Sara: Sup, mah marshmallow peeps!



Juliet: Hi. *poker face*

Really "Hi." That's all you fruking have to say!?

Juliet: -_-

What-eva! Just do the disclaimer!

Juliet: -_- She owns N.O.T.H.I.N.G aside from OCs. Enjoy!

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Sara's POV

"PUT. HIM. DOWN. OLIVER." I heard Julie growl: Oh no! Not 2p England! ANYONE BUT HIM!

"AWWW but Poppet," Shit oh no. "little 1p me is SSSOOOOOOO CUTE!" GOD he sounds like Juliet in fan mode.

"DOWN OLIVER!" I saw him stick his nose up with a grin,

"No he's so cute I could just eat him up!" Anna, Zero, and Hungary, and I paled considerably (we were hiding, ok!)

"NO!" England (1p) and Juliet screamed; Juliet pounces forward just to be caught by... 2P AMERICA! FFUUUUUCCCCKKK, at this point we (the ones hiding) where as white as a certain awesome white albino.

"PUT ME THE F*CK DOWN ALLEN,OR I WILL GO "JACK THE RIPPER" ON YOUR ARSE!" Juliet yelled, going directly into Brit mode.

"Oohh a red head,and a feisty one at that." Allen gave a sadistic grin.

"F*CK YOU ARSEHOLE, PUT ME DOWN!" Juliet yelled.


"BIG mistake Al *sigh* I didn't want to do this," she opened her eyes, and they started to glow an emerald green.

"HA! Funny magic trick." Allen rolled his eyes.

"YA!" Juliet kicked him in the sweet spot.

"OWW F*CK!" he swung. HARD and his fist connected with her temple and she crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

"NOOOO! I yelled and pounced at Allen, who was reaching to grab my friend.

Anna's Pov

I saw Sara practically fly out of our hiding spot, tackling him to the ground (surprisingly enough both Englands were clutching each other for dear life out of fear) and then Sara spoke.

" YOU DO NOT TOUCH HER YOU *CENSOR* *CENSOR* OR I WILL *CENSOR* *BLEEP* YOUR *CENSOR* *LyraTheWriter censoring*!" She was clobbering the life out of Allen, but then he pushed her off him, and into the wall, knocking the wind out of her. Allen got up, leaving the bat alone, and was slowly approaching Sara; the rest of us were basically paralyzed in fear.

" BATTER UP!" we heard a sickening crack and Allen dropped to the ground like a rag doll, and a VERY pissed off Juliet stood in his place holding his bat, then she dropped it breathing heavily. "Sara," she squeaked,and Sara- being the scary b*tch she is ((SHOUT OUT FOR MAH BFF "CAMERICAN WHO" STARRING AS SARA!))- Turned slowly now holding a random knife -probably from Juliet's boot- and pointed it at 2p England.

"Take Allan and, get. out." her voice was low, but practically spat venom, add that with creepy lighting and that there was a little blood on Julie she looked like a psycho killer.

"EEP!" 2p England squeaked, and practically transported out, taking Allen, and the bat with him. Chibi-England was hyperventilating and was passed out as well,

"Guys, help me drag them to their rooms, please?" We all rushed out to check to make sure they were ok: thank GOD they were, and Juliet THANKFULLY had no signs of a concussion, and the chibi was in one piece. WHAT? Readers come on it's Oliver you have to check!


Whatever Elizabeta.


Juliet Pov

Oww, OWWWW, OOWWWWWWW! My head feels like complete sh*t;i looked down I was in my night gown, wat? oh god didn't Allen and Oliver come here ? nononoonononononononononononnonnononononnonnonononon badbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbad! PLEASE TO GOD SOMEONE TELL ME IT WAS ONE OF MY FRIENDS, PLEASE! "uh oh." I sprinted downstairs "SARA!" I bellowed bursting into the kitchen "WHAT, HOW, WHEN, GGGAAAAHHHHHH!" I yelled, shaking her shoulders.


She slapped me, "Thanks I needed that, now explain." she took a deep breath.

"You're welcome. How much do you remember?" I was still worried.

