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Calling Titans: Part One

The chair swung. Facing him, in his own cave, was a demon clothed in black.

"I thought I would save you the trouble of looking for me." The demon said.

"Then you should have gone straight to prison."

The chair moved again, tracing his movements. "We both know that there is no cell on Earth that can hold me."

The chair stop moving once he reached the computer and began typing. "There is a planet called Forevx. It seems that they have prison cells specially design for your kind."

The demon smirked. "Are you comfortable with me being that far away, where you can't monitor me properly?"

"You," his teeth clenched as he spoke, "were on Earth, and still manage to cause trouble."

"It wasn't easy."

"It wasn't supposed to happen period."

"Then you should've let me died back then."


"Our agreement shouldn't have happened," The demon continued.

"You're right." His voice was calm once more but the sound of the keyboard rang louder. "It shouldn't have. However, I am going to correct the situation now. I am contacting Green Lantern to escort you to Forevx."

"I'm not going to Forevx or any other prison. "The bats in the cave shrieked, but he heard the words that the demon continued to speak.

They sent cold chills down his spine.

The bats were quiet once more. "I'm leaving Earth. I'm leaving with the boy and him."

He turned to face the demon. His blue eyes swirled like a maelstrom in the sea. "You are planning to leave with him? Have you lost your mind?" His voice was cold as a knife.

"You wouldn't believe me if I said no."

He didn't response to that. How could he? The decision was crazy, yet it was because of his choices six years ago that this craziness started. "I can't let you leave."

"But you can't let me stay either."

Silent filled the cave like helium this time; making it hard to breathe but leaving a lot in the air.

"Bruce, I am leaving." The demon stated softly. "This time there is nothing you can do to stop me."

"I couldn't stop you the last time." His eyes clashed with natural angry, red ones. " You wanted to stay. I just gave you an excuse. And you could have continued to stay haven't your selfishness clouded your judgement."

"Our lie wasn't meant to last."

He sighed and turned back to the computer. "I guess it wasn't. Neither will what you have with that man. "

There was no need to response because they both knew it was true.

"Goodbye, Bruce." The occupant stood from the chair as magic flooded the cave."

"My original promise will remain on one condition. You-"

2 years before the condition...

"How long have I been doing this?" Richard Grayson thought to himself. He was currently hacking the Jump City Police's computer for a highly classified document.

The job would have been easier and less stressful if he would had hacked the computer from the Titans Tower, which was already programmed to access the Jump City Police Department's as well as a number of other government's databases.

But where would the fun in that be?

The thrill he felt while working in the field could not be compare to anything else. The sneakiness, the risk, and the pressure of getting the job done in a timely and efficient manner were all roll up tightly into a joint and gave him a high. Unfortunately, the rush he got from this job was a small sample of a more life threaten mission.

Looking at the clock on the computer, he noticed that his time was running out. The precinct meeting would be over in less than five minutes.

He moved quickly.

Saving the information on a USB, he removed the device from the computer along with the device from the security camera's wire, which gave a false image of the office he was in.

It took him two minutes.

Too slow.

Peeking his head outside the door, he made sure that the coast was clear before stepping fully outside of the commissioner's office. He almost made it to his destination when he heard his name.

"Grayson, where were you this morning?"

He turned to see Detective Matt Bruesome, heading his way. Matt was in his early thirties with sandy brown hair and green-eyes. He had an athletic figure with a bad attitude. Most cops in the precinct didn't like Matt, especially his partner of 4 years, Dick Grayson.

"There was an incident at the coffee shop." He held up his cup to prove that he was there. "When I got here, I started on some paper work and kinda of forgot about the meeting."

"You would think that an empty room would have reminded you of the meeting."

"Yea….I was wondering about that."

His partner shook his head and walked to their desks. "Sometimes I wondered how you made it to detective with all of your disappearing acts and bad work ethics."

"The same way most cops do; by hard work and impeccable skills. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I have a record of solving the most cases in the department. Sorry, I meant we."

Matt shot him another look before handing him a file. "Well here you go, Detective Hard Work and Impeccable skills."

"What is this?" He asked while he began to glance through the file.

"The Circus's break-in and robbery case." He paused slightly to sit in his chair. = "The commissioner wanted someone to go with him tonight and check it out. He mentioned that he knew the owner personally or something and wanted one of the detectives on it."

"Why are you handing this to me? We don't work night shift starting this week."

"Well since I know how you like to work hard; I told the commissioner that you wanted to take the case. I thought it might help you get back on his good side since he was mad about you missing the meeting this morning. I guess you have to cancel your date tonight," Matt said with a knowing smirk. "Don't worry. I am sure that your girlfriend will be happy that you won't show up."

