Not Beta Read. Author's Note: Sorry for the lateness of this chapter. I somehow lost the chapter that I written up a close to a year or so ago when I was visiting family in Alaska in the States. I was taking a small break at the time because of stress between a few deaths in the family along with loosing our jobs/home later that following year (living with my parents at the moment as I post this chapter) and afterwards when i got back from my trip I found I was pregnant (it wasn't easy pregnancy either) and had a daughter a few days before Christmas in 2014. Wow time flies by fast. I hope this rewritten chapter turned out better and that everyone's is doing well in life.

Note: partly this chapter is word by word from the transcripts of the episode, 3x11 Mystery Spot.

A Hunter's Lullaby


Summary: Bobriel. Bobby/Gabriel Implied Mpreg. Bobby first meet the Trickster back in 1977 but didn't know it until he accompanied Sam & Dean years later. Now met again, he founds out he fathered a demigod from that night. Few years later the Trickster was killed by the Devil & Bobby later killed by Dick the Leviathan. Now Garth is now picking up the pieces where his father left off with the Winchesters & the Hunters Community. And later was given his mother's job to protect the prophet and doing this all at the same time to try meld back the pieces of a broken family.


Chapter 3: Three for a Funeral


(One year later)

February 2008


Bobby knew something was up when Garth suddenly showed up at his place without calling him in advance. Garth was very good on calling him before he come to the house; either showing up an hour or few weeks later. Bobby didn't say anything against it but happy that his son came to visit even when he almost shot him in the ass as he found Garth in his kitchen in an adult onesie of a stupid cat in middle of the night. Garth said it was his Soft Kitty onesie (1) based on a tv show he been watching lately called the Big Bang Theory. Bobby peaked at the show once or twice shaking his head wondering why its getting popular when he caught Garth watching it later that morning. Other than the science parts of it, he doesn't understand it. He went back to his books and research. Only later did Garth came into his study (dress in his usual tier luckily) and started helping him after watching few episodes of his favorite shows. Of course a few times Bobby banned Garth from the phones because one would ring and Garth would get so excited on answering it and tried to chit-chat to calm himself down while a hunter wants quick info about something in a middle of a fight as they run from whatever they were hunting.

After few days Garth started doing well of helping that Bobby allowed him to start of picking up the phones; after he promised Bobby that he would do better. Bobby kept a watch on him but so far he been doing good pretending to be his assistant to those that are not hunters. Sometimes law in enforcement would call Bobby with the number he gives out to his hunters to make sure whatever the hunters are pretending to be that they are the real deal as so many murderers and such wear uniforms to make people think they are there to help but aren't. That is why all Go-To Hunters like himself have books on every written hunter alias names and what names are used for what. With so many alias names its sometimes hard to keep track who's who after a while; which can be painstaking if the said hunters don't update him of where they are at. He can guess which book to look up the Alias Names of Records from the general area of where the call came from and such. Bobby made countless books cataloging everything and listed everyone's alias names (that's why it helps to know where his hunters are at); dead or alive as it not the first time one of hunters came back from the dead as one of the things that they hunted and used their alias. Some of his books are even older then him and then some. Some hunters have a few alias names; one name for everything which he prefers. Dean and Sam on the other had has 366 alias names each (which includes leap-year day at February 29th); the two boys has a whole book to themselves. Their father was no different, as he was very paranoid bastard, but unlike his sons he had difference names for each state plus different names for each branch of law reinforcement to military to everyday names. Bobby figured the main reason why the Winchester brothers have the same number as how many days of the year, so Dean can have a free pie everyday which some places would give a free meal to anyone's birthday. Some places ask for ID as many states that have laws against the homeless have problems with the homeless lying about their birthdays to get a free meal. Luckily for Bobby, Dean and Sam don't skip the name or use them at random. Each name is specifically to each date of the year which helps him greatly when he looks into his books.

Garth did call himself once; Bobby was standing outside the room when he witnessed the event as he watch Garth laugh at himself after he figured out he was talking to himself on two different phones ear to ear. Bobby shook his head and went back to his bookcase that he was rearranging at the time; he wonder how a book about the Many Uses of Nightshade got mix up with the books about the Myths of Mesopotamia (2). At least he has help this time as picking up the phones and documenting everything; trying to do everything at once can be taxing to his old bones. Bobby was able to do the other stuff that he been neglecting for years. Putting notes, books and other papers that are years old as he puts them into tubs carefully marking them. Piling up boxes into a piles that he's going to take to his new storage unit that he owns. Ever since Garth came into his life he finally put down his foot about the stuff at his place and got himself a storage unit. He never knew he had so much stuff. He was pleased that he is almost done; his house now looks clean and not cluttered.

It was a few days later when Bobby left Garth by himself and went into the kitchen to get something to drink is when that he felt someone was behind him. He turned and saw the Trickster standing there with his usual smile. The man was carrying something in his arms; a young man with short brown hair. It dawned to Bobby just then that it was Dean and Bobby felt his heart leap into his throat. Was Dean dead? What did the Trickster do to him? What did the Trickster do this time?

"He ain't dead Bobby. I put him to sleep." the Trickster said gently putting Dean on the couch when he walked away from the old hunter into the living-room from the kitchen. Bobby watched as the Trickster pulled out a pillow from no where (Bobby doesn't remember having any couch pillows) and setting it under Dean's head and then taking Dean's hands crossing them on his chest like a Egyptian mummy. It made Bobby more unnerved as he watched because Dean looked so peaceful; he looked dead.

