The First Namikaze

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Fusō, along with her large group, were standing shoulder to shoulder next to Tōka, Mito, and Kushina. Some from the Clan were surrounding them, and all of them were watching the center of the area they were standing in as Naruto was gathering his chakra. He went through his hand-seals.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Everyone had to shield their eyes from the smoke caused by a summoning, along with the whirlwind of dust that was kicked up by a mighty flap. Once the smoke and dust cleared, everyone present stood with mouths agape as in front of them, in a line, stood ten of the largest birds any of them had ever seen. All of them were as big as houses.

The blonde turned to everyone.

"These guys will help you reach your destination."

No sooner had the words left his mouth did those who planned on leaving slowly start climbing atop the giant avian's backs. After a few minutes, everyone was aboard, except for Fusō, despite her family already being on. She was looking at her niece. The reason she had asked for a few hours earlier was because she had tried her absolute hardest to try and convince Kushina to leave with her, and her family. Unfortunately, her niece had inherited her mother's stubbornness, and she did not want to leave the only home she'd ever known. That, and her parents were buried on the island. It was also the place where her three teachers were.

Fusō thought it was stupid naming children adults when they put the headband on, but as it stood, her niece was considered an adult in their world, and as such, she could make her own decisions. And she did. She chose to stay. It saddened her that she might never get to see Kushina again, but at least she knew her niece would be safe here, in the care of Naruto, Mito, and Tōka, her teachers. She sent the three a look, and they nodded, one she returned. She was trusting them to take care of her family. She sent one last look at Kushina, and the two locked eyes. No words needed to be said between them as their eyes said everything. They both loved the other, and hoped they met in the future.

Turning away from her niece was one of the hardest things she's ever had to do, but she did, and she joined her family atop the giant falcon. She settled in comfortably behind her husband, who was at the helm, and her son, who was in the middle of them. She leaned forward.

"Hold on tight, Nagato."

Everyone present had to cover their eyes once more as dust blew out at them due to the mighty flaps of the giant avian's wings. Once the dust settled, and they could see again, all those left on the ground watched as their comrades flew away to live their lives away from Uzushiogakure.


Eleven Months Later

AmegakureSeptember 6th

Uchiha Madara currently wore a blank expression on his face. Only those who truly knew the master of the sharingan eye could see the clear displeasure written on his weathered face. He was not in a good mood right now. In fact, he would go so far as to say he was in a foul one. This was mostly due in large part to his current location, it's weather, and Naruto.

It had been four years since his friend departed Konoha, and arrived at Uzushiogakure, when the man had finally contacted him.


The former Uchiha Clan patriarch sat patiently, waiting for the arrival of his friend. It's felt like ages since he last saw the man. Unfortunately, it was not a casual visit. They had scheduled a meeting via their summons so as to discuss the current state of affairs going on in the world, and what they planned on doing from this point forward.

Momentarily closing his eyes, and concentrating, he nodded to himself. He couldn't feel Naruto's large chakra approaching, so that at the very least gave him a few minutes to try and get a nap in. Of course, as soon as his course of action was decided, life decided to mess with him, and in more ways than one it seemed.

Naruto was fast approaching, and he was alone. Two more were with him. Feeling out their chakra, he suddenly grimaced. He knew who they were, and had been hoping to save this coming conversation for another time. Appearing in a yellow flash, the former Namikaze patriarch was in front of him, and just behind him were Mito and Tōka, neither looking very pleased.

Madara let out a shallow breath. He might as well get this over with. Opening his mouth to greet two friends he hadn't seen in who knows how many years now, and as a way to diffuse their anger at being lied to about his death, he did not get the opportunity as the two females were suddenly in front of him. Mito punched him in the stomach, doubling him over, and Tōka kneed him square in the jaw, sending him up in the air before he landed on his ass. He could hear Naruto laughing in the background, and fixed the man with a glare after shaking off the pain.

The former Hokage held his hands up. "Hey, I already received my lumps when I first told the two of them you were still alive." he said. "Now it's your turn. So stop glaring at me with that pink eye."