He grunted. His wonderful partner just gave him two major headaches. The first one was the Commissioner. Commissioner Payne was a fair and justice person; however, everyone knew not to take a case that he had a personal interest in. The amount of pressure and stress that the commissioner placed on the unfortunate person that took up the case was enough to send Superman away to another galaxy.

The second was Starfire. She was going to kill him. This was the hundredth time that he had to cancel a date with her.

"Thanks, Matt." He said sarcastically.

"No problem, partner." He replied back sarcastically.

While Dick hated Matt for what he did, he had no one but himself to blame. He should have just gotten the information the easy way and went to the meeting.

Sighing he pick up his phone and opened the app that connected his commutator to his phone praying that Star was in a forgiving mood.

She ignored the ringing phone as she swallowed her eleven pilled for the day. She hated pills, from the bitter taste to the contraction of her throat around it. Nevertheless, she took twenty-five of them faithfully each day.

Sure, twenty-five was a lot.

For some people.

However, it was barely enough for her. Twenty-five pills were just enough numb the pain and drain out all the voices in her head. Well, all the voices but one. The one that was speaking to her now.

"You really shouldn't take so many." She cut her eye to the figure sitting on the floor in front of her. A dark cape covered her from head to toe in a fashion that would put the grim reaper to shame. The black glow that wrapped around her and created a trail from her to Rachael's special mirror added to her a deathly undertone.

"How many times do I have to tell you my demon blood neutralize 80% of human drugs?" She turned from the figure and buried her head back into the couch.

"You say that, but I still see the negative effect the 20% has on you."

She sighed. Digging her head farther into the sofa. She hoped to kill herself. "What do you want?"

Why are you out of the mirror?"

"You don't have to be so rude." The figure snapped. "It makes you look ugly. No wonder you are still single."

"I'm perfectly fine alone."

A sweet flowery laugh filled the room. It was too beautiful to be coming from the dangerous entity. "That's not what lust told me. She told me all your nasty fantasies, especially the interesting one with the Applejack milk."

She didn't even blush at the mention of one of her nastier fantasies. The pain was too much for her to.

She dug her head deeper into the couch. "Please," she begged. "Can you shut it?"

"Rae," Fear and worried laced the figured voice now. "You should get help. You are –"

The voice faded away along with the pain as the med set in. Next her surrounding faded away and the darkness set in. She sighed with content wishing she could remain in this state.

Vrmph. Vrmph

She glanced briefly at the phone sliding on the table before closing her eyes.

Vrmph Vrmph

Whoever calling was out of luck if they needed help. There was no way she was going to answer the phone. Not when she was finally able to fall asleep.

Tuning out everything, she allowed the darkness to grab her once again. Or at least she tried.

From a distance, in her hypnagogic state, she heard the sound of knocking follow by the sounds of weird loose coins and a click.

"Rachael!" She heard someone called forcing her to a state of full of awareness.

"What do you want?" She snapped at her worker, Yasmine Bell, who took the spot of the figure.

The newcomer clicked her tongue. "Well, forgive me for worrying about you when you didn't pick up your phone."

"You know when most people don't answer their phone, it either means that they are busy or they don't want to talk with you. "

"Let me guess you didn't want to talk with me."

"I wonder what gave you that idea."

Yasmine clicked her tongue again before heading into the kitchen with a takeout bag. "You shouldn't be so anti-social, Moonlight." Rachael groaned at the nickname. "If something happens to you, no one will know and you will die."

"Don't be ridiculous. "

"So, I didn't find you pass out, dying on this very floor after I searched for you because you went MIA for three days."

"First, the doctor said it wasn't that serious. I would have eventually woken up on my own. Second, the only reason you were looking for me was because I was late paying you. "

She shrugged. "You can't blame me. I'm a struggling grad student. Every dollar on time counts."

"That reminds me. Why do you have a key to my place?"

"Don't you remember? You gave it to me on Thai night."

A lazy grinned slowly creep on Rachael's face. "Thai night"

Her friend was also wearing a lazy grinned as she remembered that night as well. "It's been awhile. We should do it again soon. Before that place get permanently shut down."

"Next week?"

"Next week." Yasmine agreed. "Now get your lazy butt up before the food get cold."

She groaned but slowly got up. "Some Persian food sounds great right about now."

"Well, I have bad news for you."

"What? The food is already cold?"

"No. I got Vietnamese food instead of Persian."

Rachael glared at her.

"What! It was my night to pick. Plus, you should try something new."

