A/N: For those of you, who are confused on why Alex is kinda ooc, this is because I made this fanfic with the scenario that: A. Prototype 2 never happened and B. Alex doesn't decide to destroy humanity (read the comics if you're interested). Of course, in this fanfic, Dana is his only tie to humanity. Remove that and well….

Chapter 4: The Devouring Swarm

He stood up and immediately noticed black feathers falling from the sky.

'Ah…this must be the feathers of a fallen angel' He thought, recalling the memories he'd acquired yesterday from those devils. From what little information he recovered from their scattered bio-mass, Fallen Angels used a type of light attack akin to laser beams. At least that's how he understood it. Of course, there was only one way to find out. First of all, he wanted this entity to think that he was unaware of it. 'Now where is that little shit?'

With a slight subconscious grunt, Alex activated his sonar ability, which effectively gave him the positions of all living creatures within a 30 mile radius. He'd discovered this ability when he'd accidentally eaten a whale when a ship, where he was a passenger of was, was shipwrecked near Greenland. The sonar ability was patterned by the whale's own.

The Fallen Angel was situated…..


That was all that went through his head as he rolled out of the way of a barrage of hundreds of lightspears whilst grabbing the unconscious Dana out of harm's way. Out of shear instinct, Alex activated his armored form and his shield, covering Dana as much as possible. To prevent further damage to her, Alex created a thick shell around Dana, covering her from head to toe in hardened carapace. Now, he could fight without worrying about his sister.

'He's hiding' Alex surmised as he activated his sonar ability once again, and found that the fallen angel was hiding at the top of the nearest building to his left. Alex looked towards that direction and, indeed, there was a very tall, albeit, unfinished building and the fallen angel was probably waiting for him at the top. Being the gentleman that he is, Alex didn't want to keep his guest waiting. Mustering up his leg strength, Alex leaped to the top of the building and landed right in front of the fallen angel.

"Hello" The fallen angel said in a sickly sweet voice. Alex studied his features and noted the following: The obvious black feathered wings, silver-white hair, red eyes, pale skin and a strange glowing stick-thing on his right hand. Conclusion? The glow-stick is probably dangerous. "I am Regum, and I am here to kill you…"

"Well at least you're truthful" Alex answered in a deadpan tone, readying himself for combat against an unknown entity. From the memories of those two devils he ate, fallen angels fight by throwing glow-sticks at their enemies. Said glow-sticks are almost akin to lightsabers if he'd judge their combat use. "Hello, I am John mercer, and I'm going to kill you before you kill me…"


As if on cue, the two fighters began their bout. Alex, with his arm having transformed into a bladed form, rushed towards Regum with severe prejudice and intent to murder…..brutally. Alex slashed downwards, but his blade was blocked by the fallen angel's own lightspear. Alex responded by activating his enhanced muscle-mass, granting him an enormous increase in power. Regum, realizing that he was being overpowered, jumped back to avoid being cut in half. Before his feet hit the ground, Regum threw his lightspear towards Alex, who simply stood there and absorbed the spear.

There were several reasons why Alex didn't try dodging. One reason was that he was curios on how the lightspear would interact with the Blacklight biomass, and another reason was that it was thrown at an immense velocity that he couldn't dodge even if he tried. Alex felt a burning sensation on his shoulder, where the spear had lodged itself in, and pulled it out and threw it away. Damage was minimal, it was about as effective as a .50 caliber bullet, which meant that he could survive more of these. But since he didn't want to alarm his enemy, Alex prevented the hole on his shoulder from closing.

Alex smirked, and the fallen angel was smart enough to jump out of the way before giant black spikes, coming from the pavement, could impale him. Regum looked back to Alex and saw that the man's right hand had been pushed through the floor. The fallen angel responded by summoning 10 lightspears and hurled them all towards Alex, who somersaulted out of the way. One lightspear didn't do much damage, but he didn't want to find out what 10 of them could do. It resulted in part of the roof disappearing as the lightspears brunt through the concrete.

