Reach agent cut itself off and turned its attention upward. Someone was invading its host's personal parameter. A Lantern. His actions weren't hostile, but that didn't mean Scarab was going to allow any privileges to be had with the slumbering teenager. So when the intrusion became less than a foot, it ceased the advance.

"Is something wrong?" Jaime asked in some confusion as he too looked up at the 'roof' for whatever it was that caught Khaji-Da's attention.

The sentient device made sure the action was secure before scanning to see what may have prompted this invasion of personal space. "Approaching destination." Came the robotic answer as the beetle's golden eyes glowed as it calculated the remaining distance to the planet. "Estimated time of arrival 6.245 minutes." Giving them just enough time for them to return to the physical plane and proceed with their preparations. "It would be wise for you to awaken now, Jaime Reyes."

Not needing to be told twice, the culinary incline teenager habitually took off the apron that protected his clothes and laid it over the counter. "Right. I'll just leave these here for ya." He nodded towards the remaining cookies, as he got ready to concentrate on waking up from the dream.

"Of course, where else could you leave it?" The technical life form asked emotionlessly, not really understanding what the boy had meant. "Without your mental presence this imagery cannot be sustained." Scarab explained as it indicated towards the kitchen area. There was really nothing else to look at seeing as it was the only structure in this space at the moment. "Once you return to the physical world all of this will cease to exist."

That was certainly something the Hispanic youth hadn't thought of when these meetings became commonplace. "Oh… Right." Come to think about it, when he had been put on mode and Khaji-Da was allowed to let his body rest, he was pretty much left in a world of black. No dreaming or anything. Which, now after having spend so much time with his friend, was becoming more and more clear why Scarab took to observing him while he dreamed. "Uhh, better eat those while you can then." He advised somewhat awkwardly as he back away a few steps and closed his eyes in concentration.

Soon the human steadily began to fade away from sight and the kitchen followed shortly afterward. Scarab observed the phenomena numerous times, always making sure that the procedure ran smoothly and scanning for any hints of mental strain. Like all the others this was another smooth transaction with no errors to find or correct. Although it had to acknowledge the fact that the cookie tray and its contents hovering in the 'air' and lingering even after everything else was fading to black was rather odd. Still, they did retained their 'taste' quite well.

Real World: Planet Oa

Navigating through the stars was a simple enough when you have an especially designed artifact that doubles as a space suite, flight transportation, and a homing device. Both Corp. Men have taken this trip numerous times since they were recruited that they knew the exact time of arrival in ideal conditions. So much so that it really should have taken them roughly fifteen to thirty minutes to arrive to the military planet, however it had been more of less decided that they would take the scenic route for the kids' sake. They made their report to their superiors about their success in obtaining their guest of honor as well as his entourage. The fact that their young passengers have been quiet for the majority of the trip, the two Leaguers knew that they had settled down for a nap. With Oaen Space less than a few miles away, both Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart left their seats and went to wake up the boys. Appearing in the passenger cabin, they found just what they expected, each boy was fast asleep in their seats. Superboy was laid back with his arms crossed, Blue Beetle was prompted up against the wall, Beastboy was curled up in his seat, Static was had his head rested on his fisted hand with his elbow holding him up, and somehow Bart wound up upside down in his seat. Clearly he couldn't hold still even in his sleep!

"Now how do you suppose he got himself into that position?" Hal asked his fellow Leaguer while keeping an eye on the young speedster incase he fell.

Stewart could only laugh at the youth. "You kidding? Berry was worse before he got married." He could vaguely recall a funny story the Scarlet Speedster told about his nephew first sleep over after getting his powers. Restless sleep seems to be a hereditary trait with the Allen family. "I'll take the three on the right, you take the two on the left." If necessary he might have to use the same trick he used on Berry on his grandson to wake him up.

"Right." The Honor Guard soon turned his attention towards the slumbering Blue Beetle. The teenager was comfortably prompted up against both his seat and the wall of the hard-light plane. His head hung off towards the wall, and his breathing was even, a perfect picture of deeply sleeping teen. He didn't even notice close the Green Lantern had gotten or even sensed when he stretched his arm towards his shoulder. "Hey kiAaarrh!" An armored hand suddenly shot up and grabbed the gloved appendage in a tight death grip and twisted it away, forcing the GL to kneel in order to save his wrist.

