Chapter 15 - Miss Fortune x Ekko

(A follow-up of chapter 12.)

Sarah Fortune frowned as a small snowflake fell and melted on her forehead. She had been part of the League for about five years now, but usually avoided spending the Snowdown holidays in the Institute's vicinities, going back to Bilgewater to see old friends and the little family she had left and sometimes visiting the southern beaches to escape the winter. The truth is: the bounty hunter hated cold weather, and even though the Institute was not way up north it still got a little too cold for her during this time of the year.

And so she frowned and cursed under her breath as she strode through the large open area which was the Institute's Central Square, located in it's most commercial area. As in every celebratory period, the park was booming with people, crowds of excited summoners and citizens strolled through the cobblestone-covered ground around the huge fountain, window-shopping and stopping by the numerous bars and cafes scattered around the square. Everyone was sporting their winter clothing, even thought the snow was falling fairly light and places like Freljord had faced much worse weather many times. The pirate was wearing a long red coat with a beige fur collar around her neck, her famous hat now replaced with a stylish black fedora.

She couldn't deny, regardless of hating the cold the festivities brought a lively fuzz to the streets that she enjoyed very much. And it was not like she would spend the whole holiday stuck inside her boat-shaped house complaining about it, Fortune had made plans to send the night with her best girl friends who didn't leave for their homes. Illaoi promptly accepted her invitation, Sarah's suspicion that the Kraken Priestess was a lesbian and got the hots for her only increasing. Not that she minded. Sivir had business on the Institute's outskirts, probably someone to kill, so she wouldn't be leaving for Shurima, and Ahri had no real home and that, coupled with her fascination for the human species, had her accepting Sarah's invitation.

But her guests were only arriving around 10pm, and as the redhead walked across the square the hidden sun was just coming down from it's midday peak. She was heading to the market building to buy some supplies for her little get-together, some chocolate, some bread and, of course, a lot of liquor. "Starting with my favorite... Captain Merryweather's Rum.", she smiled to herself as she picked up two bottles from the shelf and placed them on the basket among her groceries. Moving along the crowded market, Sarah retrieved the rest of her list and went for the cashier with to heavy baskets on her arms.

It was while paying up that she spotted them. Across the market's arched entryway, she saw that unmistakable white mohawk. Not only that, but Ekko was sharing a table with Lux in a coffee shop, the two teenagers laughing while drinking a hot beverage. She finished her shopping and strode towards the cafe, inevitable memories of the moments she shared with him and Ezreal that one time flashing through her mind as she crossed the double doors and headed to their table.

"Ekko! Long time see!", she said, wearing her most sympathetic fake smile she could.

The Zaunite looked at her surprised and stuttered even more recognizing who his greeter was. "S-Sarah! Hi there!", he said awkwardly, putting his cup of coffee down.

The redhead dropped her baskets on the floor near the table and scooted over to the teenager on the soft sofa, hugging him with all the social casualties. All the while Lux stared with an awkward smile on her face, until Sarah finally turned towards her after kissing Ekko's cheek with a little too intimacy.

"Hi there Luxanna, how are you doing? What are you doing here?", the bounty hunter said, still faking excitement. Not that she wasn't excited, but she wasn't there to make conversation.

The blonde smiled and said, with her usual giggly attitude. "Doing fine. Thanks Sarah! Just came across Ekko and we decided to have some coffee."

"No, but I mean, what are you doing here in the Institute? Weren't you supposed to be in Demacia with your family, attending to one of those big, fancy parties?", Sarah played coy.

"Oh yes, I'll be catching a train on Sunday morning, I just had some stuff to do. You know, finish up some studies."

"Oh my, what kind of studies?", Sarah prodded.

"Oh, some boring magic stuff, you wouldn't want to hear about it.", the blonde smiled at her.

"Oh, you're probably right, I wouldn't.", she said, her smile slightly toning down as she picked Ekko's coffee and took a sip without asking. "And what about Ezreal, you two are dating right? Is he staying for Snowdown with you?"

Lux clearly got the pirate's meanings and sat back on her sofa, her smile also dying out and blushing even more. "We broke up. It's been a while actually."

"So...", Ekko intervened, desperate to shake off the awkward mood of the table. "What are you doing around here Sarah? I see you got something there.", he gestured towards her groceries.

