Hello there, reader. I am hellishly bored and can't sleep. I was on FF and saw that I haven't written in over a year. I also saw that there weren't many crossovers here, soooo here I am writing one.

Im only going to write this once so pay attention. I DO NOT OWN SISTERS GRIMM OR ONCE UPON A TIME.


Henry had a headache and a stomachache. He felt the hard ground beneath him as he stared down the darkness that was the back of his eyelids. He also heard voices, arguing over something. For some reason he couldn't open his eyes, but he could hear the voices, loud and clear.

"We should bring them to our house; I mean come on they're sleeping on the sidewalk, for Chirst's sake."

"It does seem to be the right thing to do."

"Well, I vote no. We have to many for me to handle anyways."

"For once I agree with that him, I don't wanna meet new people. I might have to get to know them."

"Oh, c'on, duck. Aw don't fee you evfer soicwing."

"Why are you talking like that? It's annoy-"

"Shut up, They're waking up!"

Henry opened his eyes to see seven figures, each one looked a little different. Short, tall, red hair, gray hair, brown hair, blonde hair, lean, stocky, none of them looked entirely the same.

Henry was the first to speak. "Who are you guys?"

"Oh, um, I'm Relda Grimm," a plump old lady said with a sweet smile.

"I'm Daphane Grimm and this is Red," a small, brown headed girl said, pointing to a little girl dressed all in red.

"I. Am. Puck," a tall, blonde teenager said, grumpily.

"Hello, I'm Sabrina Grimm," a blonde, short teen said.

"Henry Grimm," a tall man said.

"Who are you, if I may ask?" Relda asked Henry.

"I'm also Henry."

"Oh, you're name's also Henry?" Henry asked, cocking his head slightly.


"Who are your friends, Henry?" Relda asked as though Henry were a small child.

Henry looked around to see his mom, dad, Snow White, Prince Charming, and Mr. Gold all still asleep.

"My family… Where are we?" Henry was groggy, his brain fuzzy.

"Welcome to Ferryport Landing."

Emma then opened her eyes. "I don't think we're in Storybrookin anymore, kid."


There's only one word for the first chapter, crappy. Sorry, I couldn't set it up well and it just, kinda, turned out like this... Well, next time I'll try to make it better.