So a lot of you guys have been asking why Mitchie left, she comes back, but it all comes out in future chapters. Trust me, ive got it all planned out. So the story it going to be basically Melody is a few months old, five years old, 15 years old, were it really focus on. So on with the story!

"Mitchie, Melody needs her mother and father both, not one to be both!" Shane exclaimed.

"I have to do this for me, I'll be back, someday." She said, walkingout Iif their lives.

The young popstar looked at his sleeping daughter in his arms, a spitting image of him. He gently layed her down in her car seat before walking out of the hospital room.

Walking out of the hospital the paparazzi were having a field day.

"Shane, Shane over here!"

"Is this your daughter?"

"Where's Mitchie."

He ignored them all and continued walking with his daughter. He drove home, small tears falling down his cheeks.

Once home he climbed the stairs, lying his little rocker down in her crib. She would grow up without a mother, but he would give her all his love.

Shane quietly packed up all the things Mitchie had left there, which wasn't much, but his poor heart couldn't even bare that.

The months went by, Melody being loved by everyone, but mostly her dad.

One night in summer, Shane was lying in bed in his cabin, Moses basket next to him, photo album in his lap. Containing photos of him and Mitchie.

As he looked through them he remembered the love they shared, true and unconditional.

"Why would you leave us?" He whispered to no one in ccontinued to look through them, tears falling from his eyes and into the plastic coated pictures.

A small cry to his right brought him out of his thoughts. Melody.

"What's wrong rocker?" He asked, picking her up, even though he knew she wouldn't answer. He had just changed her an hour ago, maybe she was hungry the musician figured.

Wrapping her in a blanket and putting a shirt on he ventured with is baby out and to the mess hall. Baby in one arm and formula in the other.

He quietly opened the back doors of the mess hall that lead to the kitchen, turning on all the lights in the process.

Five minutes later there was a bottle in Shane's hand, little Melody cradled in his arm, sucking greedily on the bottle.

Her eyes dropped and the bottle fell from her mouth, now empty. Shane gently burped her, then headed back to their cabin. That was the night he vowed that Mitchie and Melody would be the only two girls he would ever love

*1 year later*

"Okay rocker, Stay here with auntie Caitlyn and daddy will be back in a few minutes." Shane said, handing her over to Caitlyn.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine." She reassured the over protective father. He smiled, running onto the stage.

The concert was nearing it's end when a familiar tune started playing, Gotta Find You.

Shane smiled at the memories before he started singing.

Melody perked up when she heard her daddy's voice singing her song. She got up from where dhe was sitting with Caitlyn in the wings and walked onto the stage.

Everyone in the audience started cooing, and the boys were slighty confused as to why. Then Shane felt something wrap around his leg. Looking down he saw Melody hugging his leg, while standing up. He picked up his daughter and she wrapped her chubby arms around his neck.

"Mine!" She exclaimed into Shane's mic, where it echoed through the entire stadium.

He hugged he, tears of joy shinning in his eyes. Years ago on a day like that he had met Mitchie and a year after they had gone ontheir first date . Now their daughter had just taken her first steps and said her first word.

If you ask me, it was a really sucky chapter ending but it was the only thing I could come up with hehe... soi hope you liked it, I'm really trying to make the chapters longer. Well, until next time! Thank you to those that had suggestions or metioned something that inspired a part in this chapter! Also, thank you for reviewing! ! 'Till next time!