Not Beta Read. In which this started as a mini story...turned into a novel. My second attempt into a mini story...which didn't end up as such. My first attempt was an eight chapter crossover story.

Ever since I posted a Tumblr idea, the idea turned into a plot-bunny asking to be feed SO finally I wrote this story. The reason I didn't share it as soon as I posted this story is that fact it would be a huge spoiler of the identity of the love child between Bobby and Gabriel (hence the mpreg in the summary) as well its not a secret that I don't care for OCs much. If you wish to look up the Tumblr post, I use the same Username in Tumblr.

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A Hunter's Lullaby


Summary: Bobriel Bobby/Gabriel Implied Mpreg. Bobby first meet the Trickster back in 1977 but didn't know it until he accompanied Sam & Dean years later. Now met again, he founds out he fathered a demigod from that night. Few years later the Trickster was killed by the Devil & Bobby later killed by Dick the Leviathan. Now Garth is now picking up the pieces where his father left off with the Winchesters & the Hunters Community. And later was given his mother's job to protect the prophet and doing this all at the same time to try meld back the pieces of a broken family.


Chapter 1: One for Sorrow

September 1977


Bobby Singer sat alone on his desk with piles of books and papers around him. His ever growing Hunter's Journal was close by with an open bottle of beer beside it that he been sipping to keep himself awake all last night. He glanced at his computer in the back corner, a Commodore PET 2001 (1) (that was the model's name) that was given to him a few weeks ago, he sneered at the thing thinking it looked more like a microwave with a smaller screen with extra buttons on it. It was ugly and useless in his opinion and doesn't understand what's so great about computers; books and paper are more reliable.

He went back on his research about demons that was written in Japanese as it was only a few days ago when a massacre happened in San Francisco California that the news are calling it as the Golden Dragon Massacre (2), about two gangs fighting that ended up with five deaths and eleven injured and none of the gang members was harmed. A few hunters in the area think it might be demons. The news are already eating it up with theories and arrests is already been issued. Bobby was called from a fellow Hunter named Joe Schreiber (3) asking him do him a favor and asked to look into it to compare it with omens and the like to see if it a normal human problem or if demons were behind it all. All day yesterday and night Bobby been up and he really didn't get anywhere in the research and end up thinking that demons for once wasn't behind it. Decided that he should finally get some sleep, he got up and made a call to one of the hunters that Schreiber called to deal with the problem and told them of what he found (or rather didn't find). He knew his advice is going to deaf ears half the time but its his job. Hanging up from not so happy hunter that Bobby already forgotten his name, he took off his hat and throw on his desk, closed his journal, finished his beer. Satisfied that his house was lock and protected from the supernatual, he went upstairs to his bed and cringed when his house phone started going off.

Bobby really didn't want anyone calling him in this early hour (he guess it was early, that might have explained why the hunter he just called was angry as California was two hours behind him) while he didn't have any sleep yet. He tried ignoring it as he continue climbing up the stairs, which the ringing did stop to his relief but it went off again just has he hit the pillow on his bed. Bobby swore under his breath. Its only when people call him without stopping it usually mean its urgent.

"Balls." he picked up his phone that he had on one of his night stands. "What do you want? Its better be good." He snapped.

A nervous voice was sounded on the other end. "Hello Bobby, sorry to call you this early. I hope I didn't wake you?" It was Pastor Jim Murphy, a hunter and a pastor all in one.

Bobby thought about telling the pastor the truth but thought better of it. "Nah its fine. What do you need?" It wasn't everyday Jim would call him as the man hardly ever hunts anymore and when something does happen near his church he deals with it like a pro and the man does have some form of a psychic ability so whatever Pastor Jim called him for, red flags is going off in Bobby's head.

"There is something going on in Blue Earth that I need assistance."

"Like what? A spirit?"

"Not a spirit. I have already checked and you would know I wouldn't call for help for a simple salt and burn."

"Tell me what been going on." Bobby then went under his bed, propping the phone in one ear as he grabbed a large note pad and pen that he kept just in case something like this happened when he is in his bedroom.

"Now that's just the thing. I don't know; it just weird things been happening here. At first I thought nothing of it as things been missing for a few days then reappearing in odd places like the milk carton being in the oven; someone taking the Saint Michael's spear from that statue at the church near mine and replacing it with a sign that read 'I am a big bag of-' well sorry for my swearing 'dicks'. All the gospel songs in all the churches including mine got replaced by Judas Priest and the Rolling Stones. All the Bibles is being replaced by other not so good books that looks like bibles on the outside. One even caught on fire when you opened it and another had alcoholic beverage stash into it! And just the other day one of the children opened one of the bibles and it had nude pictures in it! Some things are found broken. People getting into petty fights more then usual."

"It sounds like pranks done by teenagers not by the supernatural. And some bad cases of anger-management problems." Bobby never came across or heard about something like this in the almost three years he been hunting (and he knows he got a lot to learn about the Supernatural but still) since his wife's death in 1975. For the pass year or so he been having a lot of free time on his hands since he left the Marine Reserves as he been in since he was honorably discharged from the Marines in 1971 when he was radio operator in the Vietnam War and later a supply chief. (4) Bobby was thankful for the military by teaching him the ropes and how to survive that came in very handy as a Hunter, now he can take what he learned and use it to help others.

"That is what I thought at first until things started escalating into unexplained deaths. Some deaths happened around here and its more then your avenge supernatural weird."

"Like what?" Bobby will admit to himself that he was curious of what would a long time Hunter that has more years under his belt call something weird.

"Have you looked into the paper recently?"

"I have been busy." It was the truth, he has been busy.

There was a shuffle on the other end of the phone like Pastor Jim was going through some papers, looking for something. "These are the span of newspaper clippings I kept in the pass month or so; "Teen Hairdresser Killed by Freak Accident: by Opening her Car Window", "Man Found Dead 10 Days Later by Suicide: by Chopping His own Head Off by Chainsaw", "Fire Hydrant Decapitated Man.", "Man Abducted and Found Alive Week Later: Update Man Found Dead" Bobby these things don't happen out of the blue and this close together in one area. What I learned from my time as a Hunter, there is no such thing as coincidence."

"That does sound a bit gruesome but I don't understand of what you are applying here. Do you think its witches?"

"It doesn't add up with the pranks along with the deaths but I wouldn't be surprised if the deaths that witches caused and the pranks are just stupid teenagers looking for attention. And if there is a coven around here I need help to get rid of them, one man verse a whole coven? I am not stupid Bobby."

Bobby sighed and glanced at the clock reading it as half by seven in the morning. Bobby is only two hours drive from Blue Earth, Minnesota of where Pastor Jim's church was. It wouldn't be hard to drive himself over there but he was too tired to drive and his books are here. "Let me make a call to get a hold of Rufus, I heard he is a day or two drive away from you, as he has more dealings with witches then I do. I will look into it to see if its witches or something else in play here that I will look into my books. I will call you as soon as I find something."

"Thanks Bobby. Let me know what you find. Good morning." Pastor Jim sighed in relief and hang up. Bobby finished his notes on the paper that Pastor Jim told him, shaking his head trying to get the tiredness from his eyes because he needs to call a hunter by the name of Demore who lives in Massachusetts who governs the hunters in the upper states over there. as its late morning in that area of the States, Bobby knew the older hunter wouldn't snap at him of waking him up. Bobby looked though his phone book and found the name and phone number. It wasn't long before a coarse voice was sounded on the other end.

"Morning Bobby." said the voice.

"Demore," Bobby greeted feeling a headache already forming. "Do you know the whereabouts of one of your hunters by the name Rufus Turner?"

"Oh the Johnnie Walker Whisky dude. Yeah I know where he is, well the last time he reported back to me that is. Give me a minute." There was silence before the older hunter came back on the line. "Three days ago Rufus Turner said he was in Illinois of reports of some vamps that might be in the area."

