Okay I am a little nervous about this. I am about to go on stage in 15 minutes, and dedicate this whole concert to my bestfriend I'm am completely in love with.

"Austin, good luck out there I know you will do great." Ally said sincerely. I smiled, "Thanks I'm gunna need it." She looked at me confused, "When is the Austin Moon ever nervous about a concert?" I looked at her, "I don't know, but I am." They just looked at each other for a couple more minutes when the stage manager yelled, "You are on in 5." I gave Ally a hug and said "Sit in the front row and cheer me on k?" She gave me a grin and said, "When do I not?" Before I walked out on stage I looked at her one more time and waved, and she waved back. Then she ran to her front row spot.

I ran out on the stage and said into the mic, "This concert is going to be mostly love songs; they will all be about a special girl that is in the crowd tonight." I looked at Ally who looked, heartbroken.

"Okay this first song is called "Stuck on You" I hope you like it!" I sang the song then said, "This song was literally written today with my lovely partner Ally Dawson!" The music for "Here Comes Forever" came on. After I sang the rest of the love songs I said, "I'm going to sing one more song, but I want my partner, Ally, to come up here."

She walked up to the stage and stood there awkwardly. I took her hand and said, "Today, my bestfriend and partner told me to promise her that I will always write with her. I was hurt that she thought I would leave her, but I promised that I would. All I could think of was this song that we wrote. I know you guys know it, so sing it with me." The band started to play the acoustic version of "Can't Do it Without You". The crowd and I sang the song while I was still holding her hand. Ally was crying with a smile on her face tears of joy.

After the song was over I turned to her saying into the mic, "OK, I have one other thing to tell you and Ally. This song wasn't just dedicated to her. This whole concert was," She looked at me with happy confusion, so I kept going, "I know this may sound cliché, but I am completely and utterly in love with my bestfriend." I heard the crowd gasp.

I looked at Ally sheepishly. The next thing she did surprised me she grabbed my face and kissed me! I mean on the lips. I instantly responded and put my hands on her waist. We pulled away and heard the crowd shouting and screaming with joy.

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