The sharingan master grunted an affirmative. Though he still didn't appreciate his vaunted bloodline being mocked like that. He absolutely hated that damn joke of Naruto's. The blonde eventually calmed himself down from his laughter, and decided to get this meeting underway, as they needed to return to Uzushiogakure.

"Now that we've all had a good laugh, we can get down to business." he announced, ignoring the look being sent at him. "As all of you know, we are currently in the midst of yet another war. Only difference this time, we don't have the same amount of friends as we did back then." Madara still wasn't happy to know that it was someone from Konoha who had screwed things up. "And we can ill afford to lose another, especially now." said the blonde. "It's the reason why Mito, Tōka, and I are still in Uzushiogakure."

A frown was slowly starting to frame Madara's face. Judging by what he's heard so far, he had an idea of where this conversation was heading. He looked directly into the blue eyes of his friend.

"Judging from that look in your eyes, I can see you know where I'm going with this..." said the blonde to his friend. "I want you to travel to Ame,"

The lone Uchiha sighed internally. Figuring something out and then having it validated the next second felt nice, but not in this instance. While he wasn't adverse to fighting in war again, he felt his skills and abilities could be better utilized elsewhere, like completing his current mission for instance, especially since Ame already had a protector.

"And protect the Uzumaki who now call that village their home." he finished.

Madara's brow rose a bit. Well, he certainly wasn't expecting to hear that. He half-expected to be sent in to fight from the shadows, similarly to what he did in the first war.

"A group as large as the one that left couldn't have gone unnoticed by our enemies." stated Naruto. "If our enemies already fear the Clan as much as they do, then a group of 'em in a village run by Hanzō, a Jinchūriki, is to be feared even more." he said. "I only want you there for that, though if you feel so inclined to assist, do so subtly." ordered the blonde. "...I know I don't have to tell you this, since you're a smart man, but Uzumaki in Amegakure will only strengthen that village, which will benefit not only Konoha in the long run, but our plans as well."

While the sharingan master agreed with Naruto's logic, and seeing as it would be a change of pace for him, he still felt like his current mission should take priority here. He voiced his opinion.

"While I would like nothing more than to help, I still feel my current mission should take priority." said the Uchiha.

The blonde wasn't all that surprised to hear this coming from his friend. Had this been any other point in time, he'd agree with him wholeheartedly, but war took priority. Then again, it was better to know the situation regarding the Bijū, as they might come into play during this war as well. He sighed, and remained silent for a few seconds.

He looked at his friend. "In your response to my message, you mentioned you had information on the Bijū, correct?" Madara nodded. "...Tell me what you know, and depending on what I hear, I will decide if you continue, or move on for the time being. Can you accept that?" The Uchiha could only nod in response. Naruto nodded. "Very well then. What information do you have on the Bijū?"

"And how many exactly." added Mito, not exactly liking the fact that her friend wanted to continue his mission over helping her family. 'He better have some really good intel to share.'

Madara held up five fingers, surprising the three. The married trio know how hard it is just finding info on one, but for him to have intel on five. It was nothing short of amazing.

"I see you haven't been idle since I first assigned this mission to you."

The Uchiha snorted. What did his friend expect him to have been doing? Twiddling his thumbs? "I'll start with the Ichibi." The trio nodded. "It's still in Sunagakure, and is currently inside of the original host, an old priest named Bunpuku. Though that's likely to change in a few years, seeing as the man's health is on the decline."

"How much longer do you estimate he has left?" inquired Tōka. It was a horrible question to ask, but they needed to know.

"Tough to say since I don't actually know how old he is, or what, if any, abilities were given to him by the Bijū that may have extended his lifespan." he explained.

"Do you know where he's being kept?" asked Naruto.

"Negative. Chiyo did not deign to inform me." he replied. After having gathered what he could on his own, he went to Naruto's former student to see if she could fill in the blanks he had. She only gave him bits and pieces. "She also told me that while she may work for you, Naruto, and while she may love you like a father, Sunagakure is still her home, and it comes first." he said, repeating her words. "She will still help us anyway she can, but some information is meant to remain a secret."

The former Nidaime could only nod. He could respect her decision, hell, he was actually proud of the girl for saying, and keeping, to it. Though it also put him in a bind. Not because she wouldn't tell them where their Jinchūriki was kept, but because it meant she was going to fight Konoha, and possibly some of his other students. If one of them died in this war because of the other...well, he didn't know how he would handle that. He just hoped it didn't happen.