Bobby tried to get himself to calm down as he went to check on Dean after the Trickster stepped back. Dean was in a deep sleep that he never saw Dean in before as the idjit always on edge even in his sleep just in case he was attacked. Dean had no cuts or bruises on him. Nor any blood on his clothes. "Where's Sam?" Bobby asked when he was satisfied that Dean was okay.

The Trickster shrugged. "Learning his lesson." He said, going back into the kitchen like he owned the place and going through his stuff in the fridge. The Trickster was muttering to himself that Bobby didn't understand as it wasn't the first time that the Trickster showed up randomly and not telling him something. Bobby followed him as he felt another headache coming in and he rubbed his tired eyes; he needs a drink. "Sammy's fine, Bobby. He's just in a time-loop with Doppelganger Dean." the Trickster continued.

Bobby had a bad feeling about this; and he's never wrong. "What do you mean, Doppelganger? What shit hole did you put Sam in this time?" Bobby remembered just a few days ago getting an update call from Dean and Sam about their hunt all the way to Broward County, Florida. Something about a missing professor at a Mystery Spot. So what does this got to do with the Trickster? Was the reason why the professor vanished was because of him? He wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

The Trickster shrugged, as he closed the fridge with his hips as he held a jar that had a mixture of goat and chicken blood with pieces of pig guts in his hands and walked past the old hunter. What the hell is the Trickster doing with his monster food goo that he used for his hunts? Bobby knew that the Trickster is not in his sharing mood at the moment and he hopes that he would get answers before Sam gets himself killed or worse. Bobby went after the Trickster and found Garth bringing out two pairs of pajamas in his hands talking to the comatose hunter of which one he would want to wear. The Trickster said something to Garth who nodded and picked up the one that was dark grey with a picture of the Impala in the front (the other one was deep purple as Bobby swears it says something about "Purple Nurples" on the front where his nipples would be). Bobby was happy that Garth didn't pick the girly one because he knew that even in dreamland, Dean wouldn't want to wear it.

"What are you doing?" Bobby snapped at Garth whom started taking off Dean's shirts as the young hunter always dress in layers. Garth's eyes widen like he was caught red handed of doing something scandalize. The Trickster made a face that Bobby never seen before and watched in amazement that with a snap of his fingers; Dean was suddenly dressed in his new impala pajamas and his previous clothes was nicely folded on the coffee table. Garth, not shocked in awe o the magick that happened in front of him, pulled out Mr. Fizzles and his phone and flopped himself next to Dean on the couch and took a selfie. Bobby took a deep breath shaking his head at his foolish child, "Garth, take Dean to his room. Make sure you don't drop him."

"Oh sure, Bobby." Garth said, as he carefully picked up Dean in bridle style as they went up the stairs. Bobby waited until he heard Garth and Dean in the bedrooms, he hoped far way enough that they wouldn't hear them from down stairs. Bobby did wince as he heard a curse and crash; he hoped it wasn't Dean being dropped. If anything broke, he knew that the Trickster would later fix it so he wasn't worried about lamps or tables. Bobby has a suspicion that Garth himself as some form of powers like his 'mother' but he never seen him do any of it besides magick rituals and spells during hunts. Bobby turned to the Trickster. He wanted his boys out of the room because he knew that there might be a fight between him and the Trickster. He does't want Garth to witness his parents fight, unlike the times when his own parents have done in the past. Bobby needed answers, and he hoped he will not back down as an angry Trickster (who he believes is a God or maybe an avatar of one) would not be wise.

"Where is Sam?" Bobby demanded. "And give back my bloody guts."

The Trickster grin. "No." as the two stared at each other in the eyes not backing down. But the Trickster knew how to win. Without breaking eye contact he slowly unscrewed the jar and stuck his finger into the mixture and licked it; making sure that Bobby was watching. Bobby broke eye connect to gag as he didn't believe that the Trickster would do that, as he only seen the man eat mostly candy; never blood or raw meat. The Trickster laugh, putting his head on the hunter's shoulder, making sure the lid is back on. No one wanted to pick up the mess if he dropped it all over the floor. "Kiss me, Bobby." the Trickster said as he put his head on Bobby's shoulders. Bobby can smell the nasty old blood mixture from his breath.

"Oh hell no, you idjit. Not after you just licked that shit. Go brush your damn teeth." The Trickster laughed, as he started to walk off and sat on the couch. Bobby wondered what the Trickster is going to use his Monster Food Goo for as he doesn't see the jar anymore, as if the Trickster just poof it out of existence. Bobby groan in annoyance as he just made that and to remake a new batch will not be easy. Killing a chicken fresh along with a goat and draining them with blood takes forever, at least he doesn't have to do that with a pig as he can go to a local butcher for the rest of it. His freezer out back is already full of goat and chicken. If the Trickster is going to use the Monster Food Goo as an ice cream topping later though that's a done deal of breaking up with him and banning him from the house because that's just nasty. "What lesson is Sam learning?" Bobby demanded. Bobby knew that asking the Trickster the lessons of his victims usually gets him to open up more.

The Trickster stopped smiling. He had this look of defeat and sadness across his face. "He needs to learn to stop trying to save his brother."

