Chapter 11

Merlin looked down, dazed and a little confused. Last he'd checked, he had been chained to a chair, and not hanging from the roof strapped to a bomb. Apparently Moriarty was finished with whatever experiment he'd been carrying out on him, and it looked like he didn't need Merlin anymore.

Merlin looked down again, this time really focusing on the people on the ground, before smiling. Arthur, Mycroft, Sherlock and John. Sherlock. He really came for me, he thought happily, Sherlock really does care. But then he noticed the fifth figure down there, who was looking up at him, grinning at his predicament. Moriarty. I've got to help the others, he thought, and began struggling. He saw Sherlock look up at him.

"Merlin, I hope you can swim!" he yelled.

"What?" Merlin shouted back, confused by what Sherlock meant. That was until Sherlock snatched John's gun out of the man's pocket, raised it towards Merlin, and pulled the trigger. What the hell is he thinking!

"What the hell are you thinking Sherlock, are you trying to kill him!" John cried, as the detective began shooting at Merlin.

"I'm not trying to hit Merlin, John, I'm just getting him down," Sherlock said in a matter of fact tone, as he shot the roof which the chain was fixed to. "If I can't cut the chain, I'm going to remove its fixture, then Merlin will just fall into the water."

"That's brilliant Sherlock, really, but seeing as you deleted basic physics let me remind you of a few basic laws of gravity. Velocity increases with each increment of height, and Merlin is at least twenty feet up. Every force has an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, when that bit of roof collapses, Merlin is going to hit the water as though it was a ton of bricks."

"Ah, I hadn't thought of that." Sherlock said. "But I'd rather he had a few broken bones than have him explode," and with that, Sherlock fired one final shot that sent Merlin plummeting down.

Merlin couldn't make out what his brother was saying to John, but seeing what Sherlock was doing to the roof, Merlin decided to do some basic maths. At this height of 22 feet, falling at an increasing rate, Merlin would hit the water with a force of 10.4210526371m/s². At the very least, that would result in concussion and various broken bones which in turn would inhibit his ability to swim, causing him to drown. At the worst, the angle of the impact would snap his neck, killing him instantly.

Oh shi- Merlin thought as Sherlock turned around from his conversation with John and sent off one final shot, the remaining ceiling crumbling under the impact, sending Merlin down.

"I don't want to die yet," Merlin whispered fearfully as he began falling towards the icy water below. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind, Merlin's eyes blazed a searing gold, and he stopped moving mid-air, just a few feet from the water.

"What the hell just happened?" Arthur said, staring at his best friend who was currently suspended on thin air about five feet from the water. With nothing holding him there.

"I suppose the cat is out of the bag. That, my pet, is the beauty of Drug M," said Moriarty, who looked ecstatic at the sight of the youngest Holmes.

"And what do you mean by that?" Mycroft said sharply, the usually stoic man clenching his fists at the fear on Merlin's face, eyes glowing gold.

"Ah, the eldest Holmes, it's nice to meet face to face, how are the Crown Jewels? I did look rather dashing in them-"

"What did you do Jim?"

"Alright, alright Mr Grouchy. If you must know, it's a little experiment I've been working on for a number of years now. You see what people don't realise is that magic is real. It's a part of the earth that's just out of humanity's reach, although you can see it occasionally; mothers who find the strength to lift cars off of their infants, people who manage to escape mass fires with minimal burns. Of course," he shrugged, "These are mere flukes. In the past the ability was quite common, but now very few people who can use it, can actually harness it. But that's where drug M comes in." He reached into his coat pocket and withdrew a small vial containing a crystal blue liquid that seemed to have flecks of gold in it. "This here is a very rare chemical I've managed to develop. This little beauty harnesses the natural flow of magic through us and and helps to conduct it."

"Brilliant," muttered Sherlock, his eyes fixed on Merlin, brain whirring with the possibilities of experiments he could carry out on his younger brother.

"But why inject Merlin with it, surely you wouldn't want to waste it on someone else if it's that hard to make," John asked curiously.

