Chapter 2

Lenny's POV

"I hate this camp. I hate this camp. I hate this camp." I said in my mind repeatedly. Sharing a BED with Laney was way too far.

"Why can't he see all those hints?" I heard a voice sing. It was coming from the bathroom door.

"Can't he see that I love him?" I was next to the door hearing Laney sing.

"I just can't take his obliviousness. He just won't listen. He just don't know that I love him." I knew who she was referring to. This kinda reminded of me and Carrie. She was so oblivious at times and blind by my hints.

"Please, for once, can't you see me? Why can't you stop and think of what's happening? Just once try to think of me more than a friend. I love you, Corey Riffin." I heard the last sentence of the song. I stopped and thought about the song. My thoughts was interrupted by a door opening.

"Len-nerd? What are you doing?" Laney said looking at me with a raised eye brow.

"Nothing!" I said.

"Ok then." Laney walked to her case and started to unpack make-up. I sat next to her.

"What are you doing?" She asked me.

"I heard you singing." I said. She looked at me shocked and blushed a deep red.

"Y-You heard?"


"Well, don't make fun of me or anything."

"Actually, I was about to say that you have a nice voice."

"Oh. Um, thanks."

"And there's also something else in mind that I want to tell you."


"I already know what you're going through. Obliviousness, the hints."

"Oh, you heard that too."

"Yup. So, maybe you should tell Corey how you feel. I have a feeling that he likes you back."


"Yeah. Just go for it."

"Thanks for the advice, Lens."

"Lens? What happened to Len-nerd?"

"Oh, did I say Lens? Uh, sorry if you feel uncomfortable with that. I know you're my rival and stuff."

"Nah, nah. It's fine. Lanes."


"Yeah. I think that's pretty cute." My eyes went wide when I said that.

"Cute?" Laney asked.

"Sorry! I meant, uh, good! Yeah. Good." I started to sweat and blush from embarrassment.

"Well, thanks for the advice."

"Your welcome."

There was an awkward pause.

"I'm just going to take a quick shower." I said as I walked closer to the bathroom. When I was done and got out, Laney was sitting down with her arms crossed, looking pissed.

"Is there something wrong?"

"Fuck, yes! There is something wrong!"

"Whoa, whoa. Don't get all pissed at me."

"Sorry, Lens. It's that dumb ass mayor mellow. He said I can't hang out with my band today. Same goes to you too."

"What? No way." I walked closer to the door and tried to open it.

"The fuck? Why's the door locked?"

"Wait, what?" Laney tried to open it.

"First my band and now the door?! What's wrong with mayor mellow?!"

"It's ok. I'm going to try to ram the door open." I took a few steps back and ran to the door forcefully with my elbow first. I worked.

"Yes!" Laney said.

"Not so fast!" Mayor Mellow came out of know where.

"No!" Laney said.

"The hell Mr. M? You bolted our door shut!" I said.

"Watch your language, kid. I said you can't be with your band everyday."

"But does that mean we have to be held captive?" I asked.

"Hm. You're right, little lady. You guys can go around and enjoy the scenery. But with your Dopple ganger gender opposite person or who ever you call each other."

"Thanks, Mr. M. But Lenny's not a girl." Laney said.

"Nice try, but you can't fool me." Mayor Mellow walked away.

"Stupid." I muttered.

"It's ok. But, lets just go around camp. That's better than doing nothing, right?"

"Yeah, you're right." I gave Laney my hand and we started to walk through the small forest.

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