-time skip, 5yrs after the Kyuubi attack-

Five years had passed since the night the Kyuubi was unleashed upon Konoha and many brave shinobi had lost their lives trying to hold the monster back. Among the lost were the Yondaime himself and Arashi Uzumaki who was renowned for his sealing ability and was close to the Yondaime. The events surrounding the Kyuubi's ultimate defeat were shrouded in mystery, what was known was placed under S-rank secret and kept from the general populace aside from a basic announcement. However, it was not done in time to keep certain information from leaking. Everyone knew that Kyuubi was sealed into a newborn, as he could not be truly defeated as he was a creature made purely of chakra.

There were two infants that were born that day, believed twins by the populace, Naruto Uzumaki[-Namikaze] and Akemi [Uchiha-]Uzumaki. Both had the same, or nearly completely the same, whisker-like birth marks on their cheeks, though there were some slight differences that were easily explained away. The two were taken in by the 'Uchiha Outcast' Izuna Uchiha and adopted. He and the Sandaime Hokage, who had taken on the Hokage mantle after Minato's death, were the only ones to really protect the two.

This day was like any other, beautiful and cheerful, as busy as ever with crowded streets full of citizens while shinobi jumped from rooftop to rooftop. The village had only recently really recovered from the effects of the Kyuubi's attack. Two children could be seen running through and around the crowds on the street. Both were about five and wore somewhat worn clothing. They both had big grins on their faces as they ran, ignoring the whispering both could easily make out. The two pretended not to notice or hear the glares and mean things said about them, focusing on each other only as they played. In the lead was a red-head female child with black eyes by the name of Akemi Uzumaki. Chasing after her was a blonde boy with tanned skin and similar whisker marked cheeks as the red-head had. He went by the name of Naruto Uzumaki, and was the younger of the two.

"Come on Naruto!" Akemi called without looking back.

"Wait Nee-chan!" Naruto panted out as he weaved through the throngs of adults, ignoring the increased volume of the insults. The girl turned around to look, without slowing down even a bit, a grin on her face that matched the blond boy's.

"Hurry up slowpoke! Dad said he'd start teaching us jutsu and stuff for when we enter the academy!" Akemi called back. "Come on Naruto!" She was turning back around when she ran into something solid. The impact knocked her onto her bottom, and she cried out in pain from the impact with the ground.

"Why you, you little brat; Watch where you're walking!" Could be heard behind her. She looked up to see a civilian male standing over her. He was clearly the solid object that she had walked/run into. He was giving her a hateful glare full of disdain and anger. More than what running into him rightly should have earned her. It paled in comparison to the Uchiha, or even Hyuuga, glares, but it was still plenty scary for a child like her and so she began apologizing frantically.

Naruto caught up to her at that time and began defending her with an angry glare that wasn't the least bit scared. His bright blue eyes, which could certainly put the sky itself to shame, were darkened and stormy in anger. He was using a glare that was nearly Uchiha-worthy. Whispers of 'the demon twins' swept through the crowd, reaching even those that were unable to see the event through the crowd of people. Akemi's black eyes, which were a black hole as opposed to Naruto's vivid blues, shut as the child began crying loudly because of the insults growing in volume.

The man she had run into was about to backhand or hit Naruto in some way, when his arm was grabbed and twisted behind his back. He also found a kunai against his neck at the same instant.

"I wouldn't lay a hand on these two children, with Sandaime himself protecting them…" The voice caused total silence among the watchers, all being smart enough than to challenge the owner of said voice. Even for someone disowned by his clan, he was someone normal civilians had no chance against. The crying also stopped, as both children recognized the voice and would recognize it anywhere. "Not to mention, I'm their guardian… And I am very protective of them both."

"Papa!" Akemi was up on her feet in seconds and ran towards the male. She jumped into his arms, he having released the civilian as soon as he'd gotten his message across to the masses. He chuckled and spun her around, loving the giggle that was the result of this action. It was only around the two children that he would ever let himself show emotion, never mind that the villagers got to witness it as well since they were present.

"My cute little girl, you should really watch where you're going better… Observing your surroundings no matter what you are doing is essential for a ninja." He scolded, though from his expression and tone she could tell he wasn't too upset with her. He turned his gaze at Naruto, who was grinning goofily again and scratching under his nose in a gesture that so painfully reminded Izuna of both Minato and Kushina it nearly hurt. "Now, I think we should head home for some food! Then we can start your training!" This had both children cheering, the crowds dispersing with a well-aimed, Uchiha-patented glare.

