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Three Months Later…

"Well done on another successful mission." Tsunade looked over the report and then at the individual standing before her. "I'm glad that you are having so much success but I wish that you would agree to a team. Its dangerous to work by yourself."

"I do better alone." The last Uchiha stated without emotion.

Tsunade sighed. "Yes, yes, so you have told me and yet just a few months ago you were willing to work on a team. So tell me…" Tsunade put her elbows on her desk, laced her fingers, and placed her chin on them to give the young man a look. "What changed?" It was a question she asked Sasuke at every meeting. She had some ideas as to the answer but she wanted to hear it from his mouth.

Like every other time Sasuke simply shrugged. "I've had enough of those people and wanted some time to myself."

Tsunade wanted to pull her hair out. She couldn't understand why the stubborn fool wouldn't just admit it.

He missed her.

Tsunade may be many things but a fool was not one of them. She could tell that something had happen between the two when they had gone undercover. She just didn't know exactly what.

She still recalled when their team returned from the vital mission of the protection of the Fire Daimyo. She was more than a little shocked when she saw that Hinata was missing. At first she had thought the worse but Shino had quickly explained that she was safe and well. He then handed her a scroll that explained Hinata's absence as well as her report. The poor thing had been through a lot on this mission but she pushed through and was able to not only escape but protect the Fire Daimyo's son as well. Tsunade couldn't be more proud of the timid kunoichi and it just reassured her that she had made the right decision promoting Hinata to ANBU.

And then she heard the full report from Sasuke that she really started to feel that something had happened between the last Uchiha and the Hyuga Heiress. It seems that Sasuke was the only one that was fully conscious through the entire battle against the man they called Nakamura. As he was giving his oral report she could see the range of emotions play across his eyes as he was recalling everything that happened. She saw the anger when he talked about how Hinata was kidnapped as well as the concern he had when he had to battle against her when she was possessed by a shadow demon. She noticed how Sasuke seemed to get embarrassed when he talked about how he rid Hinata of the possession saying he 'surprised' her, but he wouldn't say how. She saw the pain play across his face as he recalled how Hinata had jumped in front of him to stop the demon from attacking Sasuke. She inwardly smirked when she saw how jealous Sasuke got when he talked about Hinata staying behind with the Fire Daimyo's son, Sanji.

At the end of his report Tsunade asked what he thought of Hinata as a shinobi and as a new member of the Black Ops and that was when she saw the pure love he had for the kunoichi. He said that she was strong, smart, and determined, a good leader, and a person he respected. Tsunade nearly fell off her chair, never in all her career had she heard Sasuke talk about someone with so much respect and admiration.

He had it bad.

But Tsunade never pressed the matter. One thing she knew was that Uchihas were a prideful clan and were not ones that like to share their emotions. It also wasn't really her place. The relationships of her ninja were their own business. She only intervenes when she thought it was hindering their abilities to serve Konoha. With Sasuke she was actually benefitting from his turmoil. It was obvious that he was trying his best not to think about Hinata by keeping himself busy with missions. So as long as the Uchiha continued to be successful she would allow him to go solo, for now anyways.

"Would you like another mission?" She asked even know she knew the answer.

"I have nothing else to do."

"I'll take that as a yes." The blonde woman shuffled through her desk. She was looking for a letter and she made sure to keep a specific scroll with the official Fire Daimyo seal out of sight of the Uchiha. "There it is." She pulled the letter out of a pile making it crash to the floor that caused Tsunade's eye to twitch. She was looking forward to the day she could hand over this god-forsaken job. "This letter needs to be delivered immediately. The location is only a day's travel. Usually this would be given to one of our genin teams as a C-Rank mission but due to its contents an ANBU member must deliver it. So you up for it?"

Sasuke walked up and snatched the letter. "Is that all?"

"Basically. I will also need a response from the recipatant. I expect you back tomorrow evening." She then smirked. "Good luck PANDA."

Sasuke couldn't help but roll his eyes. He absolutely hated his codename. He was pretty sure that the old bag did it on purpose, so he didn't respond. Instead he put on his mask and disappeared into the shadows. '

Tsunade leaned back in her chair with a satisfied smile. She glanced down at the important scroll and then frowned a bit. "It would be better if he weren't around." The blonde thought.

