Chapter 6

(Ockay. First of all...I'm a lazy dick. I didn't want to write anything for months. My only excuse is lack of ideas. Ever since Pokemon X/Y premiere I was stunned by the fact that steel type indeed beat fairies. Because of this I found the idea of "deadly" iron obsolete. I didn't enjoy Nuzlocke challenge (I was crushed in third city on a rom hack T_T).
So instead of killing fairies it will be SUPER EFFECTIVE. Anyway enjoy this chapter. Sorry for the grammar.

Wally realesed the rest of the Pokemons out, much to Sylene's displeasure. Skarmory, Metang, Steelix and Magnezone started to wander around happy to be outside of their Pokeballs. Wally didn't know whether or not Pokemons are aware of the pasage of time inside of Pokeballs, but they seemed happy. Sylene stood close to Wally who held his hand on her shoulder to support her. At this point he was conjuring a plan of escape and evacuating the prisoners. Since he was only 10 and had no knowledge of leading a battle, chances for victory against a whole village of Psychics were low even with a type advantage. Gardevoirs and Kirlias would blast them into oblivion the moment they see them. Not to mention his children were in the village as well. He didn't want them to suffer in war despite the circumstances of their conception, nor share the consequences of his action which would be pretty bad for him.

"Wally" Sylene started with a scared voice "what are you going to do with those steel type Pokemon?".
Wally looked at Sylene not sure wether or not trust her. She was his friend and he knew she appreciated it, but still it was her village.
What dawned on him was the fact that Gardevoirs would no doubt found out about his plans through telepathy. Yet, Sylene might help him achieve the goal.

"Sylene...I am going to escape the village and take all the humans out of there" the young pokemorph was as it was expected horrified by the idea.
"Are you crazy!? You'll get killed the moment they see you with all these steel types. 6 pokemons against a whole village!?" She asked him with a firm look on her face.
"I know that we are outnumbered." Wally started than an idea strucked him. He lookd at the steel types "Hey guys! Can you come here? I need your help."

Pokemons stopped their little hiking and looked at Wally. Wally wasn't sure if these Pokemons will obey him. He saw a relation from Indigo Platoeu where a young trainer lost because of his Charizard's disobiedence and if situation repeats he's a goner. Their help was what he needed to victory. Luckily the creatures all walked towards him and stood in line awaiting Wally's orders.
Wally was glad that he had a little luck on his side.

For the next couple of minutes he explained to them what was goind on and where they were right now. All the Pokemons were utterly shocked at the events. They heard stories about trainers sexually abusing their Pokemons. Their former trainer was disgusted by it and they took this view after him. Yet they would never think that it would happened other way around. These Gardevoirs were a disgrace to the Pokemon kind.

"The idea I come up with is to take down all the Gardevoirs with steel type moves. Yet with only the 6 of you it won't be possible. My idea is for you to travel around and gather as many of steel type Pokemons you can find. With enough power we can rescue al the humans from the village".

Wally knew that escape equals death of starvation. The fruits he was eating prevented him from eating anything else. The life at the village was no pleasure for him. With the chance of getting away and dying as a free man it was worth to try.

Although Sylene had no psychic powers, she could tell what Wally was planning. While he was talking with his new Pokemons she was looking in the dead trainer back pack. She rarely had the chance to examine human's stuff and besides Wally wouldn't mind if she did. He had a Pokemon team. One thing caught here attention. It was a brown chest and something was glowing through the crack. She opened it and two beutiful stones were reaveled to her. One small located on a wristband and second huge on a necklace. She pick up the big one and examined it in her hands. It's glow intesified as she hold it and she could feel great power inside it. Power. This was somethign Sylene was always dreaming about. It came to her surprise when she evolved into Kirlia Pokemorph after the years of training physically. She didn't know why, but friendship with Wally and now this stoned made her feel happy and stronger than ever.