Bobby nodded happy that the guy he wanted to come with to help Pastor Jim was somewhat close by. "Thanks Demore." Bobby hang up before the hunter could say anything else. Bobby looked through the phone book again and ring up Rufus. Rufus is one of those hunters that updates himself with technology and Bobby knows he has some type of phone radio thing in his car. "Hey Rufus, you done with the vampires yet?" Bobby asked the hunter when he heard the other line was picked up.

"I ain't going to ask how the hell you know about the vamps I just killed. What do you want?" Rufus Turner asked surprised.

"Pastor Jim would like some help with some witch problem over in Blue Earth, Minnesota however he said that he might not be witches." Bobby told him what Pastor Jim told him and from his notes. Rufus was quiet but curious of what it might be.

"I'm with you, Bobby. I don't know what to make out of it. The only thing I could think it could be is witches or maybe some crossroad demons with some sick humor."

"It ain't demons, Pastor Jim would know and its not their style to make up pranks like this to get a deal through and as you know its Hellhounds that collects the deal. So far of what I know from Pastor Jim, no one yet got mauled by an animal. Besides many of these pranks are in churches and you know demons can't walk on consecrated ground."

Rufus sighed. "You are in luck, I got nothing else to do. I will head up there, it will take me about six to eight hours drive but tomorrow is Saturday. You know I ain't working on Saturdays."

Bobby already knew what the day of the week is, he doesn't need to be told by some idjit when Sabbath was and he needs sleep. "Just get there as soon as you can. There is already a few deaths that happened. I need my goddamn sleep and need to research this. Bye."

"Whatever." Bobby hang up the phone and redialed Pastor Jim's church phone letting him know that Rufus will be there sometime on Saturday or later that night and Pastor Jim told him it was okay by him because he has early morning breakfast with some church members that Saturday and on Sunday has three church services. He was free the rest of the week if it does taking longer.

At half by eight was when Bobby finally got his sleep.


Bobby woke up four hours later, he couldn't go back to sleep even though he was so goddamn tired so he got up, not bothered to get a clean set of clothes or take a shower as he grabbed his notebook and went back on his desk down stairs (of course putting his hat back on) and grabbed the closest book about witches as he made himself pot of coffee. It wasn't long before he gotten no where after the seventh book. He then went on the books about crossroad demons and the like and yet again gotten no where. He went back on his notes in deep thought. What supernatural creature kills their victims and does odd pranks at the same time?

Bobby went to the local library, as he looked up the newspapers clippings that Pastor Jim told him about and found others such articles that made red flags in Bobby's head as he trace a trail all over the country that span not months but years. Some victims came out alive and only a few people that didn't end up crazy turned their lives around but most was victims of silly pranks or killed by either a very gruesome, absurd or justified deaths. Bobby knew he was on to something as he went to the old librarian lady showing her his library card as he took some books home.

As he was looking through of his new books, he noticed that one of them had a little story that he remembered reading something similar. Wait just a minute... Bobby remembered he came across a page from one of his books that was written by a former Hunter turned mental patient that talked about how one of buddies met a creature that they couldn't kill and that hunt caused him to go to the mental hospital after being the sole survivor. The hunter called it a trickster not knowing what else to call it as the creature didn't give up its name and each person in the party said the creature looked different then what other said it looked like.

Bobby took a clean sheet of paper and wrote Trickster on the top with capital letters with a question mark and starting going through books on mythology and notice that without him realizing it in the pass three years of researching as a hunter, tricksters had been around for a long time, being the background of all supernatural creatures, events and mythology as either a being of divine or semi-divine creature, or a mortal as they came in all shapes, sizes and gender. Some, mostly mortals limit themselves in pranks, play crucial roles in creation, destruction and functioning of the universe. The most known Tricksters are Raven, Coyote, Loki and Hermes. Others listed are those that Bobby knew from childhood reading story books, comic books and cartoons such as Bugs Bunny.

Half the time tricksters in stories and myth are there to teach the hero a lesson that would result of helping or stopping the hero's quest. Other times the trickster was there as a messenger of sorts. The darker suspect of the tricksters in stories was about Satan from the Bible, Loki from Norse Mythology and few demons that are said to be tricksters on their own right. One account spoke about the Greek God Hermes guiding the newly dead souls safely to the Underworld. Weirdly enough most if not all Tricksters seem to have a sweet tooth as people in ancient times given Tricksters gifts and offerings of honey and other sweet foods.

Bobby hoped that most of these tricksters are just made up story characters because if any of these are real then they are out of luck. Meeting the Devil or a pagan god? A six foot tall talking rabbit? Ridiculous. If there is one thing he learned of being a hunter, there is no such things as God or any God for that matter and if that is true then the Devil shouldn't be real either. But then again, another thing he learned of being a hunter; everything you thought didn't exist, does exist. And being cocky hunter is a dead hunter. So Bobby does what he does; he doesn't believe it until it dances naked in front of him and if he doesn't think it, he doesn't have an opinion about it.

Bobby for the next few hours researched tricksters and come more and more confident that this is what been terrorizing Pastor Jim and the surrounding towns. However of what Bobby found that most nowadays Tricksters only go for the not so good people in today's society or those people were in the wrong place and time as Tricksters seemed to be very territorial. But as a hunter, Bobby knew that he had to help get rid of it as the creature can't play god by killing humans just for fun. There is only a few accounts of hunters that wrote that they have successfully killed a Trickster by stabbing it into the heart by a stake dipped in the blood of one of its victims. Bobby of course thought that sounded ridiculous as what kind of a creature would kill their victims knowing that just any of them could be used against them by just by using their blood and stick?

Of course Bobby wrote down of how to kill it as it appears that its the only way that was written down. Most other hunters, priests and the like reported of a creature that sounded like a Trickster to Bobby that couldn't be killed as they are either gods or protected by a higher godly authority. Some even claim a few of them being the Devil himself. Of what Bobby read throughout the pointless written lectures it is difficult or impossible to kill tricksters, even the mortal ones who are known to have talents for cheating death and it was devicsed to those that are stupid enough of hunting them, those who are full-blown gods, it is inadvisable to even try.

Bobby shook his head. So basically if it is a Trickster, they just had to pretend to kill it and it might go away or it kills them all? Balls.


Bobby called Pastor Jim after an hour later telling him of his theory that its a Trickster. The Lutheran pastor admits that he ever heard or came across one before. Bobby then decide right then and there that Tricksters are rare in the sense that either hunters are stupid of not figuring out patterns or maybe no one fucking reads. Or could Tricksters have the ability to change or erase memories? Either way Bobby let him know that he was heading out now as it was only two hours drive to get there and if he beats traffic and the like he could easily be there within an hour an a half.

Taking his notes and a few books with him, some basic needs of being human such as clothes, a mug of coffee and a pack of beer in the back seat knowing that Pastor Jim would not have beer at his home and at his church (Pastor's Jim home is right next to the church) as he disapprove of the drink. Bobby knows that even though Rufus prefers that expensive stuff that he doesn't have the money for yet he will go for a drink or two after this hunt is over and done with. Bobby flipped on the radio switch just in case anyone needed to contact him as he doesn't have a car-phone in his truck; as he drove off to Blue Earth after making sure his whole house is locked and supernatural proof.

He made to the Lutheran Church in good time; as Pastor Jim given him a warm welcome, showing him an empty room in the very back away from prying eyes to start the researching and a place for him to crash to sleep if the hunt takes a few weeks. Bobby was surprised and happy to learn that Rufus was only a few hours away as Bobby set up their base of operations, at least he would have a partner planning tomorrow while there is a Saturday Morning Prayer Breakfast thing later in the morning. Bobby set up the map that Pastor Jim given him of the town of Blue Earth and the surrounding towns in the state as he set it up on the wall in the back room, putting thumbtacks all over it labeling pranks and deaths in different colors from what he gathered trying to see if there is a pattern that he can't see just by reading it on paper. Bobby looked over his work seeing no such pattern as it was all over the place as the only thing he notice that most recent ones seem to close to Pastor Jim's church which in this fault got Pastor Jim to easily notice the odd things going on.

