Hey guys! This is my first fanfic, so go easy on me ok! I was just finishing the Enchantress when I thought of this story. I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if all of the characters go camping?" So here I am, writing a fanfic about immortals going camping. I am also adding some new characters to the story. So please review and tell me what you think. Hope you enjoy it! I own nothing!

Characters: BOYS: Marethyu(Josh), Count of Saint-Germain, Palamedes, Will Shakespeare, Billy the Kid, Black Hawk, Niten, Nicholas Flamel, and Niccollo Machiavelli.

Girls: Sophie Newman, Tsagaglalal, Scathach, Aoife, Joan of Arc, Virginia Dare, and Perenelle Flamel.

Prologue: Pacific Heights, 2 years after the Battle of Danu Talis

It was a nice summer day in June. Sophie was watching American Idol with the A/C set on high, and the fan blowing. There were empty tubs of ice cream littered across the table, and another one on Sophie's lap. "Uggh! It's sooo hot today", groaned Sophie as she shoved a spoon full of ice cream into her mouth.

Suddenly,as fast a blink of an eye, the screen suddenly went black. "Hey, I was watching that...", then she realized that nobody was home. Then, the screen came back to life and a VERY familiar face was seen in it. "Josh!" exclaimed Sophie excitedly. "Or should I call you Marethyu?"

"Hi, sis! How are things going?" asked Josh, equally excited. Sophie wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Good. How about you?" "Great, everything is quite peachy here", answered Josh as he scanned the living room. "So where's Tasagaglala?"

"Hmm...Oh Tsasgaglala!" remembered Sophie."She just left a couple of hours ago to go shopping with Scathach. So why did you call?"

Josh was caught of guard by the question, and quickly regained his senses. "Oh..well...um...I just been thinking that...Its been a long while since we've spent some time together..." Sophie grinned and raised an eyebrow at her brother's hesitation. "Yes, go on".

"I was thinking that we can maybe go camping", Josh blurted out quickly."You know, like the old days." The prospect of going camping made Sophie ecstatic. "Awesome! Hey, can we invite all the immortals, too?"asked Sophie. Josh's face broke into a huge smile. "Of course! In fact, invite Palamedes, Will, see if Nick and Perry can make, Scathach and Aoife, and Niten, Billy the Kid and Black Hawk, check if Virginia is available, and see if Machiavelli can come. Oh, and Tsagaglala and Saint Germain and of course, Joan."

As he finished, Sophie was rapidly creating a list if people to invite. "...And Germain, and Joan. There, got it!" exclaimed Sophie. "Good", said Josh, "And remember to pass out these t-shirts for them to wear. Ah, can't wait to see all of you there tomorrow! Ta-ta!" Then the screen went blank, then turned on to American Idol. Sophie slumped back down onto the couch, as a wooden chest full of "I LOVE CAMPING" t-shirts magically appeared on her right.

There was a light smile on her face as she rested her eyes for a few moments. Wait...Where are we suppose to go?! she suddenly realized, and jolted upright frantically. To her relief, Josh came on the screen again and said, "Oh, I almost forgot! I did a favor for Chronos, and in return he sequenced a leygate in your backyard. It is connected to where we will be camping for the next five days. Bye!" Then he vanished.

Now you tell me! Thought Sophie. So then she took out her phone and began making phone calls to the various named immortals.

To be continued...

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