"She say anything else?"

"Yes." said Madara. "Instead of waiting until he dies of natural causes, and risk the Bijū escaping, the powers that be in Suna may rip it out of him, and seal it in a new host." he revealed. "From the info that I gathered personally, it's possible they may use the old priest's grandson, a small boy by the name of Hōichi, as the second host."

"How do you know they're related, and why him?" questioned the Senju turned Namikaze, as she was not as familiar with the sealing of a Bijū as her husband and sister-wife.

"It wasn't hard to figure out. The boy kept asking questions around the village about his grandfather. It wasn't hard to put two-and-two together." he said. "As for why him, well, from what Chiyo told me, the old priest has never once lost control of the Bijū, and those of Suna are hoping that his flesh and blood continues that trend."

As deplorable as it was, both Naruto and Mito couldn't argue against Suna's logic. Though their logic was reversed in this case. Normally, a Bijū was sealed inside of someone related to the current Kage, so as to help create bonds with the village, and not ostracize them.

"Anything else?" The Uchiha shook his head. "Where did you travel from Sunagakure?" inquired the blonde.

"North, to Iwagakure." he answered. "Which by far was the hardest for me to infiltrate since I was last there. They've tightened up their security ever since that brat Ōnoki took over for them, and since they got their hands on the Gobi."

Naruto groaned internally. It absolutely galled him to think that what he could not do, which was find the Gobi, another did, and from Iwa no less. The balance of power had shifted to their favor. This is why he had first given Madara the mission of investigating the Bijū, because he was afraid of this very situation coming to pass, and it finally had.

"Do you know why we couldn't locate the host when we first took over Hoshigakure?"

Madara nodded. "I do, and you aren't going to believe me even after I tell you."

"Try me."

"The Jinchūriki of the Gobi fled the village." Naruto was looking at him in absolute disbelief. "It was not a pure defection though. He ran out of fear."

"From what exactly?"

"Persecution." he answered. "The Jinchūriki was respected by the old guard, but when many of them started to die, well, let's just say that the next generation wasn't as kind." he said. "They feared him for what they believed he was. The only person who cared about him was the Kage, his family, but when he died," He looked at Naruto here. "He fled for his life. There was no one left to protect him."

Naruto had to take a seat, such was his shock. He was the one inadvertently responsible for Iwagakure gaining more power. It was his fault. He put his head between his legs, he felt sick to his stomach.

"...How old is he?"

"He was but a child when he left, so I assume he's at least in his mid-twenties by now."

"Does he have a name?"


"You learned all this while in Iwa?" asked Mito.

"Partially." answered the Uchiha. "I stopped in Hoshigakure beforehand." he added. "Learned a bit more of him there."

"I see." said the blonde. "Is that all you learned?" Madara nodded. "What did you learn while in Iwa?"

"That the host of the Yonbi has the most control over his tailed beast that I've seen since Hanzō, but he is also in a similar situation." he said. "His name is Roshi."

"He's ostracized by his village as well?"

The sharingan master nodded. "Roshi often leaves the village, but would always remain close by if he was ever needed." he explained. "He was only afforded this luxury because the people feared him, and fear is never good for morale. It all changed of course when the war broke out, and he's on standby."

"How did you even gather such detailed info?" questioned Tōka

Madara actually gave them a rare smirk. "Trade secret."

The married trio rolled their eyes, and had to assume it was because of some ability given to him by his eyes. The Uchiha could read his friends like a book, and agreed with them. It was because of his eyes. It was thanks to his Kamui.

He had used it much during his time in Iwa as he couldn't be in one place for to long, what with all the eyes everywhere. Though this also worked in his favor, as there were many shinobi who were often left to patrol alone, which made capture easy. He had to jump from person to person for a few months just to learn who held what information, but it was worth it. Especially when he met Suzumebachi.

Apparently, the woman claimed she was also a grandchild of the Shodai Tsuchikage. After he had a run in with her, and he sifted through her memories, he learned her claim held validity to it, but there just happened to be one problem. Her father was a bastard, which meant any claim she thought she had is to be ignored in favor of Ōnoki's, and any of his direct kin.