Of course if he was wrong of it being a Trickster, Bobby as well brought stuff for witch hunts if it does turn out to be a witch and as a cautious creature by habit from his Marine days he brought a demon book that has exorcisms in it to send those bastards back to hell and a large bottle of holy water (but he guess that was a pointless to bring his own stash seeing he is in a church and there is a holy water foundation near the front door of the church).

In years of experience from the war and as a hunter Bobby knew when someone was walking up behind him and it didn't sound like it could be Pastor Jim or Rufus as the hunter would make himself known long before seeing him. With a quick reflex the young hunter grabbed his gun from his belt and turned and came face to face with a man standing in the doorway. The man was a head shorter then he was, wearing blue jeans with dirt on the knees, a button up tee-shirt with a thick dark grey field jacket over it as the weather was getting colder as winter is in a few months away. The man's eyes was that of honey and the guy looked older then himself maybe in his 30s if he had to take a guess. The man in question didn't look afraid, glancing at his hand to his gun as Bobby is not trigger happy idjit, but looked more amused with a crooked grin on his face. "I will take a wild guess that you are not from around here." The man said, his voice sound endless which was weird to Bobby's ears but he dismiss it. "Church is closed until the Brunch tomorrow or you can come back at 8 o'clock Sunday if you haven't figured that out when the doors are locked. I may have to ask that you leave before I make you."

Bobby didn't know what to say to this guy and highly doubt that the man could manhandle him of how short he is. Who was this guy and how much can he say to the man; is he an innocent that does't know anything about the supernatural or did Pastor Jim forgot tell him that he had a hunter partner or called some extra backup? The man looked like he worked here, guessing by the state of his dress covered in dirt and the like (Bobby does see a small twig in the man's brown hair) that he must be the Church's Groundskeeper and maybe as well as their janitor as Bobby can see that the man had a key ring at his belt loop at his right hip. The man wasn't another pastor as the man would have worn a black suit with a white collar much like Pastor Jim normally wears. Bobby guessed that it does look fishy seeing a unknown man in the back rooms of the church that no normal person is allowed to go with a hand gun. Bobby was surprised the man didn't call the cops on him yet thinking he was a burglar.

"The name is Bobby Singer and Pastor Jim knows I'm here. He called me."

The man nodded slowly, Bobby can tell that the guy only partly believes him. "You're Bobby Singer? Ah, sorry about almost kicking you out, Pastor Jim Murphy did say something about you and another fellow is coming over. You know you shouldn't go sneaking around, weird things been going on around these parts as it late."

Bobby had a urge to snap back saying he wasn't sneaking and if anyone else that was sneaking about it would be him. Instead he asked, "Who are you?"

"Oh, yeah sorry about that. I'm Richard (5) the church's groundskeeper and sometimes janitor and Pastor Jim's delivery boy." the man is too happy to be human, Bobby decided, no one can't be smirking that much without be up to something. They shook hands which Bobby yelped in surprised when the short man pulled him into a hug. It was a quick hug, and did the man just sniffed him? Bobby tried to hide his surprise at the man's strength and balls to pull the stunt when he has a gun in one hand and hug a complete stranger that could easily be lying to him and kill him.

Richard kept on smiling like an idjit and walked towards the map on the wall that Bobby just put up and the man looked around curiously on the books on the table. "What are you up too, Robert Singer? Hunting something?"

Bobby was about to reply when Pastor Jim walked in. "Ah good that you are here. Richard, I need to speck with you before you go home tonight." The Pastor stopped to look at them both knowing that he just missed something. "I hope I didn't interrupt something?"

"Nah, you didn't Pastor Jim. I was about to leave." Richard turned, ignoring Bobby who just stood there in the corner not knowing what to do. Bobby so wanted to rip that smile off the man's face so much. The hunter watched as the two men walked out the room and Pastor Jim came back alone without Richard a short time later who Bobby guessed either went home or went off to do something that Pastor Jim asked him to do.

Pastor Jim sighed, "I'm sorry I forgot to tell you about him. Richard can be a bit overwhelming when meeting new people at times. He likes you as he doesn't talk to other people much, most people think he's a mute hermit. Well the children love him of course as he gives them candy, toys and stuff. He has a good singing voice and pretty good on the guitar, the few times I talked to him into staying during a few services to play. I'm happy I hired him a month or so ago when Walter left."

"I'll take your word for it." Bobby said, also guessing that because Richard is not going to be part of their hunt, the man is an innocent who doesn't know about the supernatural. The two went into hunting mode as they spoken about the Trickster that Bobby thinks that is terrorizing the area and of course going through the slight possibility that it could be witches as they wait for Rufus to join them.


Rufus Turner took his time coming over as it was past midnight when he did knock on the Church's door. Bobby does hope that the reason Rufus took his time was that fact he miss one or two vampires back in Illinois. Bobby let the Pastor go to greet the idjit as he went over their plans again that Bobby and Rufus will be doing tomorrow; Rufus is not from near here as he will pretend to be a FBI agent as people around here is more likely would recognized Bobby and talk to the police force about the victims that is not public knowledge. Bobby on the other hand is going to do the physical labor of their plan as going back to where the deaths happened, the pranks that resulted into fights and find any clues, and hope to be lucky on meeting the Trickster.

They are not sure how to get victim's blood going by on Bobby's notes that stated of how to kill a Trickster as most of all the victims are already drain of blood from the autopsy table or already buried in their graves. Pastor Jim was upset when he learned this as to kill the creature they have to wait for another victim to die for it to claim to get the fresh enough blood they need to dump the stakes in as it would be foolish of them having only one bloody stake to attack the creature. Pastor Jim told him of the few sticks he had in storage so finding one for each of them would not be a problem. Right now its a waiting game for someone to die by the Trickster which puts Bobby's stomach into knots. It was time like this that its sucks of being a hunter; not able to save people because you are forced to sit on your thumbs and wait. Luckily there are more harmless pranks then there are deaths but that could change over night so Bobby will not jinx themselves by saying it out loud; but part of him hopes that someone would die tonight so they get this hunt done so he could go back home.

An hour after Rufus got to the church, Pastor Jim called it a night as he has as work in the morning and needs his sleep. Bobby knew he should get to bed as well as he didn't have much sleep for the pass few days. So the three of them took to their rooms and slept. Bobby woke up nearly noon as he was surprised Pastor Jim didn't wake him earlier so he can join the church brunch like he did the last time. Bobby guessed he should take a shower and get some clean clothes on as he been wearing the same outfit for the pass three days and just as long as not taking a shower. Luckily for him there was a personal private bathtub with a shower head right next to his rooms with good heating system with a water filter as the water felt like velvet when hitting on his sore back.

Finished he went back to his books in the next room looking over to his notes and Pastor Jim's as well, as the man was pretty good on recording stuff of the days and time when he noticed the supernatural events that been happening around these parts. Pastor Jim as well was the pastor that was appointed to bless few of the victims for the grieving families when they buried the dead in the cemetery. Pastor Jim's notes said nothing was amiss during the burial services, no marks on the bodies besides how they died (or how they killed themselves in few cases). It was pretty much pointless as the creature didn't care about the bodies after killing them and it appears that it doesn't drink or feed on the bodies or took any souvenirs that they could see. This would have been much easier if the Trickster takes souvenirs from the victims so they could be looking for what was missing. The only thing that Pastor Jim said was weird that were candy wrappers all over the place as most police officials ruled that out as normal trash, but in Pastor Jim's notes was stated that at least one victim was a diabetic so it would unusual for candy wrappers to be around the dead body. Bobby got excited, as Tricksters was recorded to have a sweet tooth. Bobby tried to banish the thought that the Trickster might be leaving a trail as anyone could leave trash all over the place as well easily just snap its fingers to banish the trash into nothingness as Bobby figured the creature is able to do if Trickster could make things real on a top of a hat.

