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Merlin was standing in the throne room, hopelessly looking at the man he had given everything for, the man he loved like a brother, and now he knew. Arthur Pendragon knew his darkest secret, the one he had been keeping all his life. The one secret he had been taught to never ever tell anyone, to protect at all costs. Arthur knew he had magic and he hated him for it.

It had started of like any other day, the sun was shining, and Merlin had just woken the prat up and was walking around cleaning Arthurs chambers and humming to himself, much to the king's annoyance.

"Stop humming Merlin, it's annoying" he burst out with just a hint of amusement behind the angry façade.

Merlin stopped what he was doing and turned to look at the king "Why sire, do you want me to sing instead" he asked with a cheeky smile and started singing in a high and cheery voice.

Oh the night that Paddy Murphy died, is a night I'll never forget

Some of the boys got loaded drunk, and they ain't got sober yet;

As long as a bottle was passed around every man was feelin' gay

O'Leary came with the bagpipes, some music for to play

That's how they showed their respect for Paddy Murphy

That's how they…


"Yes sire" The servant smiled daring him to throw something at him.

"Stop singing"

Merlin gave him an innocent look "But sire I thought you wanted me to sing…"

"Why on Earth would I want you to sing?"

"Because of my lovely voice of course, sire it can tame even the most royal prats," replied Merlin happily.

"You couldn't tame a kitten with that voice Merlin"

Merlin smiled "I'll have you know that a lot of kittens like my singing"

"Oh really enlighten me then" Arthur said cocking an eyebrow

"Well first there's Snowball, Dingleberry, Cuddles McArthur, Abel, Tummysticks, Bernard, Gi-Gi" Merlin started to count off his fingers "and then there's my personal favourite Zoe and…"

"That is the worst cat names I've ever heard, who on earth came up with them?"

Merlin smiled proudly "I did of course"

"And you are wondering why I call you an idiot" Arthur sighted "come on Merlin I'm already late for the council meeting"

They walked out the door and towards the throne room with Merlin still prattling about cat names.


The council meeting was boring as usual, Merlin stood at his usual spot behind Arthur with a pitcher of wine in his hands. How on earth did they manage to make the meetings so boring he thought as he hid a yawn behind his hand. They are always talking about the same things, taxes, arrogant lords and yeah more taxes.

Just when he was about to fall asleep (witch was far from the first time) the doors to the throne room suddenly burst open and a man wearing a dark cloak strode in his face in a cold emotionless mask. Okay I take it back, maybe they aren't so boring after all. Merlin thought as all of the knights and Arthur rose from theirs seats and got ready for an attack.

"What is the meaning of this?" Arthur demanded.

The man kept walking until he was standing in front of the round table opposite to Arthur and ultimately Merlin as well. "I ask only for a simple thing, I want justice to be served to me and my kind. I want you and everyone guilty to be punished according to their crime." Merlin could only assume where this was going, you didn't have to be a genius to figure out what he was referring to.

"You are a sorcerer" Arthur accused.

"Yes I am, I'm tired of living in the shadows, always looking over my shoulder and living in fear. I have lost everything because of you and your father. I demand that you answer to your crimes."

Arthur rose from his seat and stared at the man, not showing any emotion he replied in a strong voice. "Not I nor anyone who fight against the evils of magic is guilty of any crime whatsoever. We are doing what is needed to be done for the continuing survival of this kingdom and it's citizens. Magic has only caused pain and suffering and its practise is therefore banned, punishable by death."

Merlin ignored the usual pain in his chest which he felt every time he heard his king speak of the "evils of magic" and how people like him should be treated.

The sorcerer looked like he expected nothing less, "If you will not willingly submit then I will do what needs to be done."

As soon as the words had passed his lips, Merlin and everyone else realised the extent witch the first seemingly proper man was willing to go. This could only end badly.

All of the knights drew their swords and started to approach the still unmoving man.

Then everything happened at once, just as the knights were about to reach the sorcerer, he gave out a loud shout and slammed down his hand into the ground, sending out a shockwave of power blasting everything in the room backwards and into the stonewalls.

Arthur was one of the first to recover and as Merlin was starting to force his acing body of the ground the king had already drawn his sword and was running towards the still kneeling man. Why did the prat always have to be so careless, what was he thinking? Trying to attack a sorcerer with a pointy stick. Merlin sighted and realised that this might be it; this might be the moment where he had to reveal himself. He had feared this moment ever since he arrived in Camelot and now that it was here, he didn't know what to think.

By the time he had gotten into a standing position Arthur and some of the knights had surrounded the now standing sorcerer all threateningly pointing their swords at him.