What? Whatever Bobby was thinking it was that. What the Trickster said doesn't make any sense. Does the Trickster know that Dean sold his soul last year? Bobby never told him; nor does Garth know as far as he knows (Garth as habit of knowing things without being told) along with the other hunters. A hunter selling his soul to a demon is bad and being labeled as an acquaintance of one that did that is very unacceptable in his position as Go-To Hunter. So what if Sam is helping Dean try to get out of the demon deal, it won't hurt anyone. Sure Bobby is still angry at Dean of selling his soul, who wouldn't be? It was to get Sam back. Doesn't that count to something? (3) "What are you talking about? Isn't saving family a good thing?" Bobby asked.

The Trickster rolled his eyes. "Not when doing so will cost the whole world to go into chaos and the end of the world."

That still doesn't make any sense. The Trickster is turning into a Drama Queen. "That doesn't make any damn sense. What are you talking about?"

The Trickster stood up; something about him suddenly felt unearthly which reminded Bobby that he wasn't dealing with a normal supernatural creature. "Those boys of yours will do anything, anything for each other not to die. They need to learn how to live without the other. They will do anything even make a deal with a demon as a year ago when Dean sold his soul for Sam when he was stabbed. Dean will do anything to save Sammy. And Sam as well to him and in some ways he is worse then his brother of what he could do. " Bobby shook his head, Dean or Sam will never do that, whatever the Trickster is talking about. Sure Dean was an idjit of selling soul and ONLY getting a year not the normal ten years. Which doesn't make any sense for a Crossroad Demon to change its MO like that. Something is going on that's for sure. "Sure, its nice to protect family." The Trickster went on, having this faraway look in his eyes. Bobby wondered if the Trickster is thinking about his so called unnamed siblings that he only heard once or twice since re-knowing the Trickster. "But what are the costs, Bobby?! Fuck everything and anyone else just so long they have each other? Including other family members no less? Their allies and friends? They physically can not live without each other. It has to stop now. And it will not only cost them but the rest of us. And Sam needs to learn that."

"They will never do that whatever you think they are going to do in the future." Bobby told him. The Trickster wasn't convinced, he knows what will happen in the future; or more like the most likely of futures as humans are one of the few creatures right now that have free will which causes the future not be set in stone. Its both a curse and blessing to see the futures that might be.

"Sam, if he's pushed far enough will kill you for Dean." The Trickster told Bobby.


"If those boys have a choice, it will always be each other. No one else. Not their father. You or any other person in the family tree not even an innocent. The thought of others never cross their minds, not until their choices are chosen and done with. They are just like their father, crazy about revenge as well. They will do anything to feed that hunger. They will sacrifice you all and fuck the whole world with it and start the Apocalypse."

"The Apocalypse? Are you going into overboard with this crap?"

The Trickster sighed, as he started pacing the floor, half listening to Bobby at this point. "The Christian one. They been waiting and plotting for few millenniums to start it. Stupid i know, the Christian Apocalypse is ways off from now when the Abrahamic faiths becomes a huge minority in the world of man but they are impatient. Besides, their God left so they been leaderless for eons." Bobby knows that the Trickster is trying to move the conversions away from Sam and Dean now.

"Who's they?" Bobby demanded.

The Trickster shook his head. "No one that you should worry about. Not if Sam figured out his lesson. If he does then none of us have to worry about it." The look on the Trickster's face Bobby knew was doubt and fear? What scares the Trickster so much that involves his two boys? Whatever it is, Bobby too suddenly rethinking what the Trickster is hinting at. But it doesn't make any sense. He needs to research he decided.

"Do you want to make a bet?" The Trickster suddenly asked as he stopped his pacing.

Bobby snorted. Sure he will bite. "What bet you talking about?"

"I bet you in end of the week, Sam will go crazy about killing me for revenge that he will do anything to get to me...even kill you."

Bobby knew the bet wasn't going to be anything to do with the tv shows they watch together or about Garth who they have bet before when he killed his first werewolf or figure out how to fix his car within a time limit. No, the bet has to be this. Bobby knew that Sam is very much like John, who went crazy for revenge of his wife, enough that without he didn't know how to live. And in many respects Sam is the worse between the two brothers of going extreme measures, blinded for revenge or get to the end goal. Whatever it takes. Bobby hopes that he is right that Sam will not try to kill him.

"Sam will not kill me. Or do whatever you are applying that he will do in the future!"

"We will see." the Trickster said as he snapped his fingers and was gone. Bobby, stood alone in the living room, now wasn't so sure if Sam would kill him or not. Sam is known to be blinded of all things besides his goal, which is a good thing to have during a hunt but not so much of what those boys keep getting themselves into. Bobby sighed as he went back to his books and started to research about what the Trickster hinted. Of what little he knew about Revelations from the Bible (as he never was one to go to Church less read the updated version of the Bible) the Christian Apocalypse isn't good.



The Trickster watch as he ate his breakfast in the cafe watching the Winchesters, shaking his head at Sam who has proven yet again that maybe the brains in the team is really Dean because it been how many of Tuesdays now? Why hasn't Sam figured out that he can't save his brother, doesn't matter how much he tries? Trying to save his brother's life from death is pointless, why can't he let nature and fate let it be? If Sam just accepts it, he would be able stop all this nonsense of repeated Tuesdays and he would be able give Sam a lecture and maybe give him a lollipop if he doesn't open his big mouth and piss him off. The Trickster wondered what Bobby sees in these two boys. So what if Bobby help raise the boys when John wasn't around half the time but there is a point in which you can't baby your kids anymore and let them be. For better or for worse, he is a father himself that can tell you that from experience.

