Warning: Early chapters will be quite slow.

Hunt, Kill and Consume:


"I want Team Zulu to create a perimeter around the facility" A Blackwatch commander said as his men gathered around him in a circular formation. Approximately 200 soldiers were taking part in this mission, and it was predicted that 98 percent won't survive the undertaking, but they weren't told that. In fact, most of these men were told that this was a simple elimination of an infected man. While that in itself was true, only a select few were told of who this man was. "Team Alpha, come with me"

The commander then pointed to a nearby tower, one that offered a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. Soldiers often referred to this as a Bird's Nest, since it gave a perfect setup for snipers.

"Team Bravo, position yourselves in that tower over there and cover the entrances" The commander said. Instantly, Bravo team went to the top of the tower. "Everyone else setup the explosives and get inside once you hear gunfire"

"Sir yes sir!" The remaining teams yelled right before they started doing their tasks.

The Blackwatch commander readied his own tools before signaling his men to follow. Truth be told, he did not really expect to live through this. Before the mission began, he was briefed on who their target was, and he, like all men who faced this monster before, only thought of death.

Now one would think that any sane man would refuse this mission to the death. But it also took a san man to realize that this 'thing' had to be put down no matter the cost, and he was willing to give up his own life to destroy this monster.

Agent Miles took out a photo from his pocket just before they neared the front gates of the facility. It was a photo of his wife and her new born baby, both he might not see again. A single tear fell from his eye as he readied his rifle for the coming confrontation.


Alex Mercer sat alone on a rotating office chair. His chin rested on the back of his hands as he stared blankly into the wall in front of him. While he should be preparing for a confrontation with the military men who now stood outside the facility, his mind was off somewhere else. If one were to look closely, one would notice that his eyes were hollow, like the eyes of an old man who'd seen too much for one life but is still alive to see more.

'Aren't you tired of this whole charade?' He asked himself. For months he'd been constantly on the run. At first it wasn't too bad, then time passed its course and he felt empty now.

His musings were almost disturbed when he heard several explosions all around the building, one of them a few floors down.

'Standard operating procedure' He thought. 'Make everything go boom, then shoot anything that survived said boom'

Still, despite all this, he remained seated, his eyes still planted on the wall. Then he heard the door behind him get destroyed, presumably through a c4 explosive.

'It wasn't even locked' He thought with a small sigh.

He smiled an empty smile when he felt the first bullet enter his body, then another and another. Soon he saw his body riddled with holes, and it didn't stop there.

'Maybe I should tell them about the nuke incident' He thought as he continued to ignore all the gunfire and explosives.

"Is he dead?" Alex heard one of the soldiers ask. Alex resisted the urge to just stand back up and start thrashing his tendrils around, which would most likely kill everything in the room. Right then, an idea came to his mind.

"Bring the scanner!" He heard another soldier yell out. "And stay away from the body!"

When he first discovered his abilities, Alex still hadn't had full control over the Blacklight virus that made up his entire body. Over the course of 14 months, his control skyrocketed. His control over the virus was such that he could become like a mist of pure Blacklight and reform whenever he needed to….kind of like how Dracula transforms into a green mist.

"Sir something's happening!" A soldier yelled out to his superior, who immediately came barging through the door.

"What!?" He asked. Then he turned his attention to the place that had everyone else's attention. "What the fuck?"

Alex Mercer's body was burning away…..literally.

Bits and pieces of his body started floating away into the wind. This was NOT good.

"Contain it immediately!" Their leader yelled. Men in Hazmat suits came in right after his command. "We don't want another Hope incident now do we!?"

Operation 'Pikewall' was a success. Alex Mercer, codename: Zeus, was destroyed. The remnants of the Blacklight virus his body left behind was recovered and subsequently destroyed by Gentek. The soldiers who gunned down Zeus were forced to take an oath of secrecy to never speak of what had transpired in operation Pikewall. All folders and cases regarding Zeus were destroyed. All traces of Zeus and Alex Mercer's existence were destroyed.

Chapter 1: As Time Goes On

Alex POV:

I needed them to believe that I was dead. Alex Mercer, the killer, the murderer, the terrorist. I needed them to believe that he was dead.

What little that remained of the Blacklight inside the facility was destroyed. I didn't care too much for it. What mattered was that they believed it, and now I can stop running away and live my…existence as I see fit.

That day, Alex Mercer died, and now I am only Zeus.

The world believes I am dead, and it is for the best. Freedom was something I've never had before, Alex Mercer had it once upon a time, but I never did.

Change POV:

"Here's your champagne sir" The flight stewardess said, handing Alex a small glass of champagne. Alex nodded as the flight stewardess placed the glass of champagne on his table. She walked away right after doing so.