As Wally was done telling the plan steel Pokemons nodded and went of for the search of his fellows. They avoided the path to the village so their cover wouldn't be blown. Wally looked for a moment as his team was leaving and looked at Sylene was now wearing a glowing necklace on her neck.
"Hey Sylene, what are you doing?" he asked and Sylene looked back "Sorry Wally. I just found this weird stone in the back pack and I couldn't stop myself".
Sylene gave Wally the other stone on a wristband. He examined it. It wasn't a evolution stone, at least not stone he ever saw in books. What was weird is that he felt a strange power inside of it. Whatever it was...he was going to find out.
Two friends decided to leave the new stones at the bottom of the tunnel build by Aggron. It was a great hideout since no one have found the corpses of the trainer before. Being already late Wally and Sylene were welcome by Head Gardevoir.
'Where the fuck have you been!?'she shouted through telepathy 'It's late! Wally get back to your hut. As for you you little twat, get the fuck of my sight!'
Wally returned to his hut and to his room. Ralph was already sleeping, surprisingly with a Gardevoir. He now focused not to think about his plan so the Gardevoir of the night wouldn't found out.

The main Gardevoir was in her own hut. She was laying in her queensized bed thinking about Wally's and the useless Pokemorph absence.
'Something happened to them.'she thought"Wally had bruises on his face and torn clothes. I should propably send a few Gardevoirs into woods for reconaisance.'she said it and slowly succumbed to sleep. She had a terrible dream. A nightmare that haunted her almost every night.

The dream world

A nightmare her whole life was. She relived all her life. She remembered being born. Hatching from an egg eager to see her parents. To her surprise she saw a terribly abused female Gardevoir and a human. She, her mom nicknamed by her master "Cunt" and her father called David were anything but a happy family. Her father was a sickening pervert who raped her mother daily in front of her. He even raped her! She was just a small Ralts! How could he do this to her?! She remembered every visit in the Pokemon Center, all the healing and than more abuse. He trained her to evolve and use her in more interesting sexual games. Her mother would never fight back. She was after all the most loyal of all Pokemons, eager to please her master and mate. Gardevoir however wanted to kill the pervert. One day that would always make her cry...her mother died. The monster got bored with her mother's overused body and slit her throut with a knife. That moment made young Kirlia snap. She evolved and blasted the monster into the oblivion where Yveltal, the God of death would feed on his soul for eternity. What she didn't know was that she was also pregnant with the perverts child. After burying her mother and burning monster's body to ashes she had an idea what to do next. She will communicate with other Gardevoirs like her and gather them to create an army that will bring humanity to an end. She gave birth to her child. She would never kill that child, but she would also never love it.
There are many ways to create an army. In order to win, she and other Gardevoirs decided to use the same thing Pokephiles did. Rape and multiply.

Back to reality

The main Gardevoir woke up covered in sweat. It was early morning. She stood up and dried her eyes from tears. She walked towards the window and looked outside. Her village, one of many villages around the world was now sleeping. All those years spend on kidnapping trainers for sex and training their offspring took their toll on her. She was cunning and smart and she will do everything to succeed in her revenge on humanity. Wally and Sylene did something in the woods, and she was going to find out what!

To be continued...
From author:
Ockay. So what do you think about the new chapter? A little twisted I know, but I want to finish this story and I am really scrapping the bottom of my idea bag. I inspired Main Gardevoir story on "The Pokemon story redux" from topless robot website. In this story (being a remake of an original "Rectified Anonymity" by David Garret) trainer called David brutally raped his Gardevoir to the point of getting her pregnant. The sickening idea was when he decided to also raped the child for the fun of it. Since i am a kind of person who preached the idea that "Even evil has standards" I was utterly disturbed by this story (things like this happen in real life and this makes me give up on world sometimes). So I thought that using this story for the Main Gardevoir was very reasonable. I thought that she was just a flat character who simply found pleasure in sex. Adding a reason and explaining why these fairy Pokemons are kidnapping trainers adds something new to a story.
PS-There's no need to write, what the stones are. You propably already know.