Alex responded by using his tendrils to attack the fallen angel from a distance, but Regum was able to slice his tendrils using the lightspear…and this was exactly what Alex wanted him to do. The severed tendrils suddenly exploded into hundreds of tiny snake-like tendrils that pierced several locations on Regum's body, but none of them were vital locations and Regum was more resilient than a normal person. In annoyance, Regum spread both his wings and soared a few meters into the air.

Alex didn't expect the fallen angel to do anything that was really aggressive; he was expecting Regum to pepper him with lightspears from afar, which was what he would've done if their roles were exchanged. So when Regum bolted straight for him like a maniac with two lightspears, one for each hand, Alex was caught off guard and took the full brunt of the attack as he could not dodge in time. Regum pierced both lightspears into the area in his body, where Regum thought his lungs would be in, in his chest. The fallen angel smirked when he was able to push Alex Mercer to the edge of the rooftop and stopped moving when he felt Alex's body go limp.

"At first I never really knew why I was sent to kill a human" Regum began. "You had no sacred gear, and only very small magical energies to boot. Then I saw you resist my sleep spell, and even evade a barrage of lightspears whilst saving your sister with that strange power of yours. Now I finally realize why they sent me. You're an unknown variable, and our faction doesn't want to deal with unknown variables in the future."

"I'm sorry" Regum whispered as he cancelled out his lightspears and pushed Alex's body off the edge of the roof.

"How interesting" His eyes widened when he heard Alex speak, and was too late to get out of the way when Alex's whipfist pierced through his chest, pulling him down with him. Regum's body went limp…right before Alex slammed him down on the ground for extra measure. Now both of them were on the ground, and only one was alive. "You really shouldn't let your guard down….but it's too late now huh?"

As per usual with his enemies, Alex unleashed hundreds of tendrils from his chest, broke down the body into basic biomass and finally absorbed it into himself. Regum's memories and experiences were now his.

'Now that's interesting' He thought as he went over to where he left Dana. 'That's very interesting….'


Dana awakened with slight panic as she immediately rushed to get to her feet. She looked around her and noticed that she was inside her own apartment, and that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But why did her head hurt so much? Dana sat back down with one hand on her forehead massaging her temples.

"Ah so you're finally awake huh?" Dana turned her head to the kitchen to find her brother, Alex, standing by the doorway. Alex walked towards her and sat down on the nearby couch. "You've been out cold for 3 hours now. What do you remember?"

"Well…..uh we were walking through the streets after school…." She began, trying to remember what had happened to find an answer to why she woke up in her apartment. "…and then we reached the bridge…I stepped on an icecube and hit my head?"

"Ok….." Alex responded with a smile as he stood up. "I made some food. It's on your kitchen table; you should eat now while it's still warm."

"Yeah…" Dana answered apprehensively as she slowly stood up and began walking towards the kitchen to eat whatever Alex had prepared for her. Now that she thought about it, she never really remembered Alex being someone, who knew how to cook. She hoped that her brother didn't make anything weird. She entered the kitchen and saw a bowl filled with fried chicken on the table. "God is good"

Meanwhile, Alex sat contemplatively on the couch as he mulled over the most recent developments.

'It works…' He thought, his eyes hovering over Dana for a few moments. 'Magic really does exist…'

When he consumed Regum a few hours ago, he'd absorbed a multitude of knowledge, including the knowledge on basic and advanced magic. While he dismissed most of the magical spells as something he couldn't use due to limitations on his magical reserves – being he had to consume magical entities in order to replenish his own magical reserves since he wasn't technically a human – and Regum wasn't really all that strong compared to other fallen angels from his own memories. There was one magical spell that he was free to use at his own leisure, the Memory Alteration spell.

This was one thing he wished he had all his life. The ability to alter or delete the memories of other creatures was incredibly useful. Unfortunately, according to Regum's memories, it could only be used on weak entities; namely: humans. Earlier, he'd tested it on a sleeping Dana. Without the memory alteration, she would've simply not remembered anything at all, but Alex made new memories and planted it in her head, thus she 'remembered' slipping on an icecube.

