Chapter 2 - Lux x Garen

Garen sat on the long table, pretending to enjoy the conversation he was having with the man at his side. The fat nobleman was bragging about the properties he had acquired and his friendship with King Jarvan.

"So you're friends with the Lightshields?", the Might of Demacia raised his gaze from the plate to the noble. " Prince Jarvan never mentioned you before. Funny."

He saw the man's round face turn red with embarrassment and the angry gaze of his father on him. Trying to make the ambient less awkward, the Crownguard patriarch began making his official annunciations, after all that was the whole point of this dinner. "God damn dinner" Garen thought. He hated being there, dressed like a pompous politician in his indigo and gold military suit. He missed his armor and he missed a good battle, this dinner and his fancy family were boring... unless for her.

Luxanna sat on the other end of the table, among some of her cousins. She was giggling about some empty girl-talk they were having, probably about pretty boys or pretty dresses. But Garen knew better. He knew that his sister was faking amusement and that she was just as bored as he was. When her gaze met his and her bright blue eyes pierced through his brown ones the demacian felt like walking out of the dinner, grabbing her by the waist and take her upstairs to his room to make love to her, just as they have done so much times.

But it had been different lately. They messed it up one night, Lux forgot her underwear in his bedroom after she creeped in to wake him up with a mouth around his cock. Their mother for some reason went to his room that morning and found her daughter's panties among his sheets. Garen told her that it belonged to a girl he met on the academy, that he had slipped that girl into his bedroom that night. His mother seemed to believe it, but Garen knew she suspected something. For days her gaze towards the siblings was of doubt and she also talked different to them.

After a couple of months, Lux wasn't being able to go to his bed at night, due to their mother's vigilance, and they were meeting each other much less frequently. To try and cover their leads, Lux started dating Ezreal while Garen set up a rumor that he had a thing going on with the Sinister Blade. Lux pretended to love the explorer for about eight months, telling her brother that she just kissed him, nothing else. By that time, their mother's suspicion had settled down but they still met seldom.

Across the table, her eyes stared into his heart and melted it. He had to have her, the sibling were about a week without a sexual encounter, and Garen was keeping himself for her. Unfortunately, today the house was full of Crownguards and meet her would be very risky. But he knew she liked it risky. Breaking their eye contact, Lux stood up.

"Excuse me cousins, my uh... make up needs a little retouch." she said in a fancy tone, " I'll be back in a second."

One of the young girls raised her hand with a smile. "Oh Luxanna, I can come with..."

"NO!" The blonde cut her off, "...that won't be necessary. Thank you." and walked away from the table, looking back only to throw a last glance at her brother.

Gare knew that look too well, he smiled inside and looked around. All his uncles and cousins seemed to be paying attention to his father, no one would notice he was missing. But as he stood up his father stopped him.

"Garen, my son." The tall blond man said behind his full mustache.

The warrior turned around, afraid he was caught. "Yes father?"

"Why are you standing? Are you leaving?"

He scratched the back of his neck. "Actually, I was going to the restroom."

" why don't you stay for a while and tell us about that great battle you won two months ago?"

Garen's hand closed in a fist, but he had to comply. He sat and was forced to fake excitement while telling how the Dauntless Vanguard guaranteed a victory against Noxus. When he was finished, he asked permission to his father and stood up. His steps were desperate strides, eager to meet his little sister. He was almost running when he entered his bedroom, only to find one of the family's maid. She stared blankly at him and asked, "May I help you Ser Garen?".

"Uh... no, I'm just... Have you seen my sister? My father is looking for her."

The maid shook her head and before she could even say "No", Garen closed the door and went back to searching the mansion. She wasn't in his room, nor in the bar. The bathroom, a place where they have been meeting each other lately, was also empty. He was at the highest floor now and almost losing hope of finding Lux when, passing in front of a double door, he heard a knock. The military halted and looked behind. A giggle came from the door, it was his sister's. Opening the door, a cool breeze washed over him and Garen found his sister sitting on the edge of the balcony. Her smile was more than beautiful under the moonlight and her blonde hair waved with the wind.