"Because he wanted a test subject," Arthur said angrily. "He didn't know what the effects were, and rather than try it on himself, he knew there was someone nearby who was unable to stop him."

"Well done," Moriarty said, clapping his hands. "Not as stupid as you appear, are you Arthur?" When he received no reply but a glare, Moriarty continued. "You see, Merlin here was an easy way to predict what would happen. Thanks to him, I now know how the drug works. It actually changed your genetic structure, creating channels for the magic to flow through, concentrating it through the hands and eyes. Of course, the process is rather painful unfortunately, wouldn't you say Merlin?"

"I hope it is for you," Merlin said angrily, his eyes cold as he glared at the criminal.

"Now don't be touchy Merlin, your screams were delicious to hear, wouldn't you agree Arthur?"

Merlin looked at Arthur with a confused expression, and Arthur sent back a look that said he'd explain later.

"Now I'd love to stay and chat Sherly but that bomb around Merlin's chest is set to go off in two minutes, and I'd rather not be caught up in the explosion." Merlin looked down at his chest fearfully, it appeared that even though his fall had stopped the clock hasn't. "Such a shame you didn't take me up on that job opportunity Merlin, I think you and I would have made such a great partnership. Ah well," he sighed, "I'll leave you all to say you're goodbyes." Moriarty climbed into a boat near to where Merlin was, and saluted to him. "Ciao Sherlock, I don't think we'll be seeing each other again. I hope you enjoyed the game, because I'm afraid it's over, for you at least." And with that, Moriarty started the motor, humming the tune to "So Long, Farewell" from the Sound of Music, before he was gone.

The moment Moriarty left, the others ran closer to Merlin.

"You ok there Merlin?" John asked.

"I've been kidnapped against my will twice, tortured for the past two days, I've gained freaky superpowers and now I'm going to explode. I'm just peachy."

"Well, you were the one who got yourself captured, idiot," Arthur said fondly.

"I'd rather be an idiot that a dollop-headed prat," Merlin immediately returned, grinning at his friend, before becoming more solemn. "You guys need to go now, I have no idea how large the blast zone will be."

"We're not leaving here without you," Sherlock said.

"I'm not letting you die moronically because of me."

"Look Merlin, I have spent the past two days trapped in various vehicles with Mycroft and this imbecilic friend of yours," Sherlock said, pointedly ignoring the outraged look on Arthur's face. "I've even had to sit in a plane for eight hours, all for you. I did not go through all of that just so you could become a martyr."

"Sherlock, I-"Merlin began, voice emotional at all that Sherlock had apparently done for him.

"Now," Sherlock cut in, "how are you going to get down."

"If I knew that do you really think I'd still be floating about? I don't even like flying!"

"Well, how did you end up like that?" John prompted helpfully.

"Well, I just thought I don't want to be killed by Sherlock's moronic plan, and then this happened," he said.

"Firstly, the plan was not moronic, it got you down."

"Well, technically I'm still-"

"-And secondly, have you tried thinking about moving forward, it might trigger a response."

Merlin closed his eyes. I just want to be back on dry land, he thought softly, and he felt his body move towards Sherlock and the others, before he fell onto the concrete.

"Ow," he muttered, rubbing his head.

"Graceful," came Arthur's reply.

John immediately ran forward, and pulled the bomb of off Merlin, before dragging the boy forward. "We need to move now," he said, pointing at the clock, which had twenty seconds left on it.

"We'll never make it out in time," Arthur said.

"It's a worth trying isn't it."

As the five men ran towards the exit, Merlin shut his eyes again. I want us to be safe, I just want to save us. He opened his eyes and they flared gold. "Grab my arm," he yelled at the others.

"What?" Arthur said.

"Just do it," Merlin yelled, and as they held onto him a vortex of wind whirled around them, taking them away just as a blazing inferno swept through the warehouse.

Arthur opened his eyes to find himself lying on the floor of Mycroft's house.

What the hell, he thought, last thing I remember we were running through the warehouse.

