The First Namikaze

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Land of Lightning – October 9th

"I really hope this works."

Naruto Uzumaki took a deep breath, and exhaled. The battle against Kaguya Ōtsutsuki had just gone from bad to worse.

Sasuke, his best friend, and brother in all but blood, was gone.

He knew this to be the case thanks to them sharing the two halves of the Sage's chakra. Unfortunately, this also meant the rescue mission to locate, and retrieve him, was also unsuccessful. It also meant that Sakura and Obito were now lost as well, and the Uchiha was already weakened to begin with.

The light colored, sun-like mark on his right palm was all but useless to him now. Oh, it would still allow him to fight against Kaguya, but never defeat her. It would now serve as a taunting reminder of how close victory once was, and if he couldn't attain victory, then that meant everyone trapped within the Infinite Tsukuyomi was doomed.

'It has to.'Kurama chimed in.'Do you recall our previous conversation?'

The Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed fox nodded. How could he forget.

Flashback –

Naruto was not in a very good mood at the moment, and he had every right to be. Not only had he just separated the Kyūbi from it's chakra, giving himself a huge power boost, but he was even able to meet his mother in the process, who if it wasn't for, he may not have won against the fox. Their time together wasn't very long, but he learned all sorts of things from her.

Like what happened on the night he was born, his Uzumaki heritage, and how she and his father had met. Meeting his mother, listening to her story, hearing her tell him she loves him, by all accounts, it was one of the happiest moments of his life. Finally, the answers he'd been craving for all his life were his, but none of it mattered anymore.


Because he was lied to. While he was training with Killer B to get that huge power boost of his under control, while at the same time cataloging all of the animals on the island, he felt someone else use the Kyūbi's chakra.

Deciding to investigate, he entered Sage Mode, and was shocked to learn that a war was raging on around him. Those who were on the island with him had kept this a secret from him. He didn't even know how long the fighting had been going on for until someone informed him, and that someone just happened to be the fox.

Three days. For three days, and two nights, his friends, among the many, had been fighting, and dying, all for him, and Killer B. Had the fox, now known to him as Kurama, not asked to meet with him right now, he would have left the island long ago to help.

It was still odd referring to the fox with his name, but like everything else in his life up to this point and time, he'd adapt. And honestly, the only reason Kurama had even given him his name is because they had come to an understanding. The giant fox explained it to him plainly.

He would rather still be sealed inside of him, than be in the hands of an Uchiha, since he knew from experience that only someone with that Clan's cursed eyes could collect, and control, the other Bijū, seeing as there were no others alive today with the means of doing the same.

To show just how serious he was about this, not only had he given him his true name, which Kurama said he's guarded very closely over his life, but he was also going to cooperate with him when it came time to use his chakra. The time when they fought for control of his chakra was in the past, and before he realized just how bad things had become. To Kurama, this was but a small price to pay for what freedom he had so he could remain out of reach of the Uchiha madman.

Naruto eyed Kurama. "What did you want to talk about?" He was hoping this conversation was kept short. His friends were still out there after all.

The giant fox remained silent for a few solid seconds, contemplating if what he was about to share with his host was a good idea or not. 'I may know of a way that will allow us a chance to stop this war from happening.' In the end, he decided to proceed forward with it.

The blonde exploded, as was expected. "What! Why didn't you tell me this sooner?!" he questioned furiously. "You know, before people started dying!"

Not appreciating the accusatory tone being directed at him, Kurama responded in kind. 'Silence!' he roared. 'I could have easily just kept this information to myself, the only reason I'm even bothering to share it with you is because we have an understanding!' After taking a few seconds to recompose himself, the fox spoke once more. 'The information I know is meant to be used as a last resort.' he added. 'I know you, Naruto Uzumaki. You would not have hesitated to use the information that I've shared with you the second one of your friends died.'

Naruto's jaw flexed. He couldn't deny that claim. It just wasn't in his nature to allow someone, let alone someone precious to him, to die if he could have done something, anything, to save them.