"Hi brother.", she said "Going to the restroom too?"

Closing the door him, Garen walked over to his sister. "That diner was a torture... all I could think was you." He cupped her cheek with his right hand.

Tugging the collar of his military suit, Lux pulled him in for a long kiss. As soon as the kiss began, the blonde parted her lips and broke in with her tongue, feeling his mouth the best she could. Garen welcomed her with a little hesitation. He really wanted this to be a romantic moment between them, where they could cherish their love alone. But as many times before, Lux would just rush into his pants and get the satisfaction she wanted. She'd always been like that, wich made him wonder how far had she gone with Ezreal...

His thoughts were interrupted as Lux started to lean back into the cold air of the mansion's fourth floor. Opening on of his eyes he could see a part of Demacia from above and the full moon. Breaking the kiss and pulling her back into the balcony, Garen held

her by the shoulders.

"Be careful Lux!"

"Careful?" the blonde showed him a lusty grin, "Since when are we careful? I thought you liked it dangerous. When we can get caught." She traced a line across his stomach with her fingertips. When it reached his crotch she cupped his testicles and squeezed them. Garen closed his eyes, feeling her palm massaging him through his pants. Her teeth nipped at the skin of his neck and her other hand undid the buttons of his uniform.

"Wait, wait..." he slowly pushed her from him, making her expression change to a cute frown. "Why don't we go to my bedroom. It's empty there and we can lay down to make love."

Lux giggled. "My big brother is so romantic. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we don't have time for that." She finished opening his shirt, exposing his muscular torso to the cold air. "Why don't we have a quickie?"

Before Garen could complain, his sister attacked his mouth with hers and his chest with her hands. She scratched and caressed his neck and collarbone, his chest and his abdomen. While she feasted her hands with his muscles, she used her mouth to suck his tongue. This odd kind of kissing always turned her on for some reason. His penis was now hard as a rock and the bulge in his pants rubbed against the front of hers, deepening their kiss and their breaths. Garen had to bend his knees and Lux had to stand on the tip of her toes so that his crotch leveled with hers. The mage swayed her hips on a fast pace to bring satisfaction from the friction of their parts.

She paused and put a distance between them only to take off his indigo shirt off and toss it aside. When she tried to kiss him again, Garen stopped her, smiled and started to unlace her light blue dress. When he was finished he pulled it down, revealing her small perky breasts. Lux was 18 years old, young, but her breasts were smaller than that. Well, she looked smaller than 18. Her cute face and her jolly attitude made her look at least 16, and her breasts were the same. Garen knew she was insecure about this but he didn't care, he found them beautiful and delicious.

He leaned on her to bite a pink nipple teasingly, making it stand erect in the cool air. He felt his sister's breath on his brown hair and kept on, enveloping her areola with his mouth and sucking it. Lux sat again on the balcony, opening her legs and fondling her wet pussy with her own hand. Her brother's lips and teeth worked on her tit as her fingers rubbed her clitoris in circles through her moist panties.

But she was shook out of her moment when her working hand was stopped by a firm grip. "What is that?" Garen smiled at her, "If you wanted this so much..." he let go of her wrist and caressed her nether lips with his knuckles. "...all you had to do was ask."

Lux inhaled sharply as he pulled the white linen aside and penetrated her with the tip of two fingers. She almost fell down from the balcony right then, but her brother was there and she was holding his strong shoulders with her life. Kissing her neck, the nobleman flicked his fingers directly at her clitoris, causing her body to shake viciously and turning her speech into incomprehensible calls for more. He knew exactly how to touch her, having done this so many times before. It was about 4 or 5 years ago, she was only a kid slipping beneath his blankets, afraid of nightmares, and finding something more than comfort. He was already grown into a man of 20 but for some reason he couldn't resist and so their love began that night.

But now was different, having done it so many times, he could make Lux reach her orgasm in a few minutes. "I don't need a map for this, Ezreal" he thought to himself. Quickening his finger's pace and pressure into an aggressive stroking, Garen wanted to force his sister's orgasm.