"Just doing a little shopping. Gonna host a girl's night in my house today and stopped by the market to pick up somethings.", she smiled at him, and then turned at Lux, her friendly facade back on. "Would you like to come by? Ahri, Sivir and Illaoi are going to be there. Are you old enough to drink?"

Lux took a sip of her cup and politely refused, "Oh thank you for the invitation Sarah, but me and Ekko have plans for tonight.", the last part of the sentence carried with a tiny bit of provocation.

"Very well then. I better get going, gotta carry all this weight back home anyways.", the redhead said, standing up and reaching for her groceries.

"Farewe...", Lux was about to say, but was abruptly interrupted by Ekko.

"U-Uh... Would you like some help with that?", he said, vividly reminding of what she said after their encounter: But if by any chance one of you boys do me another favor sometime... I can maybe reward you again. Her face and chest plastered with cum as she proposed the deal.

"Oh, Ekko, that's very kind of you!", she said, knowing very well what the boy's intentions were.

"Don't you live by the docks?", the blonde mage blurted out, "I mean, that's on the other side of town."

"Oh but it's not even one o'clock. Surely he will be back in time for your date.", Fortune waved her hand at her.

Lux blushed, "It's not a date! Plus, we haven't even finished our coffee."

"Don't worry Lux, I've had enough coffee. LeMarco Theater at nine?", Ekko said, already lifting the groceries and standing up from the table, images of Sarah's curvy body filling his mind.

The mage could only stutter, not knowing what to say, her face flushing pink.

"Don't worry silly, I won't steal him!", Sarah giggled before turning around with one bag in hand and walking away from the blonde with Ekko right behind her carrying the heavy stuff, not even leaving some cash for the bill. His thoughts focused on the ass in front of him.

Lux punched the table, almost spilling her drink. "If I had big tits this kind of shit wouldn't happen."

"So...", Sarah broke the silence as they finally got on the tram and sat down as it took them towards the docks. "Dating your best friend's girl, eh? That's kinda fucked up, even for me."

The Zaunite sat beside her, resting the heavy groceries on the floor, between his feet. "They broke up a long time ago, you know that. And it's not a date... I think"

"Well, it's been about one month since you and Ez fucked me, and when that took place they had split up for what? Another month? You sayin' two months is long enough to be going out with your friend's ex-girlfriend?".

The boy sighed. "Look, she's the one asking me out and stuff. Last week she suddenly wanted to take a walk with me through the park. She kept trying to make a move on me but I was avoiding..."

Miss Fortune laughed. "Oh spare me, if avoiding her was what you wanted you wouldn't be going to the movies with her."

Ekko just laid back on the tram seat and rested an arm across her shoulders. She had forgotten his cockiness. "Just don't tell Ezreal, alright?", he said, closing his eyes and resting his head back.

Sarah smirked at that, knowing he wasn't a bad person, it was just the puberty hormones in action.

The ride didn't take much longer and they finally reached the docks, heading towards the aesthetic battleship where the bounty hunter lived. Reaching its door she produced a key ring from her coat and opened the door, motioning the teenager in. Ekko struggled with the weight of the heavy bags, his voice coming out strained, "W-here do I put this?".

Sarah locked the door behind them and motioned him to follow her towards the kitchen where they dropped the bags and stored the groceries in the fridge and cabinets. When they were done she took off her long coat and set it on a table, revealing a tight burgundy sweater that did very much to accentuate her curves. Ekko's mouth watered as she uncorked a rum bottle and poured it into two glasses.

"Here sweetie, loosen up a little.", she offered him a cup.

The Zaunite took it and took a big sip, surprising the pirate on how he gulped it without even flinching. "Oh, that's pretty good.", he commented, having poured half of the glass.

Sarah looked at him amused. "Didn't expect a kid could handle his booze. I'm impressed."

Ekko smirked at her, leaning back against her kitchen counter. "Back in Zaunite we were so broke we had to buy this cheap vodka which could very well be pure alcohol judging by the taste."

"Been there.", she said, also gulping down a considerable amount of her drink to show off. "During my first days as an orphan I used to steal whatever I could. Sometimes it was good liquor and sometimes... well. Thankfully these days are over."