Sasuke went through the gates of Konoha. Not even stopping for the gatekeepers. They knew who he was. He paused for a moment to remember where he was going. Once he had that down Sasuke headed off to the east without even realizing that a rather important carriage was making its way to Konoha from the west.

Hinata looked out the carriage window once again. She could tell that they were getting closer and she was gitty with excitement.

She looked across the seat though when she heard chuckling.

"I highly doubt much has change within the last minute." Sanji said as he watched Hinata look at the window again.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I am excited to see everyone again. Konoha is my home after all."

Sanji nodded. "I understand. I'm sure that they will be excited to see you as well. And I have no doubt they will want to congratulate you when I make the announcement." He flashed her a charming smile.

Hinata lightly blushed. "You really don't have to go through all this trouble. I can tell everyone on my own."

"Are you kidding? After all we have been through together? There is no way I wouldn't be there."

"Thank you Sanji." She said earnestly.

"Anything for you Hinata."

And although Hinata was eager to get home and see her friends there was a part of her that wanted to stall the trip, because when she got home she would have to face a certain stoic Uchiha.

He was on her mind constantly. And although she has tried, she can't get rid of the ache in her heart whenever he crossed her mind. Her hand subconsciously went to the delicate necklace hanging around her neck. It had become a habit due to how often she thought of him.

The image of him with his dark eyes, shaggy black hair, and that knowing smirk made her lose her breath. She missed the moments that they had together. She missed training with him. She missed the feeling of safety when they feel asleep together. She even missed his sarcastic remarks and emotionless expressions.

She missed everything about him.

Hinata recalled how she wouldn't be able to sleep because she become accustomed to him falling asleep next to her. So on those restless nights she would walk through the gardens of the Palace. They were beautiful during the day but there was something special at night. Most of the time she would head towards the rose portion of the garden. She would sit on the bench and look up at the moon and it gave her some comfort.

The night always reminded her of Sasuke. Like his eyes, it was dark and mysterious and drew her in. The red roses around her made her feel secure like Sasuke with his sharingan. And moon's ray warmed her in a way like the sun never could just like how Sasuke could make her feel something that she didn't feel with Naruto.

Hinata knew that she needed to let him go and move on with her life but the stubborn side of her wasn't going to let him go so easily. She had just found him and wasn't ready to lose him.

"Hinata…." Sanji gently touched Hinata's hand bringing her out of her thoughts.

She jumped a bit. "Sorry, what were you saying?"

"I was saying we are here."

Hinata turned to look out and sure enough the image of the Hokage Monument came into view as the carvings looked over Konoha, otherwise known as….

"Home." She said out loud. Hinata was finally home and a smile came to her face. Every time she left for a mission she never knew if she was going to come back, so seeing it after being away for so long sent a feeling of joy through her. No matter what she went through in her life, no matter the struggles, she loved her village and was glad to be back.

Sanji looked over at Hinata as she stared off at her home. She really was a beauty. She was totally ignorant to it and that made her even more stunning. He felt a bit guilty for keeping her away from her family and friends for so long. But now he got to see firsthand the life she lived. "I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we will have to see the Hokage before you are allowed to go and see you family."

Hinata looked over at him and smiled. "That is quite alright. They have waited three months, I'm sure another hour or two wouldn't hurt them."

Sasuke jumped through the trees at a swift pace. He was efficient but he did not rush. It wasn't like he had a reason to hurry. It's not like he had anyone waiting back home.

If he just wanted company he had his pick of girls but that wasn't it. There was only one girl he wanted and of course, it was the one he couldn't have. Hinata was on his mind constantly but especially during the night.

There were nights when the nightmares would plague him so bad he would sit on his roof and stare up at the sky. The moon would remind him of her eyes. The dark sky made him think of her long indigo hair. The starlight made him think of her pale skin. And the subtle sounds of night made him think of her soft soothing voice. Everywhere he turned Hinata was there on his mind.