John had just gotten Conner awake when he heard the cry. "Jordan!" Before he could rush forward to help his friend, an exceptionally strong arm caught his by the shoulder and held him back.

Superboy shook his head toward the senior League member before he approached the pair himself. "Blue." He could tell by his breathing and heart rate that Jamie was out like a lamp, so that meant that the scarab was really the one holding Hal Jordan prisoner. "Blue wake up." If they were to try to physically wake up the Latino, the alien device would surely perceive it as a threat and lash out.

"Hmm…?" Hearing his name being called, the young hero began to stir from his slumber. He eventually blinked his eyes awake and barely registered that one of the Green Lanterns was kneeling before him for some reason.

"Hi." Hal Jordan managed a strained grin through his grimace. The vice-like grip on his wrist was really uncomfortable and he was fairly sure it couldn't twist any farther.

"Aye!" Realizing what he was doing the teenaged hero immediately released his hold on the senior hero and held up both hands in surrender. "Sorry!" The Hispanic teenager half shouted the apology hastily as his mind raced for some kind of explanation. "Uh, reflex?"

The professional test pilot stood back up while rubbing at and testing his arm. "Mmm. Some reflexes." As far as he had been able to tell there nothing was broken, but there may be a chance at bruising later on. "Couldn't even react til it was too late." Chances were the boy had been trained either by Black Canary or even Batman to be more alert even is his sleep.

"Sorry…" The dishearten voice had the man looking up from his arm and down at the beetle, whom guiltily refused to look at him in the eye.

"Naw, you're alright." The Honor Guard waved off the apology casually enough and used a body language that screamed 'no harm done' to everyone around. "Might wanna work on it though, the angle's off." He added with a light grin as he began to walk down the short alley.

Stewart fell in step right behind his fellow GL Corp member. "You alright?" He inquired under his breath and his risked a glance at the supposed injured ringed hand.

"I'm fine, let's wake the rest of them." Jordan insisted as he kneeled down next to Static to wake him up, this time using his ring to form a green hard light hand to poke at the boy's cheek. Allowing John to tend to the final two youngsters.

However, the two younger crime fighters couldn't forget the incident as easily as the two senior league members seemingly did. "What happened?" Superboy asked once the two Lanterns busied themselves with the rest of their group. The fact that the scarab may have somehow acted on its own without the knowledge of its host wasn't exactly a comforting thought to have when you're about to land on 'enemy territory'.

Blue could only shake his head in utter confusion. "I-i don't know." The younger boy honestly didn't have a clue as to how this could have happened. He didn't even know anyone had gotten that close to him! "I-i-i-wait. What?" With a surprised looked and a turn of the head to the side, the Kryptonian knew that his friend's inner demon was demanding his attention again. What 'advice' was it conveying to him this time? "Uuh, seriously?" The exasperated moan followed by face palmed that soon ran down the length of his face easily expressed his current level of frustration. "Why didn't you tell me before?" A telepathic response of 'there was no hostile activity to report at the time' resulted in a secondary face palm.

"What is it?" Conner asked after about two minutes of silence incase the scarab was still giving extra 'advice'.

Jaime gave him a look that pretty much said he was blushing under his full facial helmet. "He got too close to me." The younger hero explained as he crossed his arms in pure utter embarrassment over the whole ordeal. "Scarab didn't like it." Honestly it was like the time his mom reacted when he brought his first date home.

"Hmm." Superboy could tell right away that this could become a serious problem once they finally make it down to the planet. If this was how that alien tech reacted to a single Lantern, there was no telling how it would react to an entire Corp surrounding its host from all sides. "That thing starts acting up again, stay close to me." Conner instructed the younger teen as he led him towards the others. He'll just have to play the blocker until Jaime could get that thing to settle down. No sense in having that thing turn the Latino into an unwilling target over a few misunderstandings.

The new Kid Flash took a few moments to wake up, but a quick mimic of a dinner bell going off had him out of his food-based dream instantly. "Are we there yet?" The auburn teenager yawned and half wishing that the giant turkey leg club he had wield in the great pie war between the meatloaf men of the Dinner-crats and the tater tot people of the Rutablic had been real. He only hoped that the baking supplies made it to the Easy Oven hospital in the Rocky Road Mountains in one piece. Those sweet little Macaroons children deserved to have fresh chopped almonds on their baking days.