"I elbowed Allen in the face." she nodded and everyone else (Anna, and Zero because Hungary left, and I'm guessing England is sleeping) LOL'd aside her and me,

"Ok so-"

((Time skip people 'cause I'm lazy ;3))

" That's some weird ass sh*t right there." I said and Sara nodded then a realization hit me like a bullet,

" HOLY GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, THE WORLD MEETING!" I yelled and everyone took off like bullets, fore we only had ten minutes till we had to leave, I immediately rushed to England's room "ENGLAND!" I yelled as I burst through the door,

"BLOODY HELL WHAT?" the chibi shouted.

" GET *PANT* READY *PANT* WORLD *PANT* MEETING * PANT* UUGGGHHH!" I ran legit up at LEAST 100 steps to get up stairs, not counting the ones before or after the stair case MEIN GOTT!

"BLOODY HELL THANK YOU! I WILL BE DOWN STAIRS IN 5 OUT OUT!" I scurried out of the room, and closed the door rushing to the room I woke up in, probably was mine I'm guessing, what to wear? I looked in the closet, HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE OF GREECE'S CATS!

"WHAT!" it was a GIGANTIC walk in closet filled with clothes for a girl- this was probably Seychelles room when she was England's colony. SO MUCH BLUE and Nemo! My eyes locked on to a Victorian style dress -every day wear for royals i call it- it had ruffles flowing around it. The dress was black with gold sequins, and some ruffles were pulled up to the right shoulder so it looked like a drape, and one emerald broach lined with gold pinned on the shoulder (the only strap it was one sleeved). This dress had a tweak to it was a short to long dress going from the knees to ankles, oh yes that SCREAMED Juliet so I put it on. Surprisingly, it was a perfect fit! I slipped on my knee high black heel boots, and put my hair in an Up due leaving my bangs that were a little longer than my face to hang down one side of the part, blocking my right eye and the other side barely covering my ear. I saw a fan, a black lace fan. WANT! I love fans and this goes with the outfit so I snatched it up, kinda heavy for a fan, what ever. I rushed down stairs right behind England (he was wearing the blue outfit, so kawaii!) and we all gathered by the door, and the chibi grabbed the keys, asking,

"Can one of you drive?" I smirked a wide Cheshire grin.

"I can!" I said happily as a gawking Iggy gave me the keys, I was dressed a little nicer than the others. Sara had black jeans, and black sharp studded combat boots, and a black punk rock shirt and elbow length fish net gloves. Anna had a knee high turquoise dress on with black ankle boots, and Zero had red jeans an MCR shirt and normal combat boots. Ya, I was dressed to jaw drop BTT impress; so was Anna (in a way), and Zero and Sara looked ready to fight.

"Sara where the crapola are my pocket knives?" I asked, pulling off a Lovina Vargas, and she held them out to me

"Here J." I smiled,

"GRATZI! LET'S GO!" and everyone hopped into England's -i just now realized- black Mustang. SWAGGER!

"oh yesh." I said with a smirk, as Sara hopped into shot gun, me in the drivers seat, and everyone else in the back.

"Buckle up." I said, and I revved the engine, taking off like a bullet, haha Jk I drove like a German not an Italian.

"Take a left at 2nd Juliet." Chibi-Iggy stated.


7m ago

We walked into the meeting room in a swaggering fashion. Chibi- England had his cloak wrapped tightly around him to not show the outfit we gave him. We then sat down, the order for us was (from farthest to closest to the door) America, Chibi- Iggy, me, Sara, Anna, and Zero. We all sat down and Hungary nodded over to me.

"Y'all ready to see Chibiregesu's outfit ?" They gave me the 'wat' face and I grabbed England as he tried to bolt.

"NO!" He yelled in protest as I plopped him on the table, but he refused to let go of the cloak,as his grip was like a death one! Then I saw his magical friends in the corner of the room and mouthed to them 'sorry' and they gave me a questioning look and I yelled in false terror/ panic,

"OMG CAPTAN HOOK WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO TINKER BELL!?" the pirate was now pissed, and both him and the fairy shuffled (or flew) away from the other.