"After spending months in Iwa, I traveled east, towards Kumogakure." he said. "I did make a stop in Takigakure, however."

"What did you find there?"

"Something called Hero Water." he answered. "Supposedly, the one to drink it will have their chakra increased ten-fold, but it can also lead to death if not taken in small doses. There's a caveat though."

"Oh, and possibly dying because of overdose isn't one?"

"Depends on what you deem an important detail." shrugged the Uchiha. "Anyways, I learned that it takes one-hundred years for even a small portion of water to have the correct effects." he explained to them. "Seeing as I didn't have that kind of time, I started searching for the Bijū."


"Either they lied about receiving a Bijū, or it was sealed into something non-human and is being kept under heavy lock and key." he explained. "My money is on the latter." he said. "Seeing as I couldn't stay there forever, I moved on, but do plan to return at some point. From there I traveled to Kumo. It was easy getting in. Locating their Bijū, even easier."

"Really? How so?"

"While the two of us know those of Kumogakure to be arrogant, they were never ones to boast, except when it came to certain things." he said. "For example, the tools of the sage."

Now the blonde understood where his friend was coming from.

"They have the tools on display, in a museum." he said. "They're a source of pride for the village, so is the fact that they have most in their possession." Naruto hid his smirk, not all of them. "I learned that the Hachibi was sealed within the Kohaku no Jōhei by Z from a historian whose job it was to explain what they could of the tools." he explained. "Everything I learned is all propaganda of course, as they want to make it seem like their village was gifted the tools by the Rikudō Sennin himself."

The Uchiha shook his head. He was getting off track.

"After I finished eavesdropping on the guided tour, I began to search for the host. I failed to find one in Taki, but I did not fail in Kumo." he said. "One thing most, if not all, Jinchūriki share in common is the fact that they are ostracized by their peers, and the situation in Kumo is no different. The Bijū is sealed in a seven year old boy named Killer B."

The three ninja opposite him looked at him oddly, and he shrugged. That was the boy's name, there was nothing he could do to change it.

"Once I had that, I traveled further east, to Kirigakure." he told them. "And like Takigakure, I couldn't find their Bijū, or it's host. I eventually called it off for the moment, and traveled to the other-side of the country, to Nadeshiko."

"How did it go over there?" asked Naruto. "Did you find the Nibi?"

"I did." he nodded. "It's currently sealed inside a woman named Shizuha. Though I'm not sure for how much longer."

"Is it because of her age, or something else?" questioned Tōka.

"Unknown." he replied. "All I know is she's dying, and like Suna, her village plans on sealing the Bijū into a family member, specifically her little girl, Shizūko." he said. "Which is why I plan on keeping my ravens in the village, just in case something unexpected occurs."

There was no point in asking about the Kyūbi, everyone present knew where that one was at.

"Do you have anything else to say?" asked Naruto, because his friend looked like he did.

Madara grunted. His friend knew him so well. "I do, and it's concerning those we're hunting." That got the trio's attention. "After recalling our various battles against them, I've come to notice a trend."

"Which is?"

"They only seem to make an appearance when there is chaos out in the world." he revealed.

Naruto was slowly beginning to nod, as he could see where his friend was coming from. The first time he made contact with a member of the group was before the village's were created, during the endless era of bloodshed. The second time was when he, Mito, Hashirama, and Madara killed three at what is now known as the Valley of the End. Those times were volatile at best as the village's were still new and no one was sure how the future would go. The last known sighting was when Madara killed Kodara Uma, and that was possibly the only time there wasn't major chaos out in the world, well, if you don't consider a cult full of religious zealots killing people for not accepting their beliefs chaos. He looked at Madara.

"Do you believe they'll make an appearance, what with a war going on around them?"

The Uchiha shrugged. "It's only an observation on my part, but it is worth keeping an eye open for, just in case."

"Will do." said Naruto. "Now then, based on everything that you've told me, I still feel that you going to Ame is the best option right now. We have info on all but two Bijū, those two can wait until the war is over."

Madara let out a small sigh, but nodded. This was one of those times where he did too good a job, and was paying for it by being reassigned, not that he minded helping.

