Tales of Ash: Kanto Chronicles

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Chapter 7: A Bigger Family and Friends

They had left Poké Tech in high spirits with Joe going home and Giselle blushing madly after she woke up on Ash's shoulder though she demanded that he never tell anyone about it, he just laughed it off. She told Ash that she would think about what Ash said. Needless to say, Misty continuously grilled Ash for information and Brock just stared at Giselle in a drunken haze of hormonal lust.

After leaving they headed to Vermillion City but with Ash's lousy sense of direction they kept getting lost in the forest but making the best out of a bad situation Ash had turned it into a boot camp where everyone was in pain 24/7 even him as Edward was ruthless in training him in the ways of aura. He had learned a lot in his training, to sense his surroundings and defend himself as well, he learnt how to shape his aura so he could now turn into a sword as he had taken to learning the art of Kenjutsu with Scyther. All of his Pokémon had learnt more moves and had developed more of a resistance against their opposing elements. The training was hard but the results were worth it.

The group were again lost in the forest continuing to walk through the forest.

"Where in the reverse world are we?!" Misty shouted, depressed that she was lost in the forest. She would've have thought that it would take at least two days to get to Vermillion city, she continued to sulk as Ash scanned the forest for any Pokémon.

"Well according to the map," Brock was silent for a second as Misty leaned in expecting good news. "We're in the middle of nowhere."

She face-faulted at that Brock laughing in the background she stood up angrily with her fist caved into Brock's skull. Ash finally found a Pokémon by a river drinking from it. It had a small blue body with two tiny legs and a hair made up of leaves complete with dot red eyes. Taking his Pokédex out he scanned the Pokémon as Dexter replied in its mechanical voice.

Oddish: This Pokémon is typically found roaming the forest, scattering pollen as it walks around.

"It's been a while since I've seen an Oddish." Ash commented as he continued observing the small Pokémon.

"It's so cute, I'm gonna catch it," Misty's eyes were full of determination pulling out a pokéball. "Go Starmie!"

The familiar purple star Pokémon came out with its signature cry landing in front of Oddish when it tried to run away. Oddish seeing its escape route blocked ran the other away.

"Water Gun then finish it with tackle!" Starmie complied with a blast of water and a tackle the Oddish was down for the count. She threw her pokéball at the downed Oddish when it was intercepted by a vine.

A Bulbasaur stood protectively in front of the Oddish growling menacingly at Misty.

Pulling his Pokédex out he scanned the new Pokémon as the voice of Dexter lit up.

Bulbasaur: It bears the seed of a plant on its back from birth. The seed slowly develops. Researchers are unsure whether to classify Bulbasaur as aplantoranimal. Bulbasaur are extremely calm and very difficult to capture in thewild.

"Awesome, a Bulbasaur you don't see a lot in the wild." He said, getting ready to call on Pidgeotto when Bulbasaur took a deep breath and a great gust of wind obscured their vision as dirt and leaves were blown in their direction with the two Pokémon making their escape.

"Aww they got away," Misty sighed disappointed at losing the opportunity to catch a new Pokémon.

"Don't worry I'll find them." He reassured her though she took a sceptical look.

"And how will you do that?" Her eyes narrowed at him.

"Simple." He closed his eyes and felt the aura in the area that was heading away from them. Immediately his eyes opened glowing amber as he saw the residual green aura from the spot where he last saw them. Gesturing for them to follow him, he quickly pursued the two Pokémon where they came to a bridge.

Crossing over the rickety bridge, he had a bad feeling when the rope snapped and the bridge collapsed with Ash, Misty, Charmander and Pikachu held onto the bridge and Brock holding on the other slamming into the rocks harshly as he fell into the rapids below.

"Brock! NO!" He shouted as he felt the aura of Brock getting further and further away.

"We'll worry about Brock later, he'll be fine. First you have to get to back on solid ground." Edward reassured.

"Right." Ash nodded.

"Charmander use Metal Claw to climb up on the cliff side. Pikachu, you can easily climb up on the bridge here." Ash commanded while Misty was panicking on the side.

"Misty, take a deep breath and close your eyes. I'm going to get us up there." Misty visibly calmed down as Ash grabbed the back of her yellow shirt and putting aura into his arms to strengthen himself. He threw her as hard as he could with Misty screaming bloody murder at him landing safely on her behind.