"Take a look for yourself." With a point of his ring, Stewart had the whole wall of the hard-light plane became a large viewing window and revealed an approaching planet.

The planet itself was a sight! It was the same emerald green as the galactic army that dwelled upon it. A large cluster of what looked to be clouds swirled in a huge circle of white, allowing for the equally gigantic lantern symbol to be seen clearly. It was almost like looking at a giant Eight Ball only green and without the number! Two enormous rings surrounded the planet near its magnetic poles. Not halos of rock, dust, and ice, but of solid metal and technology the likes of which none of them had ever seen before. All of it together gave the impression of a gianormous lantern with the image of a slightly smaller lantern in its very center. The whole sphere seemed to be glowing with green energy, effectively erasing any doubt that this was in fact the home world of the Green Lantern Corp.

"Cool!" Beast Boy shouted as he pressed his hands and face against the energy made 'glass' in his excitement. A world as lusciously green as that simply had to have some incredible forests dominating the surface. Not to mention an abundant wildlife! The animorph couldn't wait to explore it!

"Awesome!" Static Shock declared as he rushed over to the new window with his camera and began snapping a few good shots. These ones were so going to go in his new private photo album.

"Here we are boys." John Stewart declared in some amusement as the green colored planet dominated the majority of the newly formed wide window. "The Green Lanterns' home world, Planet Oa." The marine had always found his home away from home to be just as much as a jewel as the beautiful blue planet he was born on.

"Hmm." Conner, on the other hand, was more interested in the opaque bubble that was surrounding the entire alien world, almost completely unseen if it hadn't been for his keen eyesight. "Why is there a force field around the planet?" The last time he checked the Green Lanterns didn't used Zeta beam technology so chances are it wasn't meant to keep invaders from teleporting on the surface.

"Home security." Hal Jordan stated simply as he watched his little home away from home steadily approaching towards them at a leisurely pace. "When all the bad guys in the universe know where you live you're pretty much entitled to it." And goodness knows the Lantern Corp has more than its far share of enemies to defend against over time. Least their easy to keep track of since everything that happen on the planet tend to be recorded in their giant history book.

Naturally once the boys' interest was caught, the questions began flying and soon the GLs were roped into giving a history lecture about their world. Hal, being a senior officer, lead the lesson while Stewart took the time to contact the surface and alert the command center of their arrival. Once the security codes were in, a small opening big enough for the ship to slip through appeared in the force field. From there it had been a simple matter of guiding the hard-light space vehicle in for a landing. As they descended the teenagers could see that the actual surface of the planet wasn't really green at all. Skyscrapers and other tall buildings were mostly white in color, or platinum and all of them were patterned with green grooves like those on a circuit board. The majority of the people were uniformed in the traditional green and black, with an occasional few wearing green white, and so far there didn't seem to be two of each represented species. They all were either flying through the air heading from one structure to another, running/flying at a pace that screamed exercise drills, or were practicing with their power rings.

Soon enough the hard light space ship was guided towards a landing strip on one of the tallest buildings in the city. On the strip itself was a gathering consisting of two lanterns, one looking like a cross between a fish and a bird, which Scarab identified as a Xudarian, and the other being slimmer with four arms, which was also identified by the sentient device as a Slyggian, and a much smaller figure cloaked in red whom Blue immediately identified the little blue alien as the very Guardian from the holographic invitation. Khaji-Da confirmed the identification right down to the scars on her face that have been obscured in the previous projected image. The small group, with the use of their power rings, held up a decent size banner high into the air with the words: "Welcome Blue Beetle of Earth" printed clearly on it for all to see.

For Bart, seeing the welcoming committee made his week. "Crash!" This turned out even better than he could have imagined. Finally, there was a place where his best friend could be welcomed and not judged because of the scarab. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all, eh, Blue?" Come to think of it, since this place was so technologically advanced, maybe these guys would know of a way of getting the darn thing off Jaime for good.

