Summary: Austin, Ally, Trish, and Dez are going to New York to see some old friends that they meet on new years eve. When they get down their will the Ross' try to get Austin and Ally together? Will they try to get Trish and Dez too? Read and find out.


" Today is the day that we go back to New York!" I said as we were leaving for the airport. "Yeah, and we get to stay in their awesome penthouse again!" Austin said, you could hear how excited he was through his voice. "Yeah but you will have to deal with that overly crazed fangirl, Emma." Trish said looking at Austin. "Yeah but she seems really nice." I said. "Ohh sweet, innocent, Ally. You are way too nice." Trish said as we boarded the plane. I rolled my eyes and got on the plane.

Austin's POV

When we got on the plane I noticed Ally I got put next to each other on the planeā€¦ I don't care but, it seems that Trish and Dez wants us together. Like they always leave to make me and Ally alone. I mean I might have the tinniest crush on her, yes she has beautiful brown hair, gorgeous big brown doe eye. OKAY maybe a little bigger than tiny, but I don't know if she feels the same way and I don't want to ruin our friendship.

I hear over the intercom, "Please,fasten your seat-belts for take off." I put on my selt belt and we are off. Then I see Ally digging in her bag looking for something. "Watcha lookin for, Ally?" I asked curiously. "Ohh, just my ipod, I can't believe I forgot it!" She said. "You want to listen to mine with me?" I said "yeah sure."

While we were listening to the music she was asleep in like 30 minutes. I thought, "Wow, Ally looks so peaceful in her sleep." Wait I can't think of her like that. "You have to admit though she looks so beautiful, brown curly hair with caramel colored tips, big pink full lips." Austin get a hold of yourself you can't think like that. After a long argument with myself I fell asleep on top of Ally's head.

Trish's POV

I'm working the job as flight attendant, I know I have already done this but how else was I supposed get the flights half off? When I walked by Austin and Ally, they we sleeping on each other. AWWW I got to get them together. I snap a picture I will use that for later.

Jessie's POV

"It's been so long since we have seen Team Austin!" I exclaimed "yeah I can't believe it! Maybe I can get his right shoe!" said Emma "Ohh yeah that reminds me Emma don't go all fan girl on him again! Let him breathe, literally. Don't squeeze him till he is dead." I warned her. She sadly said, "Ok, Jessie"

"Rovi, Luke, Zuri, and Emma, Come down here we need to get down to the airport to pick up team Austin. On the car ride up there Emma was freakin out to see him again, Luke was exited to work on dance moves, Rovi was babbling to about something, and Zuri was playing with chubby the bear. This was gunna be a fun week!

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