The gang got onto the train after saying good bye to their parents and friends.

As the train took off the compartment was visited by students checking in and being assured that the HM was going forward especially now that the war was heating up.

Draco slipped into the compartment. he looked paler than normal and tired bags darkening the skin under his eyes.

"Help." He said softly. "Please." Sara put u their privacy wards as Draco lifted his sleeve.

The Dark Mark was stark against his pale skin, the others gasped in shock as tears spilled down Draco's hollow cheeks.

"I couldnt protest." Draco whispered. "THey were threatening Mother I had to do something."
The others looked at him in sympathy."It'll be ok we'll make it work." Ron said.

Draco looked at Ron curiously after wiping his cheeks.

"What can I do?" He asked.

Ron looked over at Luna who nodded apparently they both had the same thoughts.

"Do what they've told you to do, but keep us informed." Luna said. "That way we can lay a trap and be ready."

Draco nodded bracing himself.

"He wants me to kill Dumbledore." he said outlining what he'd been told.

Ron and Luna helped him come up with a few plans

"Thanks." Draco whispered. "I'll find a way to get mother out." He said before leaving when it was announced they were close to Hogwarts.

The others went over plans before breaking up to change into uniforms.