This Fanfiction was inspired by the recent annoucement from Game Freak about new Pokemon type-Fairy, and the fact that Gardevoir is Psychic/Fairy. With all the excitement I decided to refresh my memories about fairies (I am not into "Barbie Fairy Princess" and "Strawberry Shorstcake" bullcrap, i mean ACTUAL Fairies). What I found out about fairies in folklore of many countries was so fascinating and shocking that an ideas popped into my mind and brought up a plot of this story. This is my first Fanfiction in a while so criticism is welcome.

It was a hard day of training for Wally and his new pokemon Ralts. Ever since Wally caught his first Pokemon with the aid of Ruby, he was happy. Trainings were hard since his Ralts knew only Growl when he caught him, but with a lot of effort Ralts raised to level 11 and he was few steps to reach the next one. Wally and Ralts were now facing a slakoth in Petalburg Wood. "Ralts use Confusion!" said Wally with excitement in his voice. Ralts eyes glowed and Slakoth was hit with powerful confusion fainting instantly. Ralts glew a little signaling his advacement to level 12. Wally scanned his Pokemon with his pokedex and learned that Ralts just learned Teleport. "Ralts that's so wonderful!" Wally took his Pokemon and gave him a hug. But when he looked into his Pokemon's face excitement was gone and confusion took it place.
Ralts was smiling, but it was a sinister smile as if he was hiding something."Is something wrong Ralts?" wally asked concerned for his Pokemon. He heard his voice through Telepathy.'I am sorry kid, because I really started to like you'. Ralts and Wally started to glew and teleported from sight. When the senses returned to wally after teleportation he found himself in a weird village located in a forest. All the huts were made of branches and leaves, there was no big fireplace Wally saw in movies. It was clear that whoever lived in this village didn't want it to be found.
"Where are we?" Wally asked his Pokemon confused with the situation. Ralts jumped from it's trainer hands and rushed into one of the huts. In an instance three Gardevoirs came out and walked toward Wally grabbing him. One of them took Ralts Pokeball and smashed it, another one took everything Wally had at the moment. Wally wasn't confused anymore...he was terrified."Why are you doing this? What do you want!?" he heard the response in his mind 'We want you. You will never return home'.
"My parents will look after me!"Wally shouted realising Ralts betrayal and the fact that he was kidnapped for some unknown purpose.'We doubt that' said third gardevoir'No one will notice your dissapearance'."W-what do you mean?" Wally asked scared of what will happen next.
His former Pokemon waved at him and began to glow. His shape and size begin to change, he grew higher, larger and his head plates dissapeared. Once the transformation was completed the glowing stopped and Ralts was now looking just like Wally.
"What!? Why did you became me!?"Questions bombarded Wallys head from all directions.
"So no one will suspect that you dissapeared" Not-Wally answered. Another Ralts with a Pokeball walk out of a hut. Not-Wally took the Pokeball and caught another Ralts in pokeball, than he took all Wally's belongings and Teleported away.
Next minutes went quickly for Wally. Gardevoirs took him to a quite large hut, lead him to one of the rooms and pushed him inside. Than the doors were locked. Wally didn't know what to think. His Pokemon betrayed him, kidnapped him to a Gardevoirs village, steal all his stuff, took his form and replaced him. All these experiences were accompanied with one question-Why?
"Hey! A New Guy!" Wally jumped surprised with a human voice. He looked for the source and saw a 13 year old boy sitting on the bed.
"Who are you?"said the kid" Cause my name's Ralph from Oldale Town".
"My name's Wally from Petalburg Town. Why did Ralts brought me here?".
"You better sit. What I will tell you will surprise you." Ralph encouraged Wally to sit next to him. Wally sat down, because this was a hard day.
"Look Wally, you propably know that Ralts and his evolution family is Psychic right?" Wally nodded "well they are more than that. Recent discoveries in Kalos region prooved that they are also fairies".
Wally knew something about fairies from his parents. There was a Tooth fairy, Tinkerbell from an old children's book and Fairy Godmother from Cindarella. But he never expected that fairies are actually real. Which brought up another question 'Should fairies be good and helpful?'.
"I, like many others learned this lesson the hard way" Ralph continued his explanation "Real fairies are not like those we read about in children's books. They are mean spirited, malicious and...very scarce in numbers".Wally didn't say a word, he wanted to know about everything."That's why you was brought will become breeding mate" Wally was dumbstrucked by what he have heard."What! But I'm human and they are Pokemons!" Wally was given "The Talk" by his parent when he was 9 and it shocked him like nothing before, so the the news of being forced to do "the thing" added a lot to his worries.
"They can mate with humans. Myth I heard from Sinnoh says that humans and Pokemons were once the same species and we are still compatible to bare children" Wally nodded so Ralph continued "Gardevoirs developed a tricky way of...finding mates. They send young Ralts into human's territory to appear before beginning trainers so they can catch them. Once the learn Teleport they transport their trainers to this village and take their form thus becoming Changelings. Weren't you surprised that a little Ralts showed up with no Kirlia or Gardevoir around to protect him? I learned from one of my mates that this happens everywhere! In Johto, Kalos, Kanto and Sinnoh! Trainers capture Ralts with no idea of what their "precious" Pokemon have in store for them".
After hearing this explanation Wally lost all his powers and layed down on the bed. "Has anyone tried to escape?".
"It is futile" said Ralph "Gardevoirs are Psychics. If you try to run, they will mangle your mind. You better take a nap Wally. I have a feeling that tomorrow you will be very "bussy".