Insignificant Series: Explanation

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Summary: "Isn't something missing?" Everyone looked at each other, some in puzzlement, others in nonchalance. "I don't know what you're talking about, Reborn. What are you talking about?" The man only stared blankly at the sunset, looking at the birds passing by them in flocks, and the singular dragonfly that stopped here and there to feed on the grass.

"I'm not sure, Colonello. But it feels like someone is missing." Said missing person only sat there above them on the hidden porch that was located on the very left if the cottage. He frowned sadly at the people he once called his friends.

"Isn't someone missing me?"

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Story Line: Since young, Sawada Tsunayoshi has been through rough and tumble. He has been through thick and thin, and it has shown in his behavior. The first words that he heard, "Please, please forgive him. He didn't mean wrong," was the words that Nana, his step-mom (his real mother died in a car accident) spoke to his father and her husband; one would argue that the two were not the same person, but in actuality, they were.

When Tsuna was young, his father had left him to die after Rumiko, Tsuna's real mom, died in the accident. It was only after he met Nana that he reconsidered his actions and brought Tsuna back into the family. However, in the first few weeks, he began to again rethink his idea to take Tsuna into the house. Tsuna, who just turned one or two, began to show signs of slowness...and it infuriated his father. He began to scream at the child, but Nana, who loved him immensely, begged for her husband to have mercy on the boy, which is why Tsuna heard those words. Not understanding the words, Tsuna repeated the words to himself at night, hoping he would understand them.

Because of his family state, he grew up as a quiet and very depressed child, hence the "he was able to stop his depression fits." I am not explaining that yet; give me time. His father pretty much ignored the child, but as he started to see some worth in the child, he payed attention to him once in a while, which Tsuna ate like a candy cane. He learned on his own-with the help of his cheerful mother-the act of courage and independence. It was only when his father left the house that Nana became depressed again. Tsuna's memories of his first words made it even harder on Nana, and she fell into a permanent depressed state. It was also at this time that she began to distance herself from Tsuna, in hopes that she herself will eventually feel better.

This is when his life took a change for the better. However, because his parents had never taught him anything, Tsuna was terrible at anything he put his hands to do. But because of his bright personality, people talked to him, and he was able to have some sort of social life.

Some might argue that it was at this time that Checker-Face revisited Namimori and changed the pace of the people. The people no longer noticed Tsuna...or...forced themselves not to notice him. It really depends on how you look at the situation. Think about it. If someone was talking to you, but you didn't want to talk to them, wouldn't you ignore them purposefully? You could still hear them, but you choose to ignore them for the sake of your benefit. I will leave that interpretation up to you, but you know that is what happened to Byakuran. Anyways, Tsuna became discouraged at the sudden change and tried to socialize outside of his comfort zone, but they "looked through him".

While Tsuna went through turmoil with his loneliness, Nana began a psychological pattern of Time Trap (that's what I call it), and it is basically when a person is extremely depressed, and therefore begins to disengage from their surroundings in a conscious state, while unconsciously preforming the tasks that they consciously do. This is why Nana always asks the same question every day for years, and Tsuna, with his own problems, is unaware of it. (This depression is caused by Tsuna's father, who despised him and then left the both of them for the love of his work.)

Doesn't anyone else find that it is odd that Tsuna, who was ignored for most of his life, was suddenly given friends at the age of 14? It wasn't like they transferred in from another city, they were there the whole time...

In any case, like a miracle, Tsuna finds friends at fourteen...he finds people who didn't ignore him. As shown, the person who was the closest to him was Reborn. Everyone else had varying levels, but were not as close. (For instance, Gokudera and Yamamoto were equal, but they were more important than Skull and Colonello.) And then, like a B-rated drama, all of his sudden happiness dissipated into thin air as Yamamoto and his father got into that car accident. Yamamoto's dad died, but he survived...with life changing scars. He is paralyzed, as we all know, and those two, cold, hard truths form a shock in the minds of Tsuna's friends.

Tsuna, not knowing anything else and being somewhat socially challenged, suggested that they would include Yamamoto in activities that would make him feel better. There were two things wrong with this statement, though. Yamamoto could not move, so even if they included him in any of the activities, he could not actually participate in them...which causes a larger scar than the one he has now. (How does it do this? Think about it. If you were in a sport, for instance, and you were benched because you had a broken limb...and everyone else around you was playing, how would that make you feel?) and the second thing was that Yamamoto's father is dead, and asking them to play after that...from everyone else perspective, was too morbid and sad. Therefore, Reborn snapped at him, and Tsuna, not knowing any other way to recuperate, sulked in the park a few ways from the funeral.

That was a bad move as well.

If Tsuna had three strikes, he blew all of them in the time of a few days. Gokudera and Yamamoto distanced themselves from him because they believed that Tsuna did not care (although he did) and they did not care to investigate. Tsuna had tried to explain himself to them, but the damage was done. Their relationship was over as far as they were concerned.

Reborn neglected Tsuna out of spite at first, and that spite dissipated as he genuinely forgot who Tsuna was. Wanting to fix that empty hole in his life, he instead hung out more with his other friends. Tsuna and Reborn met that day, but Tsuna did not approach him because he was curious what Reborn would say and Reborn did not notice that Tsuna was there.

Reborn asked his friends if they felt the same emptiness that he did, but when there came a negative response, he simply gave up asking them. Tsuna was elated that Reborn remembered him, because it showed that Reborn had cared for him deeply. But Tsuna was also upset at Reborn because he felt as though Reborn didn't like him enough, cherish him enough, to have remembered him...although he WAS the closest to him. His mother was in a trance, and his father gone. So Reborn was the only one left.

Tsuna them felt that there was nothing left, and so he felt that the best thing to do was to kill himself. Even if he were to keep living, there would be nothing to live for. His friends pretend (or not? Who knows; maybe they really forgot about him) to forget him, and his mother was in, like I said before, a Time Trap. Teachers never paid attention to him anymore (its not like they ever truly did...), and acquaintances stared through him like air. He was alone; there was nothing left in this town, and feeling that it was his fault and he should die, he jumped off of a hospital roof.

You can guess how that plan went.

To further prove that no one cared or even remembered him, let's look at Nana and Tsuna's father, Iemitsu. They were talking happily, as they were reunited after such a long time. This...disease of forgetfulness affects Iemitsu more than Nana, and there are several reasons for this. (This will be shown in the next explanation chapter...hopefully you'll be interested...) But in any case, Iemitsu asks Nana if something was missing. There are two reasons for this.

One: It shows that Tsuna is indefinitely gone from all of the lives of Namimori, and that the disease will affect everyone who was affiliated with him.

Two: It shows that Nana, who was in Time Trap, didn't even notice that her son (who was with her the whole entire time) was missing.

A/N: I decided to make explanation chapters for all three chapters. If, after I am completely done, ya'll are still interested, then sure I will make a sequel. I already have the name for it; it is called Abominations. I will be putting out a poll for anyone who is interested in me writing a sequel. If no one is interested after a certain period of time, then these last three chapters will be indefinitely the last.

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