He went out through the back trap door of the church to get to his truck quicker without being seen by the church members that stayed over time from the stupid brunch. Where he left his truck was out of the way near some overgrown field of shrubs to make it so people wouldn't get too curious for their own good if they see his truck. When he got there he stopped. His blue Ford tow-truck wasn't there where he left it last as he knew he didn't misplace it as he could tell where his truck was at as there was a dry rectangle shape on the ground and tire tracks that lend to the spot along with his shoe prints that was there from last night. The interesting thing was that there was no other tracks leading to the idea that someone might have took off with it as Bobby knew that no supernatural creature could steal it as he made sure to booby trap it with salt and silver and the like. There wasn't any other foot prints that he could tell besides his own. So where did the truck go?

He looked around the area and found a wallet; opening it he found Rufus Turner's grim photo I.D staring back at him. How the hell did this get there? What did that idjit do to his truck? That hunter never did like his truck. First he was late and now this? Before Bobby would figure it out, he noticed a pissed off Rufus running towards him from the church, looking at him with fire in his eyes. "What the hell Bobby?" Rufus yelled at him when he got into earshot.

"What the hell are you yelling me about you idjit?" Bobby snapped back, what did he do to piss of Rufus? It was he that should be pissed of what he done to his truck.

"You don't know? Well look at this!" Rufus showed him his rifle, which looked like someone took a hammer to it at the end of the mussel where there should be a hole where the bullet shoots out is now closed shut.

"Well I wish I did that of what you did to my truck! Where did you take it?" Bobby yelled back, pointing at the place where his truck was at.

"Why the hell would I take your worthless piece of junk you call a truck?"

"How would I know? You always hated it. Now where is it?"

"Fuck you and your truck. Now you are getting me a new gun. Now pay up."

"Idjit, I ain't give you crap of what you did to my trunk. I didn't even touch your stupid rifle."

"I haven't touched your truck!"

"Then why did I find this?" Bobby showed him his wallet which Rufus tried to take it from him, in which Bobby didn't let him.

"You thief! I was looking for that all morning. First my gun and now your taking my money?"

"Me a thief? Look who's talking who took my truck you idjit!"

"Enough!" Bobby and Rufus stopped and looked at Pastor Jim who came back looking for them seeing them getting to each other face. "This is what I mean on the phone Bobby, things get missing and what's not missing gets broken. Things escalate from there into fights. This is how it all started. You two are fighting like children. He knows we are on to him."

Realization set in between Bobby and Rufus as both hunters started scowling at themselves of getting angry at each other over nothing. Damn Trickster. If the Trickster knows that they are on to him then he knows they are hunters or he been watching Pastor Jim and just connected the dots that him and Rufus are the backup.

Pastor Jim who looked older then he looked, rubbed his face. "Okay, I got a young couple coming over for before marriage counseling. After that I am free to join this hunt for the rest of the day. Bobby give back Rufus his wallet and go find Richard and ask to borrow his truck until yours turn up that I know it will. Everything that goes missing does turn up somewhere; it might appear up a tree somewhere." Bobby's eyes widen at that, his truck stuck up a tree? How will he get this truck down if that happens? "Rufus, Bobby didn't touch your rifle, he never been near it. Now get back to the church and go to the police station. And for all things holy what were you thinking of coming out here in just your underwear?"

It was then that Bobby noticed that Rufus wasn't wearing any pants, as the man in question sleeps without it. Rufus looked embarrass and took off back to the church, painfully failing on hiding his butt-cheeks that was clearly seen through the thin fabric of his underwear. Pastor Jim sighed. "Richard should be around here somewhere, Sunday is his only day off and that's tomorrow. Its around his lunch break right now so catch him before he goes off. After I am done with the couple I will speck with the grieving families to see if any of them have a connection with someone that might be the Trickster." with that the Lutheran Pastor went back to his church leaving the young hunter to himself.

Bobby took another look at where he left his truck, wishing he thought ahead on taking out the pack of beer that was in the backseat because he really needs it right about now. He looked around hoping his truck would just appear out of nowhere and like always with his luck it didn't. Bobby walked towards a shed that was in the far back of the church's property thinking that would be the best place to start to look for Richard where the tools would be at. The tool shed's door was unlock and partly open but empty telling Bobby that Richard is around here somewhere working. It wasn't long when Bobby did in fact found the shorter man near Pastor's Jim home, as Bobby watched the crouchig man pulling up the weeds from the Pastor's flower garden, prepping the ground for the winter so it would be easier in the up coming spring for the good plants to grow. The man was wearing the same clothes as yesterday and his hair still had a few twigs in it.

Bobby made a noise through his throat telling Richard that he was there, which made the man stop and turn to look at him. Upon seeing him Richard broke out a smile and walked towards him which Bobby wave his arms slightly telling Richard that he doesn't want a hug. This didn't stop the man of being happy, Bobby scowled at the happiness this guy was giving off. Bobby fought down the creepy feeling he had from the pit of his stomach as the feeling was more along the lines as if Richard is looking at him as if imagining him naked or something that Bobby is not use to feel.

"Hello, Bobby. Just in time, I was about to head off to lunch. Do you want come with me?" Richard asked, wiggling his eyebrows at him making the said hunter slightly blush as whatever the hunter was about to say left his lips as this was the last thing he expect Richard to say to him. Damn that idjit of making it sound like a date.

"Ah, I need to borrow your truck." Bobby said finding his voice after gaping like a idjit to the man. If it was possible, Richard's smile grew.

"Oh really?" Is Richard flirting with him?

Something snap within Bobby, giving the shorter man a hard look. "I got no time for this game of yours you idjit. Pastor Jim says you got a truck I could borrow. So may I borrow it?"

"I'll drive you!" without letting Bobby decline the offer or stop him, Richard grabbed his tools from the ground, headed off to the shed to put away the tools and to lock it leaving Bobby standing there again like an idjit as if expecting him to follow him which Bobby does. Richard's truck itself was a modest vehicle, first generation Ford Bronco Bobby guessed as the two men got into it. The truck had a vehicular communicator on the dashboard, it was clean with no signs that Richard was a smoker, and weirdly enough on the rear view mirror was a charm bracelet thing dangling from it; of what Bobby could tell by the charms that he could see from where he sat there was a pair of angel wings, a cupcake, a pentagram, Thor's Hammer, the devil horns and a horn like instrument with music note attached to it.

They went off down the road, which was awkwardly silent in Bobby's opinion as Richard was head beating to a song in his head, tabbing his thumbs on the steering wheel. "So where do you want me to drop you off?" Richard asked.

Thinking of the area that had most deaths, Bobby replied, "Somewhere near Putnam Park." This given Richard's a curious look.

"Well if you going to be that far away why don't you drop me off and pick me up in a few hours from the hardware store? I need to get some supplies after I take my lunch. You sure you don't want to join me?"

Bobby declined the offer but agreed of picking up Richard in a few hours knowing he does know his way around the small town as there was only the population of 3,500 people give or take. He glance at his watch as it was close to one in the evening. "Say pick you up around three then?" Bobby asked.

Richard smiled, nodding and place his hand on Bobby's that was on the seat between them. The spark that happened right then and there made Bobby jump in surprise. "Oh sorry, Bobby. Didn't I shock you?" Richard asked teasingly.

"Its fine." Bobby muttered wishing this drive would be over and done with. A few minutes later, they got to down town as Richard parked near the hardware store that had a cafe down the road.

"Take good care of my truck, Bobby. See you soon, luv." With that Richard closed the door and walked off leaving Bobby to stare at him wondering if he heard him right. Bobby didn't thought much of it as he maybe did hear the man wrong. It been three years since his wife's death and he hasn't been looking for a girlfriend thinking that doing so would be cheating on her. Hell he hasn't pleasured himself either for that long come to think of it, having a guy that wants to spend time with him other then the hunting business may have awoken feelings he had buried in himself, which Bobbs scowled at himself of feeling this way.

Bobby drove to the park and the surrounding areas seeing nothing amiss that would scream supernatural. Part of him thinks this is a waste of time being here hoping that Rufus did get somewhere by talking to the police officers and maybe he would talk them into showing him stuff that is not in the public records. Along with Pastor Jim talking to the family and friends of the victims to see if there is some form of a connection. Bobby knew there isn't going to be a connection because the Trickster's M.O is not about what the victims having something common other then the fact that they weren't the nicest of humans.

