Harry Potter King of the Amazons

Chapter 40


"Welcome one and All, to the third and final task of the Tri-Wizard tournament!" Karkaroff shouted into his microphone, the crowd roaring excitedly as the four champions stood atop the podium, awaiting their chance to enter the maze.

Fleur was waving to the crowd, wearing a very revealing set of robes that were likely enchanted to enhance her Veela abilities given the increased passive allure she was giving off. The crowed was certainly noticing as well if their reactions to her were any indication. For an item he saw an enchanted belt buckle glowing at her waist, even if he had no idea what it would do.

Diggory's robes shimmered and rippled faintly, the attached hood currently down to let everyone in the stands see his face. His enchanted item appeared to be the distinctive boots he had on at the moment, various runes all along the bottom of them.

Krum's robes had bits of armor or padding here and there, much like what professional quiditch players wore during their games. Along with his wand, Krum had a large two-pronged pole crackling with electricity. If the rumors were true, then Krum had tried to get a broom as his item but had been shot down.

Finally, Harry himself wore robes that were more armor than cloth, the metal plates gleaming it the torchlight as he waited outside the labyrinth. At his hip was a shining goblin steel sword, this one made especially for him to help channel the frankly obscene levels of magic he now possessed, acting almost as a wand would if he focused though it.

"We have our four champions prepared to enter the ever-shifting maze, each one shall be tagged and followed by these devices!" Karkaroff gestured to the small floating crystal balls that hovered silently by each competitor "They will allow everyone to see what's going on through the scrying mirrors that are being levitated up for your viewing pleasure now." Karkaroff gestured to the massive viewing screens that the Ancient Runes NEWT level students from all three schools had worked on together as a joint project for extra credit when they took their exam for that field "In a moment, out four contestants will be taken to the cardinal directions of the maze and allowed to enter at the same time upon the cannon's blast. Are you all excited?!" the loud yelling from the crowd indicated that, yes, they were indeed excited to watch four teenagers enter a dangerous labyrinth. With that, Harry and the others were led to their entry points, waiting for the canon's blast to begin going through the twisting passages.

-Barty Crouch Jr.-

"And they're off!" Karkaroff, damn traitor that he was, seemed to be enjoying commentating for the final event, the other judges all having their own microphones although he'd heard they sabotaged the French Representatives to keep him from irritating everyone. It was the one choice he didn't blame those worthless fools for. "Now that they're in the maze and can no longer hear us, I'll fill you all in on the special gear of our champions! Let us start with Miss Delacour." Karkaroff had to pause as the horny teenage boys in the stands all began screaming their pathetic little lungs out.

"Yes, yes, boys, we all know you think she's pretty." Lucius' ex-wife rolled her eyes "Besides their 'visual appeal', Miss Delacour's robes are enchanted to enhance her natural Veela gifts, both the fire and allure. It is now stronger, easier to call upon, and less taxing for her to use." Such enchantments were interesting, Crouch decided, certainly something he should steal after the task to present to his master. If his Lord ever deigned to give those pathetic half breed creatures a place serving him, they could be rewarded with them. Or perhaps the enchantments could be reworked to allow non veela to use the abilities. Either way, he'd take them, and have his 'fun' silencing the girl so the enchantments wouldn't spread.

"Her additional tool is that belt buckle sparkling on her waist." Karkaroff picked up, "This trinket absorbs ambient magic to shield the wearer from spellfire or physical blows. Although one solid hit will shatter the barrier and if it doesn't have time to recharge from ambient magic then it will drain from the core of the one wearing it should more attacks come." Good enough for a tournament like this but not worth his Lord's time.

"For Mr. Diggory, his Robes are enchanted to not only act as a disillusionment charm would." The screens did indeed show the kid disappearing from view once the hood was up "But they hide his scent and muffle his footsteps as well. His extra tool though is truly fascinating. Those boots of his let him sense vibrations around him which he can use to tell where anything or anyone is so long as they're in contract with the ground or something connected to it." the robes weren't all that impressive, any self-respecting wizard could keep those spells up, but the boots were certainly inventive at the very least.

"Next would be Mr. Krum." Karkaroff seemed very proud talking about his precious quiditch star "His robes, along with their additional padding, are enchanted to help resist and protect from physical and elemental damage, extending that protection to the champion himself. His tool is the thunder pole, a bi-pronged staff that is charged with electrical magic to help him ward away any creatures that may come for him in the maze." So, the meat head thinks his own magic and bloated muscles are more than enough to get through the maze. It would be interesting enough to see if that's the case he supposed.

