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Gayle touched Lendalll's face tenderly. "I do love you, just in case you were wondering."

"I know," he answered sweetly, "that's why I bought you the ring. All that love fit in that tiny little box."

"No," said Gayle, "That love could never fit into that box. The entire reason I came here tonight was not just to through things all over your living room. I came here tonight because I love you. I'm tire of us living so far apart, wondering if we were going any where. I came here to breakup with you because I love you. If you think that amount of love fits in that box you are sadly mistaken. There is no container for the love I plan on giving you."

Lendall leaned in and kissed Gayle, mostly to shut her up, she was ruining a nice moment, which she had a knack for. "Gayle," he breathed, "If you think that all that stuff was love, you don't know me like I thought you did."

"How else can you measure love? Stuff is clearly not a good expression of love, that just gets us into fights."

"Is it because you hate that belt I bought you?"


"Okay, okay. Measuring love. hmm…" he pondered for a minute, finally breaking the silence with, "How about sex? Can you measure love with sex?"

"What about one day when we can't have sex any more? Either you're too old or I'm dead."

"We can have sex after you're dead."

"THAT IS GROSS!" she laughed hysterically.

"NO, it's true. I'll get an air hockey table, put it on high. Move you around a bit. Be just like old times."

"SHUT UP!" she began to laugh so hard she snorted. "No, really, how can you measure love?"

"Maybe there is no way to measure it. Maybe it's just one of those things that can't be measured, like space, or penis size."

"You can measure a penis, Lendall."

"Not mine!" he grinned, feeling accomplished in his big penis joke.

"Lendall, I feel like I need to figure this out. I'll be back." and with that, Gayle was out of bed and slipping on her cloths.

"Gayle!" he wailed, "Come back to bed! My heater is busted, you were warm!"

"NO!" she shouted returning from the kitchen with a clip bored and pen, "I have to figure this out."

"I got it. There is no such thing as love!"

Gayle stopped short, looking confused. "What?"

"There is no such thing as love!"

"NO, no, I heard you, I don't understand you. What do you mean, there is no such thing is love?"

"All that stuff isn't love. There is no way to measure love, therefore it does not exists."

"But, you said yourself, you can't measure space, but it's there."

"And we accept that, right?" He peered at her from under the quilt she had picked out for his bed when she first started spending the night.

"Yes, but…"

"No, accept it. Love is love. Don't measure it, accept it, accept me. Don't measure me."

"Is that another penis joke?"

"Gayle, don't ever think there is a way to measure how much I really love you cause I know I will never be able to figure out how much you love me. Agreed?" Lendall cocked his eyebrow and patted the bed next to him.

"Agreed." she smiled, "and now, I have one last question."


"Were you serious about the air hockey table?" Gayle asked, as she dropped her robe and clicked off the bed side lamp.

From that day forward, Lendall and Gayle never tried to measure their love for each other, because they knew the exact measurement, each other.