Ash himself took a deep breath as he started climbing up with the skills of a Mankey. He sighed in relief when he made it but gulped when he saw the look of anger on Misty's face.

"Ashton Daniel Ketchum, you are never doing that again." She yelled as she bonked the top of his head.

"My first priority is my Pokémon and your safety." He stated seriously as Misty looked down in shame.

"I'm sorry; I just don't want you to surprise me like that." She whispered softly.

"What matters now is that we're safe and on horizontal ground." He checked over Charmander and Pikachu to see if they were alright. Seeing that they were alright they continued on, Ash hoping that Brock was alright.

"I wonder what happened to Brock?" Misty wondered as she followed Ash.

"I don't know but we will find him." He reassured her. They soon stumbled upon what appeared to be a Pokémon village.

They were soon met with the familiar face of Brock and young woman that they didn't know.

"Brock you're alive!" He said thanking Arceus that Brock didn't die he would be devastated if his travelling companion and friend were to leave this world too soon.

It turned out that the Bulbasaur was the protector of a small hidden village for injured and mistreated Pokémon that were abandoned. The young woman named Melanie took care of the Pokémon there and told the gang that all the Pokémon there were afraid of most humans because a lot of them were tossed aside by trainers.

Bulbasaur was one of the Pokémon to be abandoned by their trainer as well, so that explained his dislike for humans and overprotectiveness for the villages Pokémon.

"Wow this place is amazing like a Pokémon paradise." He could feel the joy and happiness from the abandoned Pokémon. He helped Brock take care of the many Pokémon right now it was a Staryu. With a splash of cool water over it, it shook itself dry.

"Thanks that feel great!" Staryu said in pokéspeech but with Ash understanding, he smiled warmly.

"No worries Staryu." Naturally, Staryu blinked in shock or his gem did.

"You can understand us?!" Ash nodded.

"Are you the Chosen One?" Ash just blinked in confusion.

"Isn't that what you called me?" Ash thought.

"Yes because well basically you are the chosen one but it's not time yet so feign ignorance and say you're an Aura user." Edward instructed. He did as he was told but filed it away for later.

"Well I don't know about a Chosen One, I'm an Aura user and I'm training in it right now that's why I can understand you."

"So you can understand pokéspeech, I didn't know you could do that." Brock was surprised at the new information.

"Well I just recently learnt it." Ash shrugged as they continued helping the other Pokémon.


"I'm so sorry about earlier Oddish. I didn't mean to hurt you like that." Misty kneeled in front of Oddish.

"I shouldn't have surprised you like that. You must have been scared." The oddish in front of her nodded affirmatively.

"Melanie told me that your old trainer got rid of you because they thought you were too weak." Oddish nodded glumly.

"But what I see is that the trainer was an idiot to get rid of someone as cute and caring as you." Oddish beamed happily at the statement.

"Oh I know you will find a great trainer to take care of you one day." Oddish nudged her leg.

"You want me to be your trainer?" Oddish nodded.

"If you're sure..." She trailed as she took a Pokéball out. Bulbasaur took this wrong and charged at her hitting her from behind.

"Ow what was that for?" Misty held her back in pain.

"You stay away from her filthy human." Bulbasaur growled.

"No, I want to be with her, please don't hurt her." Oddish pleaded.

"They're like the rest of them, they will abandon you too." Bulbasaur argued.

"Hey what's the big idea?" Ash came over. Bulbasaur just nudged his leg.

"Go away, leave human. You're not welcomed here." He kept nudging Ash trying to get him to leave.

"That's not for you to decide that." Ash yelled back but before he could say anymore the Pokémon were all trapped in nets.

"You are trying to capture us. I will defend this village." Bulbasaur launched himself back to get some space before he too was captured as men in hunter outfits came from the bushes.

"Ah this place has weak Pokémon but this Bulbasaur will sell nicely." The men grinned before he turned his attention to Ash.

"Beat it kid before I," He stopped in mid-sentence when he saw the Shiny Charmander. "Maybe I'll take your Shiny Charmander."