"And finally, Champion Potter." Karkaroff grins happily, the filthy traitor that he is, "Would you care to discuss your husband's gear Headmistress?" Now they had his attention as he leaned forward eagerly, "To start with his robes, they have the obvious metal plates in addition to padding, each piece of metal enchanted to reflect spellfire away from the wearer." That…could be problematic "The cloth portions have self-repair and spell resistance enchantments."

"And that's not to mention his tool." Karkaroff added as some of the more immature students snickered at what they decided was a dirty joke.

"Yes, that sword of his." Narcissa smirked, doing nothing to stop the dirty thoughts running through the minds of her students "Not only is it made of refined Goblin Steel, but he helped with the forging himself and added his own touches. The blade can channel his magic to the point it can even act as a magical focus like a wand would." Fuck, that's definitely not good. Crouch knew his Master would still win, it was the Dark Lord against some lucky child who'd only beaten regular men, but Potter might still kill a good chunk of the Death Eaters that answer his master's call upon the revival. Looking up at the scrying screens, he saw Potter approaching one of the obstacles, a granite golem, and watched intently, brushing aside the fleeting thought that he was forgetting something even as the thought left his mind almost instantly.


Staring blankly at the golem smashing its granite fists against the ground, Harry lazily drew his sword. "You're in my way." His voice was cold as he stared down the animated monster "And I don't have time to waste on you." Channeling a fraction of his power, Harry swung his sword, an arc of energy lancing out in a wave, slicing through stone as the two halves of the construct fall to the ground on either side of him. Moving past crumbling rock, Harry continued his steady progress through the maze, keeping a steady sustainable pace rather than frantically running and exhausting himself early on. The shifting walls of the Labyrinth failed to truly disorient him either given the stars were still visible, the North star ensuring he was able to always find his position and continue onward towards the center of the maze. That golem had been the twelfth 'creature' he'd had to destroy in his path towards the cup, having run into an excessive amount of obstacles that required him to expend stamina or magic to get past and a noticeably minimal amount of ones that tested his intellect or required one to think creatively to get around.

Catching a faint whiff, Harry quickly flicked his wand as the winds swirled around him, twisting in a vacuum as the mildly toxic gas was sucked up and out of the maze. That had been the other type of trap he'd been annoyed by in his continued journey to the cup, traps meant to disorient or make him feel weaker. Honestly, potion's class with some of his more immature year mates was more threatening than some of the traps he'd been forced to deal with in here. Turning out the sound of intense spellfire in another part of the maze, some of the other champions having likely run into each other and started to duel by the sound of things, Harry rounded a corner and came face to face with a sphinx, laying elegantly in his path. "Greetings Wizard." The Sphinx purred at him, "The Quickest way to the cup is beyond me. Answer my riddle correctly and you may pass unhindered, answer wrong and I shall strike. Turn and I shall not follow. Are you willing to hear my question?"

"Ask away." Harry nodded, relieved for a challenge that wasn't catered to a Gryffindor for once.

"First, think of the Person who lives in disguise, who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies. Next, tell me what's always the last thing to mend, the middle of middle and end of the end? And finally, give me the sound often heard, during the search for a hard to find word. Now string them together, and answer me this, which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?" the sphinx told him, sounding out each word clearly to so there was no risk of him mishearing her.

"A good riddle." He nodded to her with respect as the sphinx beamed at the praise.

"I thank you; it is rare that my kind's petitioner's show proper respect for our questions. Now, do you have your answer?" The Sphinx waited on him.

"Give me a moment, I'm working through it." he rubbed his chin as he considered the questions. "The first part has a few potential ones, Spy, thief, traitor, even someone living in hiding. For the last thing to mend, hmmm, wait, middle of middle and end of end? That's the letter 'D'. Ah, now I see it all. The answer is Spider correct?" he smiled at her, confident after working out the first few parts and seeing the questions as a whole."

"You may pass wizard." The sphinx stepped aside as he continued onward, estimating that he should be close to the center of the maze. The quiditch pitch itself was only so large to begin with and in an open area like this, space enlargement charms can only do so much. Rounding the corner, Harry saw the tri-wizard cup sitting atop a plinth, shining brightly and enticingly. Although he admittedly only spared the cup a moment's glance before focusing on the giant spider that was charging towards another entrance to the clearing where some trees had rustled. Figuring it was one of the other champion's but hidden, given the panting he could just make out, Harry fired a curse at the giant feral spider to knock it out, a stunner flying a moment later at where he saw a fresh person shaped dent on the grass. The spell knocked out Diggory, the face exposed as the hood came off with the stunner, the camouflage ending with it. still hearing the spellfire of a duel in the distance, and guessing it had been a three way duel before Diggory had used his cloak to escape it while Fleur and Krum dealt with each other, Harry turned to the cup and grabbed it, feeling the sensation of being pulled by a portkey the moment his fingers wrapped around the handle.

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