Leroy Jethro Gibbs didn't know whether or not to be scared as he stared at the two redheaded women before him. One was his recently divorced wife Lilly Evens and the other was his girlfriend Shannon Clark whom he had broken up with a year before marrying Lilly. At their feet sat two little redheaded girls one was his two year old daughter with Shannon and the other his one year old daughter with Lilly. He hadn't known the two women were sisters until they had told him about it; they hadn't known either because Shannon had been kidnapped from the hospital when she had been born.

"Jethro we have to talk to you." Jethros stomach dropped this was every guys worst nightmare.

"The reason we're here is because you can't remember Sara and Lilly." Lilly and Shannons faces were grim and filled with a deep sadness.

"What are you talking about; if you think I'm gonna abandon one daughter for the other you are sadly mistaken." Gibbs snapped his eyes going cold and hard.

"Jethro calm down it's for your safety as well as ours Voldemort is after any muggle and muggle-born and I can't have you Shannon and Kelly get hurt just because of me and Sara." Lilly said her emerald eyes sad Shannons own green eyes a slightly lighter shade were filled with tears for the pain her sister was in. Gibbs knelt beside his two daughters and they looked at him Kellys eyes were more like his own ice blue but he could see green flecks in them from Shannon. Sara's eyes were a dark jade green with ice blue flecks the two could have been twins. Jethro pulled the girls close to him and hugged them tight he had been blessed with two beautiful daughters and now he had to leave one of them. Gibbs looked up if this was torture for him what were Lilly and Shannon going through they had just found each other and now they had to say good bye.

"What do we have to do?"