Prologue: History Lesson

At the turn of the 21st century, both of the strongest parallel universes were at their peak. Each one held an Earth protected by great heroes capable of incredible deeds. One was guarded chiefly by a team of nine super-humans known as the Avengers; the other by a team of seven heroes known as the Justice League (or, as some people know it, the Justice League Unlimited, which contained countless heroes of great power). Every villain to face either Earth was quickly defeated by these great protectors. But their separation was short-lived.

On May 2, 2017 (it must be noted that this was the date to both universes), the two dimensions began to collapse into each other. Before midnight that historic day, the Avengers' earth faded, bleeding its inhabitants and history into the timeline of the Justice League. No one ever knew or ever could know how or why this great event, an event that would be forever known as the Collision, came to be—all they knew was that the course of the two futures would be forever changed.

And so it was. Events meant to happen were altered, replaced, postponed, expedited, even deleted altogether from history. The two timelines forming one resulted in almost-paralyzing effects. It seemed like forever before people truly adjusted to the changes—it was nearly a century later that things seemed to fall back into place. Then, at the turn of the 23nd century, just before people began to form colonies on other moons and planets, a new event marked a new direction for the course of history: a new form of the dominant species.


Modeled almost directly after homo sapiens, the anthro sapiens were essentially humanoid animals. The first beings to come from this "science experiment" were basically several creatures straight out of 20th and 21st century cartoons: the Looney Tunes. That's right, the Looney Tunes—Bugs, Daffy, Lola, all of them. It took a couple decades, but the anthros were finally accepted into society as their race began to grow. Different anthros of every kind began to blend in with humans as well as seashells in the sand.

But in the mid-2300s, science struck the planet hard. The main parts of the world were reduced to wild lands. Everything and everyone sunk into a hard, almost medieval, depression that lasted until the 2450s. History was out of touch in that futuristic Dark Age. It seemed that no one following it who did not live inside of it at some point was completely cut off from it. No one seemed to know much about that time after its fading and they were glad about it. After all, no one had bothered to hold on to the old times very much inside of that dark time, and the return to the light was basically a salvation, the very event that cut it off. The inhabitants of the new earth wished never to be reminded of that time now known as Wild Dark and completely put it out of their minds and their history. They reformed their planet after the devastation and essentially created a new world in their new future, a utopian city-planet known as Acmetropolis.

For centuries, as the future dug deeper into its varying different aspects, everything seemed perfect. Society had been near-perfected. Separate countries were now unified districts. Crime rates were the lowest they'd been since the heroes of old were around. Wars were small, few, and far between, if ever they started at all. Technology continued to advance until scientists were worried they'd start going out of jobs. Thus, at the turn of the 28th century, the basic decline of many resources and reserves seemed both a good thing and a bad thing. Their "perfect society" seemed to die out, but things were as normal as people wanted it to be.

Then it happened.

In the year 2772 (on September 19 at about 2:00 p.m., to be exact), a meteor struck the Atlantic ocean. It seemed to break off upon entering the atmosphere, preventing utter destruction, but the remnant still managed to avoid any military attempts at stopping it and finally struck. And it struck hard. The strike happened with such force that tectonic plates were set in motion; oceans seemed to flow in new directions; veils between dimensions were torn, broken, or even ruptured; and the entire planet was knocked off its axis. If this wasn't enough, the meteor's alien origins also released a shockwave of cosmic energy that coated the planet. Hundreds of people died in this catastrophe…and thousands more were mutated by it.

Within 24 hours of the actual crash, thousands of injured or shaken-up residents and thousands of newly-administered hospital patients found themselves waking up with bizarre new powers. As the citizens of Acmetropolis adjusted to their strange new world, those mutated who had chosen the wrong path began to stir up trouble all over the planet, raising the crime rate 250%. People began to lock themselves in at night, afraid to even leave their homes at day. The cops, under command of their new commissioner, Rick Gordon, began to get swarmed. And so one person, an alien named Zadavia, who had been trapped on this planet by the alien who caused the meteor, decided enough was enough.

Zadavia secretly searched through the crowds of the trashed city-planet. Eventually, she found who she was looking for. Six anthros with extraordinary abilities who had not chosen the path of villainy. Six extraordinary anthros who happened to be the descendants of the Looney Tunes themselves. So Zadavia secretly brought them together. She had the old Justice League Metro Tower restored and formed into a new headquarters for the new superhero team. She called the six chosen heroes to the tower and made them a team. Each was gifted with a special armor to protect them in battle and mark them as the heroes they were destined to be. Each had flaws to smooth out, but each would certainly prove an amazing hero worthy of the old legends. And so, granting Ace Bunny the Guardian Strike Sword she had taken with her from her home planet, she named the team leader. Said leader then decided on his new teammate, Lexi Bunny, as second-in-command. The team formed almost perfectly, becoming friends, practically family, within months. Their new HQ was modeled to their preferences and eventually formed a place they could easily call home. And so, the two bunnies, Danger Duck, Slam Tasmanian, Tech E. Coyote, and Rev Runner formed a team, a new kind of hero: the Loonatics (notice the name being modeled after their legendary ancestors).

But what no one knew at the time was that there were other heroes formed by the meteor. Heroes with secret origins that even they didn't know about at the time. Heroes who also had legendary ancestors and were now ready to live up to the family name…