Naruto nodded. "Anything else?" No one said anything. "Alright then. Let's all do our part in helping this war end faster."

The quartet nodded, and one third vanished, leaving the Uchiha alone. He looked at the entrance to his makeshift home.

"I guess I better start preparing."

Flashback End

Madara really hated the rain, and that's all it ever did in Amegakure. It was such a stark contrast from Konoha, where it was sunny and warm most of the year around. He's been situated in this weather now for eleven months, and had helped where he could in the fight against Iwa. Though his help was hardly necessary. Hanzō was proving more than enough of a match against the might of Iwagakure. Aside from helping here and there, most of his time was used to keep an eye on the Uzumaki who now called this rain soaked futuristic village their home.

He took a deep breath, exhaled, and stared out at the vista the village was giving him from his vantage point.

"This village has come a long way since it was partially destroyed all those years ago." he muttered.

It had built itself up in such a way that many were once more, unofficially of course, considering it the sixth major village. It was still hard to believe that his friend was capable of such destruction, but then again, if his child were taken by a psychopath, he'd have reacted the same way.

His head snapped to the south. A monstrous amount of concentrated chakra was approaching, and he suddenly looked down. It was also coming from beneath! Numerous chakra signatures emerged from the ground, and immediately started laying siege to the perimeter walls.

Though it was not they whom he deemed the most dangerous. Numbers weren't always everything in a war. Sometimes, all you needed was one man. Madara wore a grimace. He recognized the monstrous chakra signature. It belonged to a Jinchūriki, and currently to one of the only ones who had a very good control over it's tenants power.

It was Roshi of Iwagakure.

No sooner had he made the connection of who was approaching did the wall that blocked the Uzumaki from the rest of the world get coated in lava. A few clones popped into existence behind him, all of them equally strong. They were going to remain behind, and assist the Uzumaki, while he confronted Roshi.

He didn't have to defeat the man, he just had to stall him long enough until Hanzō arrived. Which wouldn't be long, as he could feel the man on the other-side of the village, engaging the enemy, and killing them as quickly as he could.

As he approached the wall, he noticed that the lava had done it's job, and created a small opening for Iwa-nin to enter when it suddenly exploded, and he was thrown backwards, onto the wall of a building. The air was knocked out of him momentarily, but other than that, he was okay. Ignoring the pain in his back, and attempting to shake off the loud ringing in his ears, he proceeded forward once more. Seeing the destruction now, he knew that the explosion just seconds ago was not normal. The blast exploded inward, towards the village.

It was then that he saw the man responsible, as he made no attempt to hide his ability. He had heard of this shinobi through the grapevine, but he never believed they'd be meeting like this, with him on the receiving end of his bloodline. His name is Gari.

He absolutely hated what he was about to do, especially now since he knew that a dangerous shinobi was leading the assault, but he had to prioritize here. Roshi was still the biggest threat. He only hoped the Uzumaki who were present knew how to fight.

Bypassing the many shinobi fighting around him, but still assisting where he could, he eventually came to confront the Jinchūriki, but had to do so yards away from him. The man was currently covered in a thick layer of lava.

Those who were around the Jinchūriki came at him, but he dealt with them swiftly, and good thing he did, the sweltering heat rolling off of Roshi grew very close, and he reacted. Avoiding the lava infused strike by becoming intangible made the attacker pause, and study him.

Madara knew he wasn't going to be able to go head-to-head with Roshi, and even if he could get that lava armor down, it was only going to be down for a few seconds, which meant his first strike would have to be his best. Roshi came at him again.

"Yōton: Shakugaryūgan no Jutsu(Scorching Steam Rock Technique)!"

Roshi shot out large amount of molten rock at him, though he simply phased through it. Unfortunately for those behind him, they did not have the same ability, and while he knew he was saving the enemy here, he didn't want to take any chances of some Uzumaki getting hit.

Adding chakra to his feet, he sped past the molten rocks, ignored the uncomfortable heat, and appeared in front of them, his hands already in motion, and chakra already gathered.

"Suiton: Suijinchū(Water Formation Pillar)!"

He was barely able to block the incoming attack, and that was only because he was adequate in water release techniques.

