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I flopped on the couch in nothing but some black lace pj shorts and my black Evan's Salon company jacket and waited for Soul to emerge from is room with a movie. The popcorn was set on the mahogany coffee table in its sleek, matte black bowl, I swear almost everything we own is black...bad habit I guess.

Ice cold cans of coke also sat on the elegant coffee table awaiting it's consumption.

"Soul hurry up!" I exclaim.

"I am coming, hey where is the black blanket?" He yells through his closed door.

"Soul!? All the blankets in our house are black!" I reply, seriously the only other color you see in this house, is crimson, emerald, the mahogany wood, and the shiny silver dinnerware and appliances.

"Ah I found it!" He shouts and rushes out of his room excitedly in nothing in but his underwear holding up a black knit blanket in triumph.

"Um Soul?"

"Yes love?"

"Y-you pants..."

"Shit!" He says dropping the blanket, storming back into his room his cheeks flush bright red. I chuckle before dragging my butt of the leather couch to grab the blanket.

Soul emerged from his room once again in black and grey plaid pj pants and no shirt, I feel myself start to stare at his perfectly toned chest.

"Like what you see?" He asks and now it is my turn to blush.


"Right Maka, you just hate all this toned muscle that you happened to be ogling at!" Soul says in a husky voice as he approaches me.

"Oh go put the movie in!" I reply swatting him away.

"Right!" He says getting up, heading towards the blue-ray player since Soul insisted that anything that wasn't in HD was bad for your eyes and he likes the feeling you get when the whole apartment shakes from the giant speakers that we own. (My dad is the same way! Except we don't have an apartment!)

He joins me on the couch and snuggles into the large blanket and I can feel his pj pants against my bare legs.

He shuffles around pulling me into his chest and Iron Man 3 (I do not own that) starts on the screen.

"But I'm cccooolllldddd!"

"I know."

"How do you know."

"We're connected!"

"Ahahaha-ha-h-haaaa!" Soul says spurting some of his soda out of his mouth as Tony (Iron Man) speeds off.

"Whoa there Soul! The cleaning people don't come until next month!" I giggle as he struggles to control himself.

"Sorry! Man I love this movie!" He chuckles and I lean back against him.

The movie came to a conclusion and Maka was now fast asleep against me, she never could last a full movie could she?

I sit up more and look her face, the moon shines on her face and I take in her beauty. I lean down and kiss her gently on her soft, pale, cheeks before sliding down on the couch and falling into a peaceful slumber. Boy I love her.

Well that is it folks! Short but it's an update!

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So I am setting off my OC story for a while due all the OC stories that have been up lately. I will be starting another story soon, I do not know what it will be though, maybe another band stor. Idk?