'It seems you've inherited your mother's selective hearing as well.'


The fox ignored him. 'Do you not recall the first thing I just said to you?'

Though he was still miffed about the jab at his mother, Naruto sat down, and took a thinking pose. His eyes widened all of a sudden, and he looked up at Kurama. "You said you had a way to stop this war from happening. How?"

Kurama grinned widely, showing off his canines. 'By traveling to the past.' he answered, before he turned serious. 'You must understand, Naruto. Knowledge of this sort is forbidden for a reason. The consequences of this knowledge will not only affect you and I, but everyone.' Not to mention the fact that if someone with less than noble intentions gained this knowledge, then things would just go from bad to worse.

The blonde nodded. He may not understand a lot of things, but he could understand just how serious Kurama was about this. "What would the consequences be?"

The Nine-Tailed fox did not answer immediately. The truth is, even he didn't know. '...It can be a wide array of things. The point I'm trying to make here is this, one does not simply tamper with the laws of nature, and expect to remain unscathed.'

Naruto frowned as Kurama shrugged off his question. Oh, he gave him an answer, yet at the same time he didn't. This was something that would have to be talked about later on. For now, however, he would move on. There were more important at stake.

"I'm guessing this information of yours is a technique, right?" The fox nodded. "How do I use it?"

'The same way any other is used.' he replied.

Naruto nodded, glad it was something he was familiar with, even if he didn't use hand-seals all that often.

'The only thing is, it's going to be the most hand-seals you've ever used in your life.'

"Okay. Anything else I need to know?"

Kurama sighed. His container just didn't seem to understand the gravity of what he was explaining to him, then again, this was Naruto he was dealing with, so it shouldn't come as a surprise. 'It's going to take nearly all of our chakra combined to achieve the desired result.' he replied. 'And no matter what, never lose focus. This technique will require every ounce of your concentration.'

The son of Minato and Kushina nodded. "Can I ask you something?" Kurama nodded, giving him the go ahead. "How do you even know a technique like this?"

The fox looked up at the ceiling behind his new seal of the place he called home wistfully. 'I've lived a very long time, and in that time, I've traveled these lands far and wide.' he began. 'And in those travels, I've come across many things, one of which happened to be this technique.'

This wasn't entirely true. Yes, he's lived a very long time, and seen many things, but this technique was not one of them. He came across this technique when his father first sent him to live in a temple in the land the humans now called the Land of Fire. It was to separate him from humanity, protecting him from them, and vice versa. It was inside of the temple that he noticed the writing on the wall, and soon came to understand what it meant.

"I see. So how far back are we looking at here?"

'Hard to say, but with our chakra combined, I'd give us an estimation of say at least a few months.'

Hearing that answer honestly threw Naruto for a loop for a brief second. "That's it?!" He would have thought with all of the chakra between the two of them it'd be more. Still, a few months was better than nothing. Maybe he'd even get lucky, and have a chance to save Ero-Sennin, or anyone else who'd died between then and now.

Kurama shrugged. 'It doesn't matter how much chakra you or I have. Time is an inherent force. It's going to push back against anything attempting to disrupt it's natural flow. We'd be lucky to receive more than two months.'

Not one to dwell on things for long, Naruto nodded, and moved on. "How long will it take to learn this technique?"


"We don't have that kinda time."

The fox nodded. 'I know. That's why you're receiving the advanced course.' he explained. 'I want you to make as many shadow clones as you can.' ordered Kurama. 'To the point that you feel low on chakra.'

Crossing his fingers, the blonde did as instructed, creating as many clones as he could muster. "How long do you think this is going to take?"

'If we work non-stop, with few breaks in-between, then maybe a day and a half at the shortest.' he answered, giving an honest estimation. 'Two to three days at the longest, maybe.'

"Everyone fighting doesn't have that sort of time." said Naruto. "We better get to work."