If Sam really wanted to, he would be able to put all of his energy into finding who was behind the Never Ending Tuesdays than saving Dean all this time. Why hasn't Sam did that? Maybe doing that for a few repeated Tuesdays would help Sam figure out his lesson. Would it help if he got his Doppelganger Dean do a different approach of talking to his brother? Have him understand that Sam is worried, stressed and get him reassure his baby brother that everything will be okay? Meh, would give it a try, it wouldn't hurt.

Sam and Doppelganger Dean sat across from either side of the booth. Sam had this despairing expression on his face as Dean look at him stunned of what Sam just told him after he ordered his food to their waitress. Like seriously? Why can't they get normal hunts?

Dean shook his head, "I still think you're nuts, but ... whatever this is, we'll figure it out."

Sam smiled not really wanting to get his hopes up. After seeing his brother die so many times, he didn't want to go through it again. "Thanks." he said.

Dean nodded, thinking. "So, uh ... If you're stuck in 'Groundhog Day', why? What's behind it?"

Sam shrugged, all of his energy was saving his brother. He didn't even try to figure out what monster was doing this to them. He sat thinking back of the research they done before the Never Ending Tuesdays started. "Well, first I thought it was the Mystery Spot. Now I'm not so sure."

"What do we do?" Dean asked.

"Well, we keep you breathing. Try to make it to tomorrow. I mean, that's the only thing I can think of."

"Shouldn't be too hard." come on how hard can it be to keep someone alive?

Sam almost laughed, but couldn't because of the stressed. "Yeah, right. Dean, I've watched you die a few times now and I can't ever seem to stop it."

"Well, nothing's set in stone. You say I order the same thing every day, right?"

"Yeah. Pig in a poke, side of bacon." Sam told him, looking at their middle age waitress named Doris who is at the kitchen window talking to the cook.

Dean smiled, turned to Doris with flirty smile.

"'Scuse me, sweetheart?" Dean called out to her. Doris turns to see what Dean wants.

"Can I get sausage instead of bacon?"

Doris smiled back at him nod. "Sure thing, hon."

Dean turned back to Sam. "See? Different day already. You see, if you and I decide that I am not gonna die – I'm not gonna die." It was then the Doris showed up with Dean's food as Sam didn't feel like ordering food as he can't eat when stressed.

"Thank you." Dean said as he stabs a sausage link with his fork and bites in. Sam grins shaking his head at his brother. Suddenly Dean started to choke.

Sam held his breath. No, not again! "Dean. Dean?!"

Sam found himself back to his hotel bed as he opened his eyes to "Heat of the Moment" by Asia.

The Trickster, invisible to Sam, shook his head, as he ate his candy as he sat on a chair in their little kitchen, watching the day unfold a short time later. Seriously Sammy you thought not leaving the hotel room would be safer? The Trickster watch as Sam got more and more frustrated and more stressed as Doppelganger Dean fell in the shower and broke his neck. The next repeat Tuesday they gotten take-out instead of going to the diner and he got Doppelganger Dean die from rare case of food poising as he ate his taco. Then he got Doppelganger Dean plug in a electric razor to shave but got electrocuted instead. In the next repeated Tuesday the Trickster waited and watched until they got into the neon-green and black spiral hallway at the Mystery Spot as Sam was breaking down the walls with an axe. Doppelganger Dean sat next to the owner who was duct-tapped to the chair watching Sam with a goofy grin.

Dean turns to the owner to reassure him so he doesn't freak out that they were going to hurt him. Seeing that Sam is going a bit crazy with that axe. "Everybody's fine, nobody's gonna get hurt, okay?" he turn to look at Sam. "Sammy?" he called out to get him to agree. Sam stopped and turn to see what his brother wants this time.

Dean look between the owner and Sam. "Maybe you drop the axe and let this guy go, what do you say?" Sam shook his head.

"Something's gotta be going on here. I intend to find out what!" Sam snapped as he went back to swinging the axe into the wall.

Dean looked around the place as this wasn't the first wall that Sam tore up. "Place is tore up pretty good, dude. Time to give it a rest."

Why can't his brother just sit there and let him do this? He needs to find this monster and maybe looking in the walls they will find a magick pouch or SOMETHING. He turned to his brother. "NO! I'm gonna take it down to studs." And went back hacking the walls.

Okay, Dean had enough. His brother is getting too crazy with that axe and just hacking the walls is not doing anything productive. Dean stood up and walked towards his brother. "Sammy, that's enough. Give me the axe." Sam yank the axe away from his brother's hands who tried to take it from him.

"Leave it, Dean." Sam told him.

"Give it."

"No. You give it." Dean grabbed the axe.

"Let it go."

Sam won't let go. "No." he said.

Dean started to yank the axe from his brother's hands harder. "Let it go, come on!" They started to go back and forth between the two strengths of yanking the axe back and forth.

Sam doesn't have time for this. He needs to find whatever he's looking for. "Dean, leave it, please—" It was then that axe nicked into Dean's neck just the right place where his jugular vein was at. Blood was pouring everywhere on him, the floor, on Dean himself and the owner's face. Both brothers look at each other in shock. "Dean?" no this can't be happening again.

Dean fell onto the floor with the thud as the owner started freaking out and yelling through the duct tape taped to his mouth.

