He rested so peacefully, with no cares in the world, as a child should.

Mother's eyes watching him loving and also in sadness.

Why in sadness?

For it may forever be the last she'll see of him.

Thin, pale snow, velvet soft fingers travel the face of her child, remembering the feel, hoping for it to linger as long as it can.

Leaving a small being is a hard thing to do.

But her time was coming, her friend and commonplace lover knew, and finally she as well, soon came to terms with it.

Whispering lullabies of her past people into his tiny ears, smiling gently when seeing her son seem to understand it.

Even in deep sleep.

Fear wouldn't be long to wander into her eyes, knowing how heartbroken he'll be when knowing she wasn't around anymore.

Only her one true inamorato to watch over him.

Once more light tinted words would leave her lips, entering her son's very soul.

Hoping he'll understand one day.

Maybe not when he'd awoken the next morning.

Nor the following days after, where he would search the land of their people for her.

Only to find nothing.

Only the very thing that must have drove her away.

Not true, but her love couldn't bring himself to speak the truth, that was her time.

Maybe one day, the lover will bring his love's son by him, share words, without hated and spitefulness.

How he'll speak of tall tales of how great she was and what left for her son to take over.

One day, that chat will happen.

But, just as his mother, the stubborn bull must be tame before anything can happen.

And what a wait that'll be.

But for his love, he'll do it for her, and her son.

Only because, the vow they made when he enter their lives.