Another thing he found out, which also served to confirm his suspicions, was that Kuoh University, the University in which he taught in, was founded and run by devils, which meant that Brennus and Ara where both devils. They weren't also 'just' devils, they were part of the Gremory clan of devils, making them royalty or something like that. Why they bothered making a school in the human world was beyond him. There was also the fact that several of the highschool students in Kuoh were devils. Oh, and dragons and gods existed too.

Alex concluded that he needed to be very careful now. With all the knowledge he'd recently gained pointed out to the fact that there were beings that could just erase him from existence without much effort. There were also beings, who could defeat him in a fair fight. At least there was one piece good news that came of this and that was the fact that Blackwatch was a lot more thorough than he thought. The fallen angels had no knowledge of 'Alex Mercer' or Project: Zeus, which meant that his future enemies would most likely be caught off guard if they ever fought. Still, he absorbed only one fallen angel, who wasn't even that high in their echelon, and, considering the vast resources of these supernatural creatures, it would be foolish to assume that they didn't know about him.

'Future enemies?' He almost laughed when he realized what he'd just thought. He came to Japan seeking peace through living as a regular human, and now that peace, however short, was being threatened. 'That sounded as if I'm preparing for war….'

He would defend himself and Dana if they were ever threatened or attacked, but he made it a rule to never be the aggressor on this one. He was dealing with beings that he'd once thought were just figments of the imagination; a creation of the fickle human mind and its tendency to always pass on anything unexplainable to higher powers. He'd never been so wrong in his entire life.


It was not until 3 hours later that Alex decided that Dana was fit to be left alone. Now he walked the stone pavements, leading to the subdivision, where his new mansion was located. As he walked, Alex could not let go of the strange feeling of being watched. Out of curiosity, Alex activated his sonar ability, and took note of every living thing around him. To check for consistency, Alex would use his sonar once every 10 seconds, taking note of the living creatures that were always around him, or seemed to follow him. He quickly noticed two living things that seemed to be following him.

'They might just be heading for the same subdivision' Alex mused. 'But better safe than sorry…'

With that, Alex entered his mist form and spread his Blacklight into the air, giving him a large view of the surrounding landscape. One disadvantage of this form was that he couldn't use any of his abilities, not even his sonar, which meant he was limited to a strict visual method of observing things. The advantage, however, was that he could remain undetected and travel to almost anywhere without much trouble. Now that he was hidden, all he had to do was to wait for the two people, who may or may not be following him, to pass.

Then, two people did walk by. Two red-head girls, whom Alex remembered very clearly, were people he'd seen in the University. One of them was Ara Gremory, and the other was that girl he saw back at the clinic, when one of his students was injured. The duo walked right under him, literally, and proceeded inwards to the subdivision, where his new mansion was located.

'So we live near each other?' He thought, slowly condensing his Blacklight into his 'human' form again in the bushes. It took a few seconds to fully reform his body, before Alex began sneaking though the bushes to get to his mansion without being spotted by the two none-humans that may or may not be following him. 'That could be trouble for me'


"So then I said to him: I have absolutely no interest in you. So piss off!" Ara murmured as she and her niece, Rias Gremory, walked towards their estate. The duo had been walking from the University at such a late time, because Rias, and her peerage, had a tendency for doing missions at such a late hour. Just earlier, Rias had informed her that she had taught her newest pawn, Hyoudo Issei, the different roles of each member of the peerage through a 'live demonstration'.

"Oh my, he's THAT annoying?" Rias commented with a giggle, and soon she and her aunt were laughing. Earlier, during their trek home, Ara had mentioned that one of her many admirers tried to ask her out on a date, but Ara refused the man harshly because he was being very annoying. Rias, being a Gremory herself, which meant having a beautiful face and bountiful assets, was used the prospect of annoying admirers trying to ask her out all the time.

"Yes, he's tha-" Ara was about to respond, but something suddenly startled her. Devils have the natural affinity to sensing other lifeforms, which meant that she and Rias had sensed all lifeforms around them while they were walking. Earlier, she'd felt a familiar presence just ahead of them, but now it suddenly wasn't in the place where she thought it'd be. The presence she felt earlier somehow reappeared several blocks away. Why Rias didn't feel this was beyond her. "Something's wrong…"

"Fallen angels?" Rias was suddenly on guard, the power of destruction cackling around her fists.

