Chapter One

Britain, North Cove, Zabini Manor

This house, a mansion really, had been his home ever since his life had really began. The dark, red wood paneling and luxury decorum was now a familiarity that he hadn't ever known had existed, back in the first eleven years of his life. Eleven years, one year over a decade, of cramped nights under the stairs like some embarrassing relic that his relatives had wanted to hide from the public. Eleven years of cooking and cleaning house for a home that was never really his. Eleven years spent in hardship on the whim of a senile old man far past his prime.

Then, Hadrian had been introduced to magic, and everything had changed. Most of the year was spent at a fantastical castle that held a surprise around every stone-walled corner, and an entire forest of impossible beings in it's backyard. And for three months after the school year let out, he was taken in by a lovely lady with a dark, exotic beauty about her. Her name was Marchiel, and she was a widow with a son he'd become close to, whose name was Blaise. They shared the same house of Slytherin-much to a certain Potion Master's ire, it seemed.
He had never really been sure why Severus Snape had detested him so, until he'd come into his third year with a secret. A secret much similar to Marchiel's.

Marchiel was a Seer, of the Past and Future, who ranked as as a Hand of Guidance keeper in the International Seers Guild(ISG). She was the one who had discovered Hadrian cured up in agony at the foot of his bed, hands clasped over his eyes, which had been burning in his skull. Hadrian had always been an impersonal child. He liked to remain neutral and wasn't fond of being forced to chose a side in much of anything. When Marchiel had taken him to see the Council of the ISG to have him assessed and ranked, he had just been settling into his new… person.

Because he'd changed, that night. His eyes had been opened, and everything had just made… sense.

Snape disliked him because he reminded him of his father, who's tormented him when they were school children. Snape was impartial to him, because his acidic green eyes brought remembrance of his mother, whom Snape had loved dearly.

Draco treated him unfairly because he was envious of him. Draco had parents who didn't seem to care for his existence,while Hadrian had had parents who had given up their lives for him. Hadrian also saw, however, that Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were afraid of spoiling Draco, and babying him. They knew a terrible event was approaching, because how could a baby defeat a dark lord? They needed Draco to be strong, so he would live. because they loved him. They were also blind to just how far their coldness had pushed their son away from them. Hadrian knew they would finally open their eyes and see just what they had done, and it would happen soon.

Blaise had been jealous when he'd learned Hadrian was a Seer, just like his-their-mother. He'd gone through a phase when he'd been young, when he had wanted to be like the woman he idolized, who cared for and loved him so desperately. But the gene hadn't been passed on.

Blaise had gotten over it, however, and had only suffered a quicksilver spike of envy when he had heard the news. It was speedily demolished and forgotten, however, when Blaise requested of his mother to blood adopt Hadrian into their family.

That had been, perhaps, when he'd first and truly saw this manor as his home. When he could walk the halls, raw pale skin turned to a velvety olive that was alike to the ones living in them, and feel as if he belonged there. His once round eyes had been switched out for the lovely cat-shape that ran through Marchiel's ancestors, and the unruly black hair notorious of the Potters laid flat and silky smooth, growing at a fast rate when it had once barely ever grown at all. It had reached just past his shoulders when September had reached them.

Hadrian Dmitri Zabini had entered school a newly appointed Intuitive-Precognitive Prophet, with the secret mark of a Seer over his left collarbone.

Hadrian had left the school running for his life.

A seer was a person who had the power to go against Lady Fate, and Lady Fate wasn't fond of her plans being overruled by the Hands of Intervention. Hadrian, like Marciel, however, was a Hand of Guidance, and worked alongside Lady Fate-usually.

That was how the ISG operated. There were four different branches of positions to be held; Hands of Intervention, Guidance, Mediation, or Instigation.

Hands of Instigation were mostly disciples of Prophecies, and had vague seeing abilities like Clairvoyance, Channeling, or Automatic Writing. They were tasked with making sure Prophecies were followed through correctly-or at least, handled the way that provided the least bloodshed, as Prophecies were known to fulfill themselves if ignored. A lot of the hands of Intervention were Seers tied to a specific prophecy, and their Seer abilities were strongest when that particular prophecy was being carried out. Once their prophecy was fulfilled, their seer abilities faded into the background, or dwindled in power.

Hands of Mediation were there to make sure that the Hands of Instigation and Hands of Intervention didn't get too unmanageable. They were like the policing force of the Seers, and their abilities were of the more powerful kind, like Psychometry and Remote Viewing.

The Hands of Guidance, which was the branch Hadrian belonged to, were basically freelance Seers. They allowed their Sight to guide practically their every move, and were often chosen as mentors for the new Seers. Those of the Guidance branch were often called the Hands of Fate herself.

The Hands of Intervention numbered the fewest, perhaps because even Seers had senses self-preservation, and no one wanted to purposefully annoy Lady Fate. But there were some to be had, and they were normally a rowdy bunch, causing all sorts of trouble for the Hands of Mediation by trying to steer prophecies in a direction they weren't meant to go, or directly challenging Lady Fate by perhaps trying to stop one. Their abilities powered the weakest, such as slight precognition, ESP, clairaudience, channeling or acting as a Medium.

If he looked to See, Hadrian was quite certain that, in some other timeline, Blaise had ended up as a Hand of Intervention and caused their mother no end to her troubles.

He'd told his family so, and they'd both laughed uproariously.

As he thought about the two people most precious to him, he couldn't help the lone tear that trailed gently down his cheek to disappear into the collar of his shirt. Seers of the Guidance branch were notorious unbiased and always looked at even the smallest event from all possible angles. They were known for their normally bubbly, cheerful, or rather optimistic personalities, and for their all-encompassing kindness. They were the literal True Neutrals.

But even a Seer was only human. They felt emotions and, even with the natural skill to ignore them, were prone to eventually give in. Seers had an amazing talent to maintain their innocence. For all that they See-the good, the bad, the terrible, even the unspeakable-they remained… detached from it all. Experiences like this don't affect them like they would a normal person. They just don't seem to stick.

But Hadrian would miss his family so, so much. Fate was sometimes cruel, and for all that She loved the Hands of Guidance, Hadrian was special. Special in the way that he was fated to be, destined to be.

He pressed a gentle hand to the face of the mirror and watched as it sent gentle ripples across the usually cool, smooth surface. He stared at his reflection, reaching up to tuck his long bangs behind his ears. The rest of the black, silky mane was currently done up in a tight braid, reaching down to just past his waist. He fiddled with the collar of his oriental-styled shirt, not really wanting to move from his spot.

But it was time to go, now. He closed his eerily bright jade eyes and allowed his Sight to guide him. It was telling him to fall, so fall he did.

He was unconscious just as his head passed through the mirror.

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Power Bestowal

- Ability to bestow powers or jump-start latent powers.

Bone Manipulation

-Like Spyke's mutation, but it would be used more like Kimimoro from Naruto.

Reactive Adaptation

-Ability to develop a resistance or immunity to whatever they were injured by or exposed to.

Oxygen Independance

-Ability to go without breathing.

Psionic Blast

-Ability to overload another's mind causing pain, memory loss, lack of consciousness, force them into a vegetative state, or cause death.

Psychic Weapons

-Ability to create a weapon of psychic energy that can harm mentally and not physically.

Probability Manipulation

-Ability to alter probability, causing unlikely things to happen, or likely things not to happen.

Energy Constructs

-Ability to create complex shapes (such as giant boxing gloves or cages) or even functional machinery (such as fire extinguishers or laser rifles) out of solid energy. (Think Uryu and his bow from Bleach).

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