Flashback End –

Kurama nodded.'Good. Remember. Don't lose focus.'

Naruto took a deep breath, and exhaled. He could do this. Creating as many clones as he could in his new form to distract Kaguya, he began to gather, and focus, his chakra while simultaneously going through the hand-seals necessary as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, while the pressure to finish was already high, it had just increased a hundredfold. It hadn't even been a minute before bad news was relayed to him. Prior to being destroyed, one of his clones overheard Black Zetsu informing his mother that he was up to something.

'Dammit! I just need a few more seconds!' He was almost done.

His eyes widened a fraction when a small tear in the open space in front of him suddenly opened, and from the darkness of another dimension emerged a hand with a bone attached to it. He knew what this was, and what it would do to him if it hit.

It felt like an eternity watching as certain death approached him head-on, and even longer still as he watched the last person still alive that he cared about sacrifice themselves for him. Kakashi took the blow meant for him.

No time to wonder how the man had gotten there, he grit his teeth, and steeled his emotions, about to do one of the hardest things he's ever had to do in his life. "Thank you." He thanked the one-eyed man for stepping in front of him, and saving his life. "I promise I'll save you and everyone else."

Kakashi gave him an eye-smile. "I know you will." He turned to ash.

Having just barely managed to hold back the flood of emotions threatening to break, he finished the last seal, and activated the technique.

"Toki no Āku: Saishū Nenrei!"

Before anything could happen, however, Kaguya fully emerged before him, and wrapped her hand around his throat. Not wanting to take her back with him, since it would defeat the whole purpose, and make Kakashi's sacrifice in vain, he tried to force her to release him. One hand was trying to crush the wrist around his throat while the other was firmly holding onto one of her horns.

Pain suddenly wracked his entire body, and he knew that this had to be the technique finally activating. With one final spurt, he used every ounce of strength still left in his tired body, and broke off her horn, causing her to scream in pain, and forcing her to release him just as the technique fully kicked in.

His vision began to become blurry before a creeping darkness began to fill in the world around him. The last thing he saw was the face of an enraged Kaguya bearing down on him, reaching for him, then nothing.

'Wake up, Naruto!'

The blonde's eyes snapped open at the call of his name, and immediately wished he was unconscious again. His entire body was in an unbelievable amount of pain. It felt like he was being torn apart in different directions. The extraction by Madara earlier didn't hurt this much. How was he still alive?

'It's probably thanks to being an Uzumaki, and to Kurama.'

After taking a few seconds to allow the pain to recede a bit, and regain control of his breathing, he finally took notice of the void of darkness surrounding them, and of the fact that Kurama was outside of the seal.

"I'm guessing by where we are, and how you're outside the seal, the technique worked." The giant fox nodded, agreeing with his Jinchūriki's assessment, and then grunted in pain. "What's wrong?"

'I can feel something pulling on my chakra in two different directions.'

"So I'm guessing that's your consequence."

Kurama nodded with another grunt. 'Most likely.'

Naruto suddenly began to spasm as more pain shot throughout his body. The fox could only look on, hoping whatever it was that was happening to his container passed. It did, eventually, and the blonde calmed down, though he now appeared much more haggard.

"Is forcing me to bear unbelievable amounts of pain my consequence, fox?"

The Nine-Tailed fox frowned. 'Possibly.' They were traveling to the past after all. Their bodies had to adjust to the time-frame they were forcing themselves into. Then again, it could be something else entirely for all he knew, time-travel was tricky like that. 'What I do know, however, is that you're beginning to forget.'

Naruto sent his partner a confused glance. "Forget? Forget what?"

'Don't worry about it.' He'd just be wasting his breath. 'Argh!' Kurama grunted in pain once more as he felt the pull beginning to become much stronger. Seeing as his time was becoming very limited by the second, he decided to get this next part over with. He gently placed his hand atop of Naruto's head.

"What are you doing?"