Starfire pick up the ringing communicator and clicked ignore. She was upset with Nightwing. He canceled again.

She understood Nightwing's need to give it his best. The need to be great and to take care of others around him. She just wished that he could understand her need to spend more time with him, to keep their initial dates and to be there when she calls.

Her four years away from Earth taught her to value her time with the people that she loved the most. Later may never come, and time spent with love ones should be spent frequently and often. She just wished that Nightwing shared the same philosophy.

Letting out a sigh. She decided to let it go. It didn't matter what Nightwing's faults were she was not going to leave him. Not like she left him 8 years ago.

"Don't pout. You will get wrinkles on your face quicker." Kory looked in the mirror to see her manager and friend, Katlyn "Kate" Tone, walking toward her. Kate, a pretty ginger with freckles, was her personal angel in the fashion industry. Because of Kate, Kory was able to progress this far as a super model. Many of her old managers and some photographer didn't understand her career as a superhero was more important to her than her career as model. This cause many misunderstandings between her and the companies that hire her for a photo shoot, which led to many companies not wanting to work with her. However, this all changed when her agency sent Kate to be her manager.

"Tamaran woman never get wrinkles." She said but she still tried to relax her face.

Kate murmured something about being lucky before saying, "Let me guess Nightwing cancel again." Her pout returned instantly. "I don't know why you're so upset, Kory. You know that he will find a way to make it up to you."

It was true.

Every time Nightwing canceled their dates he would make it up. Most of his apology gifts and dates were better than his original plans, but that was beside the point. She wanted to spend as much time with Nightwing as much as possible and she wanted to spend that time sooner than later.

The sound from her communicator caused them to look at it.

"I bet that's him."

Kory didn't say anything nor change her facial expression as Kate reached for her communicator to hand it to her. Opening it up, she found Kate's predicament to be true.

Sorry for cancelling our date at Jonsen's tonight. I should be done by twelve. If you are not still mad at me, meet me at our spot around 1.

I have a big surprise for you.

"Are you going?" Kate asked after reading the message over her shoulder.

Kory tried to maintain her pout but small smiles kept popping up before a big one covered her face. Kate just laughed.

"Tried not to smile too much. You might scare him away."

She shook her head. She knew that he wasn't going anywhere no more than she was.


Another message came through. This time from Cyborg.

"Are we finish here Kate? The duty of calling is needed."

She laughed at her wording; not bothering to correct her this time. "Yes, you may go princess."

'How does Bruce do it?' Dick wondered. In all his years knowing the man and the Bat, he still hadn't figure out how he was able to run a multibillion company, be a vigilante, and have a very active social life. And he always had more than one woman on his arm.

Unlike Bruce, he could barely keep up with his social life and a girlfriend who knew he had a double life.

"Grayson, you are here early."

Putting his phone away, he turned to greet the commissioner. "Of course, I couldn't let the boss beat me here."

"Considering that you are always late to work."

"Work hazard," He offered sheepishly.

The gave him a disapproving look before moving toward the building. Dick shrugged before following him.

"You are a great detective, Grayson."

"Thank you, sir."

"Your work ethic on the other hand is lacking."

"Sorry about that, sir."

"I hope that your detective skill and work ethic will be 100 percent on this case."

"Of course, or else I wouldn't have volunteer for the job." He lied. This was the reason why no one the department wanted the job that the commissioner took a personal interest in. He wanted too much and he criticized their work ethic, when he normally didn't.

"So, Matt didn't just volunteer you then?"

"Of course not," he lied with a smiled.

A quick glance from him said that he didn't believe him, but continued to talk as they made their way through the parking lot. "This bar means a lot to me. I used to work here when I was younger. The original owner of the place gave a street kid like me a job and taught me how to be an upright citizen. He owned the bar over 50 years until he decided to move to Alaska to fish."


"That's what I said. There are better places to fish then that freezing hell. But that's where he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life. So, he gave the bar to a girl that moved down here from New York and made me promise to look after her. Have you ever made a promise to someone you truly respect; to someone who did a lot for you?"

"Yes, sir, I have." A long time ago in a deep, dark cave full with bats.

"Then you know how much it means to me to keep that promise?" The commissioner's voice deepened to drive home his point.

"Yes, sir. I understand. I will make sure this case is at the top of my list."

The other man smiled at his answer. "Good, son. That is what I like to hear."

"Evening, boys," his boss said to the two bouncers that looked like anything but boys.

"Good evening, Keith." One replied back. "Is the pretty boy with you?"

The commissioner chuckled at the nickname. "Don't let his face fool ya. He's one of my best officers. Detective Grayson, meet Doe and John. Doe and John, Grayson."

