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Three newly graduated children sprinted down the streets of Konoha, headed for the Academy and their team placements. The dark-haired male was glaring at the grinning blond, while the only girl of the trio was trying to adjust her new outfit which she had decided on wearing for her Genin career, hair sticking up messily at times.

"Usuratonkachi, we're going to be late because you smashed the alarm!" Sasuke was trying to scold Naruto, but the blond just brushed it off and continued grinning. Nothing could dampen his spirits because he was finally a genin! He had no idea what was in store for him and his two best friends/siblings-in-all-but-blood.

"Ah, but Sasuke, we're Genin now, Genin! Wouldn't it be awesome if we were all on the same team? I know they usually put the rookie of the year, top kunoichi, and the dead last together, but still, we'd totally be the most kick-ass team ever!" Naruto cheered happily, not even really out-of-breath from their running as the Academy came into view. The three by-passed the doors entirely and jumped up onto the side of the building and up to their classroom window.

They ignored the other students that gawked at them as they slid open a window in the back of the room and entered the class. There was silence as everyone zeroed in on them and gaped. Naruto's grin widened and Akemi finally finished adjusting her hair pins just so and finally turned her attention to the rest of the room, a light flush appearing at the attention on them. Sasuke simply stood coolly uninterested and unconcerned of the attention.

"You three are late." Iruka finally spoke, giving the three a stern frown of disapproval.

"Sorry, Iruka-sensei. Naruto destroyed our alarm and we barely managed to wake up in time." Akemi spoke up for the two boys that seemed disinclined to offer apologies. Naruto didn't even have the grace to look sheepish. Akemi rolled her eyes at her grinning cousin.

"I see. Well, you only missed the congratulatory speech anyway... I can now start calling out teams." Iruka then listed out the team placements. Haruno ended up with two other civilians boys that had mediocre grades but still were decent at taijutsu. Surprisingly, Naruto proved correct in that they were on a team together, Team 7 in fact. Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino also ended up on team (4?) together, likely because of their fathers' being such a great team and the hopes for another 'Ino-Shika-Cho' team. Kiba, Hinata, and the Aburame, Shino, were team eight, and that was all Naruto or Akemi really listened to.

The teams were soon collected by their Jounin sensei except for team seven. The three waited impatiently for this 'Hatake Kakashi' guy to show up. Naruto going into a conversation with Minato in his mind once the man caught his attention.

"Tou-san, you know Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto was surprised at this. Minato nodded with a faint frown on his face.

"He's usually very prompt to meetings and such, or at least he was. He might have changed for some reason." Minato had an inkling of an idea why, as Team Minato had had one chronically late member who had given his life to save Kakashi's and had even given Kakashi one of his eyes. Perhaps Kakashi was late because of that? "In any case, he is a good choice of sensei for you three. Akemi and Sasuke could use a sensei with the Sharingan in case either activate it any time soon, and since he was my student before, it kind of makes sense that he'd end up being your sensei too."

Naruto gave a grin, one that Minato recognized all too well from Kushina's pranks. Minato merely shook his head in fondness and told Naruto not to go too far with his prank, knowing that he would not listen if Minato tried getting him to not prank Kakashi. "Kakashi could use a bit of a hard time from you three. Especially if he continues to be so late to everything. Obito was never more than a half hour to an hour late, or if he was then it was Uchiha-clan related and I had prior warning.

Naruto was already working on booby-trapping the door way and the window and thus missed Minato's words. Now, Naruto had originally planned on using the good old 'chalk brush over the door' trick, but now that he knew Kakashi wouldn't look too different due to his white hair, decided on a little more colorful route. Naruto always had the necessary items for painting his graffiti/art, and Akemi also had some useful things on her at all times as well. The two soon rigged the door to drop orange paint on whomever walked through the door, while the windows had a sticky glue-like liquid which would trigger an explosion of feathers shortly after.

Sasuke seemingly ignored the two pranksters, merely wondering why it wasn't Itachi-niisan that would be training him, since the teen was certainly qualified to lead a team of Genin by now. The two Uzumaki returned to his side, sitting on either side of him as they always had since the first time they'd met him, and waited with expressions of almost perfect bored-innocence when the door began opening.

Sasuke, Naruto and Akemi all swiveled their heads in near perfect sync as paint toppled onto the Jounin that had stepped into the room. Disbelief at the fact that he actually fell for it caused the trio to nearly face-fault.

"How did you fall for that?!" Naruto burst out as he jumped up and pointed accusingly, looking offended that the prank was successful for some reason. "But... you're supposed to be really good! Something like that shouldn't have..." Naruto sat down with a pout, leaving unsaid the rest of his sentence, since revealing his Dad's presence was still a no-no at this point in time. Not only was it considered S-class secret who his dad was, it sounded a little crazy for him to say 'Dad was sealed in me alongside Kyuubi, and he talks to me from time to time...' and all kinds of probably-a-bad-idea-to-admit-right-now.

"Hmmm..." Kakashi lifted off the bucket of paint, not looking too interested one way or the other, but internally wondering just where the bucket came from, and spoke up. "My first impression... I don't like you. Meet me on the roof in five minutes." That said, the man vanished in a shunshin. The trio shared a look.

"Does he mean five minutes normal, or five minutes his time? Because clearly he isn't very punctual..." Not knowing which, the three dismantled their window trap and scaled the building to the roof. He was already there and not a hint of paint to be seen.