'Making an investment.' His giant hand briefly glowed for a few seconds before dying down. 'You'll see the benefit of what I just did for you one day.' If Naruto's parents could do this, then so could he, though what he decided to leave behind was different compared to them. Kurama was taking no chances this second time around. They had to win.

Not really understanding what he meant, the blonde just went with it. He then watched as the giant fox placed something around his neck. It was a red thread, most likely his fur, and attached to it was a piece of paper.

"What's this?" inquired Naruto, fiddling with the paper between his fingers.

'Consider it a gift.'

Now very curious as to what it said, he opened it. It had his name written on it, but not the one he was accustomed to. "Naruto Namikaze." He looked at the fox. "Why not Uzumaki?" Sure he was happy to finally know who his dad was, but he didn't want the man's name, he was an Uzumaki at his core.

'Because depending on how far back we actually travel, some won't hesitate to kill an Uzumaki.'

He didn't say it, but Kurama knew something was wrong since they hadn't ended up in the past yet, which could only mean they were traveling farther back than originally thought. If he was correct about his theory, then the surname of Namikaze should have no meaning to anyone yet. Then again, no one would exactly mistake him for an Uzumaki either, but he would rather not take that chance since a talented sensor could differentiate a person's chakra, and which Clan it belonged to if they were given incentive to do so.

That did beg the question, however. Just how far back were they going, and how. Yes he saw Kaguya reach for Naruto, but she didn't make contact, did she? He was inclined to believe no, since he hadn't seen her in this void he and his container shared. His thoughts on the matter were interrupted.

"Thanks for looking out for me."

The giant fox gave him a microscopic nod in return. He would have never done something like this in the past, but things had never gotten this bad before. So, part of it was done out of necessity, and the other is because he's come to like, and respect, his container, which only one other person can ever claim to have accomplished. He noticed the blonde's eyes slowly starting to close shut, and knew it was only a matter of time until he disappeared from this place, and ended up in the past of their new home.

"I see you finally used the knowledge of the technique I created many, many, years ago."

Kurama was content to just let himself fad from this plane of existence when his time came, but now it was different. He recognized the voice that had just spoken. Looking to his left, where Naruto was, he spotted his old man.

'Of course it was you who created it.'

It made perfect sense, all things considered. Not only did Kaguya, and Black Zetsu, not know what they were up to, but it was also his father who had sent him to that specific temple all those years ago. Plus, this was the man who held the most intricate knowledge of chakra in the world, so it was not out of the realm of possibility that he could create such a technique, no doubt to use in case his first option failed.

He shook his head. None of that mattered anymore. What did matter, however, was the question he had for his old man. 'Why are you here?' While he was happy to see one of the only two people he cared about, present circumstances notwithstanding, the old man wouldn't be here for no reason.

Choosing to remain silent, Hagoromo approached the unconscious blonde, and just like Kurama had done seconds ago, he placed his hand atop young Naruto's head. It remained there for a few seconds before a dim hue of chakra came and went.

'What did you do?'

The old sage merely smiled. "I simply gave Naruto a gift, though it was more from his mother than I." he replied. "It will undoubtedly help him in the times to come."

Taking a few seconds to process the significance of the information, Kurama stared straight into his old man's eyes. 'You know where we're heading.' This was the only logical answer that came to him as he could think of no other reason as to why the old sage would deliver on a request from a dead woman in the pure land, and no doubt breaking all sorts of rules in the process.

Hagoromo did not answer.

'Fine, don't answer that, but answer me this. Can Naruto defeat Kaguya with this second chance?'

The Sage of Six Paths inhaled, and exhaled. "Alone he will fail, no matter how powerful he becomes in his new life."

'Then how!?'

Once more, Hagoromo did not answer. Before Kurama could attempt to question his creator once more, he began losing consciousness, before fading completely, leaving Hagoromo and Naruto alone.