He sat up, rubbing his head and looked around to find all the others spread across the room, John fortunate enough to have landed on the couch, Merlin less lucky having ended up falling onto and breaking the coffee table.

Merlin, he thought warmly, and he went over towards his younger friend. "Merlin, wake up, Merlin!"

The younger boy jolted up, knocking heads with Arthur leaving both of them reeling backwards in pain. "What the- oh, hi Arthur," he yawned. "Why am I lying on a table?"

"Since your new found powers decided it was the best seat for you."


The two of them stayed silent for a moment longer, before Arthur offered Merlin a hand, and pulled the younger boy to his feet. Merlin stumbled a little, before Arthur pulled him over to an armchair.

"Are you alright?" asked the blonde worriedly.

"Yeah, I think using all that power just tired me out a bit, I'm not used to it yet."

"That's not what I meant," Arthur said, gesturing to Merlin's visible injuries.

"Arthur, don't worry. It's just a few cuts and bruises, and as for the-" he wiggled his fingers, "I actually think it's kind of cool. Hey, I live up to my namesake now!"

Arthur sighed in the relief that his friend was ok.

"Where were we by the way?" Merlin asked, as the others began to rouse as well. "I was kind of out of it throughout most of my time with... well you know who."

"Voldemort?" Arthur said, chuckling as he ducked the cushion Merlin threw at him. "You were in-"

"Mumbai, India," came a voice from behind them, Sherlock dusting himself off as he got up from on the floor, Mycroft starting to wake up next to him.


"No Merlin, you were in Antarctica the whole time." Sherlock said sarcastically, before taking a deep breath. "I'd like a word with you, if possible. Alone."

"I'll see you later then Merls." Arthur said, giving a look to Sherlock that said that he'd better be nice. "I'll see you back at uni, and I'll sort out the matter of where we've been."

"I'll come with you," said Mycroft. "My people will come up with a convincing enough cover story to suffice for your injuries. I'll be in touch Merlin," and with that he nodded once to Sherlock, before following Arthur out of the door.

Silence fell in the room, Sherlock building up the courage to talk to his younger brother properly for the first time in over ten years. "Merlin, I'm, I'm-"

"Sherlock, I'm sorry."

That was not what the detective had expected. "What?"

"I shouldn't have run away earlier, none of this would have happened if I had just stayed to listen to what you had to say."

"Merlin, your reaction was completely reasonable. The only person who should apologise is me. And... I am sorry. I should have told you I was alive, I only didn't because I wanted to keep you safe, and considering how well that went I suppose... I was wrong. And I didn't mean what I said all those years ago. You are one of the most brilliant, interesting people I know. You will never be boring, especially not to me."

Merlin almost laughed at the image of his usually stoic brother almost cowering over Merlin's verdict. "Sherlock, I forgave you a long time ago for what you said. Yes, it hurt me, yes it made me lose confidence, but I know it was you who helped me. You gave me someone to look up to, someone to aspire to. Of course I don't want to be exactly like you, you're an utter arse at the best of times. But you're my big brother and you've always been there for me when I really needed you."

Sherlock smiled, and in a very rare show of emotion, pulled Merlin forward into a very awkward and stiff hug.

"Alright Sherl, let go now, this is just becoming painful to look at."

Sherlock sighed in relief, before looking over his brother. "So what are you going to do about the... interesting side effects of Drug M."

"I'm just gonna deal with it as it comes, I think. And no Sherlock, I'm not letting you carry out any experiments on me."

Sherlock scowled. "But I need data in order to help you."

"No, Sherlock."

"What about-"

"I said no!"

As the two brothers bickered, John smiled from where he was lying on the chair. It looked like he was going to have another Holmes to deal with, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

Moriarty stared at the burned out wreck of the warehouse, emotionless.

"What do you want to do next, Sir, now that Sherlock Holmes is dead ?" asked Moran.

"Oh, I have a feeling I'll be seeing the Holmes' boys again. And when we meet again, I have a feeling it'll be just-" he patted his pocket, which held a little blue vial, "Magical."


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