Sam woke up again to the sound of "Heat of the moment! Heat of the moment!" And the days repeated over and over again after that. After the 10th time after the axe incident, Sam was able to remember events like clockwork. The Trickster laughed in which the two brothers mimic each other in sentences. The Trickster sighed, he is running out of ways to kill his Doppelganger Dean. He hasn't had this type of challenge in a long time. After a while killing Doppelganger Dean it wasn't any fun anymore and Sam isn't any closer on figuring out his lesson or who was behind it all.

The Trickster gotten closer this time (in the beginning he was a different background character in the game watching only in the cafe and follow Sam invisible off and on). This time he was pretending to be the normal human eating his pancakes at the counter, just across the two brothers at their booth. The Trickster was was bored; it been weeks so far outside the pocket world that he put Sam in. If it was any other human, Sam would have been judged and killed off long time ago. At least this time Sam has got his laptop and stuff trying to figure it out who was behind the time-loop. Normally the Trickster would make something appear to spice up the time-loop but this game is different. Doing so will give him away as a Trickster. Everything has to be the same. And its in his nature to never quit on a game. The Trickster suddenly figured out to change it up a bit without giving himself away that much in the next repeated Tuesday; he will change his normal maple syrup to Strawberry along with getting Doppelganger Dean to say something about the Professor being a dick and got what he deserved in his just desserts. The Trickster sigh in relief that Sam did notice the syrup change as he was freaking out wondering why the sudden change. Dean didn't see the weirdness of it all saying its a free country that a guy can change his mind if he wants. The Trickster knew that in the next time-loop is going to finally be interesting. Sam is still freaking out as the Trickster knew that he figured out that it was a Trickster behind it all, which he is pleased. The Trickster walked out like normal like nothing happened like it was any other Tuesday. A few hours later the Doppelganger Dean was killed in some stupid way. The day was repeated and Sam was repaired. The Trickster knew that Sam brought a stake to kill him as he saw that Sam has his bag instead of his laptop. The Trickster was annoyed that it had to taken this long for him to purposely make a mistake to get Sam figure out it was a Trickster that was behind it all. The Trickster smiled, Sam has taken the bait. He was pleased.

The trickster sat at the counter eating his pancakes with maple syrup just like many time before. Sam and Dean sat in their booth like always as Dean was eating his food that he mostly orders. Sam couldn't stop staring the Trickster waiting for him to make the mistake again or do something out of character. Nothing was out of place like last time. Sam is half wondered if he imagined it, but he won't let the doubt get to him as he held on that small hope that he didn't. He needs to save Dean.

Doppelganger Dean with his mouth full of food looked back to his brother. "So you think you're caught in some kind of what, again?"

"Eat your breakfast." Sam snapped at his brother keeping his eyes at the Trickster that is disguised as a normal human man. No, that is the monster that done this. Killing Dean over and over again. He will pay.

Like clockwork the man got up and left. Sam followed as he grabbed his bag that had the stake in it that was on the booth besides him. Dean looked confused as he quickly put the money that he owned on the table. "What's in the bag?" he asked as he followed Sam out of the door.

The man was walking down the street, Sam speed walk towards the man, grabbed him and slammed the shorter man against the fence putting the tip of a wooden stake to his throat. The man yelped, "Hey!"

Sam glared at the monster with a grin, "I know who you are. Or should I say, what."

The man was freaking out. "Oh my god, please don't kill me!"

Doppelganger Dean was behind Sam, looking at the guy. He doesn't look like a monster, maybe Sam got the wrong guy? "Uh, Sam?" Doppelganger Dean asked unsure what Sam was doing.

Sam ignored his brother. "It took me a hell of a long time but I got it." The Trickster inwardly had to agree with Sam.

The man looked at Sam confused. "What?"

Sam knew that this was the man he been looking for. "It's your MO that gave you away. Going after pompous jerks, giving them their just desserts—your kind loves that, don't they?"

"Yeah, sure, okay." the man glanced nervously at the stake. He can feel it pressing against his jugular vain. "Just put the stake down!"

Doppelganger Dean looked nervously at his brother. He feels that Sam is about to kill an innocent man in brood daylight. "Sam, maybe you should—"

"No!" Sam snarled. "There's only one creature powerful enough to do what you're doing. Making reality out of nothing, sticking people in time loops—in fact you'd pretty much have to be a god. You'd have to be a Trickster."

"Mister, my name is Ed Coleman, my wife's name is Amelia, I got two kids, for crying out loud I sell ad space—"

Sam slabbed the man against the fence again. "Don't lie to me! I know what you are! We've killed one of your kind before!"

The Trickster smiled, as he morphed back to himself. Sam and Doppelganger Dean stared. "Actually, bucko, you didn't." the Trickster said, grinning at the look of disbelief on Sam's face.

Sam could't believe it. Dean killed the Trickster. They saw his body! How did this happen? "Why are you doing this?" Sam demanded him.

The Trickster had to laugh at this. After all this, Sam hasn't figure it out yet? He's been too soft on Sam, this means he have to do Plan B. "You're joking, right? You chuckleheads tried to kill me last time. Why wouldn't I do this?"

Doppelganger Dean nodded. "And Hasselback, what about him?" he asked. After all the Professor was part of their hunt.

The Trickster rolled his eyes. He made Doppelganger Dean too much like the real Dean it isn't funny. "That putz? He said he didn't believe in wormholes, so I dropped him in one." The Trickster laughed at his own joke. "Then you guys showed up. I made you the second you hit town."

