Dieya: I hope that you like this story and forgive me if it wasn't what you were expecting.

My name is Elizabeth Dubois. It's been months since I've joined the Organization. I may not be a Nobody myself, but they seem to like me here just the same. I mostly do odd jobs around the castle, but every so often they'll let me help on missions. I was given a weapon to kill the Heartless. It's a gun like Xigbars', but mine is a lot smaller. Since I'm under Xigbars' watch, they thought it would be a good idea to give me a weapon just like his and for him to train me.

Unfortunately, he hasn't been a very good teacher and would lay around the castle when he had free time instead of teaching me how to use my new guns. This was a problem when I ended up accidentally shooting off the headstock of a certain someones' sitar. I haven't been allowed to go on missions yet, but a lot of them congratulated me on destroying Demyxs' sitar. He was apparently a nuisance to most of the members, as I later found out the hard way. I may not like working here, but if it means being able to find my parents, I'll do anything.

I was a troublemaker back in my home town, Traverse Town. I always had problems with trusting people. One day, I got in an argument with my parents about my attitude. I was so mad at them, I stormed out. I decided to look for these things called Heartless that were rumored to be wondering around town.

I searched for hours, but never found any. After blowing off some steam, I decided to go home. But when I got there, I found the house completely trashed and my parents nowhere to be found. I thought back to all the hurtful things I said to them, fearing that those might have been the last words I'd ever say to them.

Fighting off the tears that threatened to come out, I ran to everyone in town asking if they saw where my parents went. No one knew anything about there disappearance, but some told me rumors about people being turned into heartless. My fears came back fool force and all I could do was mope around and feel completely helpless.

About an hour later, I ran into a stranger. He was wearing a black hooded cloak that covered his face. He had heard of my troubles and offered to help. He told me that not only can he help me find my parents, but could help restore them to there human forms.

I wanted to believe him, I really did, but I just couldn't trust some stranger covering his face. I asked that he lower his hood, and he agreed. When he lowered his hood I could finally see his face. He had a scar on his face and an eye patch. I thought it best not to ask, thinking that my parents' whereabouts were to important right now. He introduced himself as Xigbar. I didn't fully trust him, and I still don't now. But I accepted his offer and came to Castle Oblivion.

So here I am now, looking at the big heart in the sky, they call kingdom hearts. Xigbar told me that it'll help bring back my parents, along with hearts for the Nobodies. I don't know if that's true, but what else can I do. I'm at the mercy of the Organization. But I know in my heart that I will find them, some day.

Dieya: So how did you like it?