The teenager had only heard stories about the bounty hunter's past, but none of them told how she had lost her parents. Not that he wanted to get in that subject right now. Right now he wanted the subject to diverge to something completely different. "So...", he said, finishing his drink, "If I recall correctly... Last time we met you a sort of informal deal was proposed."

Sarah smiled, she knew they boys would forever remember her words that night. "Oh was it? I don't think we settled anything, my dear."

Ekko actually feared that she might be going back on her word. "If I'm not mistaken you promised that you would repay us well for any other favors."

"That day you boys had won me an expensive bet. Now you were just a gentlemen helping a lady with her groceries. I might just give you a pat on the head and send you back to Lux.", she provoked him, wanting to see him flustered. She knew that at this point he was in her leash.

"C'mon ma'am, a promise is a promise.", he said putting his glass down and approaching her.

"First you say it was an informal deal, now you say it was a promise.", she said, turning away from him to place her cup on the opposite counter.

With her backside facing him, the Zaunite couldn't help but to place his hands on her waist and whispering, "So you are going back going back on your word."

Sarah paused for a while, slightly surprised by his boldness, his touch sparking off something inside her as she smirked and turned her head back. "Then claim your reward, kid.", she called for him, thrusting her hips backwards and pressing against his already hard bulge.

Ekko's grip immediately tightened around her waist and he thrust forward, grinding his erection against her plump ass, his mouth salivating. His dark hands traveled across her sweater, feeling her back and hip as Sarah casually uncorked the rum bottle and brought it to her lips as the boy continued his ministrations. Groaning, he slid his hands beneath her sweater and traveled up, groping her huge breasts held together by a tight brassiere. His cold palms warmed up as he slowly kneaded her mounds and his cock throbbed as it rubbed between her cheeks.

Giving one last extra sway to her hips and taking one last sip, she rested the expensive bottle back on the counter and turned her body around, unlatching the boy's eager grip from her tits and grabbing the back of his neck. "Come'ere...", she whispered, her voice dripping with lust as she pulled him towards her. Her forehead rested against his as she closed her eyes and teased the boy, not allowing him to kiss her just yet. His hands held nervously at her hips as he stared at her luscious lips and breathed hard with her.

"Touch me.", she ordered, having Ekko's hands immediately move, one up her tits and the other towards her crotch. Feeling her left teat being groped while two fingers rubbed against her slit through her tight jeans made her gasp in pleasure and she finally pulled his face all the way to hers, their lips clashing as their tongues went crazy at each other.

It was a sloppy and intense kiss, matching Ekko's frantic ministration of her body, left hand groping her breast harshly while the right one pleasured her core. The boy's mind buzzed even more when Fortune began moaning inside his mouth, periodically parting their lips to catch her breath, leaving strands of saliva across their needy tongues. He pressed her thick body against the kitchen furniture but was soon pushed back by the pirate. He looked at her and saw an intense authority in her gaze as she pushed him against the counter across her. When his ass hit the marble surface, Sarah brought both hands downwards to his belt and began undoing it.

Her face slowly approached his and Ekko leaned in for another kiss but just as they were about to touch, the redhead dropped to her knees in front of him. He heard a click from his buckle and his belt loosened, followed by the front buttons of his saggy pants. She looked up at him one last time, a superior smirk across her face and then faced his pulsing bulge before hooking he fingers on his waistband and pulling it to his feet. His dark manhood sprang out, bobbing in front of her green eyes, its thickness and length inviting her to taste it. But not just yet, she had to display control.

As the pirate brought a hand up to tease him she noticed that the boy had shaved off any pubic hair he previously had. "Oooh, someone is looking good.", she joked, approaching his tip and placing a wet smooch on it. "Did you shave it because you knew we would be doing this again or because of your date with Lux?".

Truth be told, Ekko just got rid of the hair because he was only seventeen and every male teenager is constantly convinced by the illusion that every moment a potential fuck could appear from thin air. But he chose to flatter her. "Just for you, love.", he said with a shit-eating grin, "Now if you could please suck it, you have no idea how-Gaah..."

The boy let out a moan as the busty redhead kneaded his ballsack. "Shut up now, I'm in control here.", another hand came up taking a tight hold on his thick shaft and pumping it.