"…..no….calm down…"

"Then what is it?"


Alex unlocked the main door of his mansion and entered. He needed to plan a few things if he didn't want to face more enemies like Regum, not that he minded eating more people, but he did not want to piss off the wrong people and potentially end up as a puddle of biological material. No, he couldn't do that especially now that Dana was unaware of all these things and was very vulnerable to whatever things these supernatural beings could conjure up. Of course, if they did hurt her, then these beings would see the full brunt of what Alexander J. Mercer can do.

Alex headed downstairs to his basement, and opened its door, revealing a red blob-like material that had spread from the corner of the wall and into the walls. At the center of the blob-like material was a pulsating bulbous sac that glowed with a slight hue of yellow. Each time the sac pulsated, a vague silhouette of a human-like entity would appear inside the sac. Alex walked towards the sac, knelt down in front of it and reached out with his hand and touched the sac. In effect, the sac glowed even brighter than before and even increased in size.

Seemingly satisfied with whatever it was he'd done, Alex left the basement and went up to the first floor.

Ara and Rias both felt it this time as they both turned their heads to the direction of Alex's mansion. Adding to the dramatic effect, a murder of crows suddenly flew from the roof of the mansion, along with some thunder in the sky.

"I felt an influx of magical energy" Rias stated the obvious, glaring at the mansion and thinking of whatever was inside that could produce 'that' kind of energy. "A hybrid magical energy…"

Ara could only nod as she too was curious about their new neighbor. She'd heard that this mansion had been bought by a rich young person, but she never bothered with finding out who it was. But now, she was all too curious on who lived here. What they both felt was the magical energy of a devil and a fallen angel mixed into one being. The mixture of said energy created a strange presence that was unnerving to angels and fallen angels, but strangely soothing to devils.

"You go on ahead Rias." Ara said in a tone, which hinted that she wasn't listening to any objections. "I'll check on our new neighbor"

Rias raised an eyebrow at this, but otherwise complied with what her more experience aunt said and returned to their home in the human world.

Alex was casually reading a book on 'How to Teach Teenagers', when his doorbell suddenly rang. Alex raised an eyebrow before standing up and walking towards his front door, where he had installed a viewing screen to see who was standing just outside the main gate. What he saw was something he really did not want to see at any time in any day.

Ara Gremory was standing just outside the gates of his mansion, apparently waiting for him to open the gates to let her in. Alex slapped his face, before reluctantly opening his front door and walking towards the main gate. Oh he really didn't want to be doing this right now. In fact he'd rather take on the entire Blackwatch and GenTek than be doing this right now. But then it'd be extremely rude of him to leave her hanging there like that now would it? Hence the reason why he was currently walking towards the main gate of his new mansion.


In her defense, Ara wasn't even expecting anyone to show up and walk towards the gate. If anyone did, then Ara expected someone, who was either a serene looking blonde or a devilishly handsome red-head, not one of her coworkers, whom she suspected of being a non-human. Well at least now her suspicions were confirmed when she saw John Mercer walking towards her.

'This man didn't have a hybrid's aura before…' She thought, her eyes trailing over the man, who was walking towards her.

"I don't like being rude and all, but what the hell do you want I've had a very tiring day…" Alex said in the most deadpan tone in the entire universe and the most bored-looking face any entity could possibly muster. She gulped at this, not used to people looking like they'd storm the gates of heaven and pee on Gabriel's lawn than speak with her. Ara paused for a bit, unsure of what to say to John, but she didn't have to apparently, because John slapped his own face and opened to the gate. "I'm sorry for that, I'm just not used to people. Uh…would you like to come inside? I've got some tea and coffee if you'd like."

"Yeah I'd love to…..but I was just checking to see what my new neighbor looked like. This was certainly a surprise, Mr. Mercer. " Ara smiled, very awkwardly as she took a few steps away from Alex's compound. Alex, stoic as ever, shrugged and simply closed the gates again. "See you tomorrow…"

Ara waved a goodbye to Alex before walking away. Alex stood there, motionless as he analyzed every possible reason for why Ara did what she just did. Of the all the possibilities, there was one that seemed remotely possible.