Now with Ash and Charmander, they were boiling with rage as Ash had held a grudge against all Pokémon thieves and Charmander was still angry at the people who would capture Pokémon for their selfishness.

Taking the pokéballs he released Nidorino, Pidgeotto, Scyther and Clefairy as they all stood protectively in front Ash.

"Brock, Misty I need you to free the Pokémon Pidgeotto, Clefairy, Pikachu help them get to a safe place. Nidorino, Scyther, Charmander let's go take these Poachers down." Ash said seriously, his hat shadowing his eyes.

"Ha, you think you can take us." The 3 men released a horde of Pokémon at them. Ash and his Pokémon readied themselves to take on the horde.

-Play 'Radioactive by Imagine Dragons'-

Scyther VS Scyther, Rhyhorn and Electrode

He stood there, the leaves seemingly go in slow motion, his mind clear and focused getting ready for the battle. His breath drawn in and out as he instinctively flowed his aura through his body. Suddenly his eyes snapped open as he launched forward to Scyther. He was locking blades with another Scyther. Slashing in a flurry of sparks, they crossed blades once more. Kicking the other Scyther away he flipped back to get some distance he had to roll to side without getting barrelled by Rhyhorn that just charged by he managed to graze it with a metal slash on its side if he could tell by the roar of. Electrode was next to him as landed but it was too late, a bright light enveloped its form. 'Oh crap! Self-Destruct!' He was blown back from the force, his body was scorched in parts before he felt a sharp pain in his back as Rhyhorn took him down from behind. He barely managed to lift his Scythe to block the other Scyther's slash from above. 'I wonder how the others are doing.'

Nidorino VS Hitmonlee and Hitmoncham

Nidorino was trying his hardest to dodge the punches and kicks that were thrown at him. The dodging lessons that he learnt really came in handy right now as he avoided another devastating round-house kick by digging into the ground. He dug up and used his horn to hit Hitmonchan and he could tell by the grimace that it was poisoned. Hitmonchan wouldn't last long in this fight if it kept this up.

He back-pedalled away before the ground underneath shattered from the force of Hitmonlee's kick. He was about to charge in with a fury attack but another kick had landed that hit on his side. He impacted harshly against a tree.

-Ash and Charmander VS Poliwrath and Arbok- (Yeah that's right Ash)

Ash stood with Charmander as they glared at the two Pokémon that was helping the poachers. Charmander immediately let loose a stream of fire as he dove into the flames with Metal Claw and Iron Tail ready for a one-two combo. Slashing at Arbok with metal claw and smacking away Poliwrath with Iron Tail. Ash followed up with a force palm to the mid-section then his body glowed blue, the symbol on his arm glowing brightly, his amber eyes blazing, his fist bathed in an ethereal blue flame that soon transformed into a sword. Rushing in charged with another force palm but it was blocked by a Dynamic punch from Poliwrath before he got blasted away with a water gun. Ash pulled himself up, he saw that Arbok had Charmander wrapped up and was squeezing the life out of him.

"Charmander, Flamethrower!" Charmander released a breath of fire that scorched Arbok's face immediately freeing him.

Scyther VS Scyther and Rhyhorn

Scyther was on the defensive as his earlier wounds were hurting him severely. There were a few cuts as blood leaked from them and purple bruises started to form. 'I have to end this now!' Sidestepping the charge from Rhyhorn, he took a deep breath focusing the energy within him.

"Cross Style: Dragon Twister!" Spinning in a circle with his blades outstretched, Rhyhorn was blown into the air, the look of confusion and panic was visible on his face. He took off in the air using Scyther when he went into lunge as a springboard.

"Cross Style: Rising Arcanine!" His blades ignited in a blazing blue aura as he slashed the underside of Rhyhorn who was set on blue fire, roaring in pain.

"Cross Style: Hammerfall!" Scyther's body glowed a dull silver-green before blasting down on Rhyhorn. The ground exploded in a cloud of dust and debris. Once it cleared it showed the badly beaten and bruised Scyther with a really burned and damaged Rhyhorn.

"You are weak, this time I will take you down with one-" Scyther was interrupted as a cross shape mark appeared on his chest, blood flying through the air.

"You talk too much," Scyther breathed heavily before limping to help Ash.

