Hi guys, I'm back! So this is my new story, basically the summary sats it all. Thank you all for reading my last story A New Vibe, glad you liked it. I actually am taking your suggestions to heart and going to try. So on with the first chapter! I don't own camp rock, just melody Gray.

Mitchie Torres and her boyfriend Shane Gray walked along the paths if the camp in silence, their hands clasped together.

"Well, were here." Shane spoke, opening the door to his cabin. He managed to close the door after Mitchie walked in before she kissed him.

"Make love to me." She whispered in his ear. Purity ring completely forgotten, they gave their body to the other that night.

Three months later a little pink plus sign had the power to change their whole life in a matter of seconds. Her boyfriend was just back from tour, how would she tell him?

"Mitchie, what is it?" Her mother asked.

Mitchie showed her the test, afraid of her mother's response.

"You're getting it out."

That's how Mitchie ended up where she eas now. At the door of Shane's apartment, clutching the test. He opened the door and immediately engulfed her in a hug.

"Hi, how are you baby?" He asked unknowingly. Baby, the little thing inside of her.

Instead of saying anything she placed the test in his hand.

Confusion crossed his face then it turned into a smile.

"Im gonna be dad?" He asked, excitedly.

"My mom wants me to get an abortion though." Mitchie whispered in his ear.

Shane's eyes widened, no he wouldn't let that happen.

"This is our baby, just ours." He said, lightly placing his hands on her stomach.

That's how on April 15, 1997 Melody Alexandra Gray was born. And Shane Gray was left to care for his daughter, alone.

So its the first chapter, kinda short. I'll try to make them longer. I hope you like it, till next week! P.s. yes it she was born in '97 so that she's 15 in current time not in the future, hope you understand that... well, till next time!