Sasuke had tried his best to forget her. He kept his life busy with missions but it never helped. Hinata was never far from his mind.

There were moments where he would get angry with himself. How could he let himself get this upset over a simple girl? Sasuke Uchiha had never cared about romantic relationships in his entire life, so why now? Why did this Hyuga have such an impact?

Sasuke wished there was a simple answer, as well as a simple solution to ending it, but there wasn't. Relationships were never easy. One of the many reasons Sasuke didn't like to have them. He had always seen relationships, whether they were friendships or something more, as a weakness. People died every day, sometimes by your own hand, so why take the time to get close to them.

"Besides…" Sasuke said to himself. "They always leave me anyways."

His parents left him and so did his brother. When your own family leaves you how can you trust yourself enough to allow anyone else to get close to you? But somehow the Hyuga was able to get past Sasuke's barriers.

But Sasuke didn't want to dwell on his feelings for to long. He had business to take care of and eventually he saw his target come into site.

It was a town, not nearly as large as Konoha, but still rather significant. The place was used mainly for trading purposes. It was the first town on trading routes after ships docked at port as well as nearby the boundaries with the Village Hidden in the Mists. Apparently the letter he was carrying was addressed to the mayor, himself.

Even though it was meant for the leader of the town, Sasuke still did not understand why someone as skilled as him needed to do the mission. Any genin with the simplest of knowledge could deliver the letter without a problem.

Sasuke deducted that because the path to the town was not particulary dangerous it meant that the reason for the ANBU to be envolved is due to the contents of the message.

He was a bit curious about what was inside the envelope, but Sasuke wasn't about to break protocol to find out. He had a mission, simple as that.

Once in town, he immediately headed for the mayor's office, not wasting any time.

A petite woman sat behind the desk in the front of the mayor's office. She looked up when a shadow was casted over the papers she was looking at. She jumped a bit when she saw the masked man standing over her. Although Sasuke enjoyed that reaction, he did not enjoy the humor that ran across her eyes when she got a closer look at his mask.

"That's it! I'm demanding a new mask when I get back." Sasuke thought to himself. "I have a message for the mayor from the Hokage." He simply stated.

"Of course! Right this way!" The woman jumped up to open the doors.

Even though his mask was stupid, Sasuke was glad that it hid his face. He had no doubt that the woman would have tried every move in the book to flirt with him if she saw what he looked like. He gave her a slight nod and entered.

Across the room sat an overweight man with more hair on his face that on the top of his head. "Mayor." Sasuke announced his arrival.

The man looked up and saw Sasuke standing there. "Now what does the Hokage need that she would send one of her black ops to my office?"

Sasuke was wondering the same thing. "I was sent to give you this letter and wait for a reply." He handed over the envelope.

The mayor opened and read the letter. Sasuke watched as his face scrunched in confusion and then a look of excitement came to his face.

"Oh what joy!" The mayor immediately pulled out a blank sheet and began his reply. "I can't believe my luck! It seems that we are about to receive a very special guest in a couple of days." He said. "A very special diplomat is making rounds in the Land of Fire for the Fire Daimyo." That was the last person Sasuke wanted to hear about. It only reminded him of that damn Sanji. But the mayor did not notice Sasuke's distaste. "Why its none other than the Fire Daimyo's very own son!" Under the mask, Sasuke's eyes widened in shock. If Sanji was coming here than there was a strong possibility that… "But first he had to make a stop in Konoha for some business. Here is the repl…" But the mayor never finished his sentence. Sasuke had taken the paper from him before the ink could even dry.

The Uchiha was a blur as he headed back to Konoha. He knew that he was only guessing but if there was a possibility that Hinata had return he HAD to see her. His brain was telling him to stay away. That the separation was what he needed to get over her but his heart seemed to be saying otherwise and was the one in control of his body. Sasuke was already jumping through the trees before his mind registered what he was doing.

Sasuke made it back to Konoha in record time. He wanted more than anything to seek out Hinata but even he knew he had to take care of his shinobi duties first. So reluctantly, he headed to the Hokage tower. He didn't even knock as he walked into the old bag's office.

The blonde looked up from her paperwork and shock came across her face when she saw the person standing before her.