The Zaunite grit his teeth as her hand moved up and down his black cock, his grip on the marble counter behind him tightening. "Yes ma'am."

Sarah gave him a satisfied grin as she continued squeezing his shaft and balls. "Very well. Lucky for you...", she paused her stroking lifted his length, licking all its underside. When she reached its tip she flicked her tongue and let it rest against her chin as she finished her sentence, "'ve got a delicious big cock."

"Fuck!", the boy let out as she widened her lips and took him deep into her wet mouth, his bulbous head pressing against the brim of her throat. She felt it throb there for a moment before pulling out with a strong suction, followed by a wet pop sound. He moaned and his knees trembled as he watched Sarah giving two strokes to his cock before plunging it back into her. A surge of lust and pleasure filled him as she began bobbing her head back and forth on his cock, sucking him with lewd wet sounds, one hand resting on his thigh as the other cupped and massaged his balls.

His girth pulsed hot inside her, feeling every stroke of her tongue, specially when she held him the deepest she could and swirled her appendage all around him, all the while humming sensually with her mouth stuffed. Her pace gradually went faster, his hot and fleshy cock repeatedly punching the back of her cavity, making her mind also get a little dizzy. It was no surprise for her though, she knew how much she loved some age-play, few things excited her more than corrupting a young man into a fuck-toy.

Her tender squeezing on his sack and her skilled blowjob got the Zaunite nearing his edge, sweat beats coming down his lust-filled face and knuckles white from gripping the counter behind him. As her tongue swirled around his girth over and over and the suction motions became faster, Ekko felt a familiar pressure down his loins, but this time it was much hotter and urgent than usual. "Fuck!", he hissed, hips slightly thrusting along her sucking, "Sarah, I'm cumming!", he warned her, a little to late.

The redhead immediately stopped and spilled out his cock, looking up at him with a reproachable expression. "Not yet! I'm jus...", but she spoke too late. Sarah yelped in surprise as his dark cock shot a thick stream of white cream directly onto her face, landing across her forehead and her nose bridge. More strands of cum shot from his tip and clung to her outraged expression and since he was already at it, she simply closed a hand around his shaft and finished the job. She pumped him dry, taking all of it, some landing on her cheeks, some landing across her parted lips and landing on her tongue for her to savor it. When she finally let go of him her face was plastered with cum, one of her eyes shut by it.

With a scoop of her finger, she picked up the strand that sealed her left eye and brought it to her mouth, tasting and swallowing his cum. Ekko smiled at that but his expression soon switched to fear when the pirate stood up and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Did I let you cum, you little shit?", she was sadistically grinning at him, her plastered face inches from his as she pushed him against the counter. "You think I brought you in here just to give you a blowjob? Children are so spoiled these days.", her tone was spiteful, spitting her words at him as he stuttered.

"Calm down miss...", he tried to say, but she shook him by the neck, her height a little taller than his.

"Shut up! I hope you keep this big cock hard and fuck me, for your sake...", she finished with a lewd smile, her hand letting go of him and going down, tugging her pants. When she undid her golden buckle, she ripped her leather belt from her hips and wrapped it around the teenager's neck, giving it a tug for good measure.

Then she dropped her pants and underwear to her ankles and turned around, dragging Ekko along to the opposite counter. The redhead bent over it, one hand supporting her atop the marble as the other pulled the boy closer by the leather belt. He complied to her harsh pull and scooted closer, his body being forced over hers, mouth kissing her neck as his still sticky cock rubbed between her butt cheeks.

The pirate turned her head around and bit Ekko's lower lip, making him flinch as she gave her fat ass a sway against his persistent erection. Letting go of his lip she whispered in a sultry tone. "You know what to do. Don't stop until I cum or I'll shoot your balls off.", she smirked, her commanding expression still stained by his huge facial.

"Yes ma'am.", Ekko played along. Being a seventeen year old man wouldn't bring him any problem with keeping his erection up, so he held onto her waist with one hand and adjusted his thick rod with the other. He forcefully thrust forward, her already aroused state making her entrance lubricated enough for him to go balls deep in one thrust.

"Aaaahn yeah!", Sarah moaned with satisfaction, her grip tight around her makeshift leash, "I've been waiting for this since I saw you in the Central Square."