"Y-yeah…" Blue replied, a bit nervous that he was literally moments away from meeting one of the Guardians of Oa. Seeing such a welcoming was unexpected, but comforting all the same, and even managed to ebb away some of his original anxiety of coming to Oa in the first place. "Maybe…" Now if only Scarab would settle down enough to enjoy the visit too. He hasn't stop giving him reports on the number and locations of Lantern groups since they've enter the atmosphere.

"Exercise extreme caution, Jaime Reyes." Khaji-Da warned its host once again as they all began to make the decent down the ramp towards the waiting group. The boy was beginning to drop his guard prematurely, a mistake that could prove costly. "Remember, the Green Lanterns first allegiance is always to their masters." It's core programming was practically buzzing with the prospect of a fight. Yet if this particular mission were to have any success, it would have to have to adopt a less conspicuous function and simply wait and observe until an opportunity to act opens. They have come this far and Jaime was determine to see this through to the end. Scarab won't allow him to fail.

Oa Docking Platform

The Guardian's Head Scientist hovered in her ever-present dignified manner as she observed the light made ship land. This was most certainly a rare and momentous occasion, not just for the Corp, but quite possible in the history of Guardian Space. To think that after all this time and everything they have worked for to keep their ancient enemy in check, that a would be slave of the Reach was running free and in opposition of his masters' will. Not only that, but he went as far as to ally himself with a known organization sworn to the principles of justice that three of their own soldiers were associated with. Just what kind of superior mentality could possibly be strong enough to overshadow a Reach scarab? What were they capable of combined with such a weapon? Are some of the rumors surrounding a scarab's power true? It was certainly worth finding out; that was why the invitation had been sent. When she had received news about their invitation being accepted she immediately made the preparations and accommodations necessary to greet their arrivals. Of their troops she had chosen Tomar-Re and Salaak, finding them to be the most even tempered and level headed of their forces, to assist in welcoming. Both being veteran Lanterns and well versed in their history with the Reach, they seemed like the optimal choice to observe and take note of any relapse in the human's control. Now, as the group finally landed and began to disembark, they will all be able to lay their eyes on this famous rouge beetle warrior.

The first to make an appearance were two of their own Corp members, whom soon stood off at either side of the ramp at attention. Next came a tall and muscular figure bearing a most familiar shield emblem on his chest. As he scrutinized over his surroundings, he was flanked by a trio of younger males whom awing at their new environment. One wore a brightly colored attire of yellow and red. Another seemed to be simian in origin wearing and equally colorful one-piece suite. The third was dressed in a darker scheme of black and blue, even his skin tone was much darker and the only things remotely bright on him were his white mask and coat highlights. Although the colors were the most accurate in what they knew of the beetle's appearance, this surly wasn't the famed rouge beetle warrior they have heard tale of. Then, finally, he appeared.

Considering the fact that they were all in their hero uniforms, it was very easy to single out their guest of honor. He stood taller than the three males that came before him, but shorter than the first with the Kryptonian shield. The black and blue Reach body armored covered him completely with absolutely no visible seams, overlapping parts, or even a hint of an opening anywhere on his body. The way it was hugging every curve and angle it might as well be acting as his own skin, allowing for the utmost maneuverability and flexibility. No doubt that could also imply above an average physical speed if what they theorized about the bio enhanced capabilities of the armor had any relevance. Yet how would that affect his physical strength? Is the armor's structure what creates the necessary force in combat, or does it stimulate the muscle fibers to their fullest level and capacity? Even his eyes were protected by lens that colored his irises a bright sunburst yellow. Could they serve analytical properties being directly connected to the ocular sensors like that? The Scarab itself was anchored around his upper body, its legs and mandibles the only thing visible from the front. Every step of his walk was précised, deliberate and purposeful, his posture was straight, his demeanor appeared cool and calculated, military training perhaps? It would make sense for the scarab to seek ideal qualities in a host. The Reach revolved around power after all.

"The Guardians bid thee welcome, young scarab master." Without further delay, the small red-cloaked Guardian soon hovered over towards the armored beetle warrior. "It is an honor to met you. I am known as Scar, the Head of Science on Oa." She greeted the young hero respectfully with a light bow of her head.

"Scarab Master?" Beast Boy whispered towards Superboy with a slight laugh.