"Sasuke…" She put the paper down. "I wasn't expecting you back for another day. Is everything alright?"

By Sasuke's standards everything was not alright but that was due to his own personal business. "Yes. The mayor and the town are fine." He pulled out the letter and handed it over. "Here is the mayor's reply."

Tsunade looked down at the parchment and noticed that it was slightly smudged. She inwardly smirked. She would bet her life savings as to the reason for the Uchiha's hasty return. "So what brings you back so early than?"

"Personal business." He curtly answered. He really didn't want to get into the details or admit to the fact that he came running back because of a girl.

"Very well." Tsuande placed her chin on her hands. "But since you are here I might as well tell you that we have an important guest with us for the next few days."

"The Fire Daimyo's son."

Tsunade nodded. "Correct. He is acting as a diplomat of sorts for the Daimyo himself so I want to make sure that he is taken care of while he is here. Konoha is in good graces with the Daimyo thanks to your teams success a few months ago and I want to keep it that way."

"What does that have to do with me?"

"I am telling you this because I do not want you to do anything that may upset Sanji. I can tell that you aren't very fond of him but you must put your personal feeligns to the side and be professional. Understand?"

"Basically she doesn't want me to challenge him when it comes to Hinata's affections." Sasuke thought. "Crystal clear." He retorted.

Tsunade leaned back in her chair and smiled. "Good. Now before you go running off own your 'personal business' you should know that Hinata is back as well and she is currently at the Hyuga Compound." The blonde knew that she had tortured the poor man long enough so she could at least give him the location of the girl.

Sasuke nodded. "Anything else?"

"No. That is all. You are excused." In the blink of an eye Sasuke was gone. Tsunade got up and looked out the window. She actually wished the Uchiha luck. He had been through so much pain in his young life. He deserved some happiness and Hinata would be perfect for him. Of course the stubborn fool was probably to late.

Sasuke wanted to run towards the Hyuga Compound but his pride got in his way once again. He casually made his way towards that end of the village acting as if he was in no rush. As he was walking down Main Street he could see that most of the shops were closing down for the night and the last of the customers were making their way home. Sasuke than noticed the lights still on at the Yamanaka Flower Shop. He debated getting flowers for Hinata but decided against it. He knew better than to go anywhere near Ino. Even after all these years she still had a bit of an admiration for him, similar to Sakura but not as strong. If he walked into the store she would cling to his arm and nag him with questions about who he was buying flowers for.

No. It was smarter for him to just walk past the shop.

But it seemed that luck was not on Sasuke's side at the moment, for just as he was passing the blonde kunoichi walked out of the shop to collect the unsold flowers.


The Uchiha did not hide his cringe. He turned and gave her an impassive look.

Ino smiled brightly. "It's so good to see you. Ever since you and the others returned from that mission for the Fire Daimyo I hardly ever see you." Sasuke didn't response but it wasn't like Ino noticed as she continued to talk. "So where are you heading tonight?"

"Hyuga Compound."

Ino seemed to brighten up even more. "Really?!" She went over and grabbed a bouquet of flowers and handed it to Sasuke. He panicked for a moment. Did she realize what he wanted to do? "Would you do me the favor of giving these to Hinata? I heard she was finally back but I have a feeling that she won't be here for long. You know what I mean?" She gave him a wink. "These are a way to say congratulations."

"Congratulations on what and why wouldn't she be here for long?" Sasuke was totally confused.

Ino tilted her head and gave him a look. "You don't know? People are talking all over town."

"I have been out on a mission until an hour ago." Not that he listened to town gossip anyways.

"Oh, well apparently she came here with none other than the Fire Daimyo's very own son." That wasn't news to Sasuke. He had known about that before he even returned to Konoha. "And apparently he has some big announcement."

"Alright…" Sasuke still didn't get it.

"He is currently over at the Hyuga Compound talking to Hiashi as we speak."

"Am I missing something?"

Ino rolled her eyes. " Hinata being gone for three months, a big announcement, talking to Hinata's father. Isn't it obvious…." Sasuke gave her a look like it wasn't.