The old sage released a sigh. As much as he would have liked to have given Kurama an answer that would have placated him, he couldn't. He knew no other way of defeating his mother aside from what used to be embedded on the palms of Naruto and Sasuke. The time-travel technique was only a means to that end.

The sealing worked the first time with him, and his brother Hamura, not so much the second. If it was to work the third time around, then the reincarnations of his sons were going to need the assistance of his other "children". The young-man before him had brought them together once before, and would need to do so again.

Just as he did moments ago, he once more placed his hand atop of Naruto's head, and it glowed dimly for all of a second before fading. The first time he did this was on behalf of the Naruto's mother. This time, however, he was adding some insurance of his own that will no doubt help the young-man when the time to fight his mother comes again. Though whether he uses that knowledge is up to him as it will demand he sacrifice much.

Hagoromo smiled sadly at the sleeping young-man. "Though your presence in the past will be unnatural, and you an anomaly, you will also be the catalyst that forces change, giving the future a chance to survive."

Naruto disappeared soon after. With his piece said, Hagoromo followed suit, hoping the blonde would be able to defeat his mother this time around.

Land of Fire – October 10th

Far away from the dangers of the outside world, and those that dwelled within, there was a lush and vibrant forest, and within it stood a man. He was out hunting, stalking some prey when it suddenly took off in a direction opposite him.

His eyes narrowed. Something had spooked it. Focusing, he tried to listen for anything that may have done so, and that's when he heard a faint sound. Enhancing his hearing with chakra, he hard the sound clear as day.

There, just off in the distance, less than a hundred meters east of him, someone was crying. Which was odd in and of itself. Because aside from himself, and his wife, no one else called this part of the forest home, he'd know if they did thanks to the measures they'd taken. The closest neighbors they had lived many, many, miles away from them.

Curious as to how a child had penetrated their defenses, he decided to investigate.

There wasn't much left in this world that could still surprise him these days, but what laid in front of him certainly came very close. He expected to find a child, which he did, just not an infant boy, and a naked one at that.

How the boy had survived out here so long as he did was a mystery to him. Either way, if he didn't do something, and fast, the infant wasn't going to survive for much longer. Biting his thumb, he swiped a small amount of blood across the hidden seal located underneath his left wrist. Out came a scroll, and from that scroll he removed a warm blanket.

Acting quickly, he carefully picked up the boy, and gently wrapped it around him, trying to warm him up as best he could. Though this temporary solution would help for the time being, and increase the boy's chances of survival, it would not help stave off the cold once darkness fell around the forest.

'It seems I'm done hunting for the day.' It was time to head home.

Sealing his tools away, along with the scroll, he turned in the direction home was, and began walking in said direction only to nearly trip over something on the ground. Fortunately, he wasn't a shinobi in name only, albeit a retired one, and very quickly regained his footing.

Once he made sure the boy was fine, he began searching for the offending object that nearly made him take a spill with infant in arm, and his eyes widened when he spotted said object. It was a horn, but unlike any he's ever seen in these forests before.

He looked down at the boy in his arms, then at the horn, and at the boy again. He shook his head. Contemplation would have to wait. He needed to return home. Picking up the horn, he sealed it away, and left soon after.

After walking for a few miles, the home he and his loving wife had built for themselves years ago came into view, as the did woman he'd been happily married to for the past seven years. Seeing her outside didn't come as much of a surprise to him. The infant he'd been traveling with had been spooked by his erratic coughing fits on the way here, and began crying, showing off just how powerful a pair of lungs he had on him.

The beautiful blue eyes of his wife had yet to leave him, or the small bundle in his arms. "What do you have there, Akihiko?" It was a rhetorical question. Of course she knew, but regardless of knowing, it still needed to be asked.

"You know what it is, Kasūmi." His green eyes met her blue. "Why not ask you really wish to know."

She nodded. Very well then. "How did you come across him?"

