So If you've ever watched any of the WeAreStoopKids videos, they're hilarious, and they gave me this idea. Beck and Jade are 23 and have a 4-year-old son named Robert Mathew *hint hint* and it will go on through their lives...mostly one-shots...

I don't own Victorious, sadly.

Jade was sitting at the kitchen table eating some cantaloupe, her pregnant belly was almost touching the table. She was pregnant with her second child, a girl. Her four-year old, Robby, was standing by the kitchen window staring outside. Behind his skinny frame she can see a bunch of kids.

"What are you looking at?" Jade asks, her voice demanding but soft. Robby huffs and turns to pout at her. She holds back a laugh as he gives her the full pouty lip and everything.

"They're playing basketball.." Robby says in a soft voice. Jade bites her lip to keep from smiling.

'They're having fun, huh?" She says ruffling his brown hair, just like his father's.

'Yeah!" He says turning away from Jade and crosses his arms.

"I wanna go have fun with the basketball kids..." The four-year-old pouts looking at his mom. Beck walks in and stands next to Jade and Robby and ruffles his son's hair.

"Robbert, you can't." Jade says sternly taking her son's hand.

"I'm gonna go play basketball." He says kissing Jade's forehead.

"I wanna go to! But I was a bad seed!" Robby yells, pouting for his father.

"You know why you can't go down there?" She asks touching his shoulder lightly.

"Yeah. 'Cuz I was bad." He yells brushing off his mom's hand.

"Well how were you bad?" She asks kneeling down next to him.

"I was just bad! I was a bad seed! A bad omen!" He explains vehemently turning away. Jade giggles and hides her mouth with her hand.

"You raised your voice, just like you're yelling now." Jade says looking to Beck for help. Beck chuckles and picks up Robby carefully.

"How about, after mommy unpunishes you, we go play basketball." Beck says looking at his son. Robby's face brightens but he still gives his mom a pout.

"You can go in five minutes." Jade says picking up Robby and setting him in a chair.

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