Dear readers, I realize this is VERY OOC but keep in mind, Jade is 25, has kids, and experienced the death of her mother. Things change. :)

The fall turned to winter and everyone in the Oliver household was getting excited for Christmas, even young Naomi. Beck had always loved Christmas as a kid, his family made a big deal about it. Jade had always secretly loved Christmas, most people wouldn't expect it but she was religious in her own ways. Robby was very excited to get presents from Santa, as he was every year. Even Naomi was happy, she loved to play with all the Christmas decoration her father had put up, especially the colorful lights.

Jade wasn't very good with picking out presents, she was always afraid they wouldn't like it, so this year instead of going alone, she was going shopping with Tori and Lucy. Tori and Jade were best friends now, not that Jade had many friends, and Lucy and Jade were constantly having play-dates with the kids. Jade was actually happy to going shopping with her two friends, she'd really only had Beck to spend time with.

While Jade and the girls were out shopping, Beck was planning a special surprise for his wife. Instead of buying her a big present, he had something else in mind. He had snuck into Jade's office, something she hated, and taken one of her finished scripts, it was one of their favorites. He had sent it to Jim Valentine, the father of Robby's playmate and a screen director. After the play-date at the Valentine's Jade had gushed to Beck about the possibility of her and Mr. Valentine making a movie; so Beck took it into his own hands to make it happen.

Being an actor, Beck had very limited time with his family. He knew Jade loved writing and that she yearned to have one of her screen=plays produced and made into a movie, it had been her dream for a while. Beck had already talked to Lucy and she agreed to show her husband Jade's writing; now all beck could do was hope and wait.

Jade was the last one to get to the mall, she had run late trying to get Naomi down for her nap. This was the first time Naomi had been left alone with Beck, she knew Beck could handle it but Naomi was very attached to her. She exited her car and hurried inside the mall, the wind outside stinging her pale face and making her wish she had worn gloves.

"Hey!" Tori shouted waving at her dark-haired friend happily as she walked over to her. Lucy followed behind Tori, the two already having met. Tori grabbed Jade's cold hand and dragged her into the first store, already beginning the day's journey.

"Well hello." Jade said rolling her eyes at her friend but smiling ever so slightly. The girls only spent a few minutes in the first store, but only three stores and two hours later it was lunch time. The girls settled for a small diner in the mall and quickly ordered.

"So... I have some news." Tori said tapping her fingers on the table impatiently, she seemed about ready to burst at the seams. Jade chuckled at her friends giddiness and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh.. and what's that?" She asked and took a sip of her sweet tea. She could guess what Tori was going to announce, but wanted to make sure.

"I'm pregnant!" Tori squealed and grabbed both Jade and Lucy's hands, squeezing them excitedly. Both Jade and Lucy returned Tori's squeal of happiness, much to Jade's inner dismay. Jade hade figured Tori and André would be starting a family soon, they had been married for only two years but both of them were so good to both of Jade's kids.

"That's so exciting! We need to start planning a baby shower!" Lucy said clapping her hands together and wiggling in her seat.

"How far along are you?" Jade asked, her mouth still pulled into a bright smile. She was happy her friend was finally having a baby, and he or she would be close in age to Naomi.

"About 2 months now." Tori said dreamily as she patted her belly. Tori was skinny so Jade figured she'd be showing soon.

"This is so exciting, let's go finish shopping so we can celebrate." Lucy said standing up and heading towards the exit leading back to the mall. Both Jade and Tori followed, chattering about the baby to be born.

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Yay for baby Tandre!

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