"Hmm, you already know tree-walking well enough to scale buildings then?" Kakashi mused once the three had taken seats before him at his prompt. They shared another look, a full conversation going on with just looks, and nodded as answer.

"Papa taught us the beginnings of the tree-walking before [i]that night[/i], Itachi-nii continued teaching us when he could." Akemi finally spoke up, the teams unofficial spokesperson for the time being. Kakashi nodded with a momentary thoughtful frown at the mention of Akemi's dad which he wiped off before the three could really notice it.

"Well. That's good. And now how about introductions? Name, likes, dislikes, your dream for the future. Ladies first?" Kakashi looked to Akemi and his eye turned into an upside down 'u' in a smile.

"Umm... well, I'm Uzumaki Akemi... though we already know each other... I like ramen and pranks and training... I dislike... well... people treating us like demons or evil incarnate just 'cuz we're born the same day as the Kyuubi attack. I want to be a fuinjutsu master one day, like the Uzumaki clan was once known for." Akemi was also interested in iryojutsu, or medical jutsu, but fuinjutsu was a part of her heritage and she wanted to master that more than learning healing. Still, healing would be useful to know.

"Very well done, Akemi. Don't even need any demonstration." 'Better than the last group I'd had...' Kakashi turned his attention on the loud blond and called him to go next.

"Well, I'm Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto-ttebayo. I like Ramen, Akemi, pranks and Iruka-sensei. I hate most vegetables and ignorant people that act superior without knowing anything. I'm gonna be Hokage dattebayo! I'll surpass every other Hokage!" Naruto's winning grin was back full force, reminding Kakashi of Minato so much it was almost a physical pain. But one thing Naruto said...

"What do you mean, Uzumaki-Namikaze?" Kakashi knew full well that Naruto was Sensei's son, but how Naruto knew was something he didn't know. He was a little unnerved, though he'd never admit it under any form of torture, when Naruto gained a look of seriousness that he'd only on occassion seen on Minato's face. Usually the expression was followed by some earth-shattering revelation or some serious stuff was about to go down.

"Tou-san..." Naruto paused he, looking a little unfocused as though listening to something only he could hear. "Tou-san says hi." Kakashi was right, that look usually meant something was going to happen that shook up every single belief he had and had warning bells wringing in his head.

"What do you mean?" If that was the Kyuubi, then could the seal not be as perfect as they'd been led to believe?

"Tou-san got sealed as well... he's got more freedom than the fox, but he can't really get out right now... He said you should know about it though and that you shouldn't worry, Kyuubi isn't tricking me or anything." Naruto listened again and grinned. "As proof, Kashi-chan... ask anything only Tou-san would know, something the fox wouldn't be able to know."

Kakashi was floored, though kept relatively unchanged, at the old nickname that only Minato-sensei had used on him despite all protests made about it on his part. He shook his head and spoke up.

"No, Naruto. That nickname was something only Sensei ever called me by, usually during spars where he was taunting me for a near-miss. Well... Shall we get back to business? You, dark and broody. You're up." He pointed to Sasuke, the boy who had a pretty decent poker face.

"Hn. Uchiha Sasuke. Tomato's and training with Nii-san. Dislike fangirls... Don't really have plans or anything for the future." He wasn't going to share them at least. Naruto and Akemi already knew what his goal in life was, and he saw no need to tell anyone else. Silence descended on the group, the genin each going into their own thoughts. Kakashi almost sweat-dropped at them.

"Okay well... as introductions are done..." But he was interrupted before he could continue.

"But sensei, you haven't introduced yourself!" Naruto was unsurprisingly the one to speak up. Akemi nudged Naruto in silent reprimand but was also interested in learning more and though Sasuke hid it better he too was curious.

"Right... Well I'm Hatake Kakashi... I like some things and I dislike some other things... My dreams, well I don't feel like telling them." This caused the genin as a collective to groan.

"All we learned was your name! Sheesh..." Naruto got that look on his face again and Kakashi had an idea as to what was happening now. After a moment, Naruto 'resurfaced' and grinned.

"So you're called 'Copy-Cat' Kakashi, also going by the name 'Sharingan no Kakashi'?" Naruto's words got a reaction out of both Sasuke, for obvious reasons, and Akemi, for less obvious reasons. At least for those not aware of the girls parentage. There was, after all, a reason that the two were put on the same team. Akemi was just as likely as Sasuke to unlock the Uchiha clans Kekkei Genkai after all, her father being Uchiha Izuna.

Kakashi sighed, kind of annoyed his Sensei told them all that.

"Yes. A teammate of mine was an Uchiha and just before he died, he had one of his eyes transplanted to replace the eye I'd lost not long before..." He figured sensei would tell them either way, so preempted it. "Now, I am guessing you know there will be another test before you can truly call yourselves genin?" At their nods, he nodded. "Well, tomorrow at nine, you'll meet me at Training Ground Seven ((i think that was the one... .))." He was about to leave it at that, when Naruto spoke up.

"You mean actually nine, or...?" Naruto was eyeing him with suspicion. Kakashi sweatdropped, feeling like Minato-sensei was giving him a look of disapproval.

"Yes. At Nine. And I suggest you not eat breakfast, you'll just throw it up..." That said he left in a swirl of leaves. He had a few things to rethink about and changes to be made now that he new about Minato-sensei.

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