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After Merlin disappeared a deadly silence followed. Nobody dared to move, or speak, hell nobody dared to breathe. The king's own manservant turned out to be a sorcerer. The king himself was still standing frozen looking at the spot his servant just disappeared from. He suddenly shook himself and said in a strong emotionless voice "I want search parties sent out right now, I WANT HIM FOUND! Bring him to me, dead or alive I don't care," Sir Leon was the first one of the knights to break out of his shock and bowed and replied with a steady "yes sire" that apparently was enough to for the others to "wake up" to, as they also bowed and walked after Leon through the door.

After the knights had left, the king turned to the remaining part of the people inside the room and said "council dismissed" and he stalked out of the room tightly followed by his wife.

At first Gwen couldn't believe her own eyes. Merlin was the last person she ever would have accused of sorcery. But when she realised that Merlin really was a sorcerer. She felt so sad and betrayed, why didn't he tell her? Why had he lied to everyone for all these years? How could he do this to them?

It wasn't until it was too late that she realised that he might not have a choice, magic was banned, anyone who even spoke to a sorcerer risked execution. She suddenly felt sorry for Merlin, it must have been so lonely for him, living a lie, hiding his true self from his friends. Always looking over his shoulder, knowing that if someone ever found out it would mean his death. No wonder he didn't tell her must have been so scared. Sweet innocent Merlin who couldn't even watch when Arthur killed an animal on a hunt. How could someone like him be evil? How could Merlin be like all the other terrible sorcerers she had seen? The answer was clear: he wasn't. Merlin could never be evil, and if someone like Merlin had magic then magic couldn't be completely evil.

But when she realised that Merlin was already gone, he had left because he thought he wasn't wanted. But he couldn't have been more wrong, Arthur needed him, they needed him, hell the whole kingdom needed him. And she knew that he would be missed, especially by Arthur. So that's why she ran after her husband when he stormed out of the throne room, she had to talk some sense into him.

"Arthur!" she screamed after him.

He reluctantly stopped, and turned to look at her with an emotionless mask.

"Yes Guinevere" he answered her.

"Arthur please, you have to stop and think this through," she begged him.

"Think what through? He is a sorcerer, the law is clear." he looked at her with an angry expression.

"Arthur you have to let him explain… it's Merlin for gods sake"

"But that's just the thing, it's not Merlin, because Merlin never existed, he was never the clumsy, innocent manservant we've come to care about. He was always lying to us, betraying us. He was just like everybody else." He muttered the last part quietly to himself but Gwen heard him anyway and winced at the memory of her own betrayal but she didn't give up.

"Of course it's Merlin, he didn't have a choice, magic is banned"

"Yes it is, and if it's one thing I've learned then it's that magic is evil, and nothing will ever be able to change my opinion about that. It has taken everyone I care about from me, my mother, my father, Morgana and now Merlin. He of all people has seen what it can do so why on earth would he start practising it?!"

Gwen didn't have an answer to that so she just looked at her husband with a sad expression. "I don't know Arthur, I don't know."

"I thought so" he said and marched away towards their chambers, leaving Guinevere standing alone in the corridor looking at her husband's disappearing back.

Happy, clumsy, manservant Merlin was a sorcerer. Arthur still couldn't believe it, even after seeing and hearing it with his own eyes and ears. You could think that it was just the shock, but even now, a long time after he found out. When he was sitting alone in his chambers, he still couldn't believe it.

How could he betray him like that, Arthur had trusted him, Merlin was the only one he could really trust, and now he had betrayed him in the worst possible way. He had magic, and considering how easily he defeated that sorcerer he was a powerful one too. He had seen his manservant transform into something different, something powerful, someone that could tear kingdoms apart, he didn't look like Merlin anymore, and it scared him, it scared him more than he would admit.

Arthur was so sad, so disappointed but above all he was angry. His best friend, no not anymore, his ex-friend had lied to him for years, after all they had been through, why didn't he tell him?

Never mind that, why did he start to practise magic in the first place? What could possibly make him start practicing the evil art?

Arthur only knew one person who could answer those questions and that was Merlin himself, but he was gone, and Arthur was glad.

At least that was what he told himself.

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