Ino exclaimed but when she finally finished her sentence she looked over to where Sasuke had been standing and saw nothing but a few red petals in his place on the ground.

Hinata closed her eyes and smiled as the warm breeze brushed against her skin. She was currently standing in the meditation garden of her home. It was probably her favorite place in the entire compound. It was tranquil and calming with the light scent of cherry blossom and the gentle sound of running water. For the first time in a long time Hinata felt at peace.

At the moment, Sanji was sitting with her father to discuss an important matter. Hinata just prayed that her father would agree.

Sanji had been confident about the proposal saying, "How could you father deny the Fire Daimyo's own son?"

But Hinata wasn't so sure. Her father could be a stubborn man and it would take more than a simple title to change his mind.

To this day, Hinata still felt like a failure to the clan and to her father. She trained hard and was determined to reach the level of ANBU. Now that she was finally part of the Black Ops she didn't know how her father actually felt about it. She would hope that he would be proud that his daughter was the first female of her generation to reach that rank, but her father was a hard one to please.

Right now Hinata did not care. She was proud of herself and that was what mattered. She had reached her goal and after what had happened three months prior she carried her tattoo proudly. It was a symbol of her strength as a shinobi.

But now she would be curious as to what would happen next. She was still new to the Black Ops and had yet to receive her codename, mask, or team. She was both excited and nervous about being part of a team. Part of her wished to be assigned to a team with Kiba and Shino again. They worked well in the past and she was sure they could be successful as ANBU. But a larger part of her secretly wished that she would be assigned to work with Sasuke.

She liked the think that they had worked well together on their previous mission and that maybe, they would work well once again. Having both the sharingan and the byakugan on the same team would practically make them unstoppable. And there was also the fact that they had created a brand new jutsu together, although they never actually discussed Chidori Lion's Fists. She could still remember the tingling in her hands as her chakra meshed with his.

Hinata let out a small sigh. If she was being this honest with herself she might as well admit that the true reason she hoped to be assigned with Sasuke was because she simply wanted to be near him again. She wanted an excuse to be there by his side and protect him, even though it was usually the other way around.

"Oh Sasuke…" Hinata said his name out loud.


Hearing a response made Hinata jump in surprise. She quickly turned around and was even more shocked when she saw none other than Sasuke standing there with a bouquet of red roses in his hands.

Sasuke was a bit confused by Hinata's surprised reaction. Hadn't she just say his name? But Sasuke shook that away. He had important business to discuss.

"S-Sasuke what are you doing here?" Hinata instantly felt her heart begin the beat faster and a light blush was already rising in her cheeks. She couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked standing there in the moonlight in his ANBU uniform.

"Here." Sasuke shoved the bouquet at her. Not truly knowing what to say. She gladly took them and took a whiff of their sweet scent and smiled slightly as she stared at the same red as the sharingan. "They're from Ino." He quickly explained as a small blush came to his cheeks. "She says congratulations."

"How does she know already? The announcement hasn't even been made yet."

Sasuke's heart dropped. He couldn't believe it. The rumors were true. Hinata was going to marry Sanji.

He was too late.

He had lost her.

"No." He said out loud. Sasuke wasn't about to lose yet another person in his life.

Hinata gave him a look of confusion. "No what Sasuke?"

"Don't do it Hinata." Sasuke practically begged. "Don't agree to this."

Now Hinata was really confused. "Why not Sasuke? Why would I not agree to an opportunity such as this?"

"Because…" This was it. This was his chance to finally tell Hinata how he felt. "Because I love you alright!" Sasuke didn't wait for Hinata's response. He wanted to admit his feelings before he lost the courage. "I admit it! I need you more than you need me." Sasuke took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair. "It doesn't even feel like I'm living anymore. I still do the same things that I have always done but now it feels like something is missing. It wasn't until I heard the news that I realized that it wasn't something missing but someone."

Hinata caught her breath waiting for him to continue.

Sasuke looked directly into Hinata's eyes and she could easily see the intensity in them but there was also something else that she couldn't put her finger on.

"My life is missing you Hinata." Sasuke took Hinata's hand in his and gently grazed it with his thumb, which sent shivers through her body. "Will you stay here with me and say no to marrying Sanji?"