Nidorino vs Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee

Nidorino hit the ground again with Hitmonlee's foot on his head. The Pokémon poachers were raiding Ash's backpack as they took the two eggs inside.

"Look, Pokémon eggs I'll bet you this will sell a lot." Nidorino didn't know what happened but anger coursed through him. How dare they steal his partner's poke eggs! With a burst of strength that he didn't know he had he hit Hitmonlee hard with a Poison Sting in the eyes, charging angrily towards the people who would dare steal from his friend.

The poachers fell on their back at the pain that they felt dropping the eggs. Butter came back ready to help his master when he saw the eggs being dropped quickly using his psychic powers, they landed safely on the ground.

"Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan take that Nidorino down, permanently!" The poachers ordered. Butterfree freezed both Pokémon but the strain was taking its toll on him. Nidorino didn't know it but when the poachers dropped Ash's backpack, the moonstone had rolled out and touched his foot. His form was enveloped in a bright light.

Nidorino now Nidoking was a large, bipedal, purple Pokémon with distinct reptilian features. It had small, narrow eyes, large, spiny ears, fur-like tufts on its cheeks, and a short snout filled with pointed teeth. There was a long, venomous horn on its forehead. It had a gray chest and belly plates, three claws on each hand, rounded spines on its elbows, and a single large nail on each foot. A ridge of long spines adorned its back, and it had a long, powerful tail. He stood at an impressive 9ft 2 inches or 2.8m.

Giving a loud bestial roar, it stomped its foot down as the earth shuddered both Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan fell in a dead faint. Making his way towards the poachers with each terrifying stomp, they scrambled back in fear. Giving another roar, they peed themselves and fainted in shock.

Nidoking smiled now that his opponents were defeated and the eggs safe, he fell back in exhaustion. Butterfree frantically flew over Nidoking seeing if he was okay.

-Ash and Charmander vs Arbok and Poliwrath-

Ash was in a bind literally as Arbok was wrapped around him and Charmander was pushed back by the water guns that harassed him.

"Charmander help!" His face was turning blue as he started seeing spots in his vision. Charmander seeing the distress that Ash was growled and his anger exploded as a white light enveloped him evolving into the form of Charmeleon. He blasted his biggest flamethrower, a literal tidal wave of fire and destruction washed over Poliwrath who shielded himself.

Running forward, he charged metal claw and dug it into Arbok who let Ash go as he regained proper vision.

"Thanks, (cough) Charmander," He now stared at the evolved form of Charmeleon. "Sorry, Charmeleon."

Nodding, he went and continued his assault on Arbok. Ash let his aura transform itself back into its blade.

"Now it's my turn." He rushed forward while Poliwrath was in a daze. Taking his sword in both hands, he slashed at Poliwrath in blur of incredible speed ending it with a force palm to its swirl.

Charmeleon wasn't idle as he continued to pepper with fireballs like tiny fire bullets. He charged a small ball of white fire in his mouth that hit Arbok in an explosion of smoke and fire.

The poachers feared for their lives now. A kid just took down a Pokémon and the others were beaten as well. He dropped to his knees begging for mercy.

Charmeleon huffed at him in disgust. Ash knocked him out and called Officer Jenny. After all of that was settled the Pokémon that the poachers were using were set free but some decided to protect the small village.

-End Music-


Ash and his friends were ready to leave when he felt Bulbasaur nudged his leg again.

"Thank you for protecting the village." Bulbasaur beamed happily with Oddish by his side. "We will join you on your journey as thanks."

"I wouldn't have it any other." He said cheerfully as he explained his ability to talk to Pokémon and what he just said to Misty and Brock. Both he and Misty pulled empty pokéballs and tapped their foreheads sucking them in.

"Awesome, welcome to the team." Ash now with a new companion left to Vermillion city. He took out his Pokédex and scanned the pokéball in his hand.

When they passed through a nearby town, Ash and co. were caught in a prank by a group of sun glass wearing Squirtle. Ash attempted to capture one of them but they ran off when as Officer Jenny approached them. Officer Jenny told them that the group of Squirtle were known as the 'Squirtle Squad' and were a group of Pokémon that had been abandoned by their previous owners. They constantly pulled pranks on the nearby townspeople as a revenge on humanity for how they mistreated them.