Alex took a small sip of the delicious wine and turned his head to the window. The view from the sky was something he'd never quite get used to, despite the fact that he spent the majority of his time in New York jumping off buildings. He didn't really have the time to enjoy the simple things back then. Now he had all the time in the world…literally.

The perks of having first class seating was that you didn't have to share your seat with anyone, which meant that no one was here beside him to irritate his already low temper. Everything was quiet. The only sound his enhanced senses could detect was the engines of the plane and some snoring passengers nearby.

For years after his supposed death, Alex had been traveling all around the world. From America to Northern Europe, he'd been to almost every country in the western hemisphere.

Of course he did this all in the guise of an Englishman with the name of Alex McCloud. It was simple really; all he had to do was find someone whose disappearance wouldn't be noticed by anyone. While it was much easier to simply devour some random stranger and assume their identity, he had had enough of trying to trick people. Besides, he did Mr. Alex McCloud, a depressed suicidal man, a favor by ending his life.

Perhaps it was simple wanderlust, or a higher purpose that he himself still hasn't found, he did not truly know. But living without Blackwatch constantly trying to hunt him down had been bliss. Freedom was something he had not experienced for quite some time.

"We'll be landing on Japanese soil in 2 hours" He heard the announcement from the speaker on the corner of the first class area.

After his visit to Rome, his next destination was Japan. This wasn't based on a schedule of course, but the fact that he heard that Diana, the only person he cared about in the whole world, went to that nation to find a new life and that he wanted to visit her since he now had the time to do so.

'I wonder how Diana's doing' He thought to himself with a small smile. Though she never knew, Diana was never actually his sister. She was the sister of Alex Mercer, the man who died with his birth. '….And I'm just a virus that thinks it's Alex Mercer'

But Alex's emotions was carried on and he did care for her and even looked out for her whenever he could, and that wasn't going to change. She's probably going to be scared after seeing him though.

With nothing else to do, Alex opted to scan the ship for anomalies. While the chances of terrorists being on this plane were minimal, it wouldn't hurt to look. Plus it was also possible that there would be Gentek scientists within the plane. Not that he'd do anything to them though.

To the other passengers in the first class seating, Alex would look like someone who has never been to the first class seating before and was curious of everything. But to Alex's own perception, he was seeing everything that was going on inside the ship. Every inch of detail was being scanned thoroughly. Every nook, corner and crevice, all of them were scanned for anomalies.

Merely using thermal vision or infected vision wouldn't really give him the layout of the entire ship along with its passengers. Both visions worked best when he was hunting someone or something, and he wasn't doing both.

By releasing a small amount of backlight into the air and having it spread throughout the whole plane, Alex would be able to see everything. He had experimented with this before, and it ended in failure. An entire town was poisoned due to everyone inhaling the Blacklight, which ultimately drew Blackwatch's attention back to him. To him, every single Blacklight particle was like a mobile eyeball that had a 360 degree vision. With the billions of particles released, nothing would escape his sights.

'Nothing out of the ordinary I guess' Mercer concluded before absorbing back all the blacklight.


Alex now walked through the streets of Kuoh (I have no idea what the name of the city is in HSDXD), upon his right hand was a small paper with the address of the place his sister was working in.

Apparently, Diana was working in some place called Kuoh academy as an English teacher for Highschool students and a Physics teacher for College students.

'Talk about a serious workload' He thought as he continued walking. Truthfully, if he wasn't trying to hide his powers and the fact that Alex Mercer was still alive, he would just start running to the top of the buildings and jumping off of them. He didn't want to do that now, but he didn't deny that it would get him to Kuoh academy faster though.

After walking for an hour and realizing that he was lost in an urban maze, Alex decided to get a cab. Unfortunately for him, he came to Japan and didn't know how to speak any Japanese…A stupid predicament…. But he did have a remedy for that problem of course.

'Come to think of it…..I've never eaten anyone since I ate Mr. Alex McCloud…' He thought, and it only registered to him now that his biomass levels were quite low. Very low, in fact, that he would probably be defeated by a Hunter. 'I should eat someone whose disappearance wouldn't be noticed by anyone'

Alex passed by an alley where he saw a beggar lying beside a large trash bin. Alex faltered for a moment as pity slightly moved him, but he ultimately decided to eat this person. He would've been able to do so had someone not stopped by and given the beggar some food.

From his enhanced hearing, Alex figured out that the other person gives food to this man regularly, which meant that someone would notice him if he disappeared.

'No big deal' Alex said to himself as he went out of the alley and continued walking down the street. 'I don't have to fight anyone anyway…but I do need to learn Japanese…'

KUOH ACADEMY: College Building

"I do believe you've had this lesson when you were in Highschool, but for the sake of reviews: Can anyone enumerate all of Newton's laws?" Dana asked. It had been 4 years since she left New York City, 4 years since she witnessed all that chaos and 4 years since she saw Alex again. A year later, she became a teacher in Kuoh Academy. Not the best job in the world, but it was better than her last job. At first it was hard, learning Japanese and all, but it became somewhat nice. No more blackwatch trying to kill her, no more monsters kidnapping her and no more-

"Miss Mercer?" Someone said from the door. All eyes turned to the source of the voice, including Dana.

