"Marceline, The Vampire Queen." She said, floating above the pink girls head, strumming sweet low notes on her beloved axe bass.

"A queen huh? Well I'm a princess. Princess Bubblegum." The little pink girl said staring up at the vampire. "Maybe you could teach me to be a queen too."

"Sure thing. First off, you need a better name than bubblegum. What else you got?" Marceline said, stopping her strumming.

Bubblegum huffed, slightly offended. "Bonnibel." She said

"Lets go with Bonni. Yeah that's got a ring to it." The vampire said picking the strumming back up.

11 years later…

Marceline floated just above Bonnibel's bed, her hair pulled into a pony tail. Upside down her head rested on the bed while the rest of her floated upwards at an angle.

With a sigh she closed her eyes and smiled.

"What are you so happy about?" Bonnibel asked returning to her room from her science lab.

Marceline tilted her head down to see a clear view of her best friend. She smiled and said "Oh nothing. I've just had a good week."

Bonnibel heaved herself onto the bed, taking off the chemistry goggles on her head and setting them on her dresser. "Yeah I'm sorry I haven't seen you much. I've been so busy." Bonnibel sighed but with opposite enthusiasm of Marcelines.

"It's alright. I know you work hard." Marceline said turning over in mid air. She looked as if she was laying on her stomach with her head resting on arms folding out in front of her, legs kicked up behind her. "So, I met some one." She said with a blush.

Bonnibel faked intrigue, "Oh who is it?" Another one of her relationships that last a week, Bonnibel thought. Though her fake enthusiasm didn't seem to do the trick. Marceline's smile turned into a frown.

"What's with the sarcastic tone?" Marceline asked.

Bonnibel sighed again "Listen, Marc, I just hear you talk about meeting some one every other week. You get hurt every time you do. I just don't feel so excited about it any more. It'll happen every week and I don't want to see you hurt any more." She tried to put it as sensitive as her over used brain could let her.

Marceline's brow furrowed "What the hell Bonni? Am I a bother to you?"

Bubblegum sighed for a third time. "Can we talk about this another time. I'm tired."

Marceline floated to a standing position "Sure princess, though I can't say I'll be around much. This guy is really special. Not that you want to hear about it, Glob Bonnibel you make me sound like a whore."

Bonnibel was starting to lose her patience "I said nothing of the sort, you just have a lot of relationships and none of them ever last." Including the one we had, Bonnibel thought, pushing it out of her mind quickly though. Thinking about it only made her sad.

Marceline looked shocked, she floated over to Bubblegum's open balcony door "Atleast I have relationships. You just lost your last one. Goodnight Princess, hope your enjoy your lab time, I won't bother you with my life any more."

And with that she was gone, off into the dark night.

Bonnibel was asleep within seconds.