Ash was saddened by this and wished to somehow help the Squirtles get over their resentment towards humans, but hadn't had a clue on how to do so or where to find them. As the group relaxed by a nearby lake they were ambushed by the Squirtle Squad with feathers and lots of rotten eggs in what was soon to be a prank war.

Both sides were unforgiving as they took pranking to a whole new level so Ash decided to earn the Squirtles respect by beating them. Unfortunately, someone in the town who hated the Squirtle Squad set the home on fire when one of the trees collapsed and pinned the Squirtle leader. Instead of leaving the danger as the Squirtles expected humans to do, Ash immediately set out to help him with the other Squirtles helping as well gaining their respect in the process. The villager was also trapped under a tree but soon he was saved by the Squirtles following Ash's example as well. They soon put out the forest fire and Ash had a brilliant idea.

"Why don't you become firefighters?"

And with this single question, the town's locals graciously thanked the Squirtle and Officer Jenny helped appoint them as the town's official fire fighters.

Ash and co. celebrated with the Squirtle on their accomplishment before preparing to leave the next day. On the road outside the town the Squirtle leader that Ash had saved requested to join Ash as it was he that showed him and the Squirtle that not all humans were despicable and wanted to return the favour for all he had done for him.

Now Ash was currently resting in a forest nearby Vermillion with his friends as he brushed the fur of his recently acquired Pokémon. Like both Squirtle and Bulbasaur this Pokémon was mistreated by its previous trainer, and Ash being the Good Samaritan he is helped the Pokémon when it was in need.

It was only a few days ago when Ash and his friends were heading to the nearest Pokémon center through the forest. Ash had both Pikachu and his starter Charmeleon walking along beside the group. Whenever Ash was out on the road he had at least two of his Pokémon walk with the group so they wouldn't stay cooped up in their Pokéball for too long. They all equally disliked being confined into their Pokéballs for too long, though not nearly as much as Pikachu. It also proved to help Ash bond even more with his Pokémon, he felt he would understand them the more he spent time with them.

Just a few miles off from the center, Ash spotted a figure laying a top a rock. To Ash and the group's surprise, it turned out to be a Pokémon. Though not just a normal Pokémon, it was similar to Charmeleon's colour scheme; golden fur but it had multiple curled tails and bangs across its forehead. The group had first attempted to bring it to the nearby Pokémon center in the forest but it had been adamant on staying even with Charmeleon's gentle prodding.

"So why are you staying here?" Ash questioned to the six-tailed fox.

"I am waiting for my master to come get me." Vulpix replied in a feminine voice, lying her head down.

Ash reluctantly nodded as he took one last glance at the Pokémon. For some reason he felt a foreboding feeling that that Pokémon was about to experience an emotionally wrecking experience, but decided to leave the matter be for now.

Ash, Misty, and Brock made it to the center and gave their Pokémon to Nurse Joy before relaxing in the lounge. Though Ash was all but relaxed as he couldn't stop thinking about that Pokémon from earlier, even Charmeleon who decided to stay with Ash has felt the same about his fellow fire Pokémon.

"Are you okay Ash? You've been quiet for a while now. Is something the matter?" Misty asked concerned for her friend.

Ash shook his head, "I don't know. Ever since we left that Pokémon on the rock I've had a bad premonition ever since then that something bad would happen to it, and it only gotten worse since that storm came in."

"I know what you mean, it's kinda been on my mind to." Brock added. Ash was about to suggest that they go check on it again when he was interrupted by a loud and obnoxious voice with a weird accent.

The voice belonged to a boy around Ash's age. The boy had blue hair with sun glasses hanging on top of his head, and was wearing an outfit similar to a cowboy. He was surrounded by what seemed to be his friends who he was showing off his collection of Pokémon to.

"You're the man Damien."

"Yeah, but I thought you had an unusual Pokémon as well."

(I'm not gonna write down Damien's weird accent because it's a pain so if you have seen the episode then you know.)

"Yeah I did but that thing was so weak it could never beat even the weakest of opponents. I thought I had struck gold when I first saw it to. It had a different colour than the normal of its species so I assumed it was special, but I guess I was wrong."

"Maybe its weird colour was actually a disease it had," one of the kids said as they all laughed.