So began Akihiko's explanation of how he located the infant. She didn't interrupt once, listening to his every word until he was finished. After processing everything she'd been told, she spoke.

"...And you don't believe this to be a trap?"

Akihiko stared at his wife for a few seconds. He could understand where she was coming from, but at the same time, she was allowing her paranoia to influence her. "Even if it is, we'll deal with it when the time comes." he responded. "Besides, you can't tell me he isn't worth the trouble."

Wondering just what her husband was on about, the rest of her argument died in her throat as Akihiko unfurled the blanket covering the infant, and she finally got a good look at him. Hair as bright as the sun overhead, eyes as blue as the darkest oceans, and skin so smooth you'd think he was a doll. He was by far the most beautiful thing she'd ever laid her eyes on.

Kasūmi was unsure of herself when her husband attempted to pass the infant over to her to hold, but the moment he was in her arms, something overcame her, and compelled her to gently start rocking him back and forth in her arms while softly humming him a tune.

Off to the side, Akihiko smiled lovingly at his wife. She may be the more rational of the two of them, but there were times when he shined through, like now for instance. Seeing her act like this didn't really surprise him. He always told her how much of a great mother she would be if they ever started a family one day.

"Was he injured?"

Her sudden question snapped him out of his thoughts, and he shook his head. "No. I checked him over before arriving." he answered. "I did find something interesting though. Two things actually."

"And they are?"

Akihiko held up a folded piece of paper. "I found this note attached to a red rope that was around his neck." He hesitated a bit before deciding to go through with the idea of mentioning the other item he had found. "This was near him as well."

Kasūmi's eyes widened when she spotted the object in her husband's hand. It was a horn, but unlike any she had ever seen her husband bring home before. A gnawing feeling of dread was beginning to enter the pit of her stomach.

"...Do you believe it's possible that whatever that horn was attached to is the reason he was alone?"

"It's possible, but until I return to the area, I can't say for certain."

She nodded. "What does the note say?"

"Nothing much. Just a name."

"What's the name?"

"Naruto Namikaze."

Kasūmi peered down at the blonde bundle in her arms. It wasn't all that uncommon to see orphans in their world, especially nowadays, but never as young as the blonde. Or more specifically, with a note informing the world of who he was.

His sudden appearance couldn't be a coincidence, nothing in their world ever is. This baby came into their lives for a reason, though neither she, nor her husband, could fathom what that reason was at the moment.

She quelled the rising suspicion she felt the moment she heard Naruto's surname, because she realized something after looking into his innocent eyes. None of it mattered. Not where he came from, or why he was thrust into their lives all of a sudden. Neither she nor her husband were about to abandon a baby to the same fate that befalls all children of this era. The healing has to begin somewhere, why not here and now.

"Namikaze." She sounded it out. "Though I've never heard of them it does have a nice ring to it."

Akihiko nodded in agreement. "That it does, but more than that. I do believe it solves the issue we were having a debate about the other day."

"I think it'll take more than you and I changing our surname to fool anyone." she said, looking at what laid atop her, and Akihiko's, head.

"Then we change our hair color to match is." he countered. "No longer will we be known as Uzumaki, but as Namikaze, and as parents to Naruto Namikaze, heir of the Clan."

Kasūmi could see her husband was very serious about this idea. "...If we do this, then we'll eventually have to tell him everything."

Akihiko nodded. He knew what his wife was getting at. By choosing to walk this path, they were going to willingly create a more difficult, and awkward, situation with Naruto later in the future. Be that as it may, however, it did solve the problem they were currently facing after defecting from their Clan after the loss of their family and friends, and their disagreements with the Clan Elders.

"I know it's going to be a difficult subject to broach, and speak about, but I don't believe it'll change anything between us." he said.

If she was the rational part of their duality, then her husband was clearly the optimist. She just stared silently into his eyes for what felt like an eternity before nodding.

"Very well then."

Thus did one become three, beginning the rise of the Namikaze Clan.

End of Chapter One

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