He held out his hand for Naruto and the boy took it with a grin. They headed home with little more fanfare than the usual angry glares and muttering. Izuna shook his head in dismay at the actions of his fellow Konoha citizens. They treated the child hero's as though they were demons themselves, never giving either child the chance at making friends besides each other or walking through the village without being subjected to the villagers' resentment. Minato would be ashamed of these people if he could see how they treated Naruto, and they both (he and Minato) would need to restrain their respective red-heads should they see how the village acted towards their babies.

In a way, it was kind of a good thing that those two weren't there to cause havoc to the village… But it was hard to have to hide the truth of being Akemi's actual father and Naruto's uncle through Kushina and Arashi…. But he made sure the two knew that their mothers loved them and that their dad[s] did too. He would tell them the truth, as he was given permission from the Hokage to speak of it when he deemed them ready to know, once they entered the academy. He would stress the importance of keeping it a secret beforehand, and would train them so that they would have the maturity to not boast about their parentage to anyone for their own safety.

Little did he know, both children were already aware of Naruto's heritage at least as well as that he was Akemi's actual father. Naruto's 'tenant' told him about it and Naruto shared the information with Akemi. The two never mentioned it to anyone because they wanted their own secrets. It was also the reason the two never really cared about how mean the villagers were to them. Akemi's dad made sure they had decent clothes when the villagers tried giving them horrible clothing, taught them how to tell if food was bad and such, and also would ensure that they received good quality weapons when they started training. He shook his mind's wandering as they arrived in the apartment that he'd gotten for them.

"Now. Shall we eat first? Or do you want to start learning some taijutsu kata's first?" He asked the two, having been honest about the decision to start them training. He could teach them not only the basic form that academy students learn, but also the Uchiha style and a few other styles that he was able to copy with the Sharingan. The children's eyes lit up.

"Training, training!" Both exclaimed in such harmony that if he didn't know better he would have said that they were actually twins. He chuckled at their excitement.

"Okay then, let's start the training." He led the two onto the balcony which was the reason he chose this apartment. It was made especially strong to withstand use as a kind of dojo on which to train two likely-to-be-powerful children. He set Akemi down, having carried her the whole way there, and let Naruto's hand go. The children took their cue and stood in front of him. "Now, first we should change into more suitable clothing, but I think that is fine for the first lesson. We will start with the basic katas you will be learning in the Academy, then move on to the Uchiha style as I am most familiar with that one. By then I should have a good idea of what style would better suit you and teach you that style from the styles I know. From there you will be able to create your own style.

"Once we've covered the basic katas, I shall begin chakra control lessons as well. This will be important for both of you, because I can tell already that you both inherited large reserves from your parents." He cut the lecture short since it seemed like Naruto's mind was wandering. His personality was much like Kushina's at times. She also hadn't really liked to listen to long-winded speeches or lectures. Izuna coughed into his hand and told them to stand back and a decent distance from himself and each other. Then he went into the first stance of the basic kata and told them to follow along after him. When they were in similar stances, he moved to the next stance. This pattern continued as he introduced them to the basic taijutsu forms. After they ran through them all once, he had them go into the first stance again, though without him to show them.

He walked up to them and corrected their posture when needed as he had them go through the stances again. He kept them at it for about an hour before declaring them done for the evening and had them both go shower and change while he made supper for them. Naruto showed his father and 'mother's quick learning skill and Akemi was only a little behind. Both had the makings of genius though and he felt proud of them. After supper he could begin with small chakra exercises. And perhaps he could introduce strategy games into their training as well. He knew that the Nara boy, who would be in their class at the Academy, was already learning Shogi from his dad.

For supper he made them his super special, healthy ramen that both children adored. Naruto had somehow inherited Kushina's love of the stuff, and Minato had had some cravings for the dish while with Naruto so it wasn't all surprising the kid had a love for it. Akemi, though, preferred Dango or takoyaki to Ramen, but could still consume greater amounts of ramen than most children her age could eat in candy. When it was ready, the two ran back into the room having just finished changing. Akemi's red hair was still wet, and she kept it wrapped in a towel so it wouldn't drip on her clothes. The outfit she changed into was one of the more girly clothes she owned.

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