Meanwhile Ash, Misty, and even Brock were quickly growing to hate this kid's attitude.

"That's no way to treat that Pokémon, sure it's weak against water type Pokémon but it could become strong if trained properly." Brock said distastefully as Ash narrowed his eyes at Damien.

"That boy doesn't deserve to be a Pokémon trainer." Edward growled, also disgusted at the behaviour of Damien.

"So what did you end up doing with that Pokémon anyway?"

"Heh, I left it on some rock in the woods. That thing is so stupid. No matter what I did to it, it just kept on following me. So I got rid of it by leaving it at a rock and promising it I'd come back for it later. Stupid thing fell for it; it's probably still out there waiting on that rock waiting for me, hahaha!" he finished snickering with his friends.

That was all that was needed to push Ash and the gang's buttons. Brock and Ash made their way to Damien. Ash lifted him up by his collar with both hands and by the height of Ash and the way his feet wasn't touching the ground was quite an impressive feat.

"Go and get it!" Ash demanded angrily.

"Huh?" was Damien's intelligent response.

"That Pokémon is still waiting for you out there. GO. AND. GET IT!" he demanded seriously. Damien soon recollected himself.

"Why should I?" he asked if daring him to challenge him and his cronies.

"You did a despicable thing by lying to your Pokémon. You left it in the rain and if its left out there for too long unprotected, then it could die!" Brock bit out.

Damien glared at Ash and Brock, slapped his hands away. He stroked his neck trying to get feeling back into it. "Oi! What I do is none of your business!" He spat back.

"DO WHAT HE SAYS!" Ash growled out.

"What did you say you nerd?"

"You heard me. You have the nerve to call yourself a Pokémon trainer, but yet you mistreat your Pokémon badly. People like you disgust me; I'm gonna report you to the Pokémon League for the abuse you've caused for your Pokémon. Hopefully you'll get your trainer license revoked." Ash spoke vehemently.

"You're disgusting/ Pikaa Pikaa/ Char" Misty, Pikachu, and Charmeleon added hatefully.

Damien felt a stroke of fear at that threat, but put up a façade for his friends so he didn't appear afraid.

"You wanna fight with me," he provoked.

"You better not mess with Damien" his friends backed him up.

The groups stared each other down. The tension in the room thickened until it was broken by Nurse Joy. "Let's break it up, you know the rules. Pokémon are never to be used in personal fights. It's disrespectful to the Pokémon and their trainers."

"Yeah well tell them that, they were the ones who started it." Damien sneered as he left along with his group of friends.

"I think it's best if you not get mixed up with them. They uphold a very bad reputation" Nurse Joy warned before smiling.

"Uh thanks for the advice." Brock spoke nervously with a slightly red face; Brock did a total one-eighty with his mood. Nurse joy just giggled before leaving to her duties. Ash, however, left with both Charmeleon and Pikachu grabbing a raincoat as he rushed out to save the Pokémon.

"Come on Brock, we have to go back for that Pokémon before it's too late!" Misty said in urgency as she snapped her fingers in front of Brock's face.

That seemed to break Brock of his little fantasy world as the duo quickly grabbed weather jackets and an umbrella, catching up to them. The group made haste in the heavy rain practically running the whole way. When they found the Pokémon it had huddled into a ball while using a giant leaf as refuge from the pounding rain. Charmeleon's tail flame immediately doubled in size at the state he saw Vulpix in.

Ash was deeply saddened to see its condition as its once vibrant gold fur was disheveled and damp from the rain. Brock quickly went into his doctor mode checking its pulse and temperature.

Brock frowned deeply, "Its pulse is steady but its temperature is far too low for its kind. It needs medical attention before its health depletes anymore. Charmeleon we need you to breathe fire to its fur, with its ability Flash Fire it can absorb the flames to help raise the temperature. This will increase the chance of survival."

Accepting his instructions with a gruff 'Char', he focused on building up the temperature of the flames he was about to breathe on Vulpix in the pit of his stomach. Breathing a steady stream on Vulpix's fur, the shivering lessened considerably as they sighed in relief.

"You're going to be okay." He said soothingly. Vulpix gave a small nod of thanks.

"Good, we have to carry her to the center." Brock instructed in a professional tone.