"WHAT!" England letting go of the cloak and spinning around and I snatched off the cloak.

"HAHA! just kidding, sorry hook."England blushed wildly and a collective 'awww' came through the room as -Thank all the flying mint bunnies of the world!- They forgot about the 'hook' incident. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sara hold up the mint green head band with a gleam in her eye.

"Hey you guys; want to see the other outfit?" They all nodded eagerly; I then saw England take off, but Zero (being the Frenchie she is) grabbed him and 'ohonhon'ed', which scared the Chibi half to death, and I got up with Sara.
"Zero we want to put him in an outfit not scare him into submission!" I sighed exasperatedly and grabbed England from her, the Chibi -obviously- had given up. We walked out of the room and squealed.
"OMG you will look so adorbs!" Sara said giddily, me and England gave a look of disgust.
"Like,what?" she asked, and both I and Iggy face-palmed.
"Sara, really? your saying "adorbs" and "like" YOU ARE SOUNDING LIKE POLAND SO KINDLY STAHP!" I yelled and we pushed England into a bathroom with the maid dress, and he huffed.
"Oh dear god I was?" Sara asked in horror, eyes wide.
"You're good now." I said, and added shouting through the door:
"IGGY YOU BETTER CHANGE OR I WILL COME IN THERE AND MAKE YOU!" He squeaked and opened the door in seconds, wearing the mint green A-symmetrical maids dress- complete with ruffles, and small black flats for children. Sara gently placed the mint head band on him and I teased the hair to add a little volume behind the head band, making him look as cute as Chibitalia- if at ALL possible.
"I. HATE. You." He growled, and we put the cloak on him so they couldn't see him just yet, then we walked back in.
"This is my personal favorite!" I said, giggling,setting him on the table again, and he gave me the most pleading look as if to say: "Spare me a little dignity?" The answer was, obviously, NOPE! I took of the cloak,and he squeaked indignantly. The response was instant every one, I sh*t you not EVERY ONE stood up to get a closer look, cries of things like "CHE CARINO!" or "adorable!" even "mein gott, mon deu, mio dio... ecetera.." France cried out :
"I TRIED SO LONG WHEN HE WAS A KID, HOW!" America, and France were hugging him to death ((FRANCE IS NOT A CHILD MOLESTER!))
"Help!" he squeaked, and I had to step in. First, it was France- cause I needed to get Iggy and 'merica like this "France." I growled and he looked right at my piercing glare, and he then cried out and hid. Then I captured some choice pictures of America hugging a Chibi- England.
D'aw! after I got every one sitting in their seats, England was still on the table with a light blush; but then a REALLY fruking weird thing happened. England started to glow lightly, but in a flash he was back to normal. But the dress was now only halfway down the thigh in length so it looked very... suggestive...
"BLOODY HELL!" he yelled; and quickly scrambled off the table-after hearing the increasing 'fusososos's, 'kesesesese's, and the worst of all 'ohonhonhonhon's'. America was quick to take action -I was too busy filming the gloriousness of this situation- he put his bomber jacket over the now very scarlet England -every one was staring at England with either a grin, a WTF, of a France expression *COUGHbadtouchtrioCOUGH* then Me, Sara, Anna, and Zero came back from fangirl land to see Prussia pounce towards England, America block him; England acting like a damsel in distress. France was slowly approaching the distracted and quite frightened Brit from behind, AW HELL NO! ((elizabeta H. Austria, if there's anything you and I argue over, it's fangirl wars over usuk and fruk. Otherwise we are both happy campers. Sincerely, your beta, LyraTheWriter.))

MUAHAHA ANOTHER CLIFF HANGER! *shot* *yells to fangirls* HEY EVER HEARD OF DONT SHOOT THE AUTHOR!? *shot* VERDAMNT ! *hides behind LyraTheWriter* OK, while I hide from crazy fans, you read; and review!
England: I. will. KILL. YOU!
America: *holds back England from harming me* BRO CALM DOWN ITS JUST A DRESS!
America: but... you have an American. *puts head on shoulder*
England: *BLUSH*
me: aww :3
LyraTheWriter: ... Da fruk?!

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