The life poured back into her stiff body. It started at her finger tips and led back up her arms. The last thing to revive life was her heart, and it began to gently push blood through her veins. Her body may be functioning in reality but her mind was not. It's not particularly easy to bring a body back to life, or for a mind to be able to process it.

Her empty veins flowed with what little blood she had. This was sensed by the vampire floating not oo far away. Marceline had an ability, as a vampire, to sense the slightest movement. Most of the time it was only while she was on the defensive, and right now she definitely was. Who wouldn't be after the kingdom had been burnt to the ground? But she pushed the thought of Fionna to the back of her mind when Bonnibel, with a tear stained face, come back down into the sewers alone.

"Where's Finn?" Marceline asked as she ran to Bonnibel.

"He took off. I showed him my secret basement, where I keep all the seeds to rebuild the Kingdom. I was hoping it would convince him to stay. But he left, determined to destroy the Lich."

"The Lich!?" Marceline was taken aback. "I forgot he was in the amber in the tree tower."

"Finn said he wasn't. The Lich was the one who started the attack. Finn said he saw the amber and the Lich wasn't there. He couldn't have sent the attack from here so he's been out." Bonnibel said, trembling. She had almost lost her life to the Lich thanks to the Ice King being a doofus. Bonnibel hugged Marceline, looking over her shoulder and to Fionna. Then she froze.