Sam couldn't believe it. Why is the Trickster playing them? What is the joke on all this? Monsters like him anger him the most besides demons. Why is killing fun to them? "So this is fun for you? Killing Dean over and over again?"

The Trickster thought about it sarcastically. "One, yes. It is fun." he lied, it hasn't been fun in weeks. "And two? This is so not about killing Dean. This joke is on you, Sam. Watching your brother die, every day? Forever?"

Sam grind his teeth in anger. "You son of a bitch."

"How long will it take you to realize? You can't save your brother. No matter what." There he basically told him his lesson. Sam should feel special. Now will Sam accept it?

Sam shook his head. He doesn't believe him, go figure. "Oh yeah? I kill you, this all ends now." Does Sam really think that he follow them 24-7 just to try to kill them since the last time they met? Their futures will do that for him. The Trickster already knew that he is failing his attempt to change the future. Sam pushed the stack further into his neck.

The Trickster felt a slight pain. "Oh-oh, hey, whoa! Okay. Look. I was just playing around. You can't take a joke, fine. You're out of it. Tomorrow, you'll wake up and it'll be Wednesday. I swear." Sam has chosen Plan C, sorry Bobby. It looks like that bet is on.

Sam laughed. "You're lying." Supernatural creates like him always lies.

The Trickster knew that Sam wouldn't believe him. "If I am, you know where to find me. Having pancakes at the diner."

Sam so want it to be true. He looked at Doppelganger Dean, who all this time just stood there silently, then back at the Trickster. He can't take his chances if the Trickster back stabs them. "No. Easier to just kill you." Sam said.

The Trickster smirked. Sam just proven yet again to never trust a Winchester. "Sorry, kiddo. Can't have that."

He snapped his fingers.

The Trickster only partly lied. Yes he got Sam out of that time loop but still partly out of the real world that now is Wednesday as form of a copy print sort of speck. The humans in the real world would get a déjà vu feeling when they encounter Sam in the up coming months when the game will finally end. Soon Bobby's bet will come into play. He hopes it wouldn't end the way he knows it might be. The Trickster watched in his inter eye of Sam and Doppelganger Dean escaping their hotel room and later Dean getting shot by Cal, who was a real person in real life who was down on his luck and accidentally shot Dean. Having your finger on the trigger on a gun while shaking in fear does that. Sam thought that the Trickster lied, but no Sam didn't wake up this time. Sam later gave Doppelganger Dean a hunter's funeral (having his Doppelganger Dean poof out of existence would have given everything away) and was driven to find the Trickster for revenge for the next six months.


Bobby for the past months been trying to get Sam over to his place. To get him to learn his lesson and stop this madness that the Trickster started. He's beginning to see what the Trickster was talking about. Bobby feared that the Trickster was right in the bet and why the lesson was needed. Dean has not woken up at all in all these months that worried him. Laying in a coma that long isn't good for the human body even whatever the Trickster put him in hasn't caused Dean any harm to his body that he can tell. He knew Garth feeds Dean once in a great while but doesn't know how as he witness Garth make Dean's favorite foods like pie and cheeseburgers and brings them to Dean's room upstairs. Bobby still trying to figure out how his son is able to feed such foods to a comatose person, as the only thing that he can think of was magick.

Bobby recalls Sam who he knows might be driving. He wonders the reason why Sam ignores his messages was the reason that talking on a cellphone during driving is dangerous but he knew better. If that was true then Sam would have called or text him later when he isn't driving. Sam doesn't want help and fears that Bobby will talk him out of revenge on killing the Trickster who Bobby fears will capture him and torture him just to get Dean back. But if Sam just listens to him, calls him back and maybe come back to the house Bobby can show Sam that Dean never died and safe. And everything will right again. Bobby knew that he along with Sam is in a fake time-loop world as the date of Dean's one year has long past and his body is still here. The hellhounds hasn't come to collect his soul.

As always his call went to voicemail. "It's Sam. Leave me a message." Beep.

"Sam? It's Bobby. Heard about that demon thing you took care of in Death Valley. Nice job. Been about three months we talked, though. Be nice to hear your voice. Give a call. I'm here." most of calls are like this and its started to sound like a transcript.

Bobby waited for Sam to recall him. No one knows where Sam is and most people who thought they saw Sam is now saying that they might be seeing things. So looking for Sam was pointless. Bobby recalled again the following weeks.

"Sam? Bobby again. Look, I'm worried about you."

"Just tell me you're not sitting alone somewhere obsessing over this damn Trickster. Call me, Sam. We can find it together. No one man should take something like this on alone. You hear me? By the way, that vampire nest in Austin, hell of a job."

Bobby had enough weeks later. He ordered the Trickster to end this and he agreed. Bobby hopes this next call would get Sam to show up. "Sam? It's Bobby. I found him."


Bobby knew that the Trickster was crazy but never this damn crazy. The Trickster talked him into doing this little acting crap that he is about to do. The Trickster told him after a certain point that he will be copied much like how he did with Dean but unlike Dean he will not to be sleep. He instead will be teleported far away but close enough to watch the show that will unfold.

Bobby was kneeling on the floor turning pages of a book, surrounded by a chalked diagram in the dead center of a room with three candles and three bowls of substances of a fake ritual. He hopes Sam doesn't notice that everything is fake as one bowl is just a bowl of water with food coloring and another that he randomly grabbed from his house that he had lying around. He glance at the book in his hands that was written in Tamil (4) which he knew that Sam couldn't read, that he is using has a ritual book which is a joke because it was a book of poems. Bobby gotten a text a while ago that Sam was almost there at the random warehouse that was in a middle of nowhere. Just as Bobby finished creating the fake ritual to make it look real, Sam entered the room. Bobby stood up as he heard Sam's footsteps behind him and looked at Sam. Sam looked awful with no life in his eyes. What happened to Sam in past six months?