Finding nothing, Bobby took off towards the apartments and the alley ways near a middle school noticing the graffiti on the walls that Pastor Jim wrote in his notes of what was new since the supernatural occurrences been happening as Blue Earth really doesn't have street violent gangs like most bigger towns have. Bobby took a good look at the poorly drawn graffiti and came up nothing of it being evil, all he sees is a guy with long hair with moose antlers being bend over by the devil behind him with big words saying "Just say yes!" The picture itself was disturbing as the drawing is right next to a school with children whom are able to see it. Another thing in Pastor Jim's notes said that two teachers at the school got arrested by fighting because someone released two pigs in a school with numbers 1 and 3 painted on the sides and the two teachers got into the fight looking for number two with no luck. The police reports say that was the joke, there was no number 2 pig as they had the search crew search for it as well with no luck as well. Turns out the two teachers was wanted with rape charges on a few minors from another school and the two teachers came here looking for more ulung victims. The goodbreak the police had to catch these guys was that one teacher was an animal lover (enough to be a vegan) and the other was not and that is how the fight started as one wanted to stop looking for the missing pig and the other wanted to keep going.

Two hours later as it was close to three o'clock Bobby looked over his notes noticing nothing amiss on anything that would help their finding the Trickster. The trash that may have been left by the creature in the park, the alley ways, the school and so on could easily be someone else's of not picking after themselves. He went back to Richard's truck and drove off to pick up the idjit. It wasn't long before he found the happy idjit just sitting on a beach on the side of the road with some boxes on the ground next to him waiting for him. Upon seeing Bobby Richard got up and picked up the boxes and loaded them in the back of the truck and climbed himself on the passenger seat. Bobby was surprised that Richard didn't demand that he drive as most truck owners don't like it when other people drive their vehicles while they were in the truck themselves. Bobby didn't comment about it as the drive back to the church was again awkwardly quiet. Bobby ignored the looks Richard was giving him, made sure to keep both of his hands on the steeling wheel so Richard won't shock him again.

When they got to the church Bobby parked the truck where it was before as Bobby took one box and Richard took the last one as the two went into the church and Bobby found the place eerily empty. There was no Pastor Jim or Rufus; they haven't came back yet it looks like. "Looks like no one's home." Richard said looking around, as he went down the stairs to the basement as Bobby followed. Whatever Richard bought that is in this box, it was heavy. "You can set that box on that table over there." Richard told him pointing at a nearby counter. Bobby followed his orders opening it as he figured it was okay as Richard took out a knife from his pocket to open his. What was in the box in Bobby's relief was it was nothing but parts and screws. "Hey I need help on fixing the lighting upstairs near the altar do you think you help me by keeping it on place for me to screw it?"

Bobby knew he had work to do but the look that Richard was giving him he couldn't say no and well Pastor Jim does need the lighting fix for his Sunday Services tomorrow, so Bobby found himself agreeing. Richard took some light bulbs, some screws and whatever else he needs to fix that was up in the stage and the two men went back up the stairs.

Apparently fixing the light was also a wire issue as Bobby held on the ladder and part of the pole that held the lights and Richard was on the ladder facing him. Bobby's face was smack face to face with Richard's groin and pale stomach as Richard's shirt was pulled up from holding his arms up. Bobby fought down a blush as he can see the light brown happy trail from his bellybutton down south into the man's underwear and pants.

"Like what you see, Bobby?" Richard asked cockily. Bobby scowled at him.

"Finish up you, idjit." Bobby snapped. Richard went back on doing his work, finished and misstep on going down the ladder making Bobby move to catch the idjit before he brakes his neck and the two landed on the floor, Richard on top of him with his knees on either side, nose to nose and Bobby flat on his back. Richard sat on him looking down, smirking as Bobby kept on blushing, feeling his own dick that is now semi hard brush against Richard's ass. Before Bobby could push Richard off him or snap at him to get his ass moving, Richard bend down towards his lips and they connected. The kiss itself was at first hesitant, on Bobby's part, but it soon got more heated as Bobby started battled their tongues together as Richard started sucking on his tongue as Bobby's moaned. They stopped when they both almost out of air as Richard rubbed himself on Bobby's clothed length.

"How long as it been, Bobby that you had sex?" Richard asked he started nibbling on Bobby's ear and neck making Bobby's mind go blank at the nice sensations that went down his back and the blood leaving his brain down to his cock.

"Three years." Bobby grasp just as Richard gripped his hard-on through his jeans, making the hunter jump which made Bobby feel his cock brush against Richard for the second time. Bobby never thought he would be doing this with another guy as he was straight but it been years since his wife's death and him making himself not get too close to anyone for the fear of loosing a love one again. Bobby was so focus on the heated kisses that he didn't realized that Richard unbuckled his jeans and belt, pulling them slightly silently asking Bobby to get up slightly to be able to pull them off. Bobby allowed Richard to pull down his pants to his ankles as his shoes kept his pants on as Richard pulled his boxes along with it as Bobby's thick length sprung free, slapping against his stomach leaking pre-cum from the tip, the cool air in the room made him moan. Before Bobby could say anything, Richard took the whole thing down his throat making Bobby grasp in surprise pleasure, gripping on the closest thing that was Richard's head. Richard bob up and down, sucking and swallowing the large member as he fondle the balls making Bobby gasp and moan louder and started thrusting his hips into the wet perfect mouth.

Bobby faintly heard another pair of jeans being unzipped, as he forced Richard's face deeper to the root of his cock, his nose being tickled from the dark hairs there. Bobby could see Richard grasping his own cock now fisting it up and down and somehow got rid of his pants that's now somewhere thrown to the side. Richard then forced his fingers into Bobby's mouth, as Bobby instinctively started sucking on them. After they were nicely coated with saliva, Bobby half expected to be the one penetrated as he was about to stop Richard as he wouldn't go that far but Richard's moan that resulted the vibrations to his cock told him that the older man was fingering himself instead. Bobby never thought that would be so hot, watching someone (a man no less) finger fuck himself pushing his balls and harden length at the side to get better angle to his hole.

Bobby knew that they should stop before this gotten too far; beside the fact that he is about to have sex with Richard, Bobby really doesn't want to be caught by Pastor Jim doing foreplay in the man's church much less next to the altar on the floor. But the nice touches that Richard was giving him so freely, the tip of his tongue teasing him into his slit, slightly squeezing his hip bone with one hand as the other still thrusting into his hole. The fear of being walked in and about to have sex with another man was thrown out the window as Bobby figured he is going to Hell anyway by doing this might as well go through with it all the way in style. Bobby took control from Richard, making the said man yelp in surprise as Bobby kicked off his pants after pushing his shoes off his feet, picking up the shorter man that weight pretty much nothing and sat him on the altar, pushing the statue of Jesus Christ onto its side and the cross onto the floor with a large thump. Bobby could tell this action pleased Richard but nothing was said between them as they again started kissing, pulling off Richard's coat and shirt off as they did so; between them both, Richard was the only one fully naked as Bobby still had his shirt and hat on.

Bobby slowly grip Richard's cock into his own hand at first not sure what to do with it, but figured to copy of what he remembered what he liked when he once pleasure himself years before. The moans that he heard beneath him told him of all he needed to know that he was doing it right. Bobby doesn't want to suck on the man's dick not sure he would go that far with the guy, instead he used his other hand to touch the man's half stretched hole. Whatever short time Richard had, the man finger fuck himself well on stretching himself, as Bobby spitted more saliva onto his fingers and easily pushed in two of his fingers in one go. The feeling around his fore and middle finger was snugged nicely and warm, the thought of putting his dick inside this wonderful feeling made Bobby want it more as his own cock was leaking more pre-cum at the thought, his tip is now in a shade of purple wanting release. Bobby bend down to Richard's bare shoulder and bite hard enough that Bobby's mouth was quickly fill with the taste of copper and something else that he couldn't put his finger admits (and he found he liked it) and then lowering himself to the man's nipples making the man cry out in both pain and pleasure from the bites.