"Yōton: Shakugaikōken no Jutsu(Scorching Armored Fist)!"

'It seems I've underestimated Roshi.'

The Jinchūriki appeared in front of his water blockade, easily bypassing the water, which turned to hot steam, and attacked again. This time, his attack landed. He could have dodged it, but with him being so close to the Uzumaki compound, he had no choice but to take it. Luckily, the steam worked in his favor and he was able to call forth a small portion of his Susanoo, blocking the would-be area where the lava would have no doubt done some serious damage.

Forcing the lava covered man back with his armor, he leapt back himself, putting a bit more distance between them. At the rate this fight was going, he was going to end up revealing something that would paint him as an Uchiha, and he couldn't have that. It could possibly open a whole new can of worms. He needed to end this fight now.

An idea came to him. If the amount of water he used just now helped to slow down the lava punch just seconds ago, then even more might actually slow Roshi down himself, and give him the few seconds he would need to defeat him. It was worth a shot.

He ran through his hand-seals while simultaneously gathering a large amount of chakra and turning it into water...

"Suiton: Bakusui Shōha(Exploding Water Colliding Wave)!"

Much of the land they were standing on was covered in water, including Roshi, who withstood the large torrent. It may not have done much to harm the Jinchūriki, but it did do the trick. The lava armor hadn't been dropped, but it was hardening, and unless he wished to suffocate inside, he would drop the part of armor he needed to drop the most.

It worked like a charm, and the two locked eyes for a brief second. It was over. He didn't want to take the chance of showing his eyes too early and either the host, or tenant, recognizing them. His gamble paid off.

Madara stared down at the unconscious man, and briefly had the idea of implanting an order within his mind, to perhaps screw over Ōnoki, but scrapped it. Iwagakure, and it's Tsuchikage, were going to be needed in the future. There were much more dangerous enemies lurking on the horizon.

With that in mind, he left the unconscious man to whatever fate befalls him, which was probably going to be capture if he doesn't wake up before Hanzō arrives, which is actually a good thing. It would help to restore the balance of power.

Leaving the Jinchūriki behind, he returned to the large hole in the wall, and came upon a grim site he was all to accustomed to seeing. Death. There were a lot of bodies strewn about, and most of them were from the Uzumaki Clan. Quite a few of them were still alive as well, but they had lost more in this fight than Iwa did. At the very least, Gari was dead. He was looking down at the surprised looking face of his corpse, and all the seals around it. It was pretty clear to see how he died.

Continuing to search for any remaining enemies, or allies that needed assistance, as he was currently in disguise as an Ame shinobi, he spotted a sight that made his chest tighten. It was three children, and all of them were huddled around the body of a woman, most likely the mother.

He and his friends had first created the concept of village's so as to avoid having children fight and die in battle, which they had done, but fate didn't take to kindly to that it seems. It deemed it that more of them should be orphaned, which came as close as you could to nearly killing them. Most orphans did not last, and died a slow death. The three in front of him had even slimmer odds of survival due to the war. Or they would have.

The lone Uchiha silently appeared behind the trio, and knelt down behind them. He could see that they were all crying, though the rain masked it well, but he could also see the anger, the fire, in their eyes.

"Do you want the pain to stop?" he asked, startling the trio. The three of them turned around, tears in their eyes, looked at him, and nodded. "Do you want to know how to make it stop?"

They all nodded.

"Peace." he answered. "The only way to stop the pain is to achieve peace."

"How do we do that?" asked the only girl in the group.

"By fighting for it." replied the former patriarch. "Are the three of you willing to fight so that another doesn't have to feel pain?"

The three looked at one another for a few seconds, and then back at him. They all nodded. He returned the nod.

"What are your names?"

"Konan." replied the only girl.

"Yahiko." answered the orange haired boy, clearly the leader of their group.

"...Nagato." said the last boy.

"My name is Madara." The three of them nodded, clearly not understanding the significance of what they had just heard. "I need to leave for the moment, but I'll contact you soon." he said, having felt Hanzō's chakra getting closer.

"For what?" questioned Yahiko.

"So we can begin planning on how to achieve our goal."

End of Chapter Twenty-Eight