"It's good to see you, boy." Bobby told him as he went and hugged Sam who said nothing nor hugged him back. Bobby pulled back with all smiles.

Sam looked around the place. "What are we doing here, Bobby?" he asked.

"Well, it's the last place we're sure the Trickster worked his magic." which was somewhat of a lie. The Trickster did whatever he does when he's not visiting just to get Sam's attention at this warehouse the day before.


"So you want this thing? I found a summoning ritual to bring the Trickster here." which Bobby wasn't sure if there was any ritual to that, which he makes a mental note to look for one just in case.. The look on the Trickster face would be priceless.

Sam nodded. At this point he is up to do anything. "What do we need?"

"Blood." Bobby said flatly.

Sam snorted. Of course blood. Most everything involves with blood. "How much blood?"

Bobby suddenly looked uneasy. "Ritual says near a gallon. And it's gotta be fresh, too." which rules out blood banks from the hospital.

Sam nodded in thoughtless. "Meaning we have to bleed a person dry."

Bobby suddenly wasn't sure what the nod meant or why Sam suddenly believes the blood has to be a person as he didn't say human blood. Some rituals call for any type of blood; some people think human blood is more powerful. "And it's gotta be tonight. Or not for another fifty years." Bobby picked to say 50 years as he figured it would get Sam to decide against this whole thing and just go home and have a hot dinner.

"Then let's go get some." Sam started to leave out the door. Bobby didn't move as Bobby suddenly felt himself teleported into the next room which had a wall missing. It felt weird and looking at his double was even weirder. The Trickster stood next to him, and Bobby wondered if the two of them are somehow invisible because he swears that Sam could easily see them both from standing at the doorway. Bobby was still shock seeing Sam so willing to kill a person for some stupid ritual that may not work even if it was real.

"You break my heart, kid." Doppelganger Bobby said. Bobby inwardly was more freaked out, it was weird seeing double him talk.

Sam was taken back. "What?"

"I'm not gonna let you murder an innocent man." Bobby knew he doesn't sound that sappy. Seriously would he say that?

Sam didn't understand because he thought Bobby was okay with the plan. If this was some form of an attempt to stop him from his mission, Bobby has something coming to him of tricking him. "Then why'd you bring me here?" Sam snapped.

Doppelganger Bobby started being angry. "Why? Because it was the only way you'd see me! Because I'm trying to knock some sense into you! Because I thought you'd back down from killing a man!"

"Well, you thought wrong. Leave the stuff, I'll do it myself." Sam didn't like being yelled at, as his father always did. He won't let Bobby talk him out of doing this. He will get the Trickster with any cost. He knew this was too good to be true when he got Bobby's text in the first place.

"I told you, I'm not gonna let you kill a man." Doppelganger Bobby repeated.

"It's none of your damn business what I do!" Sam yelled back.

"You want your brother back so bad?" Doppelganger Bobby suddenly knelled down on the floor pulling out a knife out from his bag that Bobby brought that Sam didn't notice before until just then. "Fine."

Sam eyed the knife with a questionable look. What is Bobby going to do with that knife? "What are you talking about?" Sam asked with a questionable look.

Doppelganger Bobby shrugged. "Better me than a civilian." Bobby's eyes widen as he figured out what's going to happen as he watched frozen. Balls.

Doppelganger Bobby held out the the knife to Sam who is still standing there trying to figure out if Bobby was crazy or was joking. He had wondered if he stepped closer, Bobby would stab him instead.

Sam shook his head. "You're crazy, Bobby. I'm not killing you." Bobby in ways was more of a father then John was.

Doppelganger Bobby snorted. "Oh, now I'm the crazy one. Look, Sam, I'm old, I'm coming near the end of my trail. But you can keep fighting. Saving folk. But you need your brother. Let me get him back to you." Does Sam think he's suicidal? Bobby thought.

Sam shook his head. Bobby shouldn't make him choose between him and Dean. "Bobby—"

"You and Dean, you boys are the closest thing I have to family. I wanna do this." As Doppelganger Bobby handed the knife to Sam who took it in his hands with a look of determination on his face.

"Okay." he said. Bobby so wanted to run out and yell to stop this. Like this is crazy! What the hell? But he was unable to do. His feet was frozen to the ground as he was forced to watch the scene in front of him. Bobby glanced beside him where the Trickster still stood watching along with him with a smirk on his face as if he was enjoying himself.

Doppelganger Bobby nodded. "Good." as he turned around and got to his knees waiting for Sam to stab him and later drip him dry on the fake ritual. "Just make it quick."

Sam waited as if he was thinking.

"Do it, son." Doppelganger Bobby urged him.

"Yeah, okay, Bobby." something shifted on Sam's eyes that Bobby never really saw before. Oh my God, he's really going to kill his double self. Sam pulled the stake out of his shirt that was hiding in his shirt. Bobby then knew that Sam thinks his double self is the Trickster. Good try but seriously why would the Trickster pretend to be him, anyway? Putting himself in the line to be killed isn't the best idea ever. "But you wanna know why?" Sam whisper to Doppelganger Bobby's ear as he suddenly grabbed Bobby around by the throat from behind and shoved the stake through his back making sure to get to the heart as the tip went through out from Doppelganger Bobby's chest. "Because you're not Bobby."