"Nice to meet you all. You can call me Dick" He struck out his hand for a handshake but neither men reach out to grab his. "Oooookay." He pull his hand back to his side.

"Don't feel bad, son. They don't like most cops. Where's Rachael?"

"Working the bar with Yasmine and the new kid: the last I check."

"Thanks." They left the door to head in.

It was fully packed for a Thursday night. Looking around at some of the people in the bar, he understood why Payne told him to come dress in street clothes. The people in the bar looked like a representation of the neighborhood: rough. In fact, he was sure that he recognized one or two people that he had arrested.

Navigating through the crowd, they bumped into a few people. Upon reaching the bar area, they saw only one female attending to the crowd around it.

"Is that Rachael?" Dick asked over the loud noise.

"No, that's Yasmine. Yasmine!" He yelled grabbing the attention of the beautiful black American bartender with a small afro. When her eyes landed on them, the smile that she was already wearing grew larger. She held up her index finger and quickly wrapped up things with the person in front of her. A minute later she was in front of them.

"Keith," the paired reached across the bar to hug each other. "It's always good to see you here."

He chuckled. "You just want a cop nearby encase there is trouble."

"You wish. Doe and John are enough to handle any trouble. It is just nice to have it handle without something breaking."

"Those two are not the most graceful people in the world."

She laughed. "This is true. So, what do you want to drink tonight? The usual?"

"No, not tonight. We are here on business." He tilted his head toward Dick.

Her eyes moved toward him acknowledging his presence.

"Dick." He extended his hand out again. This time his hand contacted with another.

"Yasmine. Nice to meet you."


"So, you are here about the break-in two nights ago.?"

The commissioner nodded. "I wanted to see to it personally, but I have to go to that stupid state meeting tomorrow and I won't be back until next week. I would like the case to be closed before then." He directed the last sentence toward the younger officer. "I want to introduce Rachael to Dick before I leave. He will be the detective handling her case as well as stopping by periodically to make sure the place is safe."

Dick had to stopped himself from giving his boss the 'wtf' look in front of Yasmine. I said that I would handle the case not babysit the place.

"Thanks, Dick." Yasmine said.

"It's no problem." He smiled.

"I'm sure that Rae will be glad. She was upstairs when it happened. I'm just happy that the person didn't break into the second floor as well."

"You and me both," said Keith. Speaking of Rachael, where is she?"

"She went upstairs for a moment." She tilted her head to the door beside her. "She's having one of those days."

He shook his head. "She still hasn't seen a doctor?"

"Do you even have to ask? She said that all she needs to do is get a good night rest."

"She should have thought of that before she moved upstairs."

"That's what I told her. I've been trying to get her to move for a while, especially since that break in but …" She shrugged

"I doubt that the problem is the bar noise even though a quieter place will be better. She was in worst shaped when she first moved here from the east. Something else is riding her back hard.

"Well, Your guess is as good as mine. Even though she said that, something gave Dick the impression that she didn't have to guess.

She knew.

"You think she got into some trouble in the east?" Dick chimed in, and the look that the pair gave him told him that he wasn't welcome in their conversation.

"I forgot that you were there for a minute, Grayson. You breathe so quietly" Payne said. "A word of advice, son. I know that you like to dig your nose into other people's business, which is not a bad trait for a cop, but don't do that with Rachael. She is a very private person, who doesn't like anyone in her business. Being in her business is the easiest way to get on her bad side. And trust me son her bad side is not a place to be." Yasmine nodded in agreement. "So, do me a favor and only ask questions about the case."

"Um, sure." While he was slightly more curious about the owner of the place, he had no problem following the commissioner advice. He wanted to wrap up the case quickly as possible so he would have one less problem on his plate.

"Also, -" Payne was about to say something else when the door from behind the bar open and a face he hadn't seen in over eight year appeared.

"Rae." He said close to a whisper. This was the last place he thought to see her.

"You all know each other?"

A pause.

"She is my ex-girlfriend."

The itty bitty spider went up the water spout

Down came the rain and wash the spider out

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain

And the itty bitty spider kills another titan again

Laughter rang inside an industrious plant on the west side of Jump City as a giant spider smash its leg into one of the structures inside. The impact caused the alarm to go off and effectively alerting the authorities of its present.

However, the laughing human did not care. The person wanted them to come.

How else will the titans fall into the web that was design for them?

How else can I completely destroy him?

The figure thought.

The plans that were being set in place were wonderful, but it wasn't enough.

It will never be enough.

But contentment could be found in the titan's death.