Feeling that good old warmth build up inside her, Lux announced, "Oh my god Garen, you're making me come already!" A fiercer stroke cut her off and sent her head back with a sudden moan. "OH, oooh shit..."

And under her blue skirt, her swollen womanhood spilled sticky juices all over the big hand that was pleasuring it. Garen continued to rub her folds slowly as the last pulses if her orgasm washed over her. Her right tit was covered in a sheen of his saliva and her pussy in a sheen oh her juices. Slowly descending to the ground, Lux held him by the arms and switched positions with him, so that Garen had his back to the city now.

Placing a hand on his chest and waiting for her lungs get some air, she smiled up at him. "That was amazing brother! See how everything gets better when it's risky?" Caressing his nipple she got closer, "Why don't we spice it up and let's say... open the door?"

Garen quickly changed his expression to one of concern. "Lux, you better not do this, what if a maid passes by or father comes looking for us?" But it was no use. He just watched as his sister walked over to the double door and opened it wide, leaving the curtains to the wind. As she walked back to him, the blonde finished taking her dress out, tossing it to the floor. Now her full body was naked, except for her blue shoes, and her thin figure could be seen. She had a beautiful narrow waist and small perky breasts that jiggled as she walked. Any complaint that Garen could have was erased as he ate her body with his eyes.

When she finally closed the distance between them, Lux swiftly dropped to her knees, surprising her brother. Quickly, she unbuckled his ornate belt and unzipped his pants, not pulling it down. Sticking her hand inside his boxers, she found his hard member, grabbed its base and took it out of there, so it was now facing her, almost poking her nose. Garen was well endowed, he had a cock above average for sure but it looked huge on Lux's tiny hands. She used both of them to hold it, stroking it back and forth slowly. Looking up with her big blue eyes she bit a lip and said, "You know what comes next."

Pointing his cock down, she gave a teasing peck on the tip of his head, leaving a thin line of her saliva between it and her lips. Then she opened her mouth and slowly took inch by inch of her brother's cock into her. When he poked the back of her tongue she stopped and took it all out, this time a thicker strand of spit connected them. She continued on doing this, deepthroating him the best she could and releasing his whole length, never breaking eye contact. Garen threw his head back and rested his hand on the balcony as he felt her hot and wet mouth sucking on his manhood. When it was all sloppy and lubricated, Lux held the member with two tiny hands and stroked it while sucking the inches that poked out. Her lips emitted a slick sound around him and her big blue eyes looked straight into him.

Picking up the pace the mage's grip started rotating while going up and down on his shaft. She occasionally removed her hands and took it all inside her throat, gasping and coughing on him. When Garen started receiving the first signs of his orgasm, he held Lux by her golden hair with two hands, gripping hard on her head. In a response, the blonde tapped his thighs and forced her way backwards, extracting hsi cock out of her mouth with a squishy sound.

"Do you think I'll let you cum already?" She said, standing up and holding his face. "No matter how big you are, you'll always be my little toy..." and with that she embraced him, sucking eagerly on his neck and rubbing her belly on his wet cock.

"Wait..." Garen said while she moved her naked body against his, "...are you saying that I'm just a toy? You don't love me?"

Lux suddenly hopped up, wrapping her legs around his waist to support herself. "Just shut up and fuck me, brother!" her voice was harsh and filled with lust. Almost falling over the balcony, Garen rushed his string arms to hold her weigh, grabbing her tight buttocks. With her arms around his neck, Luxanna pushed herself up so that her entry was above his cock. Reaching one hand behind, she lined it up and let her weight down. The hard penis parted her lips and poked at her cervix. Lux was a small girl, so her pussy was squeezing extremely tight around her brother's length.

Garen gasped in pleasure as her juices slicked down his erection and the mage moaned his name on his ear as she started to move up and down, rubbing her pink nipples against his broad chest. Garen's big hands squeezed his sister's smooth ass as his cock stretched her walls and she moaned in pleasure. Shifting the blonde's weight in his hands, he picked her up and started bouncing her up and down on himself. Lux yelped in surprise and giggled sensually as she was in the warrior's control.