"Yes?" She said, confused. "I'm Mercer"

"A man is here looking for you" The person said. "He says he's your brother"

Dana gulped hard. Alex? Here? That was just another way of saying BAD NEWS or SOMETHING REALLY BAD IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. Not that she didn't miss Alex or anything, she loved him of course, but she also wanted to live longer. Alex being here might be hazardous for her health. She didn't believe all the news on TV about the terrorist in New York finally being killed.

One does not simply kill Alex Mercer. She refused to believe that statement at first, but then she saw him get blown up by a tank only to reform.

"Should I tell him you're coming?" The person asked, shaking Dana from her internal musings.

"Yes" She said after regaining her composure "Tell him to wait until my class is finished"

Despite the notoriety of his name and appearance, Alex still wore his old outfit: the grey hoodie, the black leather jacket, the inner polo shirt and the blue jeans. Why no one noticed him was beyond his understanding.

"Mr. John Mercer?" Rin asked the tall handsome man who was sitting down on the bench inside Dana's office. Said man now turned his face towards her, one eyebrow raised.


"Ms. Dana told me to tell you to wait until her class is finished"

"Of course, thank you"

"Umm…..her class isn't going to be finished for a few hours…"

"I guess I'll just have a look around this school" Alex said, a little disappointed that he had to wait a few hours just to meet Dana. But now he had a chance to explore this freakishly huge school, which, at least, would kill a lot of time. Besides that, there was a chance that he might be interested in working here. He did notice that the school was in need of a PhD graduate in Chemical Engineering. It was an option at least.

The reason why humans needed jobs was to have a stable income. This income would then be used to buy the resources they need, such as food, clothing and shelter. Alex had no need for any of that, the money he had was taken from drug lords, and he hadn't had much use of it either. The only expense he'd ever had was the plane tickets he bought. He had no need for clothing because all he had to do was copy the clothes using Blacklight. He had no need for food, human food at least, because his consumption consisted of bio-mass.

"Would you like a tour guide to show you around?" The assistant lady asked, bringing Alex out of his musings. "One of our high-school students can be of assistance if you need one"

"I suppose…..alright I guess, if it isn't too much trouble of course" Alex said in response, shrugging as he did so. "I wouldn't want to disturb a student during class time"

"Oh it's no big deal" The assistant lady said. "Our tour guides are from the student council, they tend to have a lot of free time"

"Well alright"

"-And this is the main office building. It's mostly just school administrators and cashiers there" The tour guide, who identified herself earlier as Tsubaki, said. They continued walking several more yards until they reached a large, but old, building that stood right at the borders of the school. "And that is the building of the occult research club"

"That's…weird" Alex commented, but otherwise stayed silent during the whole tour. They eventually finished, just in time for Dana's class to end.


"So you're telling me you're interested in becoming a Chemistry teacher here?" Dana asked.

"It's definitely an option, but I'm not sure yet" Alex answered, bringing both his arms behind his head and using them as cushions. "So how's life here?"

Dana inhaled deeply after hearing Alex's question. She contemplated for a few seconds before answering.

"It's nice here" She began. "I came here to escape the hell that consumed New York, and I found some reprieve. I found a better life here. It's simple, but definitely better"

"Are you here for the same reason perhaps?" She continued. "I saw what was on the news: "The terrorist Zeus has finally been put down". That was a load of bullsh*t, a freakin nuke couldn't kill you. What pegged me was why. Why did you allow them to think that you were dead? Why fake your death?"

Alex looked down on the ground, thinking back on everything that has happened.

"I got tired of all the fighting and killing" Alex began, his face looking up to the sky. "So I decided to just 'die' and start over from scratch. After that I began to travel around the world, and here I am"

"Well, since you're here and you're looking for a new life, why don't you just take the Chemistry teacher job? You'll need another identity of course" Dana said in response.

"Maybe, but I'm not so sure" Alex said. "Maybe I'll just do a few trial runs and decide if I want to continue or not"



In a nearby building, two figures watch as Alex and Dana continue with their conversation.

"That's him?" The smaller figure asked, slightly leaning in closer to the ledge to see the man.

"Yes, that's the one with the strange life-force" The taller figure answered. "He's definitely not human, I'm sure of it. But I don't know what he is either"

"Just keep an eye on him" The smaller figure decided, before walking off. The taller figure followed shortly. "We don't want another unknown variable here, like that Hyoudo person"

"Yes ma'am"