"More." Richard grasp just as Bobby added another finger, liking of how he was in control of the naked man beneath him. Richard grip the altar to steady himself, thrusting his hips into Bobby's hand. Knowing that Richard was ready to be fucked, half way close to orgasm Bobby readied himself now noticing some holy oil that Pastor Jim used during his services next to the podium as he grabbed it, coating his fingers, his own cock and Richard's hole with it. The oil itself was warm to the touch surprisingly. Bobby found himself excited then scared of what he was about to do, as he lined himself to Richard's hole and without over thinking it with one full thrust, Bobby was sheath into the smaller man. Bobby and Richard both grasp in pleasure as both fought against finishing this too soon, as Bobby had to stop to brace himself of the awesome feeling around his cock. It wasn't long before Bobby's pulled out all the way leaving only the tip in and thrust back in hard looking for that one spot that Bobby heard about that all men have that makes this whole thing worth while. He angled himself to the side, thrusting back and forth looking for that one spot, just as Bobby was growing impatient Richard suddenly screamed out in pleasure, Bobby knowing that he found it at last as Bobby made himself thrust into that one spot over and over again. He love the noises that Richard was making, knowing that he was the cause of it.

"Ah, ah, ah! Yes, yes Bobby! Fuck. Right there. Please don't stop." Richard said at him, Bobby nod setting his head off from Richard's shoulders, grabbing the man's thighs pushing them further apart, lifting his legs higher not caring if he was hurting the man beneath him by doing so. Bobby watched in fascination as each thrust he made, his dick would disappear into the man's lovely stench hole and back out again; the puckered flesh was now brightly colored, the holy oil that Bobby's spread all over between them was now shiny. The altar cloth was a mess, everything on top of it was now either on its side or on the floor. Each thrust that Bobby made echoed through out the church.

Bobby grabbed Richard's leaking cock back into his hand, twisting and jerking it. "Cum Richard. Cum now you idjit!" Bobby ordered and with a yell Richard cum onto Bobby's hand and all over their stomachs. Bobby could feel himself almost there as well, wishing that he could make this last longer as he hasn't felt this good in so long. With more hard thrusts to the bundle of nerves, Richard's legs still wrapped around him, Bobby cum with a yell into Richard's hole, feeling his cock explode streams of cum into his ass, as all that semen that Bobby haven't spend all these years is now coming out in full force. Slowly Bobby pulled out, making Richard wince in pain and the two of them collapse onto the floor panting.

"Wow." Bobby said not knowing what to say of what he just done. Richard smiled, lean over to kiss Bobby who returned the kiss.

"I think someone is coming." Richard whispered into his ear. This made Bobby jump off the floor, grabbed his pants and shoes, making the Groundskeeper laugh as he too made himself decent but in a much slower pace. Bobby finish putting back his clothes, without looking to his now lover, ran down the stairs back to his books hoping that Pastor Jim and Rufus doesn't realized what they just done. Richard shook his head at the silly hunter, picking up the statue of Jesus off the floor, flatting and smoothing out the altar cloth on the table and putting back everything of where it was before, still smiling and hoping that he and Bobby would do this again soon.


Richard was right, a moment later when Bobby got to the bottom part of the stairs both Rufus and Pastor Jim came through the church door looking a bit worn out. Turns out Rufus did in fact found good findings with the police as they were very helpful as one of the police officers that volunteered to share Rufus about the cases always wanted to be a FBI agent. Pastor Jim didn't find any concert findings about who is the Trickster however between of what they both find in their findings, they come to the conclusion that the Trickster may be one of the church members in Pastor Jim's church as his church seem to be the main connection. Pastor Jim comment that he needs more eyes in the services for tomorrow, as another two pair of eyes scouting would be a lot of help to find out which one of his members is the Trickster. Rufus wasn't too happy but grudgingly agreed to come to the Sunday Services as back up, while Bobby inwardly panicked thinking about what he just done at the stage and altar area just moments before but in the end agreed, after Rufus ordered him that he better be there because he doesn't want to be the only one that has to suffer though it (Pastor Jim glared at them at this).

Bobby knew he was acting weird but just scowled at them when they asked what was bothering him. When Pastor Jim noticed that his left hand was soft and slightly oily, when they exchanged books later that night as their hands slightly brush against each other; when asked about it Bobby said something about spilling some oil in the next room (knowing that's where Pastor Jim stocked his Supernatural stuff along with extra stuff needed in his Church Services) and cleaned it up after dropping a jar. Pastor Jim didn't like to hear about this, his holy oil stock was getting low but happy that Bobby came forward about the mishap and thanked him for cleaning it up. Bobby sighed in relief didn't noticing that he was holding his breath; it wasn't until later he panicked again when he just realized his just lied to a pastor, in a church no less. Bobby so wanted to hit his head into a nearest wall.

Later that night when the three of them went to bed; Bobby didn't get much sleep last night tossing and turning as he could still feel and smell Richard on him but all too soon he had to get up put on his best shirt and jeans that he brought (and without his hat as Pastor Jim explained yet again that its rude to wear a hat in a church) and went to the Sunday Service and sat in the middle while Rufus sat in the very back. Everything was normal Bobby guessed what a church service would go as; they prayed, they singed to God; they prayed some more, Pastor Jim talked about stuff from the Bible and then they sang some more. Even the church chore and band played some which Bobby will admit they did pretty well but the lyrics are always the same; praise God, praise Jesus, yes I am a sinner, please don't send me to hell etc. Bobby snorted; don't sell your soul then, he thought thinking about how demons were created.

Many times Bobby so wanted to nod off to sleep but kept himself awake because he had a job to do, keeping his eyes to each person around him hopefully catch them into the act of being sneaky. That grandmother knitting a scarf one a row in front of him looks suspicious as she seem to kept petting that young teenager boy that was sitting next to her (Bobby's first thought was that was grandson but you never know that boy could be her boy toy, Bobby shudder at the thought). They seem to be little to friendly with each other didn't help matters either. The fat guy to his right across the pathway was sleeping, that lucky bastard however his very skinny wife of his seem to stare at her husband with evil glare, yep not a happy couple, that woman looks like she's been planning on smothering husband in his sleep. Bobby glanced at a middle age couple that sat two rows ahead; Bobby swears the couple need to keep their legs shut because surrounding the couple was eight children ranging from six months to sixteen years old. They do know condoms exist right? There was a young man sitting in the very front, listening to every word that Pastor Jim was saying, Bobby noticed that the boy wore black long sleeves shirt with a turtle neck; the dark color shirt made his skin look sickly and pale. Either that young man was a drug addict trying to stay clean through God or the guy was super cold and recovering from the flu. Everyone else just sat there watching Pastor Jim like mindless zombies, nodding at the good parts of what Pastor Jim was talking about.

This is why Bobby hated going to church in the first place, everyone that goes to church are fake. The only reason they go to church is make it seem that they are good Christians or they think they have to. Or they done something wrong during the week and they come to Sunday so they would say sorry to God and do whatever they did before again. The sad thing is the people that came to church looking for answers, some are angry because their prayers come unanswered.

A dark figured came in his side view and sat right next to him making Bobby reach for his hidden pistol in his pants, turned and growled at Richard that was looking at him, smirking at him like a idjit; he could've blown his cover! Bobby wanted to snap at him until he suddenly noticed the bite marks on the side of Richard's neck that was barely seen from his above collar; the bites were darkly bruised with faint human like teeth puncture marks that Bobby knew that there was more that went further down. Bobby bite his lip, feeling slightly guilty figuring that the bite marks was painful, as he was the one that cause them. He doesn't know if he is horrified of hurting the man or slightly turned on about the fact that he marked someone and seeing the evidence of their love making of which made it all the more real. And it scared him.

Bobby whipped his head back towards Pastor Jim, who was talking about something to do with Jesus. It was then that he noticed that the statue and the cross on the alter somehow switch places, oh God did he forget to set everything back last night? Bobby then remembered he left Richard pretty quickly after Richard said something about someone was coming into the church. The idjit did a horrible job of putting the stuff back together because he clearly remember that Jesus was on the right side and the cross on the left. Or did Richard do that on purpose? And, oh balls, Pastor Jim is now holding the glass jar that has the holy oil that he used last night. Bobby hopes that Pastor Jim doesn't noticed how less of the holy oil was in the jar.

