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Day 4 10:00 pm

The trap was set. On top of a lone tree in the middle of a desolated clearing, Billy the Kid held onto a metal cage. His only job:to drop that thing like it's hot once the ferocious beast, Gici Awas, comes along. Their primary bait is a fat, bloated and juicy salmon. It is filled with an ancient Native American potion, that causes to subject to vomit profusely. The immortals knew then that they cannot easily kill the bear, so this is the next best thing. Plus, it's enviromentally friendly. Therefore, their main goal is to retreive the precious Spring Crystal at any cost.

Billy was sitting in a tree, whistling an old western tune, when his walky-talky suddenly emmited a sharp shreik of static. It almost caused him to fall out of the tree...again! He reached for it and asked,"Hello?"

Virginia's voice was urgent on the other side. "Billy, don't mess this up! We're all counting on you! Best of luck, no pressure!" Then she hung up.

"Well geez, that totally made me not nervous", he spoke sarcastically to himself. Another call came in, this time from Josh.

"Billy, are you ready yet? You still have the cage with you?"

"Yes", he answered firmly.

"Good. Remember, timing is everything. Drop the cage on the bear when it's unaware." The call ended with a series of beepings and static noises.

Billy put the walky-talky away and began leaning back against the rough bark of the tree. He inhaled deeply. Internally, he was actually terrified of what he is tasked to do. Witnessing the events of the previous day, he now realizes that the Gici Awas is beast to be reckoned with. He also has a fractured ankle to prove it! What would they do without Tsagaglala?

Gosh, that old lady sure did wonders for my ankle! To calm his nerves a bit, he softly sang to himself. "Gonna catch me a bear. Gonna catch me a bear. Gonna a drop a cage on it and catch me a bear..."

Okay okay, so it's not a billion dollars hit, but it's quite something.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group, now also fully healed and mustache-free, have spread around the clearing. The hid amongst the decaying vegetation of the forest, lurking slyly and carefully. Their faces were painted in camouflage to better blend in with the surroundings and "to bring a little combat flare", as Scatty so put it. Everyone of them is armed, either with magical abilities or weapons and carries a walky-talky.

"Everyone in position?" asked Josh into his device. Sophie sat beside him in their secluded hidden spot.

"Just peachy keen", replied Palamedes and Will.

"Oh god, there's so many mosquitos!"cried Francis, not really answering the question."Why are they only bothering me?!"

Josh rolled his eyes while Sophie giggled lowly.

Joan's voice then sounded through saying, "Please ignore Francis, and we're fine. We'll be ready for sure...well if Francis can man-up and stop complaining about insects." She added slyly.

"Hey!" cried an offended Francis. "You know I can still draw another mustache on you, right?"

Josh abruptly hung up, while Sophie now began to laugh out loud. "Oh, how so amusing are they", remarked Sophie between laughs."They must be my favorite immortals ever, after Nick and Perry of course."

Josh couldn't help but grin broadly. "Yeah, Francis should have really brought some insect repellent."

Sophie stopped laughing and said, "He did."

Josh was stumped."Well...then he should have brought some better repellent."

Then both of them started laughing again, momentarily forgetting about the terrible, fire-breathing beast that they are attempting to trap. Eventually one-by-one, the rest of the immortals sounded in their content.

"G-G-Good to go",stuttered Machiavelli nervously, as the last person to reply. The white-haired Italian vigorously said his prayers. Seriously, if he wasn't Death, I would definitely give him a piece of my mind!

"Everybody try to stay calm and do not make any noise!", stressed Josh as he broadcast his instructions to the immortals. "When Billy drops the cage, all of us attack together."

"Are we going to kill it?" asked Virginia Dare.

Josh sighed deeply. "No we are not." As soon as he said those words, disappointed groans rose from the more adventerous types of the bunch.

"I repeat that we are not going to kill it", continued Josh. "Black Hawk shall explain it to you."

