Hey guys I'm back! So sorry I haven't updated Iin what seems like forever but I have my reasons. Two weeks ago I had contest. Then last week mom Iinsisted we take a family outing Iin which no electronics would be aloud . So now I'm updating in study hall. Hope you enjoy one of the last chapers of My Rocker.

Melody slowly opened her eyes, meeting the sweet brown onesof her boyfriend. Her heart thundered in her chest as she continued to see fireworks.

"I'm sorry Melody I didn't-"

Peter was abruptly cut off as Melody pressed her lips to his. It was sweet and innocent like the first one, but it was far from being shy. The teens broke apart after the need for air became too great.

Hand in hand they went, a comfortable silence between them.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Melody whispered before going into her cabin.

Once inside a one hundred watt smile took over her face.

It was now or never. She had to confront her dad.

"Mels where are we going?" Peter asked as she tugged on his hand. She stayed silent as they approach the directors cabin.

"Please tell me why we're here." He pleaded.

Instead of answering she knocked on the door. She opened it, seeing her dad sitting at his desk chair her mom next to him, her head on his shoulder.

"Hey rocker." Shane greated with a smile on his face.

"Dad, mom...I have to tell you something." She said, the couples hearts hammering in synch.

"Anything." Her parents answered in unison.

"Peter and I are...we're-together."

Shane and Mitchie gave eachother a look before she went over to the young couple.

"Yeah, we know. Anything else you want to tell us sweetheart?"

Melody gave her mother a weirded out look.

"H-how do you know?" She asked, bewildered.

"We just did." Mitchie said, taking her daughter's hanf and leading her outside, leaving Peter with Shane.

After what felt like hours but really were only a few seconds.

"Just a warning young man. You break my daughter's heart and I will bury you alive and dance ontop of your grave then I'll dig you back out and get the razors and lemon juice. I-AM-NOT-EXAGGERATING." He spoke sternly. Just then Mitchie and Melody walked back in, a huge smile on his daughter's face.

"I'll see you later. Love you." She said, standing at her boyfriend's side. He was cautious when it came to holding her hand, considering they were in the presence of her parents.

Once they had left Mitchie gave Shane a stern look.

"You threatend the poor boy didn't you?"

So I guyss you can count this a a filler cconsidering that not much happened. So, for those of you that have seen frozen I'm thinking of writing a HansxElsa fic, tell me what you would think if I did. Well, till next time!