Hello my fellow readers, incase you are wondering, I am Mw3fan, at least that's who I started out as, anywho, as you may not know , I started my very first story last year "the plan", which wasn't doing that good at all even though I have some readers and I thank them for reading. As you may wonder, this is a Re-write, is it going to be any better than the original story?, you tell me in the review.

before we start, we have a very special guest who will be part of the story, and I thank him for having his permission to use his OC, who is this special guest you might ask?

Well, you'll find out later.

It was another beautiful day in Rio de Janeiro, the sun began to rise, giving it's rays of light to every creatures and citizens of Brazil.

As the morning came, the birds came outside from their hollow/nest and did their same routine as usual.

Somewhere around the great Amazon jungle, near a pond all the critters use for bathing was a tree, inside the hollow were two of the last living Spix Macaws,

Blu, who lived a domesticated life in Minnesota for fifteen years with a human named Linda Gunderson, now lives freely in the Brazilian jungle with the love of his life, Jewel,

A free spirited Macaw who lived her life in the jungle without relying on anybody but herself,

that was until she was captured to stay in an artificial jungle inside an aviary runned by non other than Tulio,

she and Blu both had been smuggled after meeting, which didn't go well,

The two had to go on an adventure together since they both had been chained together.

On the way, she realized at the club, Blu was the"one"she wanted to live the rest of her life with.

It has been a year since the two had Been released to the jungle,

so far their lives living together has been doing great.

Blu was the first to wake up to see his loveable fiancée laying right next to him wrapped around his wings.

Blu could just lay there the whole day, gazing at her beautiful sleeping form, but knew eventually he'd have to wake her up.

"Morning beautiful." Blu greeted the morning to his still asleep fiancée.

Jewel lazily opened her sapphire eyes as a smile grew on her beak.

"good morning handsome." She greeted back.

The two lovebirds got up to their talons.

"You wanna go out and get some breakfast with me?" Blu asked as he walked over to the exit/entrance of the hollow, but waited for Jewel's answer.

"sure." Jewel replied.

"Ladies first." Blu said moving aside for Jewel to pass.

"Your such a gentlemen." Jewel said with a wide grin.

"Women as beautiful like you shouldn't be treated horribly." Blu stated.

"Aww that's very sweet of you to say." Jewel said as she gave Blu a quick peck on the cheek then headed out as Blu did the same.

Somewhere deep in the jungle was a grassy location, there was nothing but grass, it was half as large than a soccer field, there was nothing but trees surrounding it in circles.

A blue Macaw was hovering ontop of the grass, but the Macaw turned into a human male, he was 5'9 ft tall, weighed about 190 lbs, has brown eyes, wears clear glasses, short black hair, wears a long white T-shirt with no logo, you can't tell , but he wear a belt along with a saggy brown short that almost covers his entire legs, he walks around bear footed, so he had no shoes on.

His name was non other than..

"Isaac!" A voice called out, getting his attention

"dude where are you!?" Isaac yelled back

"right here!" The voice responded as Isaac felt something land on his head.

"don't scare me like that." Isaac mumbled.

Ontop, standing over Isaac's head was a hawk, he looked allot like Blu, only he has darker feathers and ocean blue eyes.

"really Rico? Your just going to stand over my head?"

"Eeeyup." Rico responded.

Isaac has two gifts, he can both speak and shapeshift to animals, his first time didn't go so well, but he later got use to it.

Rico on the other hand, is just an ordinary hawk, he is a kind hearted, and very loveable bird, but as long as you don't mess with him or any of his friends, you won't have any problems with him.

Both Rico and Isaac had been buds since Then, long story short, Isaac saved him from being eaten by a feisty snake.

"Sorry if I startled you" Rico smirked

"Whatever" Isaac rolled his eyes

The two friends seemed to have been fleeing from someone or "something"

They both heard two maniacal laugh which caused them to turn around to meet with the unexpecting guests.

"Mutants" both Isaac and Rico said in unison.

To be continued

Big shout out to Ricardo the Black Hawk everypony! Please read his stories, they are frikkin awesome

now, sorry for bad grammar, I guess when it comes to writing stories I suck at it.

but that won't stop me from writing

If you haven't heard, there will be a prequel to Rio2, which is actually a graphic novel, it will be on shelves somewhere in March, so you'll be getting double dose of the Rio movie trilogy.

anyway I am Isaac Hernandez, and I thank you for reading chapter 1 of "Rio:Immortals and Mutants".

Also, I'm probably going to change the rating to M, depending how chapter 2 will go.