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Chapter 5

Lenny's POV

"WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS THIS LENNY!? I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS!" Carrie screamed at me right after dragging me to the side.

"What's so bad about this Care- er, Carrie?!"

"What's so bad about this is that you kissed that thing over there! Don't you remember what she is? A Grojbandian! That's what! Now you go over there and break up with that Porn Star!"

"What did you just call her?" I said with pure anger.


"Take that back!"

"Why in fucking hell would I wanna take that back?! Look at her, she's a fucking porn star!"



"FORGET IT I QUIT!" I stormed through the door and slammed it hard.

No one's POV

"FINE! QUITE! SEE IF I CARE!" Carrie yelled at the door Lenny just exited.

"Lenny, wait!" Laney called after Carrie's sentence. She was about to go until a hand held her still in her tracks.

"You better stay away from him, you whore." Carrie said through gritted teeth.

"Why is that?" Laney asked with attitude and anger.

"You won't fucking get it you fucking porn star." Then Carrie shoved her to the side and exited through the door with Konnie following and followed by Kim.

"I'm so sorry…" Kim mouthed to Laney with pure sadness in her eyes.

Laney got up after the girls left.

"Lenny…" then she ran out the door to find her beloved true love.

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