I was wearing the ring on my left hand. I wasn't going to make some big announcement. Eventually, everyone would just figure it out.

I had filed all the paperwork for a name change over the weekend and now I had to tell Garret so that he'd write out my checks to the right name on my account: Jordan Hoyt.

When I walked into my office Jan followed me in with a package. "Sign Dr. Cavanaugh."

I thought about correcting her, but it was so awkward, I couldn't. I wasn't even used to the name yet.

I did sign my new name though. She didn't notice.

I opened the box; it was a new M.E. badge from the city with my new name on it. I swapped it out for the one that was currently on my belt and put the old one in my desk.

I simply took the nameplate off my desk since Garret would have to order me a new one.

I went into autopsy 2 and performed a typical sign out case. Old age, natural causes. With any luck the day would be uneventful and my news wouldn't be the metaphorical stick that breaks Macey's back. His metaphor, not mine.

Nigel rushed in, "We just landed the case of the century sweetheart."

It was one of those high profile cases where they don't tell you anything because they want your report to be subjective.

Nigel prepped everything.

I felt sick for a moment, but it passed.

I took a primary look at the body; Nigel dusted for prints and particulates and I noted the bruising. There were too many to note quickly, every limb was marked in some way, but most were light in coloration.

They suggested that he'd had the crap kicked out of him in the last week. I held the blade to create the T incision when Lilly ran in. "Stop!"

"What is it Lilly?"

I felt sick again.

"Don't make that cut if you value having Woody around."

I lifted both hands in the air. "Would you explain Lilly?"

"That man died in Woody's custody. It's a standard investigation, but Jordan you can't!"

I set the scalpel back down on the tray and removed my mask.

I gave in quickly knowing that it would have been horrible for Woody and I had I made that cut, or worse had my new name on the report.

I took my gloves off.

"Lilly, would you ask Bug to step in for me on this one?"

She nodded and went to get him as quickly as possible.

Nigel didn't understand. The only person that knew about the marriage was Lilly and Bug because they had been there. Lilly and Bug had been our witnesses.

"What's wrong with you Jordan? Darling, just pick up the scalpel and have a go. This is high profile; you would never give one of these up for anything in the world, especially with Woody at risk." He made a pouty face.

"I'd be risking him if I cut." I managed to say it calmly.

Nigel gave me a funny look. "It's an investigation report Jordan, on our friend Woodrow Hoyt, it's best if we take the reins on this one. We've done it before."

I decided I'd just say it. "Yeah, but last time this happened the last name of the M.E. wasn't the same as the officer being investigated."

I left the room leaving Nigel to figure it out.

I went to my office and Nigel followed me. "Wait up. Why didn't you tell me? Lilly obviously knows."

I sat down on my desk. "Nige, I just didn't want to make a fuss about it."

"Jordan, finally put down roots."

I smiled, "It's more like a balloon that got caught in the branches of a tree."

Nigel laughed hysterically at my analogy.

Macey came in. "Why aren't you two taking the case I assigned you?"

Nigel looked at me.

"Let's not make this a big deal, I turned it down."

Macey looked at Nigel.

"Don't look at me Macey. She's the wild one." He pointed at me.

He wanted to stay to witness this.

"Dr. Cavanaugh I'm busy, I don't have time for this."

Nigel burst out laughing and left.

"What's wrong with him?"

"He's laughing at my name."

"What? Cavanaugh?"

"Sort of. It's Hoyt." I said.

"Woody is fine."

"You didn't tell me about the investigation on Woody."

He looked like he'd been caught. "How did you find out about that?"

"I can't tell you."

"Lilly." He said knowing it had been her all along.

"You didn't hear it from me." I paused. "That's not why I didn't cut, it's Hoyt."

"Jordan, I don't have time for games."

"My name is Hoyt, Jordan Hoyt. I married Woody."

Macey put his hand over his eyes upset for a moment as if he were ashamed. "Why the hell didn't you tell me Jordan? Your name could have gone on that report."

"I know, Garret."

"How long?"

"Almost two months."

Lilly came in. "We got another phone call. This one is out in the country."

"Jordan, that's your case. I don't want you anywhere near this investigation."

"I'm not leaving. He's my husband."

Garret spoke up. "I'm sorry, but that's strange to hear you say." He chuckled.

He got serious. "Now go. If you value your husband's career get in the van with Nigel and leave."

We started to leave. "Take Lilly with you."

"You told him?" She asked.

I glared at Macey. "He guessed."