Bobby covered his face knowing that his whole face is now red, muttering curses under his breath, wishing he can just disappear. Richard still smirking like he just got told of an awesome joke, set his hand on his left knee, which made Bobby jump and Richard shushing him. Bobby just wished that the whole day would soon end. A few hours later, his wish was granted. Everyone stood up, hugging each other and the like and lining up towards Pastor Jim who is the only pastor that does this after service ritual of his members drinking from a silver cup filled with holy water and being blessed with holy oil either on the person's forehead or on top of the head. This served as a purpose with Pastor Jim's hunter past before he became a pastor in his youth as well helps his members feel more closer to God' there are some creatures that could walk within his walls of his church without him knowing.

Bobby's glare made everyone in the church avoid him which in turn Richard as well being close to the hunter and Richard the only person not effected of Bobby's charm, being the hyper idjit just had to hug him like everyone else seem to be doing with everyone else. Bobby never done business with one night stands before or whatever that is going on between them is called but Bobby knew that the code for it was not be so clingy afterwards. Bobby was about to snap or curse at Richard but stopped as a man caught his eye of being supernatural suspicious. In the corner of his eye this man too caught both Rufus and Pastor Jim's.

What looks like a middle aged man got up from the pew, leaving the church laughing at himself. There was something inhuman about the man, either by his eyes which Bobby swore was glowed for a moment or the sinister smirk. Within seconds afterwards; there was a scream then a crash and more screams. At the same time of this event the really fat man across from Bobby woke up with a yelp as he broke the pew that he was sitting on.

They finally found their Trickster.


The Trickster guy really didn't have a name. Everyone called him something different, through pictures they find out that the guy was a substitute teacher in the middle school, drifted into town for a few months ago; doesn't really have a place to call his own as his address is a P.O Box and in every event of each death the man really didn't have a good alibi. Unfortunately, the crash was the result of another death that happened outside of Pastor Jim's church as the granny lady that Bobby thought was acting too weird as she was knitting a scarf during Pastor Jim's service was laying dead with her neck clearly broken on the concrete stairs of the church while he knitting needles was impaled into her chest. Pastor Jim got everyone back, told them to go home and such (Bobby swore that he heard the Pastor telling a few folks that it would be okay not to come next Sunday if they feel unsafe to do so as God would not be angry with them if they choose). Rufus being known as the cool FBI agent in town as word got around fast as the town is pretty small he was able to start acting like police officer right then and there when the three of them came running to the growing crowd outside the church when they found the body. Bobby made sure to shield Richard behind him as the idjit followed him out the church, an act that he will forever deny to his dying breath as the man didn't need to be protected by the likes of him anyway. Pastor Jim seeing him ordered Richard to help people back to their cars so they could go home as a few church members needed extra help either by they came with wheelchairs or like the couple with eight kids needed to round the kids up and make sure the younger children wouldn't see the gruesome scene.

Over the panic crowd, Rufus told the crowd to back off as a few ignored the Pastor, to let professionals take over, telling someone to call 911 as well; Pastor Jim doing his duties of blessing the corpse without anyone getting too curious of what he was doing he got the three stakes from his coat pocket and coated them with the victim's blood as the police and the Ambulance came 10 minutes later.

The officers of course was thrilled to learn that the FBI agent was there, what a lucky break they had of having the FBI agent at the church there at the scene. The police officers listened to everything that Rufus told them as if the man was God, along with getting statements from the church members and such. The police officers went off to get information about the middle aged man that the three of them suspect to be the Trickster. Of course so far, the death of the elder woman was being ruled out as a freak accident as the weather is getting chilly the woman must've slipped on some ice that hasn't melted yet from the noonday sun that was on the stairs, she fell and broke her neck and because she kept her knitting needles close to her chest it was just bad luck that when she fell the needles piece through her weakened skin.

A few hours later the police given Rufus of what little of information they got about the man; through the calls that was sent out, whatever they got from government issued computers and what witnesses statements said, everything they could about this guy. With the licence plates numbers known of the man's truck the hunter group went out searched for the Trickster, all three of them harmed with their guns filled with salt and silver and their freshly coated stakes.

The man in question that they hunted all over town ended up escaping into the field next to the church. What a stupid place for a supernatural being to hang out, Bobby thought to himself. If he had any sense he would have picked a better place to escape. It was dark, not even the moon was giving them much light or the porch light from the church or from Pastor Jim's home; pulling out a flashlight the three of them silently agreed to split up.

After quarter of a hour of eerie silence and nothing happening Bobby started to think this was super bad idea of splitting up (he fought down his thoughts about all the horror movies he have seen that ended horrible with people splitting up from the group) as he pointed his gun in front of himself for protection... knowing his luck any second now the Trickster is going to pop out from the bushes and scare the crap out of him.

A dark figure suddenly appeared in front of him, Bobby flashed his flashlight towards the man's eyes which flinch from the sudden light with a yelp making Bobby curse. "God dammit Richard! You idjit I could've shot you!"

"Hello, Bobby. What are you doing out here?" Richard asked, rubbing his eyes but grinning.

"What am I doing here? What am I doing here? Balls, what you doing out here for?"

Richard give him a look and said, "Its Monday."

Bobby didn't know what to make of what Richard just said. He knew it was past midnight but still what does the day of the week got to do with anything of being out in a Trickster infested field? "You idjit, go home." Bobby ordered him.

"Why are you out here Bobby?" Richard asked getting closer to the hunter. Bobby knew the look that Richard was giving him, it was the same look that he given him from that last night when they had sex.

"None of your business. Now go away."

"Bobby, I like it when you play hard to get." With that said Richard closed the space between them with a kiss. With the connection, Bobby suddenly forgot why he was there in the first place, as slowly he let go of his rifle, butt end, which dropped to the ground with a small thump. The kiss got more heated as they started to tear off each other clothes, or in this case Richard's pants as the belt and zipper was quickly undone and the two of them fell onto the cold ground with a grunt. Bobby pushed Richard on his hands and knees, wanting to forgo with foreplay as he went to push the man's pants on his knees, the pale ass raised up at him nicely as Richard willingly spread his legs as far as he could with his pants still at his knees. His balls and harden length swinging back and forth at the manhandling. Bobby touched the puckered entrance noticing how easily he could push in one finger as the opening was still slightly red and open from the night before. Bobby bend down and kissed Richard's tail bone smelling the faint odor of their lovemaking before, feeling himself getting harder and touching all the bruises that he knew was there.

Richard was now making such cute noises, moaning his name as Bobby worked into a second finger feeling pressure around his fingers but kept on going even though he could hear some form of pain coming from Richard as Bobby spat more saliva into the hole. Bobby scissors his fingers getting his cock ready with one hand pulling it out which he noticed was painfully hard now with pre-cum dripping out. He pulled out his two fingers as he pressed his length against the tight hole, smearing the pre-cum all over Richard's hole; loving how he likes the feel of the ass against his cock. He slightly pushed through the hole but only the head and pulled out loving the impatient noises Richard was making when he was annoyed. With one full thrust, Bobby was again sheath into the tight ass.

"Oh Gods, yes." Bobby moaned as he thrust in a few times hard into the bundle of nerves that he knew Richard had, feeling Richard's ball sack brush against his own. The hunter stopped to lovely spread the ass-checks against his hands, pulling up Richard's shirt to his shoulders as he kissed, suck and bite against Richard's spine. Richard shutter against the coldness of the night air and Bobby's love bites but he could feel the burning in his gut telling him that he needs to be fucked hard, now.

"Bobby, move. Damn it move!" Richard ordered him. "Fuck me hard." Bobby doesn't need to be told twice as he placed both hands on the slender hips and started thrusting as hard as he could into the tight ass. Within seconds the two of them started moaning loud with skin on skin slapping against each other. Bobby knew that he was about to cum soon, as he went down onto Richard hugging him against his chest as he deep thrust him. He gripped around Richard's length feeling the pre-cum coming out from the tip knowing that he too is near to orgasm.