'If devils have the ability to detect magical energy, then it's entirely possible she detected that energy I released earlier….'


'So he's a hybrid?' Ara mused as she entered the front gates of her own home. 'That might explain his unusual aura, and hybrids are so rare anyway….maybe that's why his aura seemed strange….'

Upon opening the front door, Ara was greeted by a sight she did not expect. Brennus and Sirzechs were both inside the house, and Ara had to refrain from walking away because she knew how annoying Sirzechs could be.

"Hey auntie!" If he wasn't one of the great Satans of the underworld, then she'd probably ignore him. "I brought some champagne!"

She really wanted to ignore him.

"What's going on here?"

"Sit down Ara, we have a lot to discuss"


"So you're saying he's infected with the stuff that destroyed New York?" Ara asked, somewhat as a way of assurance, as she leaned back against her chair. Out of all the possibilities about John Mercer, this was something she did not think were possible. Heck, she thought he was some sort of Youkai or a hybrid between a devil and a fallen angel, but this? She was not expecting anything of the sort. "So why hasn't there been a viral outbreak yet? Surely his presence would bring some sort of viral contagion that could have effects similar to that of New York. This also doesn't explain why he had that hybrid aura…"

"While this is all speculation; I believe that he was able to devour a devil and a fallen angel, given the nature of this virus." Brennus answered sternly. "Blacklight can assimilate almost anything, and this is probably how he got the magical energy of a hybrid."

"What else do we know about this Blacklight?" Ara asked.

"Well…." Sirechs began. "Blacklight, and its predecessor Redlight, is of human design. At least, that's what we thought at first. I had someone dig through the files of GenTek and Blackwatch, and he found something very interesting about Blacklight's origins."

Sirzechs took a thick folder from his briefcase and gave it to Ara.

"That's everything he found about Blacklight's and Redlight's origins" Sirzechs said, buttoning the straps of his briefcase to a close. "The implications of their discovery is a lot disturbing than we previously thought. I won't tell you. You're going to have to read it for yourself."

"Thank you" With that, Ara left the living room and proceeded to her own quarters, leaving Sirzechs and Brennus there.

"Auntie still isn't considering ruling her fief?" Sirzechs asked with a sigh as he leaned back against the couch.

"You know her…." Brennus began, taking a sip of tea. "She's too free spirited to stay in the Underworld, and too carefree to care about her responsibilities as a noble…..But I think she's always wanted to live in the human world. My sister always spoke of living a human life ever since we were young…"

"Yup" Sirzechs responded with a slight chuckle. "I think auntie Ara never even wanted to be born as a devil. I think she wanted to be human…."


"Oh right!" Sirzechs said, taking out an ornate box with gold and diamond studs lining the outside portion of the box. "This for Rias…"


Despite knowing himself to be Alex J. Mercer, and having the memories of Alex J. Mercer, Alex knew that he wasn't exactly Alex J. Mercer. This body, that he had now, was simply the Blacklight virus tricking itself into believing it was Alexander J. Mercer. That day, when the virus was released, Alex died and the virus, known as Blacklight took over his body. Hence, it was only natural that he had perfect control over the Blacklight virus, since he himself IS Blacklight, given a human form and the memories of the first person in consumed. Of course, he wasn't too troubled by that since, if you think about it, he was still Alex Mercer, just different.

'Anything that is biomass can be reprogrammed by Blacklight' He mused, staring into the distance as he recalled his devouring of the 'fallen angel'. The existence of supernatural creatures opened so many new possibilities for him. Two devils and a lone fallen angel had given him such a huge window of opportunity, and it would be such a waste to let such an opportunity pass him by.

Ara sat alone in her study. The folder, which was given to her by Sirzechs, was right in front of her; merely 8 inches from her face, sitting on a desk. She took a sip of tea, before opening the folder, revealing its contents. It took her only a second to realize that this wasn't a collection of data. What was in the first portion of the folder was a diary…




"We found her sir"

"Where is she?"

"Dana Mercer is in Japan"



"Eliminate her"

CUT! :p