However, the senior Team member was quick to shush the changeling before their host could hear. "The pleasure's all mine. Ma'm." Blue responded politely, mimicking the small alien's actions in an attempt at being as respectful as possible. "Thank you for inviting me." Making a good first impression was always the best way to go after all. And all things considered he really wanted to make a good impression.

The respectful tone and mannerism certainly seemed to have impressed the Lanterns that had accompanied the Guardian. Neither really expected humility from the beetle. "I trust that the journey here was peaceful for you, and your associates." Scar inquired lightly enough, sparing a quick glance at the other youths almost as an afterthought.

"Yes, Ma'm." The Latino confirmed respectfully, and happy that he, at the very least, didn't sound as nervous as he felt. Scarab must think he was holding his own well enough too since he hadn't said anything yet.

However, the seemingly unfriendly mannerism wasn't exactly lost on the green Animorph. "I don't think she like us being here." Beast Boy whispered just low enough for his remaining teammates to hear since Blue was distracted at the moment.

For a being that was rumored to have no based emotions, she honestly didn't seem to be happy with their presence there at all. His sharp animal senses picked up what he could only assume was a hint of irritation when she spared them a glance. The visual contact had been brief, but the hairs on the back of his neck had stood on end in that moment. Now she was practically ignoring them in favor of talking to the Blue Beetle as if he had been the only one there.

"We are sorta crashing Blue's party." The Neo Kid Flash whispered back in reminder of them being a last minute entry for this visit. "They weren't really expecting all of us to show up." Chances were these guys just weren't ready for a group of their size to drop by on their doorstep like this. Goodness knows the Team hadn't been ready for him when he first came to the Past.

Meanwhile the fact that their guest of honor was being so agreeable only encouraged the welcoming group all the more. "The rumors are true." Salaak, the four armed lantern, whispered to Tomar-Re, the parrotfish like lantern, so as not to interrupt or distract the conversation. "This beetle really is humble." This exclusive visit could very well prove to be the most memorable yet.

"So it would seem." Tomar-Re agreed, yet still didn't feel they should allow their guards to drop. After all the Reach were masters of infiltration and have been very cleaver about how the manipulate a planet's population. "Still, keep in mind of what he is."

Although it was softly spoken, it might as well been an echo as far as the young Kryptonian was concern. Conner had easily noticed the two alien Lanterns whispering among themselves and decided to tilt his ear in their direction. It didn't take a genius to figure out exactly what was meant by that comment, but the fact that it was said so that their superior couldn't hear it as well may implied that it wasn't a shared view point. Looks like Nightwing's infamous intuition was proving to be right on target once again, and what was worse if the scarab were to detect so much as a hint of hostility anywhere near Jaime there was no telling what it may do.

"Shall we begin the tour then?" Scar inquired as she indicated towards the entrance to the building itself. Her hovering towards naturally indicated for all of them to follow.

"Yes Ma'm." Jaime politely replied as he gave the mental command for the armor to retract; surprising the welcoming committee with how young he actually was. He figured if they were going to be out and about among a population of Green Lanterns then going incognito may be the best way to go for now. "I hope you don't mind that I've brought my friends with me." He added carefully hoping that they haven't blindsided their host too much with the size of their group.

"Not at all." The Guardian stated in a formal tone as she led the way down the corridor and out into the city itself. "We are well aware that young members of your species prefer to share such festivities with others." It would be a simple matter of having a second room prepared for the extra attendants.

"We're here more for a training exercise to increase our space experience." Superboy stated as he stepped forward to be standing side-by-side with Blue in a subtle act of silent support for his friend. "The party's just a bonus." If Jaime was going to go out of his way to try and take responsibility for their group being here by making it look like it was his idea, the Kryptonian might as well make it look like they would have gone into space regardless and that it was just convenient that the rouge Reach agent was coming to Oa.

The bald female alien appeared to have accepted this and nodded in understanding. "I will see to it that you are all well accommodated during your stay." She declared as the space aged elevator reached the designated level and allowed them all to leave. "In fact, if you do not mind the detour, we shall stop by our training facility." Perhaps if their training regiment proved impressive enough, their honored guest might be inspired to join in and demonstrate his mastery over the scarab.