A moment passed between the two, neither saying anything. Sasuke watched Hinata's reaction. She brought her hand to cover her mouth. Her shoulders started to shake and a muffled sound came. For a panicked moment Sasuke thought she was about to cry but then Hinata's entire body started to shake and she began to laugh. LAUGH!

Sasuke frowned. That was no the reaction he was hoping for and it hit him hard.

Hinata continued to laugh and Sasuke's frown deepened. He did not think opening his heart to her like that was comical.

"M-marry S-sanji." Hinata said as she laughed. "Why in the world would I do that?"

Now Sasuke was completely confused. "That's what the entire village is talking about. Sanji has some big announcement and he is talking to your father right now."

By this time Hinata had calmed down. She nodded. "Yes Sanji has an announcement but it isn't one of matrimony. Sanji has come to Konoha to show the Fire Daimyo's support towards me as the next head of the Hyuga Clan. He is talking to my father now to secure my position as heiress."

Sasuke was a mix of emotions. He was overjoyed to hear that Hinata wasn't going to marry that man. He was embarrassed of how he admitted his feelings like that. And he felt pure rage towards Ino at the moment. He was utterly confused and frustrated. And for once he didn't know what to do. "I see." Was all he could think of to say.

"I'm not going to lie, Sanji did give me hints of furthering our relationship," Sasuke's rage came back. "But I declined." She finished quickly.

"Why?" Sasuke couldn't help but ask. "He's the Fire Daimyo's son after all. He could give you everything you want." He said bitterly. It was true though. Sanji could give Hinata everything she ever wanted…. everything she deserves.

Hinata looked down. "Because….." He noticed she began to play with her fingers. A habit he thought she broke a long time ago. "My heart belongs to someone else."

Sasuke's heartbeat quicken and he could feel the hope rising. "Really?"

Hinata looked up at Sasuke and he could see the light blush in her cheeks. She nodded. "It belongs to the last Uchiha and only him. I love you Sasuke."

For the first time in over three months Sasuke truly smiled. He gently took hold of Hinata's chin and slowly brought his lips to hers. As their lips collided it was like the world disappeared around them. At that moment it was only him and her.

Sasuke pulled Hinata in closer, deepening the kiss. Hinata ran her hand through Sasuke's hair, driving him crazy and wanting her even more.

Eventually the two separated to catch their breath, both a bit flushed.

Still wrapped in Sasuke's arms Hinata looked up. "So what now?"

Sasuke shrugged. "Don't know, don't care." And then he bent down to steal another kiss.

One year later…

"Another S-Rank retrieval mission?" Tsunade exclaimed as she looked over the request form. "Don't these people know that there are other ninja villages out there? It feels like Konoha gets all of them."

The blonde's friend and assistant, Shizune, nodded. "Yes, the requests have increased recently." She smiled. "Although I have a feeling it has to do with Konoha's most powerful and successful team."

Tsunade smiled as well. "Ah yes…. They do make an excellent team don't they? Their synchronization is beyond perfection, as if they can read each other's minds."

Shizune chuckled. "I wouldn't be surprised if they could. So are you going to use them?"

"I don't really have much of a choice. They were specifically requested by the Fire Daimyo himself." Tsunade sat up in her chair. "Team Lion…."

Suddenly two ninja dressed in the ANBU uniform appeared out of the shadows. One was a man with dark hair wearing a lion mask and the other was a female with indigo hair wearing a lioness mask.

"You called for us Hokage-sama?" The female asked.

"Now I know you two have just returned from a mission but there is another personal request for you two. Are you up for it?"

The female member looked over to her teammate and they seemed to share a mental conversation before she turned back to the Hokage. "I believe we can manage."

"Perfect." Tsunade handed over a scroll. "All the details are in here. Be careful and be safe." She nodded her head to dismiss them."Oh and before you leave." Tsunade smiled. "Congratulations Hinata."

Hinata looked down at her left hand as the light reflected off the diamond ring. Even without turning around Hinata knew Sasuke was smirking. She smiled. "Thank you."

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