Ash and Misty nodded as they helped Brock carry it gently while wrapping it up in a blanket and covering her under the umbrella. They began the harsh trek back to the Pokémon center, though considerately slower, careful to not drop the sick Pokémon.

Eventually the group made it back to the center where they took it to Nurse Joy who immediately prepped her for medical attention. The trio were forced to sit in the waiting room where they hoped for the Pokémon's safety though most noticeably Ash and Brock were tense as they both stared at the medical room intently.

Sleep eventually overtook the trio as they succumbed to their exhaustion. When morning came to their growing worry and confusion, the Pokémon had run off from the center, probably in search for its trainer. Though Ash couldn't understand why she was still even remotely loyal to its trainer after what Damien had put it through.

Worried for its wellbeing Ash, Misty, and Brock began their search for the golden furred Pokémon. Ash closed his eyes and searched for Vulpix's aura. It was hard considering that she had a headstart but he focused intensely on it and immediately took after the trail.

"Guys follow me I found her." Ash rushed towards the source of the aura.

Ash spotted the Pokémon he was looking for with another figure. He got close enough to see that the figure was Damien, and what he said next made his blood boil.

"You stupid weak Pokémon! Why did you even bother coming back after I left you at the rock. What use would I have for a weak Pokémon like you? You should have never come back!" The poor Pokémon just froze in fear, heartbroken from what her trainer had said. Damien raised his hand in a striking manner.

Ash reacted quickly and caught Damien's wrist in mid-strike while Charmeleon rushed to the Pokémon's side to console it. Damien turned around to see an enraged Ash glaring into his soul, causing him to involuntarily shudder under his intense gaze.

"Just what do you think you're doing?! You never raise your hand against a Pokémon in anger!" Ash verbally lashed at Damien.

Damien had to take a few moments to compose himself. "It couldn't win any of the battles I used it in, and to me that's worthless. What does it matter to you what I do the worthless thing anyway?!"

Ash couldn't believe how insensitive this arrogant boy was. He thought Gary was a jerk sometimes, but this guy took the cake.

"It matters because we as trainers should never abuse are Pokémon, or revere them as tools that can be thrown away. That is not how we treat them!"

Ash turned to the saddened Pokémon giving it a friendly warm smile in hopes of cheering it up. "Don't listen to him, you aren't weak he's just incompetent and doesn't see how great you truly are. If you'd like you could come with me. I'd be glad to have you on our team, and it Charmeleon seems to agree, right Charmeleon?"

"Char Meleon" Charmeleon agreed encouraging the Pokémon. The Pokémon took a long pause looking between both Charmeleon and Ash contemplating this trainer's words. On one side Damien had just thrown her away like yesterday's garbage while this trainer had done nothing but help her so far; but on the other hand could she trust the young man so soon after what had transpired after her last trainer.

She decided to take a chance and give Ash the benefit of the doubt; after all, the boy had done more for her in one day than Damien had ever done.

Damien just gnashed his teeth in distaste, "You're more stupid than you look. Now you have another weak Pokémon with you if your Charmeleon is anything to go by. It only looks a little tougher than the worthless thing over here, and that's not saying much."

Ash had had it with the boy's attitude. The boy was just begging to get a beating and that's exactly what Ash planned on doing. It seemed that he wasn't the only one who shared these thoughts, as Charmander, and even there newly acquired friend growled angrily at Damien.

Ash smirked at the sudden idea he had internally chuckling evilly. Edward was also chuckling evilly as well saying that someone who disrespects Pokémon shouldn't be a trainer.

"Hey guys why don't you show him how much we appreciate him for taking care of foxy over here." Ash grinned as he saw the smirks from the two Pokémon. Damien slowly backed away getting nervous from their expressions that seemed to promise dismemberment.

"H-Hey now let's not be too hasty here alright." Damien stuttered sweating profusely now. As if on an unspoken rule both fire type Pokémon shot flames at the shrieking Damien. Charmander had shot his signature flamethrower while the fox-like pokemon fired off purpled wisps of fire? Damien dropping his tough façade started screaming like a girl running for his life until the group could no longer see him. Though, they held back so as not to kill the boy unintentionally.

Meanwhile Ash just rolled on the ground in laughter along with the two fire types.