"Cum with me, Richard." Bobby muttered into the man's ear, nibbling the earlobe. "Cum now."

With a shout the both men cum at the same time as Bobby could feel cum all over his hand and his own filling up Richard's ass nicely. Just like before the two of them pulled away from each other and got their pants put back into place; both still panting and all smiles. At that moment, Bobby suddenly at this feeling that he was forgetting about something until he heard some shouting in the distance.

"Balls." Bobby cursed, now remembered why he was in the field in the first place. He picked up his rifle that was a foot away from him and looked up to see Richard watching him with this look that he couldn't place. "Go back to the church, Richard. Its not safe." Bobby didn't look to see if the man listened to him or not as he ran towards the shouts. He found the Trickster in front of Rufus and Pastor Jim, both armed with their bloody stakes. Bobby grabbed his own and found that he doesn't have it. Did he drop it when he was fucking Richard?

Bobby shot the man just it was about to grab Pastor Jim and throw him or whatever Trickster do to their victims. The Trickster stopped, looking down at the shot wound and just as that moment Rufus then got time to stab the man with his own bloody stake. And quickly as it started, the man fell onto a heap not moving.

The three surviving men with minor cuts and bruises stare at the now corpse feeling a good job well done. Without saying a word to each other they both left the body there to rot and went back to the church.


Bobby didn't see Richard the rest of the night or that early morning when he woke. Bobby happily took the mug of coffee from Pastor Jim with a smile. "Thank you very much Bobby. Without your knowledge I would never have guessed it was a Trickster." Pastor Jim said.

"Its no problem." Bobby said not knowing what to say.

"Your truck is back where it was last. Apparently after we killed the Trickster everything went back to normal. I got my Bibles back and Rufus' rifle was fixed."

Bobby couldn't believe his luck. His truck was back? He ran outside to see if it was true and Pastor Jim wasn't lying. There was his blue tow truck sitting there with no extra scratches. He looked through the inside making sure everything was there and happily seeing the pack of beer still unopened on the backseat floor. He was put out that the beer is now warm but in a few hours he could put a few cans in the freezer and the rest in the fridge when he gets home.

"So I guess this is good-bye then?" Richard asked, as he approached Bobby. Bobby sighed not liking the conversation that he is about to have. Having sex with Richard was fun but there can't be nothing between them.

"It looks like it. And before you ask, no you can't come over. We both had our fun, Richard, I don't regret it and this thing between us? There is nothing there." Well Bobby thinks he doesn't regret it and he hopes he didn't hurt the man's feelings. Bobby placed his hand on the smaller man's shoulder. "Take care, idjit." Bobby said as he went back to the church grabbed his stuff saying good bye to Pastor Jim as Rufus already left and came back seeing Richard still standing there next to the truck as Bobby pretend not to notice as he put everything into his truck, opening the driver's door and without looking back he drove off, waving to Richard in a good bye.

It will be a some years in the future before they see each other again...


Richard, the real Trickster watched as Bobby Singer left as he smiled sadly knowing that his fun would never really last, as he pulled out a candy bar from his coat pocket and with a snap of his fingers, he vanished.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 15,343

(1) Commodore PET 2001: this model computer was introduced in January 1977 and was released in June of that year and it costed about $795 US dollars (£520/€604/₹47242). It had 9" (22.86cm) screen, black screen-trim, some are blue. Chuck Peddle went on to design the PET, one of the very first user-friendly computers. The keyboard sucked as touch typing was impossible. It was popular in schools because due to its simple use and all-in-one design.

(2) Golden Dragon Massacre: took place in San Francisco, CA in the United States on Sunday, September 4, 1977, inside the Golden Dragon Restaurant located at 816 Washington Street. At 2:40 AM a longstanding feud between two rival Chinatown gangs, the Joe Boys and Wah Ching came to head when a failed assassination attempt by the Joe Boys at the Golden Dragon led to the deaths of five people, including two tourists, and injury to 11 people, none of whom were gang members. The assassination attempt was retaliation for the death of Joe Boy Felix Huey, who was killed in a shootout with Wah Ching members at the Ping Yuen housing projects earlier that year. The massacre led to the establishment of the San Francisco Police Department's Asian Gang Task Force. Five men from the Joe Boys were arrested and convicted for the crime, with three of them still serving prison sentences as of 2013. One of ex-Joe Boys gang-member Bill Lee wrote about the incident and his life as Joe Boys gangster in his book called Chinese Playground: A Memoir. The Golden Dragon continued operation after the massacre, but was closed in January 2006 after a failed health inspection and replaced by the Imperial Palace Restaurant.

(3) Joe Schreiber: is the author of the Supernatural tie-in book Unholy Cause. He is from Michigan but spent his formative years in Alaska, Wyoming, and Northern California. He is author of several horror novels including Chasing the Dead. Going into Supernatural wiki you can find the link to his Facebook and his blog.

I picked the name randomly to name a Hunter that has the same job as Bobby (as I view it that Bobby and Garth can't be the only one Go-To-Guys Ring Leaders of the Hunter's Community). And the US is pretty big country so I divide up the states of one hunter keeps an eye on things in a Supernatural stand point. As the Hunter Boss does keep a close connection to one another. How I divide is this: Bobby looks after North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Where Joe looks after; Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii and Arizona. As well I figured Canada and Mexico has three or four of them while the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland has one as they are smaller countries.

(4) The actor that plays Bobby Singer, Jim Beaver joined the Marines after 1 year in College as a Radio Operator, later as a Supply Chief in the Vietnam War in 1st Marine Division. He was later discharged in 1971 and became active in the Marine Reserves until 1976.

(5) Richard: Means "brave power", derived from the Germanic elements ric "power, rule" and hard "brave, hardy". I figured of using the name of the actor, Richard Speight Junior that plays the Trickster/Loki/Gabriel as the name that Gabriel used as a cover when he and Bobby first met (as well use a name that we all know seeing that Gabriel wouldn't use the name Loki or Gabriel as a cover name). Along with the fact that both names Richard and Robert is Germanic that ties with the Norse and their future love child (that will be known in the second chapter) along with the name meaning of Richard to me ties with the name meaning of Gabriel, meaning "Strength of God". As well Richard Speight Jr has a good singing voice as well pretty good guitarist.

Author's Notes: To those that lived during this time period read this and find that I messed up about the technology or whatever that is not true or didn't happen until much later back then I will apologies in advice because I was born in Aug 1988. I went by what I read in Google and all the comments I got from my parents as my father told me some things that happened during 1977 such as Star Wars coming out of theaters and him graduating from High School. And computers were very new as in computers that you get to bring home.

I picked Judas Priest and the Rolling Stones is the fact that the first Band name is pretty poetic to be played in a church because Judas Iscariot from the Bible is best known as one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus and infamously known for his kiss and betrayal of Jesus to the hands of the Chief Sanhedrin priests in exchange of the payment of 30 silver coins (the evidently price of a slave, which was basically 90 days of wages). I won't bore you about the Biblical Lessons along with vampires being inspired from Judas along with Vlad the Impaler. The Rolling Stones I picked as the second is the fact that one of the BEST songs from the Rolling Stones is called "Sympathy For the Devil". I thought that was fitting because it was said that Gabriel and Lucifer was very close at one time.

Rufus Turner is Jewish as it was Saturday/Sunday during this chapter, and by Jewish law, "In the event that a human life is in danger, a Jew is not only allowed, but required, to violate any Shabbat law that stands in the way of saving that person." So therefore helping Bobby and Pastor Jim with the Trickster Hunt is saving humans lives. And Saturday is the day of rest. Weirdly enough that law doesn't include women during labor.

I could be wrong as I am not Jewish myself nor am I Lutheran. In SPN wiki and through SPN fans, it is believed that Pastor Jim may be a Lutheran Pastor not Catholic.

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