Josh came off the line, and soon after Black Hawk came on. "Listen up! I have filled our salmon bait with a toxic that will cause the Gici Awas to vomit-"

"EWWWWW", was the universal response.

Black Hawk's demeanor remained indifferent. "-and when it does, hopefully the Crystal will come out with it. This is the best option we have, since it's practically impossible to kill. We just need to restrain it long enough for the toxic to take its effect. Any questions?"

Surprisingly, there was none. So they stayed still and they waited. Minutes turned into hours, as the immortals sat on pins and needles nervously anticipating the approach of the elusive Gici Awas.

"Are you scared, Palamedes?" asked Will in a hushed tone. His hand rasped the side of his makeshift rifle.

"Of course I am",admitted the Moor."We were almost roasted alive by the monster, remember?"

Will paled as his face contorted in horror. "I thought I told you never to bring it up!"

Palamedes gave him a serious look. "But you were the one who started it", he retorted decisively."And you better keep that so-called rifle in check."

Will stuck out his tongue like a child and so did Palamedes.

Scatty, Aoife, and Niten sat and meditated in composed tranquility. Their auras glowed ever so faintly around them.

"So how is your head, Niten?" asked Scatty with some curiosity.

Niten instantly lift his hand to his head. "It's doing much better, thank you. How's your face?"

Scatty smiled wanly and replied,"Well I'm a vampire, so it instantly healed itself. But I can still clearly feel the intense heat of fire burning against my skin." The Shadow then lifted her knees to her chest and hugged her shins.

"I am still shocked at how poweful the Gici Awas turned out to be",said Aoife. "I mean...we've fought against countless other horrors, beasts, and monsters before. This one has got to be one of the worst."

She then took out the remains of one of her sword, that was now in two pieces. "Whoa", breathed Niten in astonishment."Did the Gici Awas do that?"

Aoife nodded. "Yup. Broke it clean in two with just one bite." A feeling of ruefulness rose up in her, but it was quickly supressed. "Eh, I'll just get a new one later."

"If we survive that is", stated the Japanese solemnly. "What? It's a real possibility."

Aoife smiled gently as she leaned over to give her husband a quick kiss. Scatty had to bit her lower lip tightly.

"Don't worry about it, Niten. I will let nothing hurt you."

Niten took hold of his wife's hand and squeezed it. "And I will do the same for you. I love you."

"I love you too."

The couple stayed that way for a while, completely lost in time as they stared lovingly at each other. Scatty faked gagging.

Eventually, the hours added up and each of the immortals fell under the notorious spell of sleep. Even the vampire twins had to resign for the night, though they did not completely shut down. So the night went on that way, without a single disturbance...yet.

1:35 PM


The upcoming dawn was welcomed by a distinctively blood-curdling roar. Not exactly the ideal way you would want to start off the day. All of the sleeping immortals bolted awake, totally freaking out and confused. Billy almost fell out of the tree, but caught himself at the last second. Machiavelli became frightened and clung on to Tsagaglala for protection...which is quite embarrassing. The vampire warriors, along with Niten and Joan of Arc sprang into combat positions, even though they are barely awake and unbalanced. Will and Palamedes scrambled up to their feet, bumping their heads together in the process. Francis woke up with a start and thinking that the Gici Awas is attacking, activated his powers and frantically blast out streams of fire. While most of the inferno strayed towards the sky, a few actually managed to hit plants and trees and animals. Literally, he could have just destroyed the entire forest singlehandedly right there.

Only the former Twins of Legend were able to keep their cool. Josh and Sophie stood back-to-back as they carefully watched their surrpoundings. Josh's hands glowed and became covered in a gloves of golden light. In one hand, Sophie held a multi-colored flame, while the other held a ball of wind.

Black Hawk was leaned against the base of a tree, deep in a dreamless sleep. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide with alert.

"The Gici Awas...it has come."

To be continued...

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