I'm really bored and remembered this story so I just thought, "What the hell, let's continue this story." So here I am writing another crappy chapter on my iPad. Well, whatever. Enjoy!

Emma didn't know how she felt about these "Grimms", weren't they the ones who wrote all those wrong accounts on her family? Even through her uneasiness she still introduced herself to them, keeping close to Henry. As soon as everyone woke up, the old lady-Relda-motioned us to follow her.

"So who are the rest of you?" a boy with red hair asked.

"Oh, I'm S-Mary Margaret," Snow White corrected.

"Then, I'm David," Prince Charming said, quite unsure.

"I'm Mr. Gold, dearie." He then put his hand out for the red-headed boy. The boy didn't take it.

"Neal." Neal also brought out his hand, but this time the boy took it

"The name's Puck," the boy said.

"Like Midsummer's Night Dream?" Snow White asked, kindly.

"Very much so," a blonde girl Emma hadn't noticed before said. "His parents always liked the thought of him becoming a snot-nosed baby one day, just like the Puck Shakespeare wrote."

Puck glared at the girl

"I always taught that Puck was a good and mischievous character. One of Shakespeare's better, more developed characters," Neal said thoughtfully

"See, Sabrina," Puck said. "I'm a good and mischievous character."

Sabrina just stuck her tongue out in reply. "Whatever you think, dung breath."

Emma was so absorbed in the two kids cute fighting that she didn't notice that they were there (she hadn't been noticing a lot of things that day). It was a big brown house that was purely amazing.

"Wow," Henry said, wide-eyed.

"Welcome to our home," Relda said, grinning widely.

I told you it'd be crappy! Well, I tired... Kinda. Whatever, it's fine, it's fine, it's just a tiny bit terrible.
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