Sam twisted the stake for good measure. Blood spurts out of the wound. Bobby eyes was widen just like his Doppelganger as the double fell onto the floor with a thud as Sam let go of the now corpse. Sam was smiling like he won the lottery as he stared at the corpse waiting.

Nothing happened.

"Bobby? Bobby! Bobby!" Sam said, slightly freaking out what to do. He just killed Bobby. What is he going to do?! Please let this be a trick! Bobby turned to look at the Trickster who kept on smiling, trying not to laugh. Bobby thought it was mean to wait a for few seconds making Sam think he really did kill him for real. Bobby himself was hurt, one of his boys had tried to kill him. Sure he thought he was the Trickster, but half the time it was the real him. Not fake him. Sam would have really killed him for Dean. The Trickster was right from the start.

Doppelganger Bobby's corpse vanished. The stake falling over with a thump, then shoot over Sam's shoulder, who stepped back to make sure he would be hit by the flying stake, into the hands of the Trickster who was smiling right behind Sam. The Trickster wouldn't stop smiling as he won the game, it always felt good. Well this time, it wasn't much of a win. In reality, they both lost. Sam turn to face him, the confusion turned to anger. This man he been searching for for six month was standing right there, and the stake that the Trickster has in his hands is his only thing that can kill him. Sam mental was freaking out how to get that stake back to kill him.

"You're right. I was just screwing with you. Pretty good, though, Sam. Smart. Let me tell you, whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional one has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands. Holy Full Metal Jacket." The Trickster was acting like they were friends, which made Sam's stress, anger and all the other emotion coming down his walls he been having up in is mind and heart. Sam wanted everything to be over. He wanted Dean back.

"Bring him back." Sam begged him. He knows the Trickster has the power for his request. Bobby was still standing in the next room watching, feeling a little awkward over the whole thing. Bobby knew that the Trickster CAN bring Dean back as Dean was never dead to be begin with. But doing so with time-travel? He wasn't so sure.

The Trickster stared at Sam. "Who, Dean? Didn't my girl send you flowers? Dean's dead. He ain't coming back. His soul's downstairs doing the hellfire rumba as we speak." Bobby didn't like the reminder that Dean was going to hell. He half wondered as it been six months, its been pasted the year on Dean's deal. Why haven't they come and get Dean? He still hasn't figured out how the Trickster's time bubble or whatever he called it works. Or time just stood still for six months and it just feels that it been that long?

"Just take us back to that Tuesday—er, Wednesday—when it all started. Please. We won't come after you, I swear." The Trickster rolled his eyes. Didn't Sam learn anything? Besides, the Trickster tried to make offering to Sam who didn't take it. Why should he take his word now? Last time Sam tried to back stab him. Its the not first time a Winchester took back their word.

"You swear." The Trickster stated of what he heard.

"Yes." Sam was at his point that he would make a deal with the Trickster. Does Trickster take souls like demons do with deals? Anything to get Dean back.

The Trickster started to pace, swinging the stake around. "I don't know. Even if I could—"

Sam knows this Trickster is powerful enough. "You can." he said.

"True. But that don't mean I should." There are lots of things that he can do. The Trickster hopes he doesn't have to do them in the future. But after this game he knew that he will. He is not looking forward to it. "Sam, there's a lesson here that I've been trying to drill into that freakish Cro-Magnon skull of yours."

Sam was confused. "Lesson? What lesson?"

Is Sam serious? "This obsession to save Dean? The way you two keep sacrificing yourselves for each other? Nothing good comes out of it. Just blood and pain. Dean's your weakness. And the bad guys know it, too. It's gonna be the death of you, Sam. Sometimes you just gotta let people go." He dropped the stake on the floor. Its worthless anyway.

Sam can't let go of his brother. He's the only person he got now. Does this mean of getting Dean back is a no? "He's my brother." Sam said.

The Trickster nodded. He understands, he tried to save one of his brothers too as well long ago. "Yup. And like it or not, this is what life's gonna be like without him."

Sam wouldn't accept it. "Please. Just—please."

The Trickster rolled his eyes in frustration. "I swear, it's like talking to a brick wall. Okay, look. This all stopped being fun months ago. You're Travis Bickle in a skirt, pal. I'm over it." the Trickster started to leave.

"Meaning what?" Sam asked. Does the Trickster mean what he think it means?

The Trickster pointed his finger at Sam with a half smile. "Meaning that's for me to know and you to find out."

The Trickster snaps his fingers.

Bobby found himself backward in time of six months ago like nothing happened, with Garth doing the phones and Dean was not in his bed anymore upstairs being a comatose vegetable. The Trickster watched as Sam woke up the on Wednesday to "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis and the News. Dean was brushing his teeth. The two brothers hugged, left while Sam still thinking about what the Trickster told him and the six months without Dean and the never ending Tuesdays. The Trickster shook his head when Sam choose not to tell Dean what happened, which started the many mistakes that the boys will do in the up coming months that would start the Apocalypse. Half the things to come would have not happened if the two boys would talk to each other and bottle everything inside from each other. If that happens, the Trickster knew he may not survive the up coming war. Not even Bobby in the end. Further back in the future is too cloudy to know for sure what might happen.

The Trickster sigh in defeat. At least he tried.

(End of Chapter)

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