Our two blue feathery friends', Blu and Jewel were both thinking of any plans for tonight as they had both been avoiding society for quite awhile.

Blu- having his wing tip under his chin , snapped his wing tips like a pair of fingers as he finally suggested an idea"Hey, how 'bout we make a visit to the Samba club, it's been awhile since we've hanged around with our friends, I bet they'd be surprise to see us again."

leaving his Gem of the forest- agreeing to the idea, she responded "Sure, it'll be fun."

Blu- being a gentlemen once again to his blue wildfire, gestured his right wing out as a way of saying , ladies first "After you my lady."

Jewel gave a slight giggle as she droop her wing tip down Blu's chest, giving off a seductive look"Okay lovehawk, tell you what, how about we make this interesting?" Leaving Blu interested, he replied

" Oh? What do you have in mind my diamond of the ocean" he placed his right wing back to his side.

" Well, I was thinking if we could have a little race " she smirked -getting a positive reply from Blu

" Alright then, starting now on the count of three" he then begun the countdown " One... Two.. " He was cut off by Jewel as she quickly dashed her way out of the tree hollow, taking flight to the skies as she briefly yelled "Three!" getting a playful complaint from her groom as he knew she would do something like this " Hey, that's no fair!"

" You didn't say anything about cheating!" Jewel playfully replied back.

The two lovebirds raced their way to the city of Rio, heading to the Samba club whereas their friends- a yellow canary by the name of, Nico and his red headed cardinal friend, or as they call each other- brother from another mother, Pedro, are the two hosts of the club.

All but Enrique sat on there sleeping bags, surrounding the campfire- which he put together.

The 19 year old denies his rest, in order to stay alert, encase intruders pass by- despite his abilities, you'd think he would care less of his enemies, no matter how terrifying they look or how strong they might be.

Truth be told, he is worried- not only for the sake of his sisters' safety, but the nightmares, a gateway to his past, which he tries to throw away but somehow finds a way to come back to haunt him in his sleep, which he lacked for 13 years.

After that day, at the age of 6, he swore that day that he will not let anybody harm his baby sister, and to better himself from "his" mistakes.

He took a glance at his sister- who laughed along with her friends at the conversation they were having.

He gazed at her beautiful features as he thought to himself- to think, she use to be a young toddler he once had to hold hands with to keep her in his sight as they traveled through the cities of Brazil, now, it seems that time didn't last forever as days come and go, letting nature take it's course as they grew from age.

Soon, he might expect the day she will bring a boyfriend along, somebody to raise a family with.

He then shift his attention to Isaac as he knew the young 15 year old will most definately be the one to ask her out as they both had quite the chemistry together.

It seems just like yesterday, 9 years to be exact, the day they first met Isaac and Rico, the adolescent was once a stubborn, yet respectful young boy as he had a passion for adventure while as Rico was his personal guardian angel, per say, though the two fight allot they are more like brothers.

As for Francisco and Jorge, he wouldn't have met them if it weren't for " he who shall not be named".

Enrique tried to avoid the memories as he begun listening to the conversation his friends were having,

" Então diga-nos, onde você esteve nos últimos cinco anos, Isaac (So tell us , where have you been the last five years, Isaac)" Francis requested an explanation of his absence after the explosion which took place in Brasilia at a chemical factory.

" Bem, depois de sobreviver a essa explosão, eu acordei, coberto de sujeira e crostas, verificando meu redor, nenhum de vocês estavam por perto, eu assumi que o pior tinha acontecido com todos vocês. (Well, after surviving that explosion,I've woken up, covered in dirt and crusts, checking my surroundings, none of you were around, I assumed that the worst had happened to all of you.)" He lied, well, almost , though he was right about the part where he was covered in dirts and crusts after the supersonic shockwave by the cause of the explosion- creating a large dirthole , showing signs of no possible way anybody surviving the impact,

Isaac's mission was to rescue a special friend of Enrique who was held hostage in the chemical factory that once stood -now , it is nothing more than a memory

"Depois de derramar lágrimas por causa do meu fracasso da tentativa de resgate, eo pensamento equivocado de nossa pequena equipe ter ido, eu fleed da cidade do Rio, para iniciar uma nova vida, longe da nossa pequena aventura que todos nós temos compartilhado, e longe dos problemas (After shedding tears due to my failure of attempt rescue, and the mistaken thought of our little crew being gone, I fleed the city of Rio, to start a new life, away from our little adventure we've all shared, and away from trouble)" he truthfully told "Eu tinha tantas esperanças para a busca de paz, mas, eu acho que você pode dizer habbits velhos morrem duramente, sabendo que alguns de nós nasceram com esses dons, e alguém como eu, que tive que tomar o tempo, dominar suas habilidades para ganhar a sua própria claro ... não haveria problemas pela frente(I had such high hopes for searching for peace, but, I guess you can say old habbits die hard, Knowing that some of us were born with these gifts, and someone like me who had to take time , mastering their abilities to gain their own... Of course there would be trouble lying ahead)

Houston ,TX- September 23, 2007

Isaac- a young 10 year old child, full of disgrace, failure, and hunger.

The child has made a stop at a park called "Discovery Green", located somewhere in downtown Houston, surrounded by nothing but tall structures of buildings along with some abandoned houses and construction signs here and there.

After a long walk away from his country, considering the fact he has a difficult time shapeshifting- the child took a seat on one of the benches that were placed across the playground for the adults to watch their children as they interact.

Though the wooden seat looked a bit bent and had some parts missing, the boy didn't quite seem to mind as he was tired and weakened over starvation from the lack of food and water, he was lucky to stay alive this far.

he didn't really want to eat as all he can ever think of was his failure, he told himself that he doesn't deserve to live

The boy drifted off to a quick nap as his eyes slowly begun to shut... but it didn't take long till he heard allot of panicking, police sirens filled the air echoing his eardrums, his eyes then shot back open as he heard a random person yelling " Save us!"

Grammar still sucks, story telling is kinda weak, What else is new right? The origins of Isaac will continue on the next chapter.

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