She screamed in pleasure as Ekko relentlessly assaulted her from behind, not wasting any time and straight up fucking her hard and fast. Her plump ass jiggled against his thrusts as he brought his hands around her and pulled her sweater up, bundling between her neck and chest. With her breasts still constricted by her bra, he impatiently tugged the attire down, finally freeing the giant bags and letting them sway back and forth before grabbing them. The Zaunite groped them with harsh and lust-filled motions, squeezing and kneading her abundant flesh, feeling the milky teats fill his palms.

His eyes were half-closed and he panted as her walls squeezed his tired member tightly. With her belt pulling him by the back of his neck, he was bent over her body, his mouth kissing and licking her upper back as he repeatedly slammed into her. Sarah was also in ecstasy, giving him orders as she moaned and laughed in joy, "Harder! Faster!", she screamed, tugging the leather around him, treating him as he was her horse to mount. Her tits jiggled on his groping hands, the sweater still bunched up above them, the bra pulled down below them, this with her pants and underwear stuck to her ankles added a more savage raunchiness to the scene.

Soon the bounty hunter's laughs and giggles died down and her thick legs tensed up. A bubbling hot sensation started building up in her loins, begging for release. "I'm gonna cum baby... C'mon, fuck me!", she screamed out.

Ekko bit down on her shoulder and let out a muffled groan as her thighs pressed together and her walls pulsed around him, quickly anticipating his own orgasm. Sarah called him and cursed as she let her weight drop on the marble counter, plump tits and blushed face pressed against the chilly stone surface as she swayed her hips, squeezing out every last bit of her climax out of the thick cock that stretched her dripping pussy.

Ekko tensed up during her whole orgasm, doing all he could to avoid his. He knew she would kill him if he came inside, and would do something even worse to him if he pulled out in the middle of her climax. So he held on like a trooper, waiting until her hips stopped moving on their on and her plump legs relaxed. Not being able to take one more second of her tight snatch, the boy grabbed his shaft by its base and extracted himself from her, the redhead's nether lips letting him go with a lewd slick noise. With his tip already leaking a goblet of his seed, held on to her ass and pressed both cheeks around his girth, humping and finishing all over her lower back. His load was considerably lighter than the first, but it still painted Sarah's tan skin with a mess of creamy white.

Finally letting go of her and backing up against the opposite counter the boy caught his breath as he waited for her to also recover. She was still bent over across the marble, her face covered with drying cum resting against it while her ass dripped with the most recent and warm load. When her breath became more regular she finally stood up, a strand of white cream connecting her lips and cheek to the counter. She turned around to face him, adjusting her huge breasts in her bra. "You sure didn't let me down.", she smirked, pulling her sweater down.

Ekko smiled back, hand on his softening cock smacking it against his tight to clean some of the excessive juices around it. "I'd never disappoint you, Cap'n Fortune."

"Ooh, trying to allure me into hiring you to my crew? Well, I do need reliable people around me."

"What kind of work do you have for me in your ship?", he said, pulling up his pants and approaching her, one hand cupping her cheek, pushing aside a strand of his spunk.

"Simple job, really. I would lock you inside my cabin and have you as my fuck-toy as I traveled across the seas. Whaddya think?"

"It's a pirate's life for me!", he said, his hand going down and giving her right breast a squeeze.

The bounty hunter slapped his hand playfully and laughed, crouching to pull up her pants from her ankles, only to be reminded of the mess on her backside. "Oh shit, guess I'll have to take a bath.", she said, dismissing her pants and walking across the kitchen towards her bathroom. "You should join me. Wouldn't want to show up to your date with Lux all sweaty and smelling of sex."

Ekko, quickly followed her inside, tossing his clothes aside and staring at her big ass swaying as she strutted for him. "Aye, Cap'n!"

So, for those of you who didn't noticed it, this is a sequel to Chapter 12 so if you haven't read that yet go ahead and do it. I decided to do this because writing a follow-up to a previous chapter would spare me of writing a extent background and setting. I'll probably be repeating this process for a while, probably revisiting chapters 11 and 14. Also, planning on writing a follow-up to this one, about Lux and Ekko's date. You can tell me what you prefer out of these options, I might just go for public opinion.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it, see ya next time!