After a few minutes Ash finally composed himself. "Aww, that was priceless, and he deserved every minute of it. It's great to have you on the team, I can already tell you'll just fit right in with everyone. Welcome to the family…

Ash tenderly brushed the fox Pokémon's fur elapsing small purrs from the little Pokémon. Meanwhile Ash's other Pokémon were training nearby perfecting both their current skills and working on new ones. He had sent Clefairy, Nidoking and Scyther back to the ranch and switched with Vulpix, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

"You like this don't you Vulpix?" Ash spoke to the foxy Pokémon. In response she stood up and gently licked his face making him chuckle.

"Thank you, Ash."

In the few days Vulpix had been with the group she had practically won the hearts of everyone here. The Pokémon welcomed her with open arms into their family and Misty and Brock and had a liking to her as well, especially Brock. Brock loved brushing her when Ash let him every now and then and the two grew pretty close as well.

It turned out that she was actually tougher than she looked; the complete opposite of what Damien said. She knew some pretty good moves for her level. It surprised everyone, even Brock was surprised as Damien claimed her to be worthless and weak.

"Well we're getting close to Vermillion, but before we get there I want to get some training done alright. You guys know the new set-up now. Pidgeotto we're going to do something a little different today. 10 laps around the clearing, no flying we need to build up some leg speed if you're ever grounded. Bulbasaur let's have you do the same as well and Squirtle you will be learning how to dodge this week. "At Squirtle's questioning look, he gestured to Pikachu. He paled and Pikachu smirked at his new victim. 'Oh this will be fun!' Ash had them practice on their current moves to perfect them as well as start on combination moves. He also put on exercise drills to keep them in shape.

Vulpix not knowing what to do since she was still new waited patiently in front of Ash. "Alright Vulpix I'm gonna scan you for your current skills so we know where you're at so stay still." Vulpix just tilted her head looking curiously at the Pokedex Ash pointed at her with.

Vulpix the Fox Pokémon: Inside VULPIX's body burns a flame that never goes out. During the daytime, when the temperatures rise, this POKéMON releases flames from its mouth to prevent its body from growing too hot. It can freely control fire, making fiery orbs fly like will-o'-the-wisps. Just before evolution, its six tails grow hot as if on fire.

Gender: Female

Ability Flash Fire: When a Pokemon with Flash Fire is hit by a Fire-type move, it does not deal damage but instead raises the power of the bearer's Fire-type moves by 50%.

Moves: Ember, Roar, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Will-O-Wisp.

Ash's eyes widened in slight surprise, he didn't think Vulpix would be this developed already. It made him wonder how she would lose all her battles when she was with Damien. He must've have been more incompetent than he thought. Speaking of Damien, Ash just heard back from Professor Oak that Damien was revoked of his trainer license as punishment for his abuse to his Pokémon.

When Oak heard of Vulpix's story from Ash he was severally disappointed with Damien and immediately requested the Pokémon league to revoke his license.

"Wow you have a great skill set already Vulpix, you should be proud." Brock complemented getting a small blush form Vulpix as she accepted the complement.

"Though, I've never heard of the move Will-O-Wisp before. Is that the move you used on Damien?" Vulpix nodded at Ash's question.

"I believe that move originated from the Johto region if I'm not mistaken. Though I don't know much more than that I'm afraid. Maybe the Pokedex has more info on it." Brock suggested.

Ash nodded checking the Pokedex and sure enough the info was there. "It says it's an attack that causes damage and a burn effect. Sweet, that'll definitely help."

Ash whistles at Charmander getting its attention. "Hey Charmeleon I got a new partner for you!" Charmeleon ran to Ash at attention smiling at Vulpix as he did so.

"Well let's get you started. Practice some of your current moves first and then I'll have Charmeleon teach you the basic moves then we go to advanced moves. You'll be partners from now on as you're both fire types, so you can learn from each other. Now get started, I'll also be training too." The two fire types eagerly ran to get started training, each glad that they had a new partner.

Ash smiled at the two before going to check on his other Pokémon. He was confident that they would be able to beat the Vermillion City gym and advance onward to higher levels. He was broken out of his muse when he saw the two eggs in his backpack glowing brightly.

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