His pace was now so fast that he was sweating and grunting from the effort of bouncing his own sister on his cock. He would get exhausted soon but the pleasure of her hot dripping womanhood sliding on him made him ignore that. Lux didn't seem to realize her brother's struggle and hanged on his neck, arching her back and moaning loudly with a satisfied smile. As much as he wanted to fuck her recklessly until he came, his arms were sore and he had to place her on the floor. Not giving her time to complain though, Garen quickly turned her around and bent her body over the balcony.

The risk of half of her hanging from the fourth floor and the opened door leaving them unprotected from someone's approach made Lux's mind become even more clouded. She liked the danger, specially of her father walking in on her while she was being stretched by her own brother's penis. With her ass pointing upwards, the blonde almost fell down as a hard shaft penetrated her wet cave with one hard thrust. Her knees shook as she began being rammed by the huge man behind her. His rough hands squeezed her buttocks and spread them wide, exposing her anus to the cool air of the night.

Her lusty moans were cut by a sharp yelp as a small appendix made its way into her tiny hole. Looking behind she saw that Garen had penetrated her anus with his thumb, not pausing his thrusting. This was new to her. During all these years of sex with her brother he had never even asked for anal so they never did it. But she found herself liking it.

"Brother..." She managed to say between her deep breaths and the slapping sound of their sex. "I want you to put it in my ass."

At the same moment, Garen unplucked from her, holding his cock and leading it into her other hole. His head got in easily, but the rest of it not so much. As he dipped himself inside her anus, Lux squealed in pain and her legs tensed hp, making her even tighter. When he was halfway inside, he stopped going forward and caresses his sister's hair.

"Am I hurting you, sister?" Her only response was a pant of relief. "If you want to, I can stop."

"No!" She answered quickly, "It hurts... but it also feels good. Please don't stop." Her tone was almost of a begging.

Tugging her blonde hair, Garen removed himself only to thrust it back in, a little faster and a little deeper this time. He could feel every inch of his member being strangled by her tight anus. It was hard to breach in, like she was struggling to keep him out, but after a few thrusts Lux started to loosen up and he began to fuck her in a faster steady pace. Her cries of pain became moans of pleasure as his flesh filled her hole.

She felt her nipples brushing against the stone of the balcony, Garen's big hands squeezing her butt, his testicles hitting her nether lips, and most of all the member being repeatedly pushed inside her burning anus. All these rough sensations brought her a new feeling and she liked it. The rhythm of his thrusts were not even close to when the warrior was pounding her pussy, but she could already feel him slightly expanding inside her. He pressed hard against her buttocks and took his whole lenght inside her ass, releasing his seed inside her. Lux arched her back as she felt his wet and warm cum being spilled inside her anus. Her hole was so small that, while Garen slowly pulled himself out, his cum started to leak, a thick white stream coming down through her inner thigh.

"Oh my god..." He said when his soft member unplucked from Lux's anus, dropping a big glob of sperm, "This was the best orgasm I've ever had."

"We have to do this again." Lux turned around and kissed him, "I wanna do it tomorrow, I wan..." But as she childishly smiled and hopped in excitement, a noise came from the door.

"Lux? Garen? Where are you?" It was their mother. With a desperate rush, they collected their clothes from the floor and put them on the best they could. The result was clumsy, but they managed to get completely dressed by the time their mother appeared at the door. "Lux? What is happening here? The dissert is already being served!"

"Oh sorry mother... I just... we..." When the mage started fumbling with her words, Garen place a nervous hand on her shoulder and started talking.

"I was just showing her the city, mother." He faked the best smile he could. "Remember when you said a true noble knows his nation? Well..."

His mother inspected the siblings with a suspicious gaze for a few seconds. "Hmm... Very well, I hope you have shown your sister everything because tonight we have puuuudding!


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