Hi! I'm really sorry the last chappy was so short, my creativity with this has sort of dried up :( But! I am writing a different FanFic, it's called The Bronze Trio. You have to read it to get the gist of the story...:) This will be the last chapter for a while, I may come back to it. For now though, this is one I've been longing to do since the start, but it's out of order from the others. Enjoy!

Albus and Lucy

Work it out

"LUCY!" thirteen year old Al chased his little cousin all over the Potter household. She was giggling madly, waving around his Gryffindor tie and his secret teddy bear for the entire family to see.

She streaked across the garden and leapt into the lower branches of a tree. Little did she know that Al had been climbing that very since he could walk and followed her up.

When he got a hold of her, Al shook the eleven year old so hard that she fell her teeth rattle. Lucy looked up at him in surprise and hurt as he snatched Snuffles (his toy dog) back from her and stalked away across the grass.

Harry and Percy watched the scene unfold from where they were standing by the window. They looked at each other. Lucy and Al had never gotten on particularly well, but they were old enough to know better.

"We need to do something about this." Percy said, taking off his glasses and wiping them on his shirt.

"Yes." Smiling, Harry beckoned Percy to follow him. "I have just the thing."

Al walked back inside. He could hear Lucy's running footsteps behind him, but he didn't turn around. He had nothing to say to her. He was just passing the cupboard under the stairs, when it was flung open and his father leapt out.

"What the-?" The next couple of minutes were a scramble. He wrestled with his father, before Uncle Percy managed to grab him round the waist and fling him into the cupboard. He was closely followed by Lucy. The door was slammed shut and locked.

Both cousins hammered on the door and hollered to be let out.

"I don't think so." Smirked Percy.

"Work things out between you. We'll be back in an hour." There were footsteps retreating from the cupboard. Al flopped back onto the floor.

"Oh my God. An hour! Lucy! If you hadn't run off with my stuff, we wouldn't be in here!"

Lucy was silent. Al took that for her being ashamed and not knowing what to say, but actually she had been shocked into silence and was now seething with fury.

"Oh, well thank you dear cousin, but you know what? I could get us out of here. Obviously you don't want to go, you just want to sit here and blame me, so carry on. See you in an hour."

She made to get up, but Al dived at her feet and she came crashing down on top of him. They had a prompt, but silent fight. Al won (of course) and shoved her into the back of the cupboard. In the darkness, he didn't see what he was doing and "accidentally" sat on her legs.

"You said you can get us out of here? Well do it quick, because if you don't, then I will sit here for the entire hour and break both of your legs." He sounded so menacing, that Lucy wriggled in shock. Al knew that he sounded harsh, but then, he reasoned, the Sorting Hat had wanted to put him in Slytherin.

"Okay! Okay ! You win..." Al moved off her legs and Lucy pulled a hair grip from her hair. She slipped over to the door and wriggled the grip around a bit. Al heard the lock click and the door swung open.

"You genius." He pushed it open a little further and poked his head out...only to be shoved back in by his siblings and Molly.

"Dad put us in charge here. You're both staying there for the entire hour." Molly smirked, exactly like her father.

Al and Lucy stared at each other in the darkness. It was going to be a long hour.

So? What do you think? My version of Al is usually the typical one, but sometimes I think that he can be a bit of a bully towards his younger cousins...I'm not sure, but the fact that he's the middle child might give him a little less attention than the others and he could get jealous? I don't really know.