The man laughed, "Do you honestly think that you can defeat me? You can't fight magic with swords," and as he finished speaking his eyes flashed gold and fireballs appeared in his hands. Time seemed to slow down as the sorcerer sent them towards the king. Merlin watched in horror as he realised that Arthur wasn't going to move out of the way fast enough. "Arthur!" He screamed and didn't even have a chance to think before he released his magic and a blue shield appeared in front of the king. Everyone looked on in shock as the fire disintegrated against his shield and he slowly lowered his arm.

Arthur turned to look at him just as the gold vanished from his eyes and Merlin didn't think that he had ever seen so much emotion written over the normally emotionless kings face. He opened his mouth to say something, anything to try to explain himself, to try to make him understand but he couldn't bring himself to think of anything to say.

Instead it was the sorcerer who broke the silence with a cry of outrage.

"YOU TRAITOR! How can you betray your own people like this?!"

"Arthur Pendragon is under my protection, I will not let any harm come to him," he said in a strong voice, trying to ignore all the accusing eyes that were staring at him as he walked to stand in front of the still frozen king.

"He murdered thousand of us and yet you stand by him, protecting him, don't you see, they are the enemy!" the sorcerer screamed gesticulating to the people standing around them.

"I am not the traitor here," he said calmly "How do you expect people accept magic, when all you do is to use it for evil? Arthur is not his father, he is a great king, you have to give him a chance. There has been enough bloodshed," Merlin pleaded, not sure if he really was believing his own words or if he was just hanging onto a hopeless dream.

The sorcerer stared at him in shock "If you truly believe that then you are nothing but a fool, not better then any of them. It pains me to have to do this but you leave me no other choice," the sorcerer straightened and lifted a hand towards Merlin.

"So be it," the warlock copied the man's stance and got ready, letting his magic flow freely threw his veins and letting it consume him. Letting the innocent act as a serving boy disappear and let Emrys the warlock take his place.

"Ástríce" the sorcerer fired a spell towards Merlin who easily defected it without a word, and was fast to answer with a spell of his own "Ic þé wiþdrífe" the sorcerer quickly raised a shield, causing Merlin´s spell to rebound and fly towards it´s caster who raised his own shield.

As Merlin rasied his shield the sorcerer muttered his own spell conjuring a line of fire from his feet that travelled along the floor to consume the warlock who calmly stood still as the fire started to travel higher and higher around him. Not being affected by the fire at all the sorcerer's eyes widened at his reaction but kept putting more and more power behind the spell.

"I am afraid that this has gone on long enough." Merlin said as he first looked down on the flames and then at the sorcerer. The warlock let his eyes flash and the fire quickly disappeared as if it was never there. "I give you one more chance to escape with your life still intact. Take it and leave, if you ever attack Camelot again I will kill you."

"These people are not your allies, and they will betray you. They are not like us and will never accept you for who you are, you are fighting on the wrong side. Are you sure that you truly are among friends?"

"I can't afford to think like that, I have to believe that things can change."

"Then I am afraid that you truly are lost," was the mans sad reply, before sending a last wordless spell towards the warlock knowing that it was never going to hit is mark. A fast whispered spell later and a loud thud was heard as a body fell dead to the ground and the throne room was once again silent.

Merlin was looking at the crumbled body in sadness, another life taken in the fight towards freedom. He turned around towards Arthur only to freeze as he felt a tip of a sword against his throat and found himself staring into the cold eyes of his king.

"Try anything and I will kill you where you stand sorcerer?" he hissed, pressing the tip harder against the warlocks skin, drawing blood as to emphasize his point.

"Arthur please just let me explain, you don't understand" Merlin begged looking at him with a wounded expression.

"You are a traitor, you have practiced magic this whole time, how could you do this to me?!" was the immediate response not hesitating for a second.

Merlin suddenly felt rage build up inside him, how dare he call him a traitor before even listening to him "After all we have been through together, after all I have done for you. Will you really just kill me before even letting me explain?" he said angrily

Arthur's face turned into an emotionless mask, as he looked him straight in the eye when he answered him "Yes, magic is evil, and those who practise it deserve to die."

Merlin looked around at all his friends only to see angry and betrayed eyes looking back at him. Gwaine, Percival, Leon, Elyan even Gwen how could they just cast him aside without a moments thought, didn't he even deserve a chance to explain himself? Apparently not. Then he looked to his right to see Gaius looking at him with a worried and sad expression, he gave his mentor a sad smile and turned to face Arthur again.

"Well then, sire, it seems I'm not wanted here so I'll just leave then shall